The Cyber Lovers Meet…


Although they only lived a few miles apart in a suburb of a big city they had never met in person.

Well tonight that was about to change.

She had never met her young cyber lover, and was feeling horny thinking about him. As she sat at home that night. She knew he worked out at a school nearby running on the Football field. She went there that cool spring evening hoping he would be there.

She wore her spandex shorts and a tight tank top. As she drove their she put her hand down her shorts, rubbing her pussy, hoping he would be there.

She got out of the car, and saw a man there exhausted laying on a concrete step by the gym, with a towel over his head. He was wearing a tight pair of workout shorts and a tank top. The sweat glistening off his body. She could çekmeköy escort see the bulge in his shorts, and walked over closer to him. She called him by his cyber name. He answered her, knowing who it was even though he had never heard her voice. His cock began to bulge a little more. She knealt down in front of him, putting her hand on the bulge, and taking his cock out of his shorts, licking her lips, as she began to suck on his hard cock. He was in no position to refuse her advances, as he was exhausted. She sat down next to him, and guided his hand inside her shorts to her pussy. He put his towel down on the concrete step and lay her down on her back, getting on top of her, grinding against her, as his cock was cevizli escort back in his shorts he began to suck on her breasts thru the tank top and kissing her hot sexy mouth.

As they became hotter and hotter, she stopped him, and guided him to her car, where they went to a nearby motel and got in the shower, She put on the cold water as she let it hit her breasts as her nipples became hard and erect he sucked on her breasts again working his way to her tight stomach, and even lower kissing her inner thighs and her knees, as he ran his hand up her thigh to her pussy, as he began to finger fuck her. She reached down stroking his cock to hardness, and slid it inside her pussy, as her legs wrapped around him and her erenköy escort arms wrapped around her neck, as he thrusted his cock deep inside her the waters from the shower coming down like a waterfall, as they fucked each other wildly, until he pulled his cock out and she bent down and took his hot juicy load all over her breasts and her face, licking his cock clean and sucking him back to hardness.

They finished their shower and retired to the bedroom, as he slid back inside of her, her legs wrapped around him, and feeling his hard cock pounding her tight pussy, as she kissed his chest, and dug her nails into him, her juices flowed like a river over his cock until he exploded like a volcano inside of her pussy. He continued afterwards to finger fuck her pussy and suck on her breasts french kissing her.

As they shared a basket of fruit together, afterwards they took another shower.

And she drove him back to his car.

Before parting she kissed his lips passionately and then kissed his cock, stroking it until he came all over her lips and her mouth.

Then she whispered in his ear.

What a workout.

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