My Best Friend The Football Star


(This story depicts romance and multiple sexual encounters between two young male adults. If either of those things bother you please chose another story.)

Ben Stevens had been my best friend since the first day of kindergarten. Though over the years our interests had diverged widely, we remained as close as any two people could be. He was a gifted athlete that excelled in multiple sports. I on the other hand while not a nerd was far more studious then he was and talented in music and art. I left sports behind our first year of junior high. He became a three sport letterman in high school and was the captain and quarterback of the football team. Still we seemed to manage to share everything in our lives. Even when we started dating we often doubled. At times girls complained that he and I paid more attention to each other then we did to them.

By the start of senior year we had both turned 18. We had birthdays that were just after the cut off to start school. So in every grade we were the oldest kids in the class it seemed. I didn’t think much of it and Ben liked that he was always almost a year more developed then the competition on the sport’s field. It also helped both of us in getting dates. A few extra months of maturity seemed to impress the girls back then. As close as we were even as adulthood was blooming there was one thing I hadn’t been able to share with Ben; my desire to suck his cock. I can’t even say when I first felt that desire. All I knew was I didn’t want to risk losing my best friend by telling the biggest jock in school that I was having gay thoughts about him. I knew that the school’s star athlete wasn’t going to hang with a queer.

Then again I didn’t really know what the desires meant anyway. I didn’t think that I was gay. I liked girls and I liked the sex I was having. Thanks to Ben I never seemed to lack for a partner. Being the buddy of a popular athlete had its benefits. He could only fuck one at a time and some would date me to be near him. So I figured I couldn’t be gay since I was enjoying sex with girls. I didn’t really know much about bisexualty back then. Mostly I dismissed my thoughts about sucking dick as curiosity about things that was just part of maturing. But as senior year loomed those desires got stronger instead of going away as I had thought that they would. They also became more or less completely focused on one cock in particular; my best friend’s. Still I didn’t dare mention those thoughts to Ben.

But I did do something that year based on those desires. I talked the football coach into letting me be one of the managers of the team. That way I had an excuse to be in the locker room with the team. What great pay for spending my afternoons at practices keeping stats and squirting water into the mouths of the biggest studs in school. If you have never been in a team locker room, I have to tell you it is a paradise for a curious guy. The players are not at all shy about their bodies and for the most part they are buff. The coach had given me a desk outside his office which was fortuitously in a place near the showers. This meant that my voyeurism didn’t raise any alarms. Even if I didn’t have an excuse to roam around the locker room, which I often did since the coach would give me messages to deliver to players about their stats and stuff; I was always in a position to see a lot of cock. But all those days of seeing a room full of studs parading back and forth from the showers naked with their hot asses fully exposed and their cocks swinging free only made my curiosity more intense.

The team had fully accepted me as a member of their group. Had I wanted to I could have joined them in the after practice showers. But I feared that would have exposed my secret and when on hot days I needed a shower I would wait for the players to leave before taking mine. I could hide my arousal in my Levi’s. Had I gotten naked with the guys, especially Ben I was certain I would be fully erect. Although some of the players occasionally popped a boner in the shower, they were all so fucking macho it never meant more than a couple minutes of ribbing. I somehow knew that the same thing happening to me would have set me up for a lot worse. So I showered alone if at all.

Well not entirely alone. The coaches and student assistants would sometimes use the showers after the team had left. So sometimes there would be others in the showers. But the coaches were all older and for whatever reason didn’t cause the same reaction as the players did even though one of them had the most impressive cock I have seen, then or since. The student assistants were not as well developed as the players. They were coaching because they didn’t have the physiques to be players. The one person that caused the most reaction was Ben. Even though I knew I should just avoid the situation I seemed to always find a way to be where I knew he would be when he was naked. As the regular season came to an end and the playoffs started I Ankara escort found myself trying to find a new way to see my friend naked. I was sure I wouldn’t be able to stand not seeing his long thick cock and near perfect ass after football ended.

