Peter Ch. 04

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For the next three months, Peter saw Sister Mary, Jo and Kay each at least two nights per week. It was working out well for all of them. They were all having varied and exciting sex. Peter had had threesomes with Kay and Jo but never with Sister Mary. Sister Mary was still living in the convent but had been given notice that the convent had been sold, subject to a planning application for demolition and the area would be flattened, and luxury apartments would be built on the site. Sister Mary’s friend, Sister Kathleen, had a very successful hip replacement. She had gone for rehabilitation at an excellent unit a half hour drive from the convent.

Sister Mary was impressed with her recovery, she now had no pain and was much more agile and nimble than she had been for years. Sister Kathleen was sixty-seven on her next birthday. She had been living in another convent and had been teaching in a local school for over forty years. She had a pension from the local council. She had inherited her parent’s house which she was renting out. Her convent had been sold to the same developer who had bought Sister Mary’s. The developer had no interest in the contents of the school and convent. Sister Kathleen had a cousin who had several large warehouses which he used as rental storage. She had cleared the school and convent of everything, but because of her operation, she had not yet had the opportunity to dispose of the contents which her cousin had told her were quite valuable.

Sister Mary was collecting Sister Kathleen on Friday morning from the rehabilitation centre, and she would stay with her until they both got their housing options sorted out. Sister Mary had inherited her parent’s house which she rented out. She had also inherited her brother’s house as he had not married and he had no dependents. She had also inherited an extensive property portfolio from him and a substantial amount of money plus a large share portfolio. Sister Mary was a very wealthy woman in her own right. Peter was advising her on the management of her assets, and his advice had saved her considerable amounts of money on her tax payments. Sister Mary, like Jo and Kay, was now entirely obsessed with Peter’s massive cock.

Peter had been invited to the convent on Friday evening for supper. He had met Sister Kathleen on two occasions, he had advised her on various aspects of her different portfolios. He had only seen her in her habit. She was a tall, voluptuous woman with a beautiful smile and honest eyes. Sister Mary had told him that she enjoyed sex and she enjoyed being with younger men. The meetings they had had, had been on a strictly business footing. Peter knew that Friday’s supper would be on a more personal capacity which he was looking forward to.

He arrived at the convent just after five. Sister Mary opened the door and kissed him tenderly with affection. She pushed her cunt against his leg with a circular motion as they kissed. Peter then knew that she was randy. Sister Mary was wearing a loose top and a pair of tight leggings, her vulva looked marvellous. She led him into the lounge where Sister Kathleen was sitting on the sofa sipping a glass of wine. She smiled when she saw Peter and effortlessly stood up to shake his hand. She too haramidere escort was wearing a loose fitting top with no bra as her massive tits swayed when she stood up. What struck Peter immediately was her enormous camel’s toe, her vulva looked enormous with the tightness of her leggings. Her cunt lips were long and thick. He could tell that her pussy was smooth and she was wearing no underwear beneath her very tight leggings. He also thought that if she gripped his cock with those colossal cunt lips, she would be a fantastic ride.

They shook hands then Sister Kathleen leant forward and kissed him on both cheeks as she gently and seductively squeezed his hand. Sister Mary then poured Peter a glass of wine and topped up their glasses. They sat on the sofa with Sister Kathleen on Peter’s left and Sister Mary on his right-hand side. Both the Sisters looked relaxed; their short blond hairstyles were perfect. Peter said, “Sister Kathleen, I am so pleased to see that you are looking so well. How are you feeling? I think that the operation was a great success.”

She replied, “Peter darling, please call me Kate when we are in private. If there’s ever any clergy around then, please call me Sister Kathleen, that name makes me sound so innocent, and I am not innocent in any way.”

Sister Mary said, “When we are alone Peter always calls me Mary. When Peter was younger, he had an affair with Jo’s daughter Kate, so he is used to saying, Kate cum for me.”

Kate replied, “I love it when you talk dirty to me. Jo is a far nicer person than her Kate. There was something about Kate that I didn’t like. Jo asked me if I could tutor her just before her finals at her teaching training college. I did it for Jo, but Kate was desperate to get a good result so I helped her all I could. She knows how to eat cunt, but she is not as good as Jo.”

Mary said, “I had her too, and I found her a very selfish lover. Anyway she is history now. I don’t think that Jo has any time for her now. I think that we should now get comfortable as I have just noticed Peter’s cock is getting hard.”

Mary and Kate then started undressing Peter. Within a minute he was naked. His massive cock was rock hard. Kate said, “That beauty is enormous, I can’t wait to feel him inside me. Kate has made a big mistake in letting that beautiful cock go, but this Kate will give him all the attention that he needs.”

Kate then went down on him. Her tongue was everywhere. She gently massaged his heavy balls as she quickly took his full length in her mouth. He felt his bulbous tip hitting her throat as she deepthroats him. She didn’t gag once. Mary had stripped naked, and she looked terrific. Kate came off him then Mary went down on him as Kate stripped. She was wearing nothing under her top and leggings. Her vulva was perfect. It was smooth and swollen. Her cunt lips were long and wide. For her age, Kate had an exceptional body. She was curvy with no fat. Her tits were huge but didn’t sag. Her stomach was flat. Her legs were long. Peter loved her sex slit. It was a very long and thick camels toe.

