Even Better Than The Real Thing


Laura pushed her way through the crowds at the bar and sighed. She didn’t want to be here tonight, but her friends had insisted she accompany them to the town pub for a girls’ night out. Laura would have preferred a quiet restaurant, but she felt reluctant to complain. Just lately everything in her life had come together at last and what was the harm in one night?

Giving her order to the barman she caught sight of a man leaning on the bar, his dark good looks and tall build making him stand out from the crowd behind him. He was watching her and Laura felt herself blush slightly under his gaze. She glanced at him and then turned her attention back to the drinks, but she could still feel his eyes upon her.

When she asked the barman how much she owed, he surprised her by saying that the drinks had already been paid for. “The gentleman over there settled the bill.”

Laura turned to see the man smiling at her, an amused expression in his dark eyes that she immediately found sexy. She smiled and he grinned back, holding his glass up in salute.

Returning to her table, she told her friends about her mystery admirer and this caused a chorus of giggles and encouragement. Any men were fair game for teasing and despite treating them all to a drink, he was no exception. She looked around and smiled. Her friends were here with her and the atmosphere was carefree and fun. So different to when she had moved to London a year ago, when she had been alone and trying hard to make ends meet.

It had been a long year but a satisfying one. A new job, new friends and a spacious flat where she could shut the door on the noise and hustle of the city. It had been a tough decision to leave the quiet country town where she had been born but it had paid off. Her job, working for a small film company, paid well and she had met several friends through work and joining the local gym. She even relished the occasional night in with the television as a break from her hectic social life.

The dingy bedsit she had found in the beginning was a bad memory and her savings, depleted by her living expenses while she was looking for a job, were now healthier. Life was good.

“Well? Are you going to go back and thank him?”

Laura laughed and shook her head. “No! I gave him a smile, that was enough.”

“Whoa! He’ll want you to give him more than a smile!”

The noise from their table caused the man to look over and Laura found herself staring at him. He looked familiar somehow and she tried to think of where she had seen him before. This was a pub they didn’t visit often so it wasn’t likely that she had bumped into him here.

He was watching her again, his dark eyes thoughtful, and she shivered slightly, a frisson of desire making her cheeks glow.

“Penny for ’em,” giggled Anna, nudging her elbow. “Come on, Laura, admit it. You fancy him!”

The others screamed with laughter and Laura blushed again. She hated being the centre of attention and wished they would shut up. The man looked the quiet sort himself, his sober business suit setting him apart from the casually dressed drinkers in the bar. The cut of his suit looked expensive too, Laura decided, and she wondered why he was in this popular venue, drinking alone and watching her every move.

“If he’d bought drinks for me, I’d be up there with him now, don’t worry!” laughed Anna. “He’s gorgeous! I’d give him one!”

Another bout of raucous laughter and Laura decided to escape to the ladies’ room to check her hair and make-up. Maybe she would go and thank him properly on let the right one in izle the way back to her table. Anything to shut her friends up for a while.

He noticed her leave the group and cut her off on the way. Standing in front of her, she noticed how tall and well-built he was, how his immaculate shirt was stretched across his broad chest.

“Having a good time?” he asked as he loomed over her.

Laura smiled, a quiver of excitement running through her as he looked down at her. “Yes, of course, can’t you hear the noise?”

He laughed and she relaxed as he took her by the arm. “Want to go somewhere a bit quieter?”

Laura was surprised at his attitude but shook her head. “No, I’m fine. Just need to go and visit the little girl’s room.” She smiled back and he released her arm, a hint of disappointment on his face.

“OK, just thought you looked a bit uncomfortable over there. Maybe we could have shared a bottle of wine…”

“Another time perhaps,” replied Laura, trying to suppress the twist of desire inside as she imagined them both sitting somewhere intimate and dark.

“Well, see you around. My name’s Alex by the way.”

“I’m Laura. Thanks for the drinks. It was very sweet of you…”

“No problem, Laura. Talk soon.”

