Lust Filled Aspirations Ch. 02


Ch. 2: Brent

I never wanted to grow up. I wanted to remain a kid forever. I loved to be outside and run. How my lungs would tire and seek air that was no longer there. That burn in my heaving chest as my eyes searched the trees, looking for whoever the subject of my chase was.

In school, I played sports and excelled at it. I didn’t care too much for my academics but knew that it was the top requirement of a student athlete. My best friend, Jason was my biggest competitor. We often dated the same type of girls, attended the same parties and had the same friends.

In college, not much changed. We took the same core classes but had different majors. My major was computer technology and his was sports medicine. We lived in the same dorm too.

After our first semester and the freshman jitters wore off, I focused on finding me a reliable source of pussy on campus and there was quite a selection. I took the liberty of dating college girls while I was still attending high school. That gave me a step up on all the other losers on campus. Drooling every time a hot chick with big, flopping boobs came by in a tight shirt. Giggling with her friends, pretending not to notice all the guys star struck by the balloons attached to her chest. I made it my personal mission to seek out and conquer that type of attention hungry slut. The more she flaunted herself, the easier she was to spot.

I learned that there was no such thing as a good girl. They all wanted the same thing; someone to heat up their snatch and then melt them like the pudding that they were. They needed a man who would raise his voice and command. They all craved a dick-tator to worship. All women had an inherent nature to be controlled that was often hidden away. But, I would be the one to unlock it.

That’s how I found Anna. She was tall and bushy-haired. She was a member of the study group I was in and was very talkative. She would lower her shoulders to expose more of her cleavage when I talked to her. She wore the tightest jeans that hugged her perfect round ass. I loved watching her reach around for items she squeezed into the pockets on the backside of them.

One day after a final exam, she asked if I was selling any of my books back to the bookstore. Most students took advantage of this program to get Ankara bayan escort a little extra cash. I said that I was but had to go back to my room to get more books. She had on the lowest cut top that dipped so flawlessly at the meeting of her huge tits.

“I have like three more books I need to sell back as well, but they’re SO heavy. Can you carry them for me?” she asked with a devilish smile.

“Sure, but you owe me.” I said while scoping out her sweet ass. She kissed me on the cheek and said to meet her at her room after I got my books.


Before I could even knock on her door, it flew open. I stood there with a righteous smile on my face. My dick instantly grew when I saw that she had changed into some tiny shorts that made her ass look even more scrumptious. I didn’t wait for any instructions; I just walked in and slammed the door.

“Wait, what are you-“She began to say before I put my hand over her mouth.

“Sssshhhhhh”, I said, “I got this.” I lowered my hand from her mouth and stepped closer to her, putting my body on hers. Her mountainous breasts pressed up against my chest and I looked past her nervous gaze to them. I groped each of her large tits slowly while looking in her marble blue eyes.

I didn’t notice how gorgeous she truly was. Fair skinned with brown spotty freckles and dimpled cheeks. I probably hadn’t paid attention because I was too busy planning this very moment. Planning the day I’d take her. Watching her ass sway when she walked into class. Hoping that stressed button on her blouse would finally pop and expose her gorgeous rack to everyone.

She let out a soft moan and started unbuckling my pants. My dick flopped out of my drawers and she licked her lips. Smiling at me, she got down on her knees and began slurping on my waiting cock. I gathered up her bushy curls in my hand and started rotating my hips. I felt the back of her throat with the engorged tip of my cock and she gagged. Warm, precum oozed from it into her mouth. I told her to take her time and relax her throat.

“AHHHHHH!!!” I screamed. I felt her teeth scrape my shaft. Yanking on her wild mane, I jerked her head away from my bruised cock and asked if she was crazy. She whimpered and said sorry.

“Please, stop, you’re hurting me!”

