He and She


Kalena and Zach became best friends pretty quickly after he started working at the call center. They got to know each other pretty well during the few weeks she was training him. They didn’t even really like each other at first, strangely enough. As they got to know each other they just realized they had a lot in common, personality wise. They both had sarcastic even demonic senses of humor. They laughed at the worst possible things. They could talk about any and everything…and talked they did. They just got each other. Having each other certainly made the work day go by a lot faster.

Zach and Kalena are virtually inseparable. They talk about everything…literally…nothing is taboo. But strangely there isn’t any attraction. They basically feel like siblings toward one another. I mean you wouldn’t talk about the kinds of things they do with your brother or sister…but they were like family all the same. Even when they did talked about sex, Kalena never saw him like that. I mean although she had fleeting fantasies about him but it was never more than an “I wonder”. And she didn’t think Zach would ever harbor any attraction to her since she knew his type.

Kalena was plumper than the women Zach usually went for. She was about a size 18 and quite beautiful. She, at only 5’3″, was so short compared to his 6’2″ height. She had dark brown shoulder length hair that she usually wore straight and parted in the middle. Kalena had the sexiest most infections smile and her brown almond-shaped eyes with long lashes seemed to just suck you into her soul. Her body was so curvaceous. Kalena had amazing 42DD tits. Even though she dressed rather conservatively, she couldn’t hide those juicy mounds in anything she wore. Most men would shun a woman who had the amount of hips, ass, and stomach her body possessed, but her body was like lying on a mound of the softest pillows you could ever lay your head.

Usually Zach and Kalena would hang out together since they both had the same days off. This afternoon was no different and she went over to Zach’s place to chill out. When she arrived she immediately noticed he was unusually moody and seemed depressed. “Hey, what’s the matter? You don’t look too hot”, she asked as she came through the door.

“I’m just contemplating how fucked up my life is that’s all”, he said sarcastically. They moved to sit on the sofa and sat down.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Kalena said, rolling her eyes at him. She really didn’t take him seriously at first, but something told her he was really hurting. Zach begins to tell her about how he really felt he would never find anyone to love him. Kalena is just taken aback by his candor. Although they are close, they usually never talk about things that are very painful to them. Kalena didn’t say much…she just listened. When Zach started to tear up…she was so shocked that all she could do was mover over to him and hold him.

It was the most natural thing for her to do to help try and console Zach, but still this wasn’t they’re usual fair. They aren’t very affectionate friends like a lot of other people they knew and hung out with. This was the first time she’d ever held him this way. The most they have done was a quick hug or a playful shove. But at that moment all Kalena wanted to do was to sincerely ease his pain and try to calm him.

Zach couldn’t hold in his sorrow anymore and sobbed hard, pressing his face into her neck. “I’m such a fuckin pussy for doing this in front of you”, he said apologetically, at the same time squeezing her tighter. “You must think I look like an idiot?” He was feeling embarrassed and scared of what she may be thinking of him.

“Shhh, of course I don’t, baby. I would never think something like that. Especially not now”, Kalena said quietly. She cradled his head in her arms, and using a hand to stroke the back of his head and neck. This is what he needed most. It had been a long time since Zach had really been held by someone he knew loved and cared about him…even it was just as a friend.

They held each other in silence for a long time…she didn’t know what to say. He really didn’t want to look at her, still fearing she’d think he was a sap. Zach never wanted to appear this vulnerable in front of any female, even with his best friend. But she felt so good that he didn’t want to let her go. For the first time Zach began to notice how warm and soft her body felt in his arms. Zach always knew she was well stacked but never thought about how those big double D tits would feel. He instinctively nuzzled into her cleavage, hoping she wouldn’t notice the way his cheek was slyly feeling her up. He inhaled the sweet scent of her floral body lotion. Perhaps it was the fact that he hadn’t fucked in a while…but his cock began to grow in reaction to the sensations he was experiencing.

