I was asked to write this story by someone who asked to stay anonymous. After several e-mails back and forth, the story goes something like this. As usual, you are invited to let me know what you think by feedback and voting.

I have known Dave Caruthers since he was five or six years old. I was a neighborhood kid and knew the family quite well while he was growing up. I had grown up a typical teenager. I had never paid much attention to David being almost eleven years older than he was. It seems that I remember him having his seven-year-old birthday party a couple of months before I turned eighteen. I only mention Dave now because he will be a part of the story later.

I was a typical teenage boy. When I was seventeen, I looked at every female through libido-laden eyes. I checked out the looks of every woman and girl. The ones that I considered good-looking were committed to memory so that I could imagine them and me doing what I considered sex while I masturbated. No one was immune from my active imagination. My teachers, girls in my classes, my friends’ mothers, everyone who could feed my libido became a partner in my sexual fantasies.

When I was seventeen, I started cutting grass in the neighborhood. I traveled about two blocks in each direction. During the summer, I built up quite a business and met quite a few women and girls. Although nothing happened between these women, girls, and I, they were frequent participants in my imaginary trysts. I almost hurt myself jacking off to thoughts of their beautiful breasts, the curve of their asses, or the way they filled out a bathing suit.

About a month after I celebrated my eighteenth birthday I had an epiphany. I was at the Caruthers’ house. I had been in their garage putting gas in my mower and was walking around to the back of the house to start my mowing pattern. As I passed Ms. Caruthers’ bedroom. I glanced in the window just as she was coming out of her bathroom. She had evidently just finished a shower and was nude except that she was wrapping a towel around her hair.

She was the first real live woman that I had ever seen without clothes. Of course, she was an older woman. She had to be at least twenty-eight. She had brown hair that was wrapped in a towel but normally hung down to her shoulders. She had a lot of brown hair between her legs, too. She was slender and had nice breasts. They were not real big but I loved the way they looked. My cock stiffened as I watched her move about her bedroom getting dressed. I watched as she bent over the dresser to retrieve a pair of panties from a drawer. As she bent over, I saw her pussy peek out. It was my first sighting and it was all I could do to stay quite. She stepped into the panties. Next came a bra, which she used to tuck away her breasts. She put on a white blouse and then slipped on a navy blue skirt into which she tucked her blouse. As she tucked in her blouse, she turned toward the window and looked directly at me. I quickly turned and pushed the mower toward the back of the house.

In stead of starting the mower, I ran home and masturbated until I pumped my load into the bathroom sink while thinking of how naturally beautiful Ms. Caruthers was. It was only after I masturbated that I became concerned that Ms. Caruthers had seen me or that she thought that I had seen her. I couldn’t think of a good excuse not to mow her lawn, so I went back to work.

All went well. I still didn’t know if she saw me looking or not because when she brought me a glass of tea like she usually did, I did not look at her with the same eyes that I had seen her with before. Seeing her nude had changed her appearance to me. She was much more personally attractive somehow. The jut of her bosom and the roundness of her butt seemed more pronounced now that I had seen them uncovered. My subconscious read something into her every action. She invited me to sit at the table on the back porch as she usually did.

“I made some toll-house cookies for Dave,” she said as she placed a plate of cookies on the table with her left hand and touched my shoulder with her right hand. “Help yourself as we have plenty more.”

“Thank you, Ms. Caruthers,” I said as I felt the warmth of her hand on my shoulder.

I turned to look at her when I talked with her and for a moment, her right breast was mere inched from my nose. Her perfume filled my nostrils and it was all I could do to reach for the cookies instead of her breast.

“You are growing into such a fine looking young man,” she was saying as she, to my pleasure and pain, moved away from the table. “It won’t be long before you’re calling me Catherine or Kate.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said.

“On second thought, I think that now would be a good time to dispense with the yes ma’am and no ma’am,” she announced. “Would you like to call me Kate?”

“Yes ma’am, I mean Kate,” I said. If that would be all right with you.”

I stood in preparation to return to my mowing.

“It certainly would,” she said as she Beylikdüzü escort put her hand on my shoulder and walked me to the screen door of the porch. “I’ll see you when you finish.”

