Summer Solstice Ch. 03

Big Tits


“So how was your day?”

“Long and tiring. My tire popped on my way home from work so I had to call for roadside help and they took 2 hours. Had I known it was going to take so long, I would have called Tony or my brother.”

“I’m sorry maybe you should go take a bath and relax” Maybe I can join you and we can make sweet love. Or I should just get over you like I said I would.

” ‘Riley are you home?’ ” Shit I haven’t told her about Dayanara. “Yea Daya on the terrace. Hey Katey give me a second.”


I covered the phone hoping to not let Katey hear.

‘Hey I just have to finish with my friend on the phone and I will be right back for dinner, okay?’

‘Okay don’t be long the food’s gonna get cold. Can I get a hello kiss?’ I gave her exactly what she wanted, a simple kiss that I sometimes forgot about. It was just a simple kiss with our lips parted enough to be sensual.


‘Mmhmm hurry back.’

“Sorry, I’m back.”

“It’s ok. Why don’t we talk some other time when you don’t have company, I don’t want to keep you.” It wasn’t even jealousy, truthfully, it just sounded like sadness.

“Yea for sure how about tomorrow before church.” I tried to play it off being cheerful.

“Ri?” No just let it go don’t ask.


“Is that your girlfriend?” Why does it matter we’re only friends right. You have no right to ask.

“She’s a girl that is a friend that I am seeing.” Well that was clear and concise. Take the bait, I have moved on and you should too. ” ‘Food’s ready.’ ”

“Oh, um…what’s her name?”

“Dayanara.” The phone went silent. I hope she can forgive me.

“I should let you go Ri.” In so many ways my love.

“I’ll call you tomorrow. Have a good night.”

My love please move forward and forget about us.

“Thanks you too.”

After six months of pretending that we were just friends, all my emotions just came crashing in on me. She’s hurting and I know it. But she had her chance, now I have to move forward.

Daya and I are just friends who have been hanging out for the past 2 months. She’s a nurse I met 2 months ago when I almost chopped of my finger cooking. I was daydreaming about Katey, when I almost sliced of my index finger.

She was working in the ER at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, which is 3 blocks from my pent-house. I live in Washington Heights, some people call it sketchy but I grew up around cholos (hispanic gangsters) in LA, I could care less, I can take care of myself. Since I moved in 10 months ago I haven’t had any trouble. I think it’s actually getting better.

This place is perfect for me since I love the outdoors. Growing up in LA, I was used to having a backyard and a front yard. Here, I actually have two outdoor terraces and my own roof where I can BBQ and enjoy the view of the city and the Hudson. All the kitchen appliances are new and stainless steel, my favorite. I also have a jacuzzi in the master bath, as close as I’m gonna get to the beach for now with my busy schedule. Only reason I was so willing to move in was because the whole building was just recently built and has all new amenities, most importantly state-of-the-art security.

The ER wasn’t too busy that night and I went right in. I had been in a muscle shirt when I cut myself, so I just threw on a coat. She asked me to take it off so she could have more room to work on my finger. In that moment I realized with the coldness of the ER, that I was in a tight white shirt and no bra. She laughed and asked if I always went out in wife beaters. I was slightly embarrassed but she was so easy to talk to.

She was actually the one who asked me out and I had no reason to say no. She was sexy, even in her medical scrubs. She had long dark brown hair, light green eyes and a Puerto rican booty, on a petite frame. Since then we’ve seen each other about once a week considering our busy schedules. She knows about Katey because I have pictures around my place from my birthday. But what she doesn’t know is that I’m hopelessly in love with her. I kept that to myself since it may be a signal to run away.

Tonight she had the night off and we’re supposed to watch a movie and have dinner. Although I forgot to get the movie, so pay-per-view it is. We settled on From Paris with Love.

“Was that Katey?”

“Yea.” I know she’s been dying to ask me about her. She knows we’re the “best of friends” since we talk everyday.

“So I’m a friend that you are seeing?” Damn I guess she heard. We have yet to define ourselves. We haven’t gotten physical, you know sex. Not for the lack of interest, but I don’t want to rush into anything. She’s very honest about how she feels, that’s what attracted me to her.

