The Convenience Store Girl Pt. 02


I had a few requests to continue “The Convenience Store Girl” but since it is mostly true (with a few embellishments) I had to see how it played out.


Tiffany and I have been meeting pretty regularly for a few months now. Usually it’s about sex but sometimes our conversations just wander to her young hopes and dreams. She’s a hard worker and really wants to help people. The world needs more of her. She is still a virgin and intends to stay that way until her wedding night. She came to me wanting to experience cunnilingus and we branched out into teaching her how to really please a man.

She had told me she wanted to become the best cocksucker I ever knew. She had, but we still worked on her other skills. To me there is more to giving good head than just sucking me off and taking me all the way in. It takes skill and a certain bit of impishness to really do it right for me. I like to be teased and taunted. “Do you mean like you tease my parts?” she asked. We discussed things like exploring your partner’s body with the tools you have available and she absorbed it all. I told her that even teeth worked, if judiciously applied, and that licking and sucking balls was a great thing. She offered to lick and suck my sack and of course I accepted but reminded her to be gentle. “I want to be the best!” I told her she was very very close. She has that magical quality combination of being both easy to please and eager to please.

We discussed things like favorite positions and pretty much agreed that the bed was a good place to start. “It’s better than my boyfriend’s car!” she said. (In my head I recalled some great rolling blowjobs, like cuming while on top of the Golden Gate Bridge or crossing Tampa Bay and hitting the hump and going airborne on the Gandy bridge at 90 MPH. Kathy was the first to get me down albeit not on purpose) But I digress.

Tiffany said her second favorite position was kneeling in front of me. I asked why and she said that when she used her teeth, even just a little, she could see the fear in my eyes. I told her she was evil but I love it. “You know that I would never bite the cock that feeds me, don’t you?”

Tiffany has a marvelous tongue and can use it on my cock very well. She can actually touch her nose with it and it is strong as well as long. Amongst her many talents she also can take me all in and lick my balls at the same time.

She loved it when I used my tongue to probe her ass but was still reticent to return the favor. I had only done it the one time since she seemed unsure in her mind if not her body. One day her back was hurting and I offered a massage. I started at her shoulders and worked my way down past her ass cheeks and all the way to the soles of her feet. She purred and I began my journey again with my tongue following the same route. We had already discussed the sweaty pussy thing and how I actually liked it. She thought it was weird but accepted it.

What we didn’t discuss was the little sweaty place that women sometimes get at just the base of their spine. It’s one of my favorite places to explore. I licked that clean, enjoying every drop, picked her up on her knees and moved to her pussy. She came long and hard. I moved to her anus and she came again. “Your tongue feels so good and you seem to have your favorite spots. ” I told her I did and had just sampled all three of them. I added that the last one had seemed to put her off a bit when I did it before. “It was just…strange. My back feels much better now, as well as some other parts. How is your back today? “I lied and told her it was a little stiff. What was really stiff was my cock.

She ordered me to roll over and I tried. My cock was rock hard and it was in the way. “Let’s just tuck this baby somewhere safe.” She said as she gently slid it between my legs, pointing straight down. I remember that you wanted this on day two but I never came through for you. I hope you don’t hold it against me. She actually began at the top of my head, rubbing and kneading, and then she moved down to my neck and shoulders. My mind was screaming for her to move south faster but she took her time. It was exquisite pain and ecstasy. Down my back; her fingers slowly roamed, kneading and prodding as they went. She got to my butt and gently stroked and petted it then moved down my thighs, calves, and feet. She slowly worked her way up again pausing and just barely touching my ball sack, which was aching in anticipation of being emptied. She got up to my shoulders and neck again and this time added her tongue and lips to the mix.

She slowly worked her way down again. She avoided my ass, sack, and cock but made it to my legs. I didn’t say a word but I was screaming on the inside for relief. She licked the soles of my feet and between my toes. She very slowly worked her way up again and finally found my anus with her long and strong tongue. She dwelled there for about five minutes and slid down again to take my throbbing cock in her gebze escort lips. With her tongue doing its magic; I was done in thirty seconds.

I pulled her up and kissed her. “What the fuck?” was all I could mutter.

“I have internet too.” She said with a satisfied smile. I had a smile on as well.

