Daddy’s Little Test Subject Ch. 02

Allie Haze

Chapter 2

Daddy made sure his naughty little girl was used properly at that meeting. When she regained consciousness, she was not done with her ‘assignment’ yet. The Dean and Daddy undid her restraints.

‘Come, my dear little cum slut,’ the Dean gripped her wrist, put his arm around her and guided her to the dark leather couch. ‘You must be open to all demands as part of this extra assignment.’

She put up a slight struggle and murmured no through the paranoia. ‘No,’ she mumbled trying to back up. But with three powerful men guiding her, surrounding her and making her move to their will, her struggles and protests were small and insignificant.

The Dean made her kneel on the couch and he got behind the arm of the couch and guided her head to his ever growing hard on. The Dean gripped her head firmly and commanded, ‘Suck it, dear slut.’ He guided her lips to the hot tip of his cock.

At the scent & sight of his cock, her resistance disappeared. ‘Yes, sir,’ she hungrily said before she engulfed the head and a few inches of his monster in her warm velvet mouth.

The sex slave started squirming as Daddy & the Professor made her cunt and ass ready for action. Each of them had fingers in cunt, smearing girl juice up to her asshole, making it slick. She moaned in total ecstasy as they got her even hotter. She willingly spread her knees wider to make room for their ministrations.

She was in for a surprise.

The Professor spit on her ass crack and cruelly spread her little ass button with two fingers. Her mouth came off the Dean’s cock as she loudly moaned. The Professor then fit 3 fingers in her tight anal opening.

She wasn’t ready for the ass raping the Professor’s fingers delivered. She started to fight them as she moved her mouth off the Dean’s cock. She whined and said, ‘No, please, it hurts.’

The Dean held her head close to his belly and slapped her face with his hard dick as she squirmed and tried to jump from the 3 large fingers in her ass and the constant slapping of her bulbous butt cheeks. She was trapped; unable to move.

‘Anh! No! Daddy!’ she exclaimed.

Daddy pulled her hair as the Dean kept his cock smearing its pre-cum on her pretty face. She was pinned down by three horny men and couldn’t escape the 4th finger entering her asshole.

With Daddy pulling her hair, her neck arched, the Dean’s cock on her cheek, Daddy cruelly said, ‘Did you just say no to Daddy, babydoll?’

She closed her eyes and moaned, ‘Daddy!’ She cried out again, ‘It’s too much!’

He jerked her head and commanded, ‘It is too much when I say it’s too much. Now deep throat the Dean’s cock. Understood?’

She grew even more turned on when Daddy dominated her like this. And with the experimental drug, she started to feel the need to be fucked even more intensely. In a weak girlie voice that she knew he liked, she sighed, ‘Yes, Daddy.’

The sweet sex slave was flipped over so her back rested on the arm of the couch. Her head dangled over kağıthane escort arm and the Dean shoved his cock in her mouth. He played with her ample exposed titties while she took his prick deep in her throat, as Daddy commanded.

The Professor & Daddy manhandled her legs. They each grabbed an ankle and spread wide so the Professor could fuck her newly opened ass. The Professor groaned as he slammed his hard cock into the submissive sex slave’s opened anus.

She squealed on the Dean’s cock in her mouth when the Professor pounded into her at the other end.

Daddy held one of her ankles up high and wide as the Professor pushed her other leg bent towards her body where her knee almost touched her tit.

She choked, coughed and slobbered on the Dean’s cock. The body slams into her tender ass were steady, persistent and brutal.

Daddy pinched a nipple and kept up the dirty talk, which always got his dirty little girl hotter. ‘Give her all you got gentlemen,’ he said loudly. ‘My little sex pet likes it rough.’ He twisted the tit nub cruelly and got close to her ear and said in a low dominant voice, ‘Don’t you, cunt?’ He twisted her tit nub, ‘you like it rough, slut?’

Daddy twisted her nipple until she squealed and moaned in the affirmative, all the while being double-teamed by the Dean & the Professor. She coughed and gagged then eagerly sucked the Dean’s thrusting tool. The Professor pounded ruthlessly into her ass.

Daddy was making her fuck two other men! The force of their cocks invading her mouth and ass was more than she thought she ever could take! But the drug and her slave training made her crave more. Her moans and squeals made the scholars pound her harder.

The Dean played with her pussy and clit and then slapped it a couple of times making the little slut twist and moan on their cocks. She tried to stop the slaps with her hands as she sucked and fucked.

Her resistance was futile, surrounded as she was by the three powerful men. They all quickly subdued her struggles.

The Professor put her ankle on his shoulder and grabbed a wrist while Daddy grabbed the other wrist. The Professor pulled her to his hard pounding cock. The Dean took her leash and pulled her mouth onto his cock even farther, so his balls rested on her bobbing forehead.

She could feel their cocks getting harder. Thicker. Ready to explode as they pounded into her. She shook as an orgasm washed over her as her Daddy lightly slapped her pussy a few times.

The Dean exclaimed, ‘I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum all over your face, slut.’

He growled and pulled his cock out of her ravaged mouth. He pumped it with his hand, aiming at her open lips as she moaned in rhythm to the Professor’s pounding in her ass. The Dean’s cum sprayed all over the co-ed’s face and mouth. It dripped from her cheeks, forehead and chin as she licked her lips and swallowed the salty nectar she loved.

The Professor pulled out of her ass, still hard and repositioned the little slut. ‘Mr. M, I do believe our little test subject needs more scrutiny and should be probed further.’