“Um yea, I don’t know what we are. She asked if you were my girlfriend but I don’t know if you want that.” She turned to face me on the couch. I had my head down. Honestly I wasn’t ready for commitment, not that I’m a player but I guess it’s guilt. The guilt from being in love with someone else.

“What aydınlı escort do you want from this?”

“I like spending time with you.” She lifted my chin so she could look into my eyes.

“I like spending time with you too.”

“But with you and I both going to school and working, it’s hard for us to even find time to spend with each other.” She’s going to med school.

“But you do like spending time with me right?” She had a suspicious look on her face.

“Of course. You’re a lot of fun.”

She came over and straddled my hips.

“Then let’s enjoy each other’s company.” She kissed me with hunger and a carnal lust came over her that I had never seen, I was ready for her. I picked her up and took her to my bedroom and forgot about dinner.

It wasn’t about love or being tender, it was primal and animalistic. She had taken off her shirt down the hallway, when I set her on my bed I took mine off and she took off her shorts. It was the start of summer and we were getting hot.

She removed her thong as she was not wearing a bra and started tugging at my jeans to got them of along with my boy shorts. Soon enough we were both on the bed all over each other. I wanted her and she wanted me.

I grabbed both of her arms and held them over her head as I went to bite her breast. I know she likes it rough from conversations we’ve had. I am more than willing to follow that, I want it to be nothing like what Katey and I had. Fuck, I have to get her out of my head.

I bit and pulled her nipple out as far as it could go while looking at her as she watched me. She was smiling and nodding in approval. She began grinding herself against me as she was between my legs. I let go with one of my hands, rubbing her cleanly shaven mound, cupping it and teasing her.

“Just take me don’t fucking tease me.”

“How do you want it?”

“How ever you give it to me.”

“Good.” I slid my finger inside her and pulled out, leaving it in only long enough to get her started then I licked it clean. “Nice.”

“There’s more where that came from.”

I went back in with the same finger in and out then added a second as she groaned from the pleasure. “Just like that Riles.” I brought my knee up to the back of my hand and thrusted into her, slowly as I pulled my fingers in and out. “Fuck Riley harder, more.” I put in another finger and thrusted harder and further, as she brought up her thigh to my sex.

“Uuhhh.” I wanted release, I wanted her.

“Cum with me Riley.” She brought down her free hand between my thighs and went inside of me. First two fingers then three I was more than full. I couldn’t look at her, there was one person whose eyes I longed to see and those were thousands of miles away.

We thrusted inside of each others willing bodies and within a few minutes she started shaking, grinding harder against my body. She was ready to cum and I was going to make it happen. I thrusted harder matching her rhythm.

“Fuck. Oh GOD yes.” She reached her height and her juices on my hand sent me into orbit as I fell onto her body and bit her nipple extending her orgasm. Just as she started catching her breath, she tried to say something and had to stop to let a moan escape her body, as I was not ready to stop.

I started the thrusting and used my thumb to go for her clit. We stayed there as a second orgasm came through her body, harder than the first. I had stayed away from her clit knowing that the delayed attention would either give her a second orgasm or prolong the first. This was definitely a separate one and I was more than happy to enjoy the view. A woman in ecstasy and the peaceful bliss in her face was breath-taking. I loved women.

When she was spent, I started pulling out my fingers from inside her and she did the same as I rolled onto the bed on my back. She had other ideas. She grabbed my fingers and licked them clean, putting hers to my lips. I sucked them in, more than happy to clean up my mess.

She smiled and crawled on top of my body. I thought she wanted to rest and just lay in bed. I wasn’t much for spooning or cuddling when it was just sex but I would give a woman whatever they wanted after sex, if it meant getting to do it again. She on the other hand had different ideas.

“You know we never had dinner.” An evil smile crept up her face.

“What do you want to eat?” I knew full well what she was hungry for.

“Pussy.” She bit right into my mound. Sending a shock wave through my body. I was still very sensitive. I let go and she had her way with me. She started by going up and down my slit with her tongue. Only peeking into my lips, opening my legs wider for her to enter me, she laughed and pulled away.

She is going to prolong this and I have no choice in the matter. I have a sexy woman between my legs pleasing me, I’m more than happy to comply.