It turned out that the season was extended for several weeks. For the first time in our school’s history the team won the state football championship. That had meant six weeks of playoffs. At the awards banquet the coach announced a special award for the team. He had arranged for the team to play one more game. It was in Orlando, Florida against the Florida state champions. There would be a game but as the details were revealed it was really just a gift from the athletic department to their championship players. The team would be staying there for nine days. The first two would be devoted to practicing and the third would be game day. The last six days would be spent at Disney World and Sea World.

I got a big surprise during my weekly meeting with the coaches the next morning. I found out that the other student helpers and I were included on the trip. The coaches had always been great about making us feel part of the team. We even got trophies just like the players and I earned a varsity letter. The players were great too always including us in team activities. They really embraced us as part of the team. But I knew the trip was being paid for by the booster club and I didn’t think they really saw us as making a contribution. That afternoon I got another even better surprise. After school Ben stopped by my house. He was unusually excited when he blurted out that he had signed us up to be room mates on the trip. I was shocked that he had picked me over one of his team mates.

“What the fuck, Andy, did you think I would pick some sweaty jock like Denny Toms over my best friend?” He asked as he punched my shoulder after I asked him why he picked me.

Denny was the other big star on the team. He was our all-state running back. Fucker was a mountain and could run like a gazelle. I never saw him taken down by less than two guys and it usually took three or more. He had a great body and nice long thick cock. Add to that a set a balls that would have made a bull proud and he was one impressive dude in the locker room. He was also one of the guys that seemed most proud parading around naked. Even when his cock was fully erect which it seemed to be about half the time he didn’t make any attempt to cover up. Nobody ever said a word about it to Denny either. The guy had it made too. He had a bout a dozen top colleges lined up to offer him scholarships. Ben wasn’t so lucky and would probably end up playing at our state university. The major schools wanted tall QB’s. Even though I thought Ben was an Adonis at six foot the scouts wanted more then a smart guy with a good arm. Denny was destined to play big time college ball and catch the eyes of pro scouts, while Ben would be breaking records at our division II state university.

Funny thing was Ben didn’t care. He had no NFL aspirations. His future was set. He had a job waiting at his dad’s company once he got his business degree. I was actually pretty happy that he likely wouldn’t be going away. I was already accepted to State and had a half scholarship for academics. Ben’s dad had a job waiting for me too if I wanted. After my own dad had died when I was 12, Mr. Stevens had filled in as a male influence. He was a good guy as well as being the best business man in our little town. He had built a small company to a statewide enterprise that was the biggest employer in our town. I knew Ben and I would be together at college and beyond. That made me very happy even though I figured I would never get the nerve to tell him about my sexual fantasies.

The idea of nine nights in a hotel alone with Ben both thrilled and terrified me. I figured I would be getting even better looks at his hot body and the cock that was driving me crazy. At the same time sleeping all those nights just a few feet from him was going to be torture. As it turned it there was no issue at all the first night.

After the flight, we had a long hassle over getting the luggage. Then there was a nearly hour-long bus ride in heavy traffic to the motel. We were given a half-hour to stash our stuff and get ready to go to the practice. Even though the longer part of the trip was a fun reward for the team, it seemed the coaches were eager to win the game or at least make a damn good showing. That afternoon into the evening practice was one of the toughest of the whole season. The guys hadn’t played or practiced for a couple of weeks and the coaches did their best to make up for the missed work-outs. The small shower room of the middle-school they had borrowed for a practice facility was a far cry from the team locker room back home. Even with the guys crowding in, less than a third of team could shower at once. The rest stood around naked waiting their turns. I was so hot and sweaty Ankara escort bayan from the hours in the Florida heat; I joined the final group in shower. I guess exhaustion kept me from getting a wicked hard-on as I soaped up in close quarters with a bunch of guys.

