Will and Bailey Pt. 01


Will and Bailey had been had married for about two years now. Their second anniversary was coming up in two months in September. They were a beautiful couple; and they were constantly reminded of this by friends and family. Will stood 6 foot on the dot, had short brown hair, brown eyes, and was in shape but not overly muscular at 170 lbs. Bailey was the kind of girl that would make everyone stop and stare when she entered a room. She stood 5 foot 7.5 inches (she told everyone 5’8″ but Will loved to bug her and tell people that shes’s not) and had light brown eyes and very dark brown hair that she always kept about 4 inches below her shoulders because Will liked it long. That, combined with her body, made her a perfect 10. Her body was a sight to behold. She had perky, round C-cups that looked like D’s on her tiny frame. Her waist was skinny but her butt was perfectly heart-shaped and huge for her frame just like her breasts. Will could stare at her for hours, and she’d let him. Their relationship and sex life was great and they looked like your average couple from the outside looking in.

What people would have never guessed was that they were both kinky as hell fucked like rabbits. They thought it might wear off some after their honeymoon and almost 2 years of being married but it hadn’t slowed down at all. They Büyükesat Escort shared all of their fantasies with each other and each one loved taking advantage of what drove the other one crazy. Will had been known to drive Bailey to the point of almost passing out after she had orgasmed multiple times in one session, and Bailey had been known to make Will cum so hard his knees would shake as he reached his climax.

On this Sunday night they were sitting in the living room. Will had a beer and was watching one of the NFL football games on TV, and Bailey was in his lap with a glass of wine. Bailey wasn’t a big fan of NFL games, but she was there because he was scratching her back. After about 3 glasses of wine Bailey was feeling good and was trying to get Will to go to the bedroom with her. He got the picture when she started rubbing his leg and “readjusting” herself so that her butt rubbed against his crotch.

He knew what she wanted but told her “5 more mins babe, they’re down by 2 at the two minute warning.”

A bit annoyed by this, but not deterred, Bailey replied “only if you clean out my car tomorrow” thinking he’d never agree to it.

He of course didn’t agree but said “only if they lose.”

“That’s a pretty shitty deal, let’s raise Beşevler Escort the stakes if they have to lose for me to get my reward.” Bailey replied.

“What do you have in mind?” Will questioned, curious to see where she was going with this.

“You have to do whatever I say for a full day, no questions asked.” Bailey quickly replied with extreme confidence in her voice.

Will laughed, “Like a sex slave?”

“Something like that.” Bailey smiled to herself. She knew how much he loved to be submissive, and she was taking full advantage of his insatiable appetite for her.

“Shit, I’ll do that if they win or lose.” Will agreed with no idea what he was getting himself into.

“So you agree to do whatever I demand for one whole day, no questions asked?” Bailey asked one more time.

“Yes babe.” Will sealed his fate.

Bailey turned around and started to slide his shorts down. Will looked at her and smiled, knowing he wouldn’t be watching much of the rest of the game but not caring at all once she started to stroke him. He was hard within seconds and without missing a beat Bailey looked him in the eyes while she lowered her mouth onto his dick that was now rock-hard. She guided it with her hand gripping it on the bottom and started Cebeci Escort stroking him again as she curled her lips over just the tip and started teasing it with her tongue. He let out a moan and grabbed her hair for her to encourage her to really start sucking him hard. She knew what he wanted and swallowed a few more inches of him, feeling him start throbbing as she did. She went down as far as she could a few times and had him begging for her to suck the cum right out of him. Then she got up and had him take off her panties while she took off her t-shirt which was actually his. He leaned forward and kissed her stomach, but she was ready for him to be inside of her and pushed him back against the sofa.

She then straddled him and guided herself down onto him. She went slow at first and let it slide into her with no resistance because of how wet she was. He grabbed her hips and she threw her arms around him with her elbows on his shoulders and they locked eyes as she raised herself up and back down onto him again. She started kissing him passionately and he knew that was his key to take the lead and start fucking her harder. He started slow but soon he was slamming his dick into her so hard that she couldn’t focus on kissing him anymore and just threw her head back and moaned his name. As soon as she did this he started kissing her neck. He knew that sent shivers down her spine. She was cumming in no time and he followed soon after, filling her up with his hot cum as he screamed her name. She collapsed on top of him with his dick still inside of her and whispered into his ear “You’re mine next Saturday. You have no idea what you got yourself into.”

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