She walked her right hand up my stomach to my breast and she started kneading my nipples. I arched my back pushing my breast bağdat caddesi escort up to meet her hand. I wanted everything she was willing to give me. Soon enough her tongue thrusted inside me as her other hand played with my clit.

I was gone and cumming all over her face, she was lapping up all the juices more than eagerly. She kissed me down from my amazing high and then kissed her way up my body.

I kissed her face tasting myself on her. She pulled away and rolled onto her back on the bed next to me.

“I hope you had fun.” She was smiling, breathing heavily.

“Oh honey I’m still having fun.” I turned her onto her stomach and kissed my way down her back, lifting her hips off the bed so she was on her knees. Then I was on my back and slid between her legs, she propped herself up onto her elbows. I started licking the juices that were trickling down her thigh. I could feel her legs shaking in anticipation. I slowly worked my way to her awaiting treasure.

When I arrived she was nice and wet for me. I wanted to give in to her tantalizing sex, the aroma only a woman can release.

By the end of the night we had over a dozen orgasms between us and yet the only thing on my mind when I closed my eyes was Katey. How I wished it was her in my arms right now. I hate myself for being in the presence of another woman thinking of her.

I have issues.



“I should let you go Ri.” You need to be free to enjoy your life without me.

“I’ll call you tomorrow. Have a good night.”

“Thanks you too.”

I wanted her to find someone and now she has, I hate myself for letting her go. I think I should just leave her alone and never look back. Make an exit from her life and let her find her happiness. If we always talk it just prolongs our love for one another. What if she’s already forgotten that love, what if I’m the only fool still left.

Then I guess it doesn’t matter to her if I leave or stay. I should stay considering how much I still need her in my life. I know it’s selfish but it’s love.

I wanted her to now how I felt, but I had no right to force my feelings on her. I sat and wrote her a letter, a letter that she would never get.

To the love of my life,

I’m sorry for not being strong enough and for all the times I have failed you. I hope that one day, in this lifetime or the next I will find you. But even if we met again in this life I don’t know if I would be ready.The only thing I know for sure is that I love you more than my own life, even though I don’t show it. In the little time we have been together, you were my soul, my light and my journey, without you, this life makes no sense.

The emptiness inside me is killing me, but that’s not your problem. You will never again have to worry about me because I already feel dead without you. You took my being and my heart with you. You left me empty, an emptiness that no one will ever be able to fill……….

The summer’s almost over. I had hoped to visit Riley to celebrate my new degree, and maybe just maybe, you know be summer lovers, but that isn’t fair to anyone. I decided to stay away and let her and her new friend try to be together. She was so happy for me, as if she wasn’t amazing enough, she had 2 dozen red roses sent to me, a box of chocolate covered strawberries and bottle of champagne. I cried myself to sleep that night, her gesture was amazing but I didn’t have her with me to eat the strawberries or toast with.

Another date, another weirdo who allows my father to set him up with his daughter. Sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with these guys that they can’t get their own dates. Then again what’s wrong with me that I go along with these dates.

This one isn’t half bad he’s actually a good conversationalist. The difference is he knew from the time we met at the restaurant I didn’t want to be there. So we took it as a bad date from the start and found that we had a few things in common. He’ll make a good friend. We exchanged numbers for the sake of keeping my commitment with my father.

I have to fly out to Puerto Rico with my mom this weekend. My grandfather died two years ago and since then they’ve been looking for the paperwork to his properties to change the names. They finally found them so mom is going to sign them over to her sister who still lives there. She needs them more than my mom. I want to see Riley, actually I need to see her. So I’m going to call and beg her to spend time with me, sad and pathetic I know.

“Hello.” Crap time difference, she sounds sleepy.

“Hey Ri, I’m sorry I forgot about the time difference.”

“It’s ok Katey, how are you? I didn’t hear from you today.” I remember waking up next to her when she sounds like this. She’s so cute she always covers her face because of morning breath.

“I know, I was busy with my mom all day. That’s why I’m calling. I’m flying to Puerto Rico and since I was going to be on your side of bahçelievler escort the country, I was thinking of visiting you for a few days.”

“I would love that. I’m in need of some time off from work. When are you coming so I can make arrangements?”

“The first week of September we leave on the first and I was thinking I would be there on Saturday morning, the fourth, and leave Tuesday morning since Monday is a holiday. We would have 3 days together. What do you say?” I am way too excited, I have to remind myself that she’s seeing someone.