Kalena too begins to enjoy how Zach’s body felt in her arms. His hair was soft and wavy and felt like silk beneath her fingers as she stroked the undeclared war izle his head to sooth him. She thought how warm his tears felt on his cheek as she wiped them away. They had shifted their position on the sofa and sat with her back to the couch and Zach’s head resting just squarely atop her ample tits. One arm cradled his head securely while the other stroked his back. Zach’s arms were wrapped around her waist. She thought she felt him nestle his head deeper in to her cleavage but she figured she must be imagining things. She closed her eyes and let her hand continue to slowly travel up and down his back. His body was so firm and muscular. She breathed in the scent of his body, which she’d always loved. He smelled so manly, it was almost intoxicating sometimes. Her nipples tightened beneath her bra, and she felt a familiar tingle in her pussy.

Both of them were thinking secretly that they didn’t want the moment to end. Both of them letting their minds wander to the thoughts of taking things further. Both of them not daring to move for fear of losing the sweet spot they’d currently found themselves in. Ironically, while they were sharing the same thoughts, they both are wondering what the other is thinking.

“Thank you for being cool about this. I really needed to feel someone’s arms around me right now. I appreciate you not freaking out. But I know you’ll be fucking with me about this later”, Zach said.

“No apologies necessary. I’d do anything for you, you know that,” she said softly. “I would never kid you about something like this. I know I’m married and all but I still understand how you feel. Everyone’s been lonely in their life”, Kalena said reassuringly.

Kalena always knew what to say to make Zach feel at ease. She was never judgmental about anything he’d confided to her. She always seemed to understand him even if he always didn’t. “You’re the best,” Zack thought as his lips smiled slightly. Zach sat up and gave her a bigger embrace. His head planted just over her shoulder.

Moving his lips her ear he whispered, “I love you”. He parted his lips slightly and gave her a soft kiss on her cheek. He allowed his full lips to linger on her warm skin for a few moments. Kalena felt herself quiver inside. She was certain this was not a friendly kiss, but how else could she take it. He was her best friend. She couldn’t allow anything to happen. She’s not even his type. She was afraid to move, afraid to say anything. She just waits. He pulled back and takes her face in his large hands. Zach looked at her as if seeing her for the first time. His eyes were still showing signs of his previous tears. “You’re so beautiful”, Zach said sincerely.

“You’re most welcome”, Kalena said in a funny voice and laughed trying to hide how hot she was becoming. As he continued to look at her she started to feel a little embarrassed. Kalena did expect him to at least crack a smile at her joke, but he just looked at her. He stared at her pretty round face, her lovely brown almond shaped eyes, her full and perfectly trimmed brows, her soft golden brown skin, her perfect rounded nose, and her silky dark brown hair. Zach allowed the back of one of his hands to caress her cheek.

He traced the shape of her face and Kalena tried to turn away and hide her now blushing cheeks. “No, don’t hide from me. Look at me,” he commanded in a low now husky voice. Kalena reluctantly stared back into his eyes. “I want to kiss you but I’m afraid it’ll ruin things between us,” Zach said.

Kalena was stunned. She had never had a man say something so pure and honest to her. Was it a private thought or did he really mean to say that out loud? She struggled with how to respond to that. Her lip was quivering slightly. Her mind raced with thoughts and consequences if they crossed that boundary with each other.

Zach too was afraid of what he’d just said to his friend. He didn’t want to lose her, but he couldn’t help how he felt. He needed her so much. “Please tell me you want to kiss me,” Zach said nervously.

Kalena couldn’t speak. Her mouth opened but her words caught in her throat. She was so scared of what was happening but she wanted to feel his mouth on hers even more. She could see the need an urgent need his eyes. So she nodded…yes.

Zach sighed; relieved she shared the same feelings. He rested his head on her forehead for a moment, then lowered his lips to Kalena’s and kissed her for the first time. She froze for a moment not believing this was really happening. He felt her tense up and was afraid he’d made a huge mistake. But neither separated from the kiss. Kalena parted her lips for him and Zach welcomed her acceptance by slipping his warm tongue into her mouth. Kalena has fantasized so many times about what it would be like to kiss Zach’s lips. They were so plump and beautiful. And just as soft as she imagined.

Zach felt overwhelmed by what he was feeling for her. the watcher izle He pressed his lips harder and tongue deeper into her hot mouth. Sucking and nibbling on her tongue. Parting only to suck slightly on her upper and lower lips. He wanted to taste every part of her mouth as much as he could. He felt a passion stirring inside of him that he hasn’t felt since…the last time he was in love.