With a wave of his hand he was gone and Laura felt a surge of happiness. He was definitely sexy and he seemed interested in her. Maybe she would visit the pub again to see if he was there. She realised she’d like to get to know him better and tried to suppress her feelings of excitement at the thought of them together.

Her return to the table was greeted with more whoops of delight as her friends had witnessed the meeting.

“Heavens! Nothing is sacred around here, is it?” she laughed and told them what had been said. “His name’s Alex and what a sexy voice!”

“Does he have a friend?” yelled Anna over the noise and Laura smiled. Her friend was single too, but unlike Laura who was petite with dark hair and eyes, Anna was a brash blonde, tall and statuesque, with a loud laugh and a warm heart.

“Well, come back in here with me next week and find out!”

“Oh, it’s a date,” Anna giggled and Laura relaxed. She glanced at her watch and noticed how late it was. She was due to be in work early in the morning and knew that this evening would end up in a local nightclub. The threat of more noise and a smoky dance floor was suddenly too much and so, after trying to get everyone’s attention, she made her farewells and collected her coat.

“Want me to walk with you?” asked Anna. “I can give the club a rest tonight.”

“No, no,” replied Laura pulling her coat on. “I’m fine. It’s only a short walk and there’s loads of people about.”

“Ok, but if you need me, just call.”

Laura kissed her friend and waved goodbye to the others who were arguing about whose turn it was to get the drinks. She smiled and realised that the evening had turned out better than she expected.

Life was really sweet at the moment and Laura looked forward to getting home and relaxing with a coffee before heading for bed. She quickened her pace to get back to her flat, the cold night air sending shivers down her spine. She felt a little nervous despite her protests but was determined not to be intimidated by her surroundings. The small town she had been brought up in was safe and quiet, and she just had to get used to the idea of living in such a large city. She normally felt safe and tonight there were still people leyla ile mecnun izle on the streets, hurrying home just like her, their faces muffled by scarves and hats.

Her flat was not far away and there was just one part she had to walk through that Laura disliked, an area of waste ground that was being developed into upmarket flats. The scaffolding rattled in the cold wind and a sheet of plastic flapped wildly as Laura hurried past. Ahead of her was a man walking alone and she felt a sudden twinge of doubt. The streets were emptier now and full of boarded up shops and businesses.

The man was walking slowly and Laura knew that she would catch up with him soon. Trying to suppress her fears, she slowed her pace a little but he seemed to do the same, walking so slowly that he had almost stopped. Laura drew her coat around her and carried on, her fear growing by the second as she approached the man. She felt her mobile phone in her pocket but what use was it now? Who would be able to get here by the time she needed them?

The man had stopped under a lamp on the street corner and Laura could make out his features. He was tall and broad and looked familiar. It couldn’t be Alex could it? And if so, what was he doing here?

A feeling of relief swept through her as she recognised him. Maybe he could walk her the rest of the way home?

Hearing her footsteps, he turned but the friendly expression on his face she had seen in the pub had gone, to be replaced by one of hate and anger.

Laura gasped in shock as he lunged at her and grabbed the front of her coat. “You bitch!” he sneered as he dragged her towards him, “I’m going to make you pay.”

Terrified, Laura struggled with him but knew it was pointless. He was far stronger than she was and his arm was now around her shoulders as he dragged her along the silent street and down a dark alleyway that stank of stale urine and rubbish.

Oh God, she thought. I’m going to die here and no-one will know…

“Please, Alex. Let me go.”

“Bitch!” he repeated and pushed her hard into an empty doorway. “You think my name is really Alex?”

Laura shook her head and watched as he unzipped the trousers of his suit. His erection sprang out and he stroked it while watching her.

“Scared, my little slut? Want this, do you? Want to be fucked hard?”

Laura started crying and backed as far as she could in to the doorway. The look in his eyes was one of pure hatred and she couldn’t believe how he could look so different.