“Perfect, I can’t wait thanks for thinking of me.”

“I’m always thinking of you. Oh shit I’m sorry I didn’t mean to….”

“It’s ok, relax you’re human I get it.” Her tone was so gentle and soft.

“Anyways I’ll let you go back to sleep, call me tomorrow and we can make plans.”

“Ok good night hun.”

“Bye” Lover. The line went dead.

In 6 days I will be face to face with her and I better control my big mouth and my body for that matter.

My new friend asked to hang out tomorrow, it’ll help keep my mind off Riley. So LACMA it is. Museums are good because you find something to talk about all over the place, it avoids awkward silences. He’s not such a bad guy and it’s nice to have some company when I’ve been alone for so long.

Our day went well, he’s such a gentleman, opens my door, waits for me and walks behind me to let me go ahead. It’s rare to find someone who has manners in this day and age. He’s an investment broker. Thankfully he doesn’t like to bore me with all the details of his job. I really couldn’t care less for it, I do all my own investing.

I’ve only had a few conversations with him but he’s definitely not one of the old-fashioned types. Which is weird since he’s a guy I was supposed to marry according to my parents. Truth be told though, no matter where I am, where I’m going or who I’m with the only thought on my mind is Riley Collins. Even after a nice day with him I can’t see myself with him that way, the way my parents want me to. Yet he’s probably as good as they will get.

My life is an interesting predicament. If I marry him I’ll be unhappy for the rest of my life. If I let Riley go we will both be unhappy for the rest of my life. If I don’t marry a man soon my parents will be unhappy. So I have a decision to make whose happiness matters to me. Only one person’s actually.

From the time I spoke to Riley, to the day I left for my trip, it felt like an eternity. Then when we finally got to Puerto Rico, I didn’t even get to enjoy my time in my mom’s hometown. We were so busy with lawyers and papers that I barely got to enjoy the food, I didn’t even set foot on the beach. I had hopes that I would one day get to show this place to Riley.

I would come here when I was a kid with my parents and my mom always made sure to give us the history. I always thought I would share this place with my husband. Truth be told, the only person I want to share this with now is the love of my life, Riley. I will bring her here one day after all we are friends and friends can travel together. Right?

The only good part about being so busy on this trip was that Saturday came quickly. Riley has a company car, with a driver, so she offered to pick me up. She asked if I wanted to stay with her at the loft, but we can’t be in the same house together. I doubt either of us has that much self-control, I know I don’t. So I was staying at my favorite hotel in New York, The Algonquin.

“Hey gorgeous.” She reached out to me and took me into her arms. I am so confused, gorgeous? My stomach has butterflies.

“Hey Riley.” I whispered into her ear, because she had pulled me up to her. Oh my goodness her strength over me makes me weak. Thankfully she eventually put me down, took my bags and led me to her car.

“How was your trip?”

We jumped in the backseat of a black Mercedes E class. She asked the driver to take us to my hotel to drop off my bags. It’s cute because she’s had him for almost a year and she still asks him, she doesn’t just tell him.

“Not bad, it went by so quickly though. I think we should go there someday, I want to show you where my mom’s from. I brought you something remind me to give it to you before we leave the hotel.” She looks so gorgeous in her dress clothes, it’s distracting. I can see her neckline and it keeps screaming at me to bite and nibble. Soon enough that neck will be mine, I hope. She’s in a business suit because she had to swing by her office before picking me up. It’s black with thin light blue pinstripes, a fitted black shirt and black stiletto heels. Black is her power color.

“You want to take me to Puerto Rico?” Oops was it too forward or is it because we’re just friends or is she afraid of something else?

“Only if you want to of course.” She has a smile on her face and was raising an eyebrow.

“I would love that, maybe once our sexual tension is gone.” We both broke into laughter and even her driver looked back. I’m glad she broke the barrier by bringing it up.

“I’m sorry, I hope I’m not overstepping my boundaries but you look beautiful.”

“It’s ok, overstep whatever you want. I think if we talk about it, it will be better than pretending. What are our ground rules while you’re here?” She was looking down and tracing circles on my hand where the ring she gave me was sitting.

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