Kalena moaned into Zach’s mouth, enjoying the soft pillow lips that wouldn’t let her go. She grabbed the back of his head and pulled him in deeper just as he pressed harder into her mouth. His mouth was so hot and wet. She was on fire. His kiss was better than she ever imagined. She felt herself get wetter and wetter. Her crotch crying for his attention. She moaned deeper into his mouth as their passion grew stronger.

Zach thought of how wonderful she felt inside of his mouth. He thought about why he never realized how pretty she was before. He thought of how wrong he was for kissing another man’s wife…a man he met and hung out with…who’d probably kill him if he knew what he was doing. He thought about how this situation was not good for them…for their friendship. But he cared so much for her…and in that moment he just needed to show her how much. Words just wouldn’t do it this time.

Their kiss deepened as their excitement for each other increased. They both loved the new feelings they were experiencing with each other. They felt like virgins making out for the first time. Zach let his hands traveled down to her waist…not wanting to push things, he only allowed the back of his hand to graze the top of her very full and firm breast. Still she moaned enjoying his fleeting touch on another part of her body. He pulled her as close to him, as close as he could get her, but it wasn’t close enough. He gently maneuvered her back so she could lie on the large sofa. She opened her legs and allowed Zach to settle his body on top of hers. Kalena’s mind was running mad. She couldn’t let this happen…but how could she resist.

His mouth parted her lips then began to leave a trail of warm moist kisses to her neck. He sucked and nibbled on her warm flesh. Zach couldn’t help himself anymore. He just let himself go. He grabbed one of her huge tits and kneaded it in his large hands, running his thumb over her hard nipple. His cock was rock hard and he started to grind his dick onto her mound. “Oh God!” she cried out when she felt his stiff dick grinding directly on her clit. He pushed his hips into her harder. He knew what that was doing to her. “You’re going to make me cum if you keep doing that,” she whispered in his ear.

“I know”, he growled back. He started to grind into her even harder and faster. Kalena raised her legs and thrust her hips to match his rhythm. Both of them panting and kissing wildly. He squeezed her tits with what seemed like all of his strength. “Oh yes Zach! Don’t stop!” she groaned. She grabbed him and brought his body as close as she could to him. He increased his rhythm and pressed into her clit even harder. He pulled up his head to look into her face. Her eyes were shut, her teeth clenched, her voice caught in her throat. She was cumming for him. He could see in her mind that she was fighting it, trying not to, but that made him drive into her harder. She was cumming…for him. “Oh God Zach! Baby I’m cumming! Please don’t stop! Ooooh fuuuuck!” she screamed. Her body trembled uncontrollably beneath him. He gave one last push onto her pussy to insure he got ever drop of her orgasm.

Kalena held onto Zach as tight as she could and buried her face into his chest. In an instant she felt so overcome with many emotions. She felt guilty about what they had just done. She felt scared of what would happen with their friendship. She was exhilarated because of the incredible orgasm Zach caused her to experience. Kalena began to cry as her mind raced. She didn’t know what to do. Zach felt Kalena’s body wavering and then heard her sobs. “Baby, are you okay? Did I do something wrong?” he asked in a panic.

“No of course not”, she assured him. “I’m just thinking about what just happened and I’m scared. I’ve just got so many mixed feelings about it. I care about you so much. You’re one of the best friends I’ve ever had and I…”

“Ssssh,” he said putting a finger to her lips. “You don’t have to worry about anything. I’m not trying to lose you as a friend either. I’m not trying to take you away from your husband. I just have so much inside of me right now that I need to get out,” he explained. “I love you so much. And today when you were holding me, I realized just how much. Even more so I realized how beautiful you are. How incredible your body feels in my arms. How sweet you smell. And I know this is fuckin selfish, but I just want to make love to a woman I love and a woman I know, without a doubt, loves me back. You understand that don’t you?” he said hoping she wouldn’t reject him.

“Yes, the watchful eye izle I do,” was all Kalena could say. She looked at him and his eyes were so loving, so sweet. She felt flattered to know he felt this way about her. They looked into each other’s eyes for a long time. Zach searching her face, hoping he would be allowed to show his love for Kalena the way he needed to. Kalena kissed him deeply giving Zach the answer he had hoped for. He returned her kiss feeling relieved and relaxed.