“My dick hurts Escort bayan Ankara too!” I knew she hadn’t done it on purpose, but I took that as an opportunity to prove a point to her. I was in control. I shoved my dick between her pouty, red lips, back into her mouth. She widened her mouth to accommodate my large size. She wet me with her saliva and I easily slid in and out of her mouth. I sped up the strokes and shot my hot cum in her mouth.

I noticed she wasn’t swallowing it. I gripped her throat in my hand and lifted her to her feet.

“Swallow it.” I said, through clinched teeth. Her mascara had created dark brown streaks down her tanned cheeks. She took one big gulp and a small stream of cum trickled down the corner of her delicious mouth. I kissed her forehead and pulled my pants back up. After I fastened the button, she began to pout.

“But what about me?” she whined.

“Maybe later” I said dryly.

I fucked girls like Anna at parties on campus and in my dorm room everyday. I usually passed them along to my friends when I had no more use for them. Anna’s best friend, Kimmy was one of the best sluts on campus. I enjoyed fucking her sweet vagina. Her labia would swell after I gave her clit a good sucking.

I fucked her up against my door once. Her ass was so perfect. Not as big as Anna’s but still ripe for a good fucking.

After an afternoon swim in the lake that ran along the edge of campus, Kimmy came back to my room with me. We stripped off our clothes and headed to the shower that joined the next room. When she walked into the bathroom, I had one foot up on the toilet, stroking myself.

I wanted my cock in her mouth and she knew it.

Without a word, she lowered herself to her knees and tried to take all of me in one breath. I moaned and began pumping in and out of her mouth. She closed her eyes as I forced my cock deeper into her tight, hot throat. Her neck bulging as I pumped in and out and in out of her face.

I popped my cock out of her throat and stood her up. Bending her over, I inserted my pole into her dripping wet slit. Her hot, sticky foam coated my dick and we made gushing sounds as I fucked her juicy pussy. I withdrew from her and she whimpered as I pushed her into the shower, under the hot streams of water. I resumed Bayan escort Ankara my position and pushed a finger in her ass. I worked her puckered opening with my finger while I pumped my cock in her glorious cunt.

She moaned and vibrated and I knew she was coming. I spanked her hard, stinging her wet skin. She stood up straight and washed water over her heaving body. She turned and looked at me shyly.

“I’m not done” I said.

I led her out of the bathroom, our bodies still wet, back into my room. She walked toward the bed and twirled her ass seductively. I smiled and thought to myself, I’m about to fuck her into oblivion. I reached my hand out to her as I stood in the middle of the room. She reached for me and I grabbed her forearm. She had absolutely no chance of preventing me from what I was about to do. I towered over her small frame. My biceps were about the size of her head.

Pushing her up against the door and holding her there with my forearm on the back of her neck, I massaged her tight hole again with my fingers. I inserted one finger and then two into her brown hole. She whimpered again and I slowly pushed the head of my cock into her ass. She was so tight. I could feel her skin stretching and ripping as I went deeper and deeper. I knew her ass was untouched and that’s why I chose her.

I continued to pump her sweet, small hole until her body opened up for me. I unloaded so much cum in her ass that it bubbled right out and onto the back of her legs. A few drops of my milky reward landed on her gorgeous ass. She was panting and dropped down to the floor, unable to hold her weight any longer.

Kimmy was the best.

I hadn’t seen many of those whores from college after graduation. I moved back home before getting my own apartment a few blocks away from my job. I occasionally met and fucked closet nymphomaniacs. Jason would normally ask whatever chick he was seeing to bring a friend along so I wouldn’t be the awkward third wheel. That proved to be ideal because most women had single, cock hungry friends. They certainly didn’t expect the well dressed white kid to have an enormous cock and actually know what to do with it.

Last night at Jason’s apartment was a first for me though. I normally performed solo, if you know what I mean. I’d never met a woman that needed two cocks back to back as a way to be satisfied. As far as I knew, Giselle was a new breed of slut. A breed I didn’t realize existed. I needed to learn all there was to know about a woman like her. She was one woman I had to keep around.

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