My Intro to Bisexuality


Davy and I had been best friends for several years in high school and were very close. We were best man at each other’s wedding and lived only blocks away from each other in a mobile home park. He was the one who got me high on pot the first time, so getting together to get high was a frequent occurrence.

Both of us were horny most of the time, enjoying good sex with our wives, but always kidding around. One night the wives were both away and I was over at his trailer to get stoned as usual, when we started talking about sex and masturbating. With both wives gone Davy suggested we have what he called a ‘mutubate’ and both jack off at the same time.

I was rather innocent in those days, and thought what a good innocent way that would be to relieve the ‘tension’, so I agreed. However when we both got down to business I was a little uncomfortable with it and couldn’t get hard no matter how much I tried. Davy was hard as a rock the entire time and sported a smallish but proud cut cock.

After he saw I was staying soft Davy suggested I could use some help, if I was comfortable with that. Being my first orgasm was from a buddy in Boy Scouts at a camp weekend, where he rubbed my cock between his two hands as he kept losing in a card game of strip poker, I didn’t think much about it and agreed Davy could ‘help me out’.

Davy got on his knees in front of me sitting on the sofa and proceeded to start playing with my cock. While I was still nervous, my cock started to respond to his manipulation of his hand, then both hands rubbing my hardening cock between them. Once me cock got really hard, Davy suddenly put it in his mouth and started licking furiously from the base to the tip, pausing only to circle his tongue around my now purple mushroom. I was so blown away by what he was doing I couldn’t do much but start to moan softly as Davy slurped his tongue over every inch of my 61/2′ manhood.

He took my balls in his hand and softly rubbed them around while he started sucking my rockhard cock all the way into his throat. He slowly worked it further in, while barely choking a little as his lips reached my bush. I was in heaven, my wife wasn’t into sucking my cock unless I begged her for it, and then never to completion, but here was my longtime best friend making my cock dance fervently inside his mouth and I was loving it!

As the minutes went by he picked up his sucking pace and began sucking my cock all the way down and all the way back out over and over again, fervently, licking the underside veins all the way up and down on each stroke. I could only gaze at he and the TV in the background, as he furiously sucked my throbbing cock. About 15 minutes later, what seemed like forever but went by too fast as well, the base of my balls started to tighten and my cock grew even more and even harder, until I started pulsing sperm into Davy’s wanting mouth. He never lost a slurp or drop of my cum as he swallowed every hot, thick drop into his wanting throat.

When he finished and those familiar guilt feelings started in I quickly got up and went home, feeling blown away by what happened. Days and even weeks went by and I really struggled with my feelings. I was strictly heterosexual, strictly attracted to women, but did not know what to do about what had happened. Like an idiot, I started staying away from Davy and his wife, and our friendship drifted into nonexistence. It was stupidity on my part, I was so macho oriented, and gayunfriendly back then (I was only about 22), that I allowed a simple act of sexual relief between friends to come between our solid friendship.

Several years went by and we had no contact between us at all. Then when I quit my job and was planning a move to live in the mountains west of Denver, somehow Davy and I ran across each other again. I was startled to learn he and his wife had moved to Colorado only months before, and time had softened my hard macho resentment for our incident, so we struck up our friendship again. I even bought the house that had been his second choice, buying another beylikdüzü escort home instead, only a few miles away.

What I need to relate here is that while we were apart those years, I thought many an hour about what had happened. What I also must admit is that the more I thought about it, the more turned on I became by what had happened, to the point it became my favorite fantasy to masturbate to. Being I was still very hetero oriented and still strictly attracted to women, the struggle in my mind was a difficult one to put into proper perspective. I had also during those years started to frequent adult bookstores and even started donating protein into the gloryholes. I figured if I didn’t know who was sucking me it must not be that I was ‘gay’, so I enjoyed many a good sucking at several ABS in my travels. This was before AIDs so stupidly I had no fear of picking up any serious diseases at the gloryholes, thank goodness I did not pick up anything, but don’t tempt that fate anymore in my older but wiser age.

Anyway when Davy and I rekindled our friendship in Colorado there was always that sexual tension between us. I had recently gotten remarried to a beautiful lady who had previously been a hooker, so our sex life was pretty good. However I could never shake that feeling of desire I got in my groin whenever Davy and I would talk about sex. Several times we went to ABS locations down in Denver together, watching gay porn and talking about renewing our sexual involvement with each other, but nothing much ever came of it. I was still too macho and hetero oriented to actually go for what my cock really wanted, another sucking by Davy’s talented mouth.