One day she showed up early. I opened the door for her and she pushed me back, closed the door and dropped to her knees. She pulled my shorts and boxers down and took me in. She employed just about every trick in the book and it didn’t take long before I blew straight down her throat. “That was unexpected and sweet. To what do I owe the pleasant surprise?”

“It’s our three month anniversary. Was it really sweet?” I pulled her to her feet and gave her a long deep kiss.

“It was as sweet as that.” I asked her, since it was an anniversary, what her favored position would be.

She pulled me to the bedroom, stripped slowly for me, and laid down with her hands under her hips and her legs stuck straight in the air. “Right like this!”

I just smiled and began to lick her clit. In our limited experience I had always found her to be enormously clitcentric. I worked it pretty well with good results and since she was still in such a great position I worked my way down to her anus and tongued it as hard as I could. She went wild. I thought about just sticking my cock in her mouth again and decided that since this was all for her I’d pull out all the stops.

In our months together the one thing I had avoided was penetrating her with anything longer and stronger than my tongue. On this day, as I ran my tongue over her clit and slit I pushed my thumb into her cunt. She shuddered and I loved it almost as much as she seemed to. Then I moved my middle finger down to her anus and began to press inward. I met with no resistance or denial and just moved on. I was still sucking her clit. Finally I was down to my thumb buried in her cunt and my finger into the second knuckle. I rubbed my thumb tip and fingertip together so as to stimulate her ‘G-spot’ from both sides. She went ballistic. I thought she might break my thumb and finger because she clamped so tight. I kept it up for a bit and then let her relax. It was the first time she squirted and she was a little embarrassed. I lapped it all up and told her how sweet it was.

“What the fuck was that about?” she asked. I simply said her pleasure and explained about the G-spot. She just purred and licked my face clean.

We moved on, both of us enjoying ourselves and one day she visited and I could tell something was on her mind. “We’ve been busted!” When I asked her what that meant she asked if I knew Rosie from the store. How could I not. Rosie is tall and willowy with at least C cup tits. She has dark blond hair and is kind of doe eyed with her eyes a deep, deep brown. She is very striking, sports a large engagement ring, and a fiancé who has a car I could only dream of driving, let alone owning. “She lives just down the street and has noticed my car in your drive a bunch.”

“Can she get you in trouble?”

“No; what I do on my time is my business and she hates my boyfriend. I did tell her what we had been up to but she won’t tell anyone. We are the best of friends but she has a problem. Her wedding day is only two months away and she gave her fiancé her virginity long ago. She wants to learn how to do something special for him on their wedding night. I told her you were the perfect coach. She just wants to watch me take care of you.”

“So you’re OK with her watching? And you know full well that she can’t learn what you do by just watching.”

“Actually I thought I’d like her to watch, and especially see the look on her face as I swallow that thing of yours. And if you don’t mind and she wants to move to advanced training, you could be our ‘test dummy’.”

“You would share me? You are just full of surprises!”

“You know I still suck off my boyfriend so don’t you share me?” I couldn’t refute her logic so I kissed her hard and worked my way down, stripping her as I went. She wasn’t ready. “Why do you share me like that?”

“You’re young and gorgeous. I’m just an old man who loves the taste of your sweet pussy and the feel of your soft mouth. What you do with him is none of my business. I’m just thankful for every time you show up at my door and for the privilege of being able to make you blush in the mornings. Of course I’ll let Rosie watch and if you want to use me to teach her; how could I refuse? Today’s exercise is more about you than me though. I’m going to strip and go into the bedroom. I want you to park that sweet pussy on my face and let me try to suck every bit of goodness from it.”

“Which way should I face?

“That is entirely up to you.” She followed me into the bedroom, I stripped and so did she. I laid down and she stroked my cock for a bit as she bit her lip.

“Decisions, decisions” göztepe escort she said with a smile. Then she climbed on the bed and faced the headboard. She lowered her pussy on to my lips and tongue and I did my best to suck her dry. It was impossible, of course, because she is so young and wet, but I gave it my best effort. Then she surprised me by climbing off and repositioning herself in the other direction. She presented her sweet anus to me and I drove my tongue in as far as I could. She rode it for a bit and then leaned forward and took in my hardening cock. I felt her take me deep and hard. We came together and it was, of course, wonderful.