She knew that her only way to escape this ordeal was to give into him and let him do what he wanted. His cock was standing erect, the tip glistening with pre-cum and Laura gazed at him, trying to calm herself and not make him even angrier.

“Get on your knees. Now!” he almost shouted and Laura did as he said, her stockings tearing as she knelt on the rough ground. His erection was inches from her face now and she was surprised to smell a faint tang of soap and aftershave. Perhaps he was a businessman after all, who got his kicks from raping woman he picked up in the pub.

“Take it in your mouth, bitch! I want you to swallow me.”

Laura nodded and bent to take him into her mouth, feeling his warm skin beneath her lips and tasting the drops of moisture. He groaned as her mouth made its way along the length of his shaft, his hands pressing on her head as she licked and sucked his hard cock, almost gagging as he pushed himself into her.

“Deeper, slut,” he groaned and she little women izle looked up at him to see his eyes closed, his face a picture of lust and pleasure. Laura felt that twist of desire within her again, amazed to find that she was actually enjoying this.

“Put your arms around me,” he instructed and Laura obeyed, holding his body close to hers as she worked up and down his penis, coating his skin with her saliva, feeling the ridge beneath her tongue and trying to get him as deep inside her as she could. Maybe if she pleased him, he would let her go and not hurt her as she feared he would.

She flicked her tongue around the tip of his cock, while her mouth moved up and down. He still smelt good and his hands in her hair had become more gentle, almost caressing her in a way that she started to enjoy. His pleasure was obvious as he groaned and pushed himself against her and Laura felt herself grow wet at the thought of his thick cock inside her, filling her up and making her come…

Almost as if he was reading her thoughts, he pulled her head away and told her to stand up. He parted her coat and pushed her legs apart with one of his, making her whimper as his intentions became clear.

“Pull your skirt up,” he ordered and she did as he said, exposing the tops of her stockings and her skimpy panties.

She could feel the tip of his cock pushing against her lower stomach and she felt her insides melt with longing.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” he whispered into her ear as his fingers found her wet opening and slipped inside. “You’re so fucking wet, Laura. Want me inside you now?”

Laura nodded and he pulled her panties to one side, his cock finding her slit and pushing at her repeatedly. With one deep thrust he was inside and she lifted her leg to wrap it around his waist, drawing him in even closer. He moved slowly at first, watching her face, the expression of hate gone now, but there was no tenderness or love there instead. Just that look of lust and longing that she found strangely appealing.

He lifted her other leg and started to fuck her hard against the wall of the doorway. She moaned and wrapped her legs around him, loving the feeling of him so deep inside her. She needed him now. Needed him to take her hard and fast and she wanted to see him climax, and know that she had given him that pleasure.

“Fuck, Laura, you feel good,” he moaned as he squeezed her breasts through the thin material of her blouse. “I’m going to make you come, you slut, and scream out my name.”

Laura closed her eyes and gave in to the pleasure as he pounded away at her. “Touch yourself, now,” he ordered and she reached down to feel her swollen clitoris respond to her fingers as she rubbed herself to his rhythm.

The strangeness of the circumstances brought her to orgasm straight away, the intensity of it taking her by surprise as she cried out his name into the dark night. She felt him tense up and then he was there too, his face screwed up with lust as he emptied his load into her, her pussy barely able to hold the amount as the residue trickled down her leg.

She felt him start to relax and he held her against the wall, his breathing rapid in her ear.

“You…” she heard him say as he hugged her, and then she watched over his shoulder as the Director appeared in front of the cameras.

“Cut!” he yelled and grinned at the pair of them. “For fuck’s sake, you two! This is supposed to be a film about a rapist! You’re supposed to be acting, dammit! I knew it was a fucking mistake casting a husband and wife for the lead roles!”

Laura smiled and kissed Alex who held her close. “You know something, sweetheart?”

“Mmm, what, my love?”

“On set, you’re even better than the real thing…”

Alex swiped at her playfully and straightened her skirt. “You cheeky thing! Come on, I’ll treat you to a coffee. You deserve it after that performance…”

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