Several years later I moved to live in South Africa on business for almost two years, while Davy and his wife followed her career to go live in the Northeast. On my return from Africa I landed in NY and stayed with Davy and his wife for a weekend before flying on to Texas for my next career change. That weekend I spent teasing Davy sexually and testing the waters so to speak, about having another fling. They had a spare room alone at the top of the stairs that Davy and I frequented to get stoned together away from his wife and kids.

I still had many nights of fantasizing about sex with Davy happening regularly while I lived in Africa, so on my return I decided it was time to act on it. That Friday night of my return we went to the spare/secret room and of course got stoned immediately. I spent some time sharing with him my fantasies about he and I, so rather quickly we decided to give it another try. We both stripped naked and Davy of course was proudly sporting a solid hard on. I had resolved to myself to make amends for my previous stupidity, and hesitantly offered to give him a blow job.

Being smart he quickly agreed and while I sat on a chair he walked up in front of me with his rockhard cock waving inches away from my face. I began licking his cock on the underside from the base to the tip, then swirled my tongue around his mushroom head, trying to give him what I remembered I liked best at the gloryholes. Then I slurped his throbbing cock into my mouth and began sliding it as far down as I could. Not fitting much of it in, I decided since I could swallow a dozen big vitamins at a time why couldn’t I use the same talent to swallow his entire cock. So I held my throat open as if swallowing vitamins, and slowly slid his entire cock into my throat.

In a couple minutes I got used to the holding my throat open, and started to enjoy the firm but soft skin of his throbbing cock as it slid in and out of my mouth. I slid my hot lips all the way over him and brought it all the way out till it popped out of my mouth. I also kept my tongue sliding left and right over the bottom of his cock and around the head as I slurped his manhood in and out all the way. I picked up the pace and kept up the licking and sucking him all the way down till my lips were tickled by his pubic hair, over and over, faster and faster beyoğlu escort until his rockhard cock swelled and throbbed but he wasn’t about to cum yet. Eventually my mouth started to tire, as I was totally new at this, so I stopped a moment and asked him to cum for me. He grabbed my head in back and started to fuck my face, all the way in and out, all the while I kept up the flicking of my tongue on his cock and cockhead. Fervently he pumped and just as fervently I sucked and licked, till soon his hot spunk started pulsing into my throat.

To this day I can’t stand the smell or taste of cum, and when he spewed his big hot load into me I tried fervently to swallow it but gagged and spit some of it back out. I did keep sucking him till he shrank out of my cumsoaked mouth, then went over and sat back in the chair to think about what I had just done. Davy and I chatted a few minutes, and then he walked over to the chair and said he wanted to show me something. I asked what and he just pointed to his limp cock and said watch, then before my very eyes his cock started to fill with blood, engorging until it came to full attention, hard as nails, right in front of me, taking only about 2 minutes from soft to hard, and I mean hard.

As I sat and watched his cock rise to greatness, without ANY hand or other help, before my very eyes, I realized Davy had a rather fantastic sexual ability. Which of course he told me very quickly how he was a very unique and special person sexually. Fuck that I thought, here I am always fighting my mind to get a hardon, and this yokel can get it up just by ‘THINKING’ it up! Funny enough I felt no jealousy, I was only turned on by his ability and quickly started to take his now stiff cock back into my mouth. At this point Davy said ‘no, I don’t want you sucking me to completion again, if I cum I may not be horny enough to suck YOU off tonight’.

I didn’t need any further coaxing as I moved over to the huge throw pillow we had been using and started playing with Junior to coax him up to greatness. Unfortunately I have the opposite ability to Davy’s special talent, and had to coax Junior with my hand, but quickly my cock rose to stardom and stood proudly awaiting Davy’s talented mouth. He quickly positioned himself between my legs, paying homage to Junior with his lips and tongue.

He started me off by taking my cock all the way into his throat, lips buried in my bush, on the very first stroke. Then he kept my cock there, while swirling his tongue back and forth across the underside and allowing me to just feel the glory of being fully surrounded by his hot moist mouth. I could feel my cock tip against his throat and man it felt so good just being held so firmly, so hard, pulsing and growing deep inside his throat. After what seemed a long time he slid my cock all the way out of his mouth, his lips forming a perfect seal around my mushroom cockhead to make a pop as it slipped out of his talented mouth. Then licking the precum off the tip he lapped it up as if he were starving for sperm, oohh that felt so good.