Back at the motel we managed to keep our heads upright long enough to eat. Once Ben and I got back to the room I plopped down on my bed while he began to undress. I was so tired I could have just laid down and slept in my clothes. Through droopy eyes I watched as he pulled his tee shirt over his head and exposed his taught abs and muscular chest. Normally I would have been drooling over the display. That night I was too tired to even think about what was coming. Next he lost the pants and then looked over at me with a quizzical expression as he stood next to his bed in just his under shorts.

“Hey man, I only brought sweat pants to sleep in and, fuck they are too hot. Would it freak you out if I slept naked? That is what I do on hot nights at home,” He asked casually.

I had seen him naked more times then I could count at that point; it sure wasn’t going to freak me out. If I wasn’t so tired it would definitely have caused me to want to suck his hot cock dry but that night all I wanted was sleep. I did my best to calmly answer.

“Shit, I don’t care,” I answered. “Won’t be anything I haven’t seen.”

“Or got, buddy,” He added as he stuck his thumbs in the waistband of his underwear.

I watched as he lowered his shorts and let his cock pop out. I would guess he was about three-quarters erect. I was a bit too obvious in noticing that and he chose to explain as he stepped free of his discarded underpants.

“Been too long since I last got laid I guess. Fucking dick has a mind of its own sometimes,” He said followed by what I thought was a very sexy laugh.

I laughed as I expressed my agreement and then added, “It is hot as hell. I think I will sleep naked too, if it won’t freak you out.”

He threw one of his socks at me and called me a dickwad as he fell back on his bed.

He laid on his back with his semi-erect cock laying on his belly like it was on display. I stood up and quickly shed my clothes. As I was about to get in my bed he asked me to shut off the lights since I was still up. This required me to walk across the room right by his bed completely naked. It was a weird feeling knowing he was looking at me as I went to the wall flipped the switch and then returned to the night stand to shut off the bedside lamp. I was sure I saw a smile on his face just as the room went dark. I slipped into my bed and we were soon sound asleep. I didn’t even remember having any dreams that night. That was fairly surprising since I was sleeping with the object of my most secret desire naked in a bed about four feet away.

I woke up first that morning about ten minutes before the wake-up call I knew was coming. I was on my side facing Ben’s bed. He was on his back with a full morning erection. For the first time I saw him fully aroused. His cock looked amazing and all I could do was to think about slipping off my bed and crawling to his bed. My desire to suck my best friends cock was stronger than ever. I realized that I also had one hell of a morning quaker myself. Staring at Ben’s beautiful hard dick did nothing to relax my erection. I may even have gotten harder as I watched my friend sleeping with the gentle rise and fall of his chest accentuating his gorgeous naked body. Not wanting to end the moment or get caught laying there looking at his body while fully aroused, I covered up my condition with a sheet while continuing to lay on my side enjoying the view.

All too soon the phone rang out with our wake-up call. Ben practically flew out of his bed while mumbling, “What the fuck is it!”

He was standing about a foot from my bed with his hard cock almost level with my face when he woke up enough to remember where we were and what a telephone was.

“Oh shit, I guess it is time to get ready for breakfast. Fuck practices are going to be an a-one bitch today buddy,” He said rather crossly as his cock danced right in front of my eyes. “Oh fuck I got to take a wicked piss!” He added and turned toward the bath room.

By the time he returned I had slipped on my underwear which although they didn’t hide my hard-on they at least allowed me an illusion of modesty. I wasn’t all that worried since he had been hard as shit and had no way of knowing I had been watching him. I am sure he thought I had woken up when the phone rang same as he did. By the time I had taken my piss and brushed my teeth he was dressed and ready.

“Come on man! The fucking coaches will really break our balls if anybody is late including you,” He barked at me.

Two minutes later I was dressed and we were out the door. As soon as everyone had filled up on breakfast we were all back on the buses. Even though everyone had been on time the coaches Escort Ankara were still busting the player’s balls. He wasn’t too easy on the helpers either. By noon when they finally gave us a break everyone was about to drop. Even some of the assistant coaches were looking frazzled. I wasn’t sure the guys would be able to play the next night if they kept up that pace. Lunch was delivered and everyone did their best to find shady places to eat. At two practice resumed. At five the coach mercifully told the guys to hit the showers. I didn’t join them in the locker room. I could have used a shower too but decided that I wasn’t ready to expose my seemingly perpetual hard-on to a room full of exhausted sweaty jocks. While Denny could get away with parading his big hard dick around the guys, I wasn’t sure they would be as easy on me if I popped wood in the locker room.