I couldn’t help thinking as I was mowing that except for permission to call her Kate, nothing had really changed except I had some good basis for imaginary scenes with Kate that I could jack off to. My imagination was getting a little carried away as I made the monotonous trips back and forth across the lawn. I was touching Kate’s breast. I put my hand on Kate’s ass. I put my hand on the soft curly brown hair between her legs. I came back to reality and was aware that my stiff cock was tenting my shorts. I reached down and readjusted myself as I glanced at the house. Was someone at the window or was that just a reflection in the glass?

When I finished mowing, I went to the back porch to get my pay. Kate was waiting for me. She gave me my money and said, “My husband, Jerry, is away on business and Dave and I will be eating alone. Would you like to join us.”

“Sure,” I said. “Just let me check with my mother to make sure that she doesn’t have plans for us.

“Let me know,” she said. “We’ll eat at six thirty.”

It was not unusual to be invited to the Caruthers for a meal. I always thought that they liked for me to be a big brother model for Dave. I checked with mom and arrived at the Caruthers’ back porch door at a quarter past six. Dave let me in and after letting his mother know I was there took me into the living room to show me a new game he had. He was excited about it because it was a science learning game and he enjoyed the subject. Kate called us to dinner at six thirty sharp.

Dinner was beef Stroganoff, one of my favorites. Kate knew it because I had gone on about how great it was the last time she served it when I was there. Conversation during dinner was nothing out of the ordinary. Dave talked about his science game and what he was going to do for the science fair in the up coming school year. Kate asked me about college and I told her that I had decided to use the 2 + 2 option that the state offered. I would attend two years at the Community College and be guaranteed a place at one of the state’s universities. On the surface it was a normal casual dinner.

Kate had changed for dinner and was wearing a simple sleeveless black dress. There was nothing special about the dress. It wasn’t tight or clinging and the neckline wasn’t low but every time I looked at her, I saw her as I did through the window that afternoon. Needless to say, my cock stayed at least semi-stiff throughout the meal and when I allowed myself to look at her, it was fully erect. A couple of times I thought I saw her looking at me when I was talking with Dave. I don’t mean just looking at me. I mean checking me out. I dismissed it because why would an older, married woman be looking at me.

I had always admired Mr. Caruthers because he had a job that required him to travel all over the world. He was a little older than Kate and was always so distinguished looking. But the plus factor was that he would travel to Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, London, Paris, and one time even to Japan.

When Dave finished his dessert, he asked to be excused and went back to his game in the living room leaving Kate and I alone at the table. She asked, “Would you like a cup of coffee? I have some made and I think I’ll have one.”

I didn’t drink coffee very often but it seemed like the grownup thing to do. I said, “Yes, thank you. That would be very nice.”

She went into the kitchen and returned a few minutes later with a tray containing an insulated pot, two cups, cream, and sugar. “I was thinking that it might be nice to have this out on the porch,” she said as she moved toward the back.

With her back to me I checked and readjusted my cock, making sure that it was not sticking out. I followed her to the back door and when she paused, I opened the door for us to pass through. The porch had a picnic table just outside the back door and over to the right there was a sofa, chair, and a coffee table. Two Chinese lanterns suspended over the picnic table, leaving the rest of the porch dimly lit, provided lighting. I headed for the picnic table and was almost seated when Kate spoke.

“Why don’t we sit over here?” she said motioning toward the sofa. “We’ll be more comfortable and cozy for talking.”

I sat on the end of the sofa. She placed the tray on the coffee table and sat next to me. In retrospect, she sat at a normal distance from me but because of the events of the day, it seemed really close.

“I have something that I want to talk with you about,” she said quietly but it brought me to full alert. I guess she noticed the change in my demeanor because she continued, “Oh, it’s nothing to be concerned about. It’s nothing bad.”

“It’s just that you sounded so serious,” I said trying not to show how nervous I was.

“I suppose that I did,” she said. “But it’s Beylikdüzü escort only serious in that I need to trust you not to talk about it to anyone.”

