My Favourite Teddy Is You


Please be good for me teddy I asked. She was so cuddly and warm when I was cold. I loved her so much it hurt me sometimes.

She was never rude to me and she always made me feel so very good, I just wanted my cock inside her all the time. She knew exactly what I wanted, and whenever I wanted to come inside her she always gave me what I needed.

You know, whenever I reach out and touch my teddy, it’s you. Yes, you. It’s transformational to have my body inside you and to fill you with my cum.

Be reassured it’s alright for us to be like this; don’t deny it, you know it’s true and its beautiful too. My teddy, is so soft and cuddly, I can’t help myself when I need to touch my teddy I open her and slide inside her so gently.

Whenever I touch my teddy I know it’s you that lives in my heart. You fill me with joy whenever I’m with you I’m so satisfied. To look into your eyes as we dance together in ecstasy is like a trip to heaven, all I want to do is stay there, basking in the serenity of your pools of soul’s desire. Whenever I’m looking into your eyes as I am coming I see you enjoying my pleasure.

Knowing that your eyes reflect back the love you have for me whenever we are locked in ecstasy, I search for you in our bed and long to have you cuddle up to me. They smile, your eyes, like your lips of serenity create a smile with your mouth, but your eyes smile from a deeper place within you that makes me swoon and my cock as hard as a diamond.

When I reach out and touch my teddy. I feel myself caressing you so gently. I lift your hair to my face bostancı escort so I can draw in your aroma. It fills me with a deep sense of contentment, and makes me love you with my body and my mind.

Your smell is so comforting and erotic. I just want to stay next to you, so I can smell you, hug you close to me for the joy that our closeness brings me, and then join our bodies together in lust. Your smell is the ignition of my desire. Without it, my desire is nothing but empty lust, and I want to be consumed in the rolling waves of orgasms that you create for me.

I don’t want to stop caressing you; your body is a treasure to be carefully and tenderly treated with compassion. Oh Teddy, please don’t ask me to stop, I feel I need to have my cock inside you so much I cannot bear to be away from you.

I want to run my fingers gently over the whole of your body. Over your eyes, ears, lips, cheeks, down your neck, and to your breasts. I don’t think I can go past your breasts without giving them the attention that I always want to give them. Those nipples are just so wonderful to touch, my fingers so gently dance across and around those rosy buds of inviting lust. With my fingers I can tell you how much I want to pleasure you.

The finest of caresses makes you jump, my teddy, and wiggle about; that’s so funny because you are so funny. My face lights up when we are joined in our passionate embraces. I want to just smile at you as I touch those nipples, oh so gently, my wonderful teddy. Then as I caress büyükçekmece escort you so gently it’s hard for you to know if they are being touched; except you almost want to scream with desire as you know my blissful fingers dancing across your body.

Teddy are you still in bed with me, it’s so special and consoling to have you with me? I can hear you breathing and I want to kiss you; and anywhere will do. My lips were made for kissing you; even on your pussy lips too. Really that’s all they want to do. I want to start at your feet, work my way up your legs, kiss your pussy and ass until you scream with joy. My teddy, your joy of pleasure is a key to my pleasure too.

And then when you are recovering from life’s pleasurable bliss, and as we talk, I want to kiss your back, your tummy, your arms, hands, neck, face and then start all over again. I never want to stop kissing you.

Can I tell you a secret my gorgeous teddy? I’m feeling so hard for you now. It’s hurt me; I am in pain, I want you so much tonight. I don’t want to hurt you, are you going to be alright if I slide it in now? It has grown so hard with my desire for you, and only you.

You know how much I want you, and I don’t really want to hurt you with my cock. I know you are wet, I can feel your heat and moisture, and I know you want me too; but are you ready.

It’s just seems too big for you; but I know that’s really what you want. You always want me but I wish I was smaller for you. For I worry, and my teddy, I always çekmeköy escort want to please you so much.

Teddy can you feel it now? Can you feel our heat joined together? I love your wetness, it makes my entry into you a joy for us both I know. I can feel myself growing even larger as I move myself inside you; I don’t want that too but it happens anyway.

I can feel myself pulsating inside you. I can hear you moaning and panting with desire, calling my name, looking at me with those eyes full of desire for me.

I want so much to make you reach that place that you want to get to, my teddy. To watch you, as you feel those waves of passion wash over you; in unrestrained bliss. Seeing your cheeks flushed pink, and waiting for your wetness to become a river, brings my own pleasure for you. I can see you now, you are almost there, aren’t you my teddy?

What about if I just do this to you? Oh, you do like that don’t you, I know you so well my teddy. I see you want more, yes more, and harder, and faster too. I watch as you fall of the cliff of desire, as you soar on upwards, floating on life’s orgasmic ecstasy.

Oh Teddy that’s what I needed so much from you too you know. Yes, you have sent me to that cliff of desire too. I feel myself, engorged and pulsating, and I can’t hold back even if I wanted to. From within, comes my fluid of life, and you feel it too, don’t you. It’s everywhere inside you isn’t it.

While I’m watching you, I can see you feel it, and it’s enough to make another wave of bliss to wash over you too. And, now I watch as you cry out again. Oh, more and more, and still it goes on, I know you wish it would never end but even you, my teddy, have had enough too.

That was so wonderful. You were wonderful again my teddy. You are always so wonderful, my favourite Teddy. Let us lie here together, you and I, and cuddle each other, as we enjoy our oneness in this part of our life’s interlude.

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