Daddy grinned and agreed. ‘It looks like the experimental drug is working. Let’s see how much the cock whore can take.’

Daddy sat on the couch as the Dean & Professor guided the spent girl over his large hard cock. The Professor had her sit on Daddy’s cock. Once Daddy’s cock was firmly encased in her wet pussy, Daddy maneuvered her over him as he laid down bringing her chest to his chest. She arched her back as she pumped her Daddy’s familiar cock in her tight wet cunt. Daddy was surprised how tight she was considering the recent fist fuck she endured.

‘Ooh, yes Daddy,’ she groaned, ‘fuck my tight little cunt.’ Her pelvis bounced up and down as Daddy kept her on top of him. She came almost instantly.

The Professor slapped her bouncing ass and spread her cheeks wide as she came. She moaned as he spanked her. In one fluid motion the Professor spanked her hard again and guided his cock into her open, yet tight anal opening as she orgasmed.

The little sex pet let out a yell. ‘Oh — it’s — too — much! Oh! No! Ahn!’

The two men paid no attention to her cries and luxuriated in her sweet velvet cunt and ass. The double penetration gave both men added feeling and tightness.

‘How’s my little angel cunt feel now?’ Daddy questioned.

Her mouth opened. She turned her face and rested her cheek on Daddy’s chest as her hand slapped the couch again and again. She was barely able to breathe or pant, let alone form a sentence as the two men churned their hard cocks in and out of her cunt and ass.

‘Oh fuck,’ she finally said as she started to feel the pleasure in the pain. ‘Oh fuck me, fuck! Fuck!’

A flash went off. The Dean took a picture of the sandwiched co-ed.

Some damn broke inside her. The men fucking her cunt and ass could feel it. She squeezed their cocks and then started undulating between their hard bodies. She was wild, like a rodeo queen on a bucking bronco. The Professor grabbed her leash and pulled her torso up. Her tits pointed high as she rested her hands on Daddy’s chest and thrust back and forth between the two invading cocks with her hips. The Dean took more pictures.

The Professor whispered in her ear as he pulled her leash towards him, ‘there’s a good cum slut. You love it now, don’t you cunt?’ He jerked her leash for emphasis, ‘don’t you, cunt?’

‘Ahn, yes, I love it,’ she panted, ‘fuck me with your hard cocks. Fill me up and use me. I’m your little cum slut waiting to take all your cum! Fuck me! Oh! Fuck!’

The men got rougher and thrust faster. She was boiling inside, bouncing to and fro between the brutal thrusts. They each slammed into her, the Professor spanking her ass cheeks, Daddy biting her tits. She was on the brink of unconsciousness as they brutally fucked her ass and cunt.

The dirty little slut screamed out. She came again and fell back down on Daddy’s chest. The Professor was right behind her, pulled out and came on her butt crack and lower back. Daddy filled her cunt with his juice as he realized she had blacked out from her last orgasm.

The men chuckled at her unconscious state as they disengaged themselves from her tight wet holes. The Professor made use of her hair and wiped his flaccid cock clean. Daddy did the same leaving more cum on her silky locks.

The men sat down with snifters of brandy as the sex slave lay naked, face down on the leather couch with one leg hanging over the side. Her stiletto-encased foot was on the floor, leaving her naked ass slightly parted exposing her wet cunt and open anus.

The men gave her a chance to rest and revive herself before more of her extra assignment continued.

The Dean was slightly indignant that she was smearing cum juice all over his nice leather sofa. He spanked the unconscious girl until she woke up.

‘My dear little slut,’ the Dean admonished, ‘you must clean up the mess you made.’

She was confused yet still horny and feeling the affects of the drug. She sat up, licked her lips and grabbed for the Dean’s cock.

‘No, no,’ he chuckled, slapping her hand away.

The naked girl was confused. She put a finger in her mouth with a sexy pout and said, ‘When Daddy says I made a mess, that means I must clean off his cock.’ She looked at Daddy & the Professor for guidance. Daddy came over and bound her wrists behind her back.

The Dean grabbed her off the couch and made her kneel beside it. ‘Look at the mess you made on my couch!’

Daddy patted the slut’s shoulder and whispered in her ear, ‘Clean up all the cum with your tongue, slut.’

‘Yes, Daddy,’ she understood and leaned over the couch and with her long tongue curled, licked the cum off the leather seat cushions as the three men watched with rapt attention.

The Professor observed, ‘Our little test subject should be feeling the effects of the combination of the drug and the taste and ingestion of semen. It should be a powerful combination.’ He watched as she eagerly and seductively licked the mess off the sofa. ‘If my calculations are correct, she will take on more deviant behavior and crave even more cock.’

As if on cue, she started panting a little harder, making her tits more enticing. The Dean pounced and roughly fucked her slick cunt from behind as her head rested on the seat of the couch.

Daddy made sure his little cum slut endured more fucking as each man fucked all her holes at least once. And usually they fucked her simultaneously.

But through her double and triple team fuck fest one thing was clear: the experimental aphrodisiac worked. She couldn’t get enough cock at that meeting, even when they fucked her unconscious.

As Professor Peter fucked her skull, he instructed her to sit in the front row during his class so he could keep an eye on her. The bound sex pet took him deep in her throat as he gave her these instructions.

By the time the men were satisfied, more ‘assignments’ and ‘meetings’ were organized to further use the experimental drug on Daddy’s little test subject.

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