Kate and Mary were now both licking and sucking around his hard cock. Both of them were working hard on his içerenköy escort cock. He then slipped two fingers into each of their hot wet cunts. They were both very wet. He used his index and middle fingers on both of his hands to spread their cunt lips open. Mary’s substantial hooded clit was first to pop out. Using the thumb and forefinger of his left hand, he treated her hard clit like a little cock and gave it a hand job. Mary moaned with pleasure as he did this. He then realised when he felt Kate’s huge hooded clit that she needed more fingers on her clit. He used his thumb and index and middle finger to give her clit a hand job. Kate said, “That’s fucking amazing, you are going to make me cum.”

He continued doing this for several minutes and they both orgasmed. He then slipped three fingers inside both their cunts. Mary was a strong gripper with her cunt muscles, but Kate was in a different league. She gripped his three fingers so firmly, and it felt amazing. Peter said, “My darlings, I would now like to watch both of you having sex together. I want you to prepare each other’s ass and cunts for me. I want you to take your time, and the one to orgasm first will be the first that I will fuck. I want you to give each other multiple orgasms. When you can each get three fingers in the other’s ass, then you are ready for me.”

They both said that it was an excellent idea. Kate took the initiative and laid Mary on the carpet in a position that gave both of them access to each other’s ass and cunt. They then went down on each other’s clits. They were sucking each other’s clits as they were finger fucking them. Kate was first to cum; she had a massive noisy orgasm. Soon afterwards Mary orgasmed. They were both now fisting each other as they sucked the other’s clit. Mary was first to use Kate’s cum as lube and was now finger fucking Kate’s ass with two fingers. Kate loved it and was moaning with pleasure.

Both of them were enjoying it. They were both getting so much pleasure from it. Kate was now lubing Mary’s ass, and as always Mary loved it. Peter noticed a five-inch scar on Kate’s ass and knew that was where the surgeon had done the hip transplant. The scar looked so healthy. Kate was a robust and powerful woman; she was also very athletic. Peter didn’t see her as an older woman but as an older woman that he would like to fuck. He also thought that he wanted her to fuck him as he sat on the upright armchair in the lounge. Mary had fucked him wonderfully many times on this chair, and he was sure Kate would do the same. Mary said, “She is ready for you now. She was taking four fingers easily in her ass.”

Mary then slid her fist inside Kate’s cunt. She pulled it out, and it was dripping with Kate’s hot cunt juice. She then lubed his cock with it. His massive cock was now glistening with her cum. He then took Kate to the armchair. They stood and kissed tenderly with affection. Her tongue was buried deep in his mouth. He said, “I am going to sit on this chair, I want you to squat over me then place the tip of my cock against your ass hole. Then I want you to push downwards and take my cock in your ass. When you are comfortable with it, then I want you to ride it innovia escort as hard and deep as you can take it. Are you comfortable with this?”

Kate replied, “My ass is virgin to a cock, but I enjoy being ass fucked with a dildo, don’t worry I love it deep and hard in every hole.”

Using the base of his hard cock she placed the tip of his cock against her wet ass hole. With a gentle downward push, she took two-thirds of his cock with the first push. With the next push she took the full length. She said, “You are rubbing my G-spot with the crown of your cock. It feels fucking fantastic. Please rub my clit as I ride you.”

She soon had a powerful circular up and down movement going. She was now really pounding his hard cock. It felt wonderful for both of them. Several minutes later she had her first vaginal orgasm. She was trembling as she had but she continued to pound his cock. Mary was sucking her left breast and Peter was sucking her right one as he rubbed her hard clit. She was riding his cock so hard her massive tits were wobbling everywhere even though both her nipples were being sucked. Her second orgasm was enormous, she was shaking uncontrollably with it. She said, “That’s the best orgasm that I have ever had. I adore your cock.”

He then lifted her up then he guided his cock inside her hot wet cunt. She pushed down on it and his cock vanished inside her cunt. Once again her rubbed her clit as she rode him. She was gripping his cock at the base and the tip as she rode him. Her cunt lips were like a vice when she gripped him twice on each stroke. She was a fantastic ride. Every thrust was pleasurable, and she fully knew how to give pleasure. Mary, Jo and Kay were all excellent in bed, but Kate was in a class of her own. He knew that he would see Kate on a very regular basis. He had nearly cum when he was in her ass, and it took all of his concentration not to. Her gripping was excellent as her cunt muscles were so strong. She was also, as with her ass, riding him deep and hard.

Time flew as she pounded his cock with her pussy. Then it happened, they both climaxed simultaneously, he had a mighty orgasm and squirted hard inside her. She said, “I felt you squirt, it was amazing, fill my cunt with your spunk.”

She then gripped his cock tightly holding him inside her. She kept him for several minutes then said, “That was fantastic, I want to hold you inside me forever. When I come off you, I want to lick your cock clean.”

He thought of what Kay had done when she has squeezed all his spunk from his cock, he asked, “Kate, as you come off me could you use your cunt muscles to squeeze the spunk out of my cunt? Then you will have more spunk to lick clean.”

She smiled then with a vice-like grip on his cock slowly lifted herself of his rock hard cock. When she got to his tip, he had a sensational feeling as her firm cunt lips caressed his tip. She then released her grip and pushed herself upwards. His cock was now totally exposed, and there was so much glistening spunk on the tip of his cock. Kate went down on him, and Mary was licking his shafts and balls. Peter then knew that he was going to be seeing a lot of Kate. Kate kissed him tenderly after she had liked him clean. She whispered to him when Mary went to the toilet, “I loved that tonight. I will give you my smartphone number. I can be available any time that you want.”

They kissed again then Mary came back. Peter did the same to Mary as he had done to Kate. Ninety minutes later they all retired to Mary’s king size bed. They were all asleep five minutes later.

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