My Father-in-Law’s Parade


My father-in-law is tall and well-built, with really sexy bedroom eyes. But I hardly gave Daddy Jim—the pet name I gave him to distinguish him from my husband, who is also named Jim—a second thought, except for the times we went out to visit him, so we could use his pool. Sometimes, when my Jim had to work on the weekends, I drove out there by myself to swim and work on my tan. One Saturday morning about a month ago, pulling into his driveway, I noticed a strange car parked in front of the garage. I didn’t think anything of it because Daddy Jim was always having company, especially women. It was a regular parade. I let myself in with the key he had given me because I needed to change into my swimsuit before I went out to the pool. And that’s when I learned that it wasn’t only his looks that made him so damned attractive to women.

I came around the corner from the hallway to the living room, and found him naked with a young girl. He was kneeling behind her, doggy style, and she was leaning over the front of the sofa. She was naked too, except for her lacy white panties, which were still clinging to one of her ankles. I guess the noise she was making prevented them from noticing me. She was panting and moaning, begging him to hurry and get it in her.

Two things shocked me about the situation. First, the girl—Cheryl—was even younger than I am. I knew this because she had been on the cheerleading squad with me in high school and had been a year behind me, which would mean she was only about twenty or twenty-one-years old. The second thing was Daddy Jim’s dick. I mean, God, it was the longest, thickest thing I’d ever seen. He was holding it in his hand, guiding it forward, moving it in tiny circles as he slowly eased the purple head into Cheryl’s blonde pussy. “Goddamn it,” she said, “quit teasing me.”

Daddy Jim chuckled and pushed forward. His dick began to go in and in and in. I hadn’t known that a pussy could be so deep. He began working it in and out, slowly picking up speed, and Cheryl started clawing at the couch cushions and screaming about how much she loved it, how she could feel it pushing at something way up inside Bahçeşehir Escort her. I could see everything, even the way her inner lips were clinging to his shaft as he moved it in and out.

I decided to get out of there before one of them saw me. I let myself out quietly and went around the back way to the pool house so I could change. As I peeled off my panties, I noticed the crotch was soaked with my juices. I thought about playing with myself, but instead I jumped in the pool and swam for a while to calm myself down. I had just stretched out on one of the chaise lounges beside the pool and was rubbing myself down with tanning lotion when Daddy Jim and Cheryl came out.

“Hey, Sandy,” he said, sounding surprised. “I didn’t know you were here. How long have you been here?” His face reddened, and I knew he was wondering if I’d seen anything.

“Not too long,” I said. “The door was locked and I forgot my key, so I decided to change out here.”

The tension on his face eased and he said, “I guess you know Cheryl here.”

“Sure do. She’s probably told you we were on the cheerleading squad together.”

“Hi, Sandy,” she said, “How’s it going?”

They stretched out and began to bask in the sun. I couldn’t help but sneaking a look at the two of them once in a while. Cheryl was wearing the skimpiest thong bikini—three little neon pink triangles—I’d ever seen. She was practically hanging out of it. Daddy Jim, who is usually all eyes when I’m around, couldn’t seem to take his eyes off her. While she really does have a sexy body, I was kind of ticked off because I know my body is just as good as hers, if not better. While Cheryl and I were catching up on old times, I sneaked a couple of looks at the big bulge in Daddy Jim’s trunks. It sure looked good. I wished I could see it up close, all naked and hard and throbbing.

When Daddy Jim went into the house to get drinks for everybody, I said, “Isn’t he a little old for you?”

“You sound jealous. Anyway, who cares? Haven’t you heard the stories about him?” She held up her hands about a foot apart so that I couldn’t help but catch her meaning. She giggled. Beylikdüzü Escort “God, can he do it. If I were you, I wouldn’t care if he were …”

Daddy Jim was coming back, so we quit talking. I hung around until they jumped in the pool and started to play around with each other. When I got home, I went into the bedroom and played with myself while picturing Daddy Jim’s big dick, imagining how it would feel going into my own pussy. I also had sex with Jim that night—Christ, I could hardly wait until we went to bed—and as always it was satisfying, but the image of Daddy Jim and Cheryl going at it wouldn’t go away.

The next morning, after Jim left for work, I got dressed and hurried out of the house. On the way to Daddy Jim’s I stopped at a department store and bought myself a new bathing suit, a bright yellow thong a couple of sizes too small. I knew I was stepping into forbidden territory, but I told myself that I just wanted to tease Daddy Jim a little, to see if I could get his big dick excited. When I arrived, he was still in his bathrobe, drinking coffee and reading the Sunday paper. Thankfully, no other women were there, and I went into the spare bedroom to change.

I was practically shaking as I walked into the kitchen. “How do you like my new bikini, Daddy Jim?” I said. I did a little spin so he could get the full effect.

He practically dropped his coffee cup. He whistled and said, “Christ, girl, why have you been hiding that body?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” I said in my best teasing voice. “Am I as sexy as Cheryl?”

His eyes moved up and down my body. “You sure are,” he said.

“Am I really, Daddy Jim?” I said, sitting down on his lap and straddling his legs. “Show me.” I pulled the belt on his robe and it came open, revealing that big dick of his. As I stared, it began to thicken and get even longer. I was so excited I could hardly breathe. I wrapped my arms around his neck. Suddenly, a mental image of how my slender body would look as I was sliding down his big fat dick, popped into my mind, and I shivered.

He unhooked the ties holding up my bottoms and pulled me forward. Then he fisted his dick and pushed it down so that it was resting against my clit. “Are you sure you about this, I mean ….”

“Unnnhh huh,” I said, reaching around to undo my top. “Don’t you wanna fuck me, Daddy Jim?”

“What about Junior?”

“I love him, but I just have to try this big thing—at least once.”

He chuckled in his deep voice and said, “How’d you know?” He moved me back and forth gently, rubbing the head of his dick against my clit.

“I didn’t say anything, but I saw you with Cheryl … ooohh yes, right there.”

“Delicious,” he said, one of his hands going to my breasts. “Like little cupcakes.” He bent his head and sucked one of my nipples into his mouth.

“Oooh yessss, do everything to me,” I gasped.

He kissed me lightly on the base of my neck, then his lips moved slowly up to mine. As we were exchanging a deep kiss, he tugged my hips forward with his free hand and the head of his dick popped past my opening. I could feel the walls of my pussy spreading open as it went in. I buried my head on his shoulder and sucked at his neck to keep from screaming. Finally, I looked down at where his dark pubic hairs were entwined with my pale brown ones. I don’t know how, but I had it all in me, and my pussy was going crazy. “It feels so fucking good in there. Fuck me, fuck my pussy good,” I moaned.

He grunted and cupped the cheeks of my ass in his hands and began to move me up and down, back and forth, slow fucking me until I was going crazy, sobbing and moaning with pleasure. “Let’s get more comfortable,” he said after I came for the first time. He picked me up and carried me into his bedroom and laid me down on his bed. Then he crawled between my thighs and fucked me hard and deep for a long time. Afterwards, I told him that I hoped we could do it again sometime—as long as my Jim didn’t find out. It’s hard to explain, but I really do love my husband. Daddy Jim is just for fun.

I guess you can say that I’ve joined the parade. Yesterday, while he was fucking me, he told me that Cheryl and I are his favorites and that one of these days all three of us are going to have some fun together. A mental picture of what the three of us would look like doing it together, of what Cheryl would be doing to me and I to her, popped into my mind, and I went off like a bomb.

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