He lifted himself off of her body and smiled down at her. He extended his had to help her off the sofa and led her to his bedroom. Zach had a huge king sized bed and Kalena had always wondered how cozy it felt. Zach wanted ever moment to be perfect with her. Once in his bedroom, he put his arms around her and lowered his head to meet her lips. He now expertly explored her mouth with his tongue. Kalena was now starving for him. He equally matched her pace and her hunger, which was now growing stronger. Both resolved in their choice to make love and take their relationship to a different place. Neither of them knowing what would happen afterwards. Neither of them giving a fuck at the moment.

Zach turned Kalena around so her back was pressed against his chest. He reached around and began to unbutton her blouse. As he did so, he planted a mixture of kisses and licks along the side of her neck. Slowly the blouse to fell from her body. He unhooked her bra from the back and she assisted him in getting the straps off her arms. He reached around and cupped her full breasts. He peered over her shoulder and watched his hands knead her mounds of flesh. “You have amazing tits”, he whispered in her ear. Her nipples hardened quickly under his touch. Remembering a few discussions they’ve had about sex…pinched her nipples hard, causing her to wince and gasp in both pain and pleasure.

They’ve talked many times about fantasies and sexual likes and dislikes…so he knew she had a thing for pain with her pleasure. He motioned her to turn around to face him and he unbuttoned her jeans. Eager to assist she slid of her platform sandals causing her height to drop an inch. He had to bow a bit more to kiss her succulent lips. He kneeled on one knee before her and pulled her jeans over her wide hips and ample ass. She shimmied her hips playfully and he smiled up at her. She put her hands on his broad shoulders to steady herself while she stepped out of her jeans. She knew he enjoyed a woman wearing only panties…and she was glad she wore her cute black satin bikinis, with little red hearts.

He stared at her intensely, as if he was studying her every curve of her body. He thought briefly how he’d never been attracted to a woman of her size, yet she was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. Now on both knees and his hands grasped her thick hips, his lips trailed deep kisses along her stomach, to her belly button…to the top of her panty’s fabric. He inhaled her sexual sent through the thin soft fabric. He knew how wet she must still be, having just cum just a short time ago. He buried his face into her pussy and again inhaled her scent. It was so strong and sweet. His cock got harder in his jeans as he thought of how he created that scent.

He opened his mouth and sucked on her clit through her panties. “Oh God!” she groaned deeply. She dug her nails into his shoulders, partly to keep from falling and partly as an outlet to release her pleasure. He sucked harder and harder on her clit. He loved how the large and ever growing bud felt inside of his mouth. He loved the feel of the satin between his teeth. He loved the taste of her wetness that was now seeping through her panties. He felt her legs tremble from the orgasm he was building for her. He needed her orgasm. He wanted her to feel everything he felt for her.

“Get on the bed and lay on your back”, he said as he rose from his knees. She did as she was told and watched as he undressed for her. He stared into her eyes, hoping his body would please her. He watched as she bit her lower lip as he removed his Polo t-shirt. Finally exposing his broad shoulders, his beautifully toned chest and stomach. He watched as she lowered her eyes and gazed at him undoing the button on his jeans, as his fingers brought down the zipper, as his thumbs hooked into the waistband, bringing down both his jeans and boxer briefs in one motion. He watched as her eyes widened slightly when she finally saw what caused the bulge in his pants. He watched the lust grow in her face as he began to stroke his dick for her. “I need to come now”, he said to her. “I just want to make sure I’m inside of you for as long as possible. I know I won’t last a minute inside of you, if don’t cum right now.”

“Please, let me help you”, she begged. She moved to her side and started to reach out to touch him.

“No”, he said to her stern but gently. “I just want to look at you. You’re so beautiful. I can’t tell you how much you mean to me anymore. I…I just have to s-show you.” He struggled to get the words out; he was so close to coming. He moved closer to the bed and looked down at her beautiful voluptuous body. “Oh God!” he cried out. “I’m about to come for you baby. Ooooh, fuuuck,” he groaned loudly. He threw his head back in ecstasy and continued to pump his cock wildly.

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