Two days later Tiffany showed up with Rosie who was looking nervous and maybe even frightful. We went into the living room and I brought each a glass of wine to relax them. Tiffany again explained Rosie’s plight and I simply said I was here to help if she wanted it. Tiffany blurted out that she would love to be watched and that seemed to seal the deal. I chimed in that Tiffany was by far the best I had ever experienced and hoped that helped her relax and learn. Tiffany beamed, stood up, took both Rosie and me by the hands and led us to the bedroom. She didn’t strip herself but did me. I watched Rosie’s face as Tiffany pulled my boxers down. Incredulity is the best word I can come up with. She asked Tiffany, “I’ve watched this on the internet and are you telling me you can actually swallow that entire thing?”

“All of it and every glorious drop of sweetness it produces” Tiffany said proudly.

“Do you mean you swallow his cum?”

“Just watch and learn.” Rosie did watch as Tiffany took me in and began her magic. I watched Rosie’s face as Tiffany got me all the way down and it was a look of sheer amazement. I lasted maybe fifteen minutes and then blew in Tiffany’s mouth. She sucked hard but reserved a little in her cheeks to show her friend. She turned to Rosie, opened her cum filled mouth, and then smiled and swallowed. “Be a slut in your bedroom and a lady in your parlor. Wait until you see what he can do for me!”

I wasn’t expecting that part but was happy to comply. I stripped her slowly , sucked those pert little tits for a while and began to work my way down to her glorious wetness. I took my time as always but finally reached her cunt and began to tongue fuck it and suck it at the same time. Perhaps it was because of the excitement of being watched but she squirted harder than ever.

Rosie was mesmerized. “You actually get each other off without fucking? What part of sex education did I miss?”

Tiffany said, “Advanced education. I’ll be happy to be your instructor and he has graciously offered the use of his cock and mouth. Just consider it our wedding present to you and your husband.”

“How bad does it taste? I’ve heard stories.”

“I know this seems weird but kiss me. I’ve saved some for you to sample. Bob can explain his dietary secrets to you and I’m sure you can nudge your fiancé in that direction.” They kissed sort of tentatively and then deeper.

Rosie said, “Hmm; kind of salty but also kind of like a fruit cocktail. OK; I’m in.”

“School starts tomorrow at 4:10.”

Rosie panted, “No more lessons today?” Tiffany looked at me and I reached out to Rosie and began to pull her shirt up. She really did have a magnificent body and after I took her bra off I enjoyed sucking her nipples which were very dark for a blond. She enjoyed it too and when I worked my way down, stripping her as I went, she seemed anxious. I looked up and asked if she was sure and she pushed my head down to her pussy. I just concentrated on her clit but worked it pretty hard. Tiffany had her hand on the back of my head urging me to go on. She was really getting into this. Rosie wasn’t a squirter like Tiffany but when she came she came hard. Tiffany pushed me in harder and ordered me to use more tongue. The student had become the instructor.

I eventually came up for air and asked if she had enjoyed that. They both answered with an emphatic “yes!”

Rosie left first as Tiffany decided if she was going to spend the night. “I don’t want to sap all your energy before tomorrow’s lesson. My test dummy will have to have his batteries fully charged and I know how much you like your wakeup blowjob.”

“I certainly do but I can skip it if I just get a sweet pussy breakfast instead.” She agreed to it; we slept cuddled up and I woke to having her pussy and then ass pushed in my face. The breakfast of champions.

“We’ll see you in about ten hours. Better be locked and loaded! Can we keep the anal thing just between us? I’m not ashamed of it or anything but I think of it as ‘Our Special Places’.” I assured her that that was strictly for our enjoyment.

I was ready when they walked in together but was just amazed at my good fortune. Two goddesses, one Rubenesque and one classical Greek were coming to service haramidere escort me and be serviced by me. Just the sight and thought of them had me already hard. “Why are you dressed?” Tiffany asked. “From now on we want you naked and ready for action when we get here!” She had that evil smile when she said it but I gladly complied and stripped off my shirt and shorts as they watched. If Tiffany wanted to play the role of a ‘Domme’ I wasn’t going to stop her. My god how far this girl had come. “Bedroom and on your back!” she ordered.