I had never been given a secret by an adult before and was very impressed that Kate was willing to confide in me. “I’ll swear on a stack of bibles that I’ll keep any thing you say a secret as long as you want me to,” I said with the fear of sounding childish.

“Well that’s good, I trust you,” she said. “How did you like what you saw through the window this afternoon?”

She didn’t seem angry or upset or anything. “I’m sorry I looked,” I stammered. “It just happened and it will never happen again.”

“No need to apologize,” she said. “It was as much my fault as yours for not closing the blinds. Since it happened anyway, I just wondered what an eighteen year old man would think about me after seeing me that way.”
“I think you’re beautiful,” I said hurriedly.

“I guess that a good looking guy like you has seen quite a few young girls without clothes,” she said. “Seeing an old woman like me is probably no bid deal.”

“You are the first female, woman or girl, that I’ve ever seen that way,” I admitted. “I’m sorry that I looked but it was really good.”

“I was thinking,” she said. “That I could show you more and we could even have a little sex education. You know, I could show you how to please a woman and answer your questions. It would have to be our secret. You could never tell anyone.”

“I promise,” I said. “I would never tell anyone about anything you say or do.

She put her hand in my lap and wrapped her fingers around my cock that was as hard as it had ever been. “You don’t have anything to be ashamed of here,” she said as she stroked me through my pants. “Women will like that. I’ve noticed that you have been hard most of the evening. Is that because of seeing me this afternoon?”

“Yes,” I answered.

“When you went home after you saw me, didn’t you masturbate?” she asked.

“Yeah, I did,” I said. But when I saw you again, it got hard all over again.”

“Since I caused it, I should help you take care of it,” she said. “Don’t go anywhere. I’ll be right back.”

A beautiful women ten years older than me just had her hand wrapped around my hard cock and she tells me not to go anywhere. She would have had to burn the house down to get me to leave. She came back in a few minutes with a lap blanket. She spread it over my lap, turned off the Chinese lanterns, and sat down beside me.

“Dave is asleep but in case we get disturbed, you can cover your cock with the blanket,” she said.

Kate loosened my belt and unzipped my pants. She carefully fished my cock out of my pants. She stroked it back and forth a few times. I could not tell you how many times that I had masturbated before that night. Every time was good, some were very good, and every once in a while one was great. At no time was there a fantasy that could compare with Kate’s hand working my cock. Suddenly, she leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth. She moved her head up and down as she worked her lips further and further down my cock. The further she took my cock into her warm wet mouth the closer I came to climaxing.

I tried to tell her that I was about to cum but the sounds that were coming out of my mouth were incoherent. She took my hand and placed it on her breast through her dress. That’s all it took. The first blast of cum splashed against the back of her throat and she started swallowing hard. She swallowed all but a small trickle from the corner of her mouth, which she captured with her tongue.

There are no words to describe the orgasm that I experienced that Friday night on Kate’s back porch. I felt it begin in my balls and exploded through my dick but the electric charge that was generated traveled up my spine and tapped into every pleasure center in my brain. My body spasmed with every spurt of creamy white cum. I don’t know how long I languished in pleasure before I came back to reality and realized that I should do something to repay Kate for the gift she had just given me.

Kate had her arms around me and was kissing my face. I said, “God that was great. What can I do for you?”

“I wish we could fuck but I don’t think we should risk it tonight.” She said as she lifted her right leg and laid it across my lap.

She took my right hand and placed it under her skirt. I had the inside of her bare thigh in my hand and instinctively I slid it up higher until met her bare pussy. She had removed her panties when she went to check on her son. When I felt my hand on her wet pussy, I realized that I didn’t know what to do.

I whispered, “Kate, tell me what to do. I want to make you feel good.”

“Oh you are already,” she moaned. “Just slide your index and forefingers into my pussy.”

I’m not real sure how I did that but somehow, I accomplished it. As I sunk my fingers into her, my thump just naturally slid along the inside of her pussy Escort Beylikdüzü lips.

“Do you feel that little nubbin?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I replied.

“Just keep your thumb there as you fuck me with your fingers,” she said as she start to quiver.