Fortunately when we got back to the motel we had about an hour free time before dinner. I took the time to shower while Ben plopped on his bed to watch television. When I came out of the bathroom with one of those skimpy hotel towels barely wrapped around me I found him all excited about what he was watching.

“Hey man the local news did a story about us and the game!” He exclaimed.

I sat down on my bed and watched the last few minutes of the news with him. They mostly talked about the local team but there was some film of our last game. They had Ben throwing a couple of great passes and of course Denny making a touchdown run. I had been with Ben before when he watched himself on TV. He was always like a fucking little kid at Christmas. Other than throwing the winning touchdown pass in the championship game nothing else ever got him that excited.

“Hey buddy, look! They even got a shot of you on the sideline there,” He said with a big grin as my image flashed on screen for a half-second.

As soon as the story ended I jumped up to get ready for dinner. I didn’t want to be late and cause the team to get punished. As I walked by Ben, he grabbed my towel and ripped it off me. Before I could react to my sudden detoweling I felt the familiar locker room snap on my ass. I had escaped that sort of thing but had witness many a team member getting his ass reddened and even welted during a locker room towel hazing. The second snap struck truer and really hurt.

“Fuck man! What the hell?” I barked. “Cut the shit we are going to be late.”

He snapped the towel again just as I turned and caught my thigh instead of my ass.

“Oh fuck, Andy, I am sorry didn’t mean to hit you there. Just figured it was time you got what all players get. Hell the team would have done it in the locker room if you ever showered with us,” He said as he jumped up.

“Well guess it is good I never did. Now come on let me get dressed so we won’t be late.”

“No worries about being late. Coach called, we can get dinner when we want. We have until 9:00 to eat and be at a team meeting. So relax,” He said or rather ordered.

“Hey why is it you never showered with the guys? I know you got sweaty at some of those practices too. Can’t be you were ashamed of your body or equipment,” He added as he stood there looking me up and down as if inspecting my naked body. “Hell, your cock is bigger than most of the guys on the team. It isn’t a fucking whopper like Denny’s but shit his is fucking abnormal.”

“Um, fuck, I don’t know. Guess I kind of felt like I wasn’t really part of the group. The guys have their thing in the locker room, I figured I should just hang back,” I lied.

“Shit, what a stupid thing. You know we all think you are a part of the team. Everybody has their part and yours is as important as any of ours,” Ben said sincerely.

“Thanks buddy, now if you are through inspecting my dick, I will get dressed,” I said intending it to be a joke.

Though I couldn’t understand why I noticed Ben’s cheeks flushed red. I just turned and went to get some clothes from my bag. I was rewarded with yet another snap of the towel along with Ben’s taunting.

“Fuck you, Andy! You wish I was looking at your dick,” He said rather unconvincingly.

We had dinner and then went to the team meeting. The meeting was short and happy. The coaches told us how proud they were of the team and how well practice had gone. They also gave us the schedule for game day. We were to sleep in; wakeup calls would be at 1:00 pm. There was going to be a big buffet for us at two and then off to the Citrus Bowl stadium at 3:30. Warm ups were scheduled for 5:30 and game time was 7:00. The final surprise was that the game was going to be on TV both in Orlando and back home. When we got back to the room I thought Ben’s face was going to crack he was smiling so wide.

“Fucking-A! A real game on goddamn TV,” He exclaimed as we began to undress for bed.

Even before he pulled off his under shorts I could see he was fully erect. I found it curious that his excitement over the game and being on television translated to sexual arousal. I also couldn’t stop myself from staring at my best friends hard dick as he stood there babbling about the game and being on television. I apparently had stared a bit too much.

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