I complied and the two of them followed me. I watched them slowly strip each other and then the lessons began. Tiffany was a good teacher and Rosie was a good student. Tiffany coached through sucking too hard and not utilizing her tongue enough, etc. Deepthroating was another issue though. Rosie just gagged after the first four or five inches. Tiffany got up and went to the kitchen. She came back with two bananas. “You need to practice until you can do this.” She peeled a banana, tilted her head back and swallowed it whole. Rosie couldn’t, of course, and I suggested that every time she brushed her teeth she brushed her tongue all the way to the back. She’d get over gagging pretty quickly with that exercise.

Tiffany ordered Rosie to take a position between my legs and she climbed on facing backwards and pushed her pussy in my face while she directed Rosie. I took the opportunity to take a few teasing licks at her anus to see if I could interrupt her lessons. She pinched my nipples hard as punishment but I could tell she enjoyed it and would want more after Rosie left. I just tongued her pussy and enjoyed the ride and Rosie’s mouth.

It only took Rosie one month before she stopped gagging. She wasn’t nearly as good as Tiffany but I knew she could make her new husband happy. I hated to see lessons come to an end but still took lots of pleasure in the things Tiffany and I did for each other.

One day Tiffany came in and obviously wanted to talk. “I want you to fuck me today. Take my cherry!”

As much as I wanted to fuck her I had to be upfront with her. “First of all I’m too large to be your first. It will hurt like hell. Maybe you should just get your boyfriend to do it. I also thought you were saving that for ‘Mr. Right’ and your wedding night. Third, I have no protection. I’m sure you’re not ready to get pregnant and I don’t want any more kids at my age. Maybe you should give this more thought.”

“I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while. You don’t need protection. Because I was cycling so irregularly, I’ve been on the pill for two years. Second; I told my boyfriend to take a hike two weeks ago. I had asked him to eat my pussy and he said that was disgusting. Who needs that? Third; I want the pain. I want you to just jam that giant cock in hard and fast. I want to feel you tear my hymen and maybe tear the walls of my cunt a bit. I want to feel the head of your cock hit my cervix and then slide to the side and fill one horn. I want to feels your balls empty into that cunt. I want to feel your cock go soft in me and slip out of the probably bloody cum that I’ll be oozing. I want to lick that cock clean and then have you suck all you can from my pussy and feed it to me, drop by drop.”

“I guess you have been thinking of this a bit!”

“It’s been keeping me awake at night for months. I want it today, right here, right now.”

“I have no lube.”

“I don’t want it. I don’t want any foreplay I just want to be fucked by you.” She reached down and rubbed my bulge. “I thought I may have to suck you hard but I see that’s not going to be necessary and I’ve got pussy juice running down my thighs.” I grabbed a couple of towels from the linen closet as we passed. “What; you don’t keep trophy sheets?” I told her that I had only ever enjoyed two virgins. “I hope I’m the best!” I was sure she would be.

I stripped her and she me and then pulled her up to the bed. “I understand that from the back is deepest.” I rolled her over and pulled her up to her knees. Juices were indeed running down her thighs and it was hard not to slurp them up. I rammed it in, just as she ordered and felt her cream then tighten. I hammered her hard for a while and, still staying in, rolled us over. She was now in reverse cowgirl and I fingered her anus a little as she rode me. I turned her around, again still not leaving her and let her ride while I sucked those little hard tits. I reached up and rubbed a tear from her cheek. “I’ve cum five times and haven’t felt you cum yet.” I told her I was close and she reached back and massaged my balls. That got me and I blew hard in her tight little pussy.

She laid her head on my chest and sucked my nipples a bit. That made me push out more but then we both just relaxed. I felt my cock begin to slide out and, as promised, she moved down and sucked me clean and dry. I pulled her up and had her sit on my mouth. I licked and sucked every bit of our mixed juices from her cunt that my mouth could hold. I rolled her off me and just let it all drip into her mouth. Some drops missed and were on her lips but her tongue got them all eventually. I thought, ‘this is definitely the most sensual woman I’ve ever known’.

We hugged and she whispered “That was fantastic but I understand that anal can be even better.”

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