I remember thinking that it must have been a long time for her since she climaxed so fast. She had ripples of pleasure traveling through her body as she leaned forward and began kissing me. I had not kissed that many girls and no women. Her tongue was in my mouth and we were twirling our tongues together. Without disturbing our kiss, Kate pulled my hand free and adjusted her position until my once again hard cock was pointing straight at the entrance of her love tunnel. As she slowly sat down on me, my stiff dick entered her. If I thought her mouth felt good, I now knew that I had entered paradise.

It was as if we were suspended in time and space as she rocked back and forth on my cock. I could feed the walls and bottom of her vaginal canal. My cock was being massaged from every angle. She must have caught the feeling because she was gasping and moaning. I tried to meet her thrusts but my movements were tightly restricted. Again we were immersed in sexual ecstasy as wave after of pleasure washed over us. We stayed locked together until my cock shrank enough to slip out of her pussy with a plop. She had leaned against me and laid her head on my chest. We were about to slip into slumber when she realized where we were.

She got up and straightened her dress. “You had better get straightened up before someone catches us,” she said.

I pulled my pants up, redid my belt, and zipped up. I felt as if all my muscles had turned to jelly. I was trying to think of something to say to express the gratitude that I was feeling.

“Don’t go and ruin the moment by saying a bunch of stuff,” she said with a smile. “We’re going to have a good time together. But you had better go now before it gets too late and people start wondering what you’re doing over here.”

She walked me to the porch door, gave me a good night kiss, and sent me on my way. As I went in my back door my mom who was washing dishes in the kitchen asked, “How was dinner?”

“Oh, it was great.” I said. “We had beef Stroganoff. Ms. Caruthers really makes it good.”

“You look a little pooped,” she observed.

“You know how Dave is,” I said. “He has a new science game and he was all wound up. I’ve been thinking that I might help out a little with things around their place because Mr. Caruthers is away so much and they’re always nice to me. Do you think that it would be all right?”

“I think that would be a very nice thing to do,” she said as she was thinking that she and her husband must have done something right to have raised such a fine son.

I went into my bedroom proud of myself for laying the foundation for being able to hang around the Caruthers’ home and fuck Kate whenever possible. It was not until I went to bed that I had just a tinge of guilt about what I was doing to Mr. Caruthers. I eased my conscience by rationalizing that I was doing him a favor by keeping his wife happy while he was gone and God knows that it was an excellent way for me to learn about sex.

The next morning I made sure that my mom and dad were in the room when I called Kate. “Ms. Caruthers, I want to thank you for the great dinner last night. I was just thinking that, you know, with Mr. Caruthers away so much that there might be things that I could help you do.”

“Yes there is,” she said. “You can do a lot more of what you helped me with last night.”

“Yeah, it was fun playing that science game with Dave,” I said. “He sure gets excited about that kind of stuff. Anyway, if you think of anything I can do just give me a call.”

“Is one of your parents in the room with you now?” she asked.

“Yes, it’s O.K. with them,” I said. In fact, they think it is a good idea.

“Can you come over this afternoon about two?” She asked.

“Sure, I can make it at two,” I said. “I’ll see you then.”

I hung the phone up and my dad asked, “What’s she going to have you do?”

“I’m not sure,” I replied. “She said she had some furniture to move.”

“You’re in for it now,” he said laughing.

I could hardly wait for two o’clock to see what Kate had in store for me. I went to my bedroom to lie down but all I could think of was Kate in various stages of undress kissing me, sucking me, or bouncing up and down on my cock. I was so hard and wanted to cum so bad but I waited because I wanted to save it for the afternoon. I dozed off and when I awoke, it was a little after one. I got up, took a shower, and made myself a sandwich. It dawned on me as I was walking over to the Caruthers. I should have jacked off because I wasn’t going to get to do anything because of Dave being around.

I knocked on the back porch door and Kate opened it wearing a robe. As soon as I was in the house, she dropped the robe and pressed her body to mine as she gave me a passionate kiss. I looked around for Dave but did not see him.

As is reading my mind, Kate said, “We have about forty-five minutes until Dave gets back with his friend, Eric and Eric’s mother. Do you want to mess around.”

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