Davy started repeating this whole scene, taking my cock all the way in slowly, letting it all the way out to the pop, over and over, all the while slurping his tongue all over whatever part of my pulsing hard cock he could reach, slowly stepping up his pace, then slowing down, and faster again until I started to feel the tingling of a major cum building up inside my balls. Feeling my cock grow and pulse frantically as he slid up and down, Davy sensed I was about to cum and put a vacuum of suction into his sucking motion that would have made a eureka jealous, literally sucking my juices right out the balls and up my shaft into his hot, waiting mouth and throat. Davy never lost a drop, never slowed a beat as he slurped and sucked every droplet of cum that gushed and pumped from my cock into his mouth.

The next day I turned stupid, again. I had just sucked another man’s cock, thee was no denying it, and it messed with my macho hetero image, bizimkent escort and conflicted with my religious faith. Very stupidly I spent the rest of that weekend dwelling on my guilt, virtually shutting Davy out and putting another major strain on our friendship. How stupid I was, and selfish. Never giving any thought to Davy’s feelings, and rightfully so, Davy cut off the friendship after I left, this time for almost three months before he calmed down enough to resume our friendship.

He had every right, and I deserved being shut off. I was so very wrong and his feelings were deeply hurt. I still feel sorrow to this day for the way I treated him. Fortunately time heals, and thankfully he forgave my stupidity, coming to visit me in Dallas, where we picked back up on our getting high, and spent much time visiting ABS locations around Big D. I took Davy to a favorite ABS of mine where they had very nice booths with gloryholes. I took a booth and made sure he was in the booth with the gloryhole common to mine. After dropping a couple tokens and finding the hottest gay porn I could, I whispered through the gloryhole ‘I want your cock stuck through here’. He immediately stuck his rockhard cock through the hole, dripping with precum which I immediately licked off. Then I proceeded to give him a 20 minute blowjob the likes of which I didn’t think I was capable of. At this point I had already sucked off a couple other guys through gloryholes, so I was more mentally prepared than before.

I sucked his cock fervently, opening my throat and taking his manhood all the way into my mouth and throat, over and over again, for at least 20 minutes. It seemed he was liking it as I tasted several occasional droplets of precum. But try as I might, I couldn’t coax Davy to cum. Finally I whispered through the hole ‘cum for me’ but he whispered back ‘not in here, back at your apartment in private’. So we both zipped up and headed back to my place where we got stoned again and immediately stripped and started to play again.

Davy paused his hand playing with my again limp cock and said ‘lay down’ which I did on the sofa, and he turned then lay opposite where we were in position to 69 each other. He took my stiffening cock into his mouth and I took his already hard cock into mine. We worked on each other’s cocks fervently for I don’t know how long, at least half an hour. He didn’t want to cum until after I had, and I was far from ready, so I thought I would follow up on how far my fantasies had gone with him and asked him to stick that hardon up my ass. He didn’t really want to do that, but reluctantly accommodated me, wondering what on earth I wanted that for. He stroked himself in and out, my ass felt so good as he slowly pushed and pulled his cock fully into and out of my clamoring ass.

As I was laying on my back Davy was able to see and play with my cock while he was pumping his in and out of my ass. But my cock was not responding to the pleasure my ass was feeling and refused to stiffen fully. After a few minutes Davy stopped pumping my ass and asked why my cock was still soft, did I not like what he was doing? He wasn’t really into fucking my ass, and although I was enjoying it, my cock was disagreeing with the whole scene, so he pulled out and we sat to chat for a long time. Talking about sex in a new way for me I admitted I was still unsure of how I could reconcile my bisexuality with my religious faith, but never admitted to Davy that I had been having trouble getting my cock hard ever since my first fuck with a female who I didn’t really want to be with and I had difficulty getting it up for her.

We spent the rest of his visit chatting about our sexual relationship and my lack of ability to make a damn decision just what the fuck my sexual orientation was. But at least this time we didn’t part wrongly, nor lose our friendship over an act of stupidity on my part, like I had done in the past. Being he lived in the NorthEast and I lived in Texas, we would get together once a year when I would use up airline miles and come visit them. During those visits there was always sexual tension between us, but rarely any action, I think mostly because I was so darn confused and unwilling to admit my bisexuality.

Then my career changed and I moved to New England to come to work helping Davy build his small business. But then that will have to be another story.

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