What I Want


She is sitting at the bar when he arrives – She is sitting at a barstool, her legs crossed and her dress falls open at the knee. She will have had a martini already. He walks in, smiles at her, and sits down. He says nothing about how she is dressed, though it is one of his fantasies; he just looks at her greedily and orders a cocktail. He takes his hand, puts it on her thigh and stokes her leg. He moves his hand up and feels the top of her stocking. A flush comes to his face and he briefly closes his eyes; she imagines he is getting hard. He leans toward her, putting his hand under her chin, pulls her toward him and kisses her. Their tongues meet. She feels a chill go up her spin making her nipples erect and feels stirrings between her legs. She can barely breath. He whispers to her that he is hard and it arouses her more.

She wants him to grab her, his hands on her ass; his dick thrust against her body and start kissing her. She wants him to whisper in her ear that he absolutely must fuck her, as many times as he can, before he goes home. She wants him to decide not to resist his lust and feel himself inside of her, to bury his head between her legs. She wants him to feel her ass against him as he thrusts in to her from behind; this is what she wants.

He picks-up her purse and searchs for the room key. He will have her, it will be tonight, and he will fuck her like no one else ever has. She blushes and closes her eyes. He takes her chin again, kisses her and says he will not wait any longer. Her body aches to feel him inside of her.

He finds the key and grips her arm to leave the bar. She protests because she feels guilty and she wants him to know that he can just walk out now. However, he whispers in her ear that, either she gets up or he will slid his hand up her dress, and grab her right there in front of everyone. He looks at her with lust in his eyes and says, “NOW. Let’s go.” She gets up and they walk to the elevator. The elevator arrives, they get in, and they are alone. He pushes her up against the wall, his body against hers, and her thrusts his leg between hers, pressing his knee into her. She is pinned to the wall while he holds her hands over her head; their fingers entwined he kisses her. The elevator door opens, he pulls her out and down to her room. As he fumbles with the key, again she starts to list the reasons why they shouldn’t be doing this – he tells her to shut-up or he’ll take her over his knee. They enter Çankaya Escort the room and the door shuts behind them.

He slides his hands behind her and pulls her toward him. His hands seem to be everywhere. He grabs her bottom – she moans. He pulls her dress up and tugs her slip off – he is excited to find she has no panties on and immediately puts his hand between her thighs. With his palm against her, he inserts his finger. She is already wet with anticipation and this little subtlety does not escape him. His other hand is at the back of her neck as he plunges his tongue into her mouth with the same rhythm as his finger. An “oh God” slips from between her lips and she cannot help but part her legs for him. She wants him to drag her over to the bed and fuck her, but they continue to stand.

He takes his hand, unbuckles his belt and unzips his pants. He takes her hand and leads it to the opening – he needs no encouragement from her, but tells her he wants to her feel what thinking about her does to him. She grabs on to him and loves the way it feels in her hand. It is soft, like babies skin and hard the way she has always imagined it to be. She feels the weight of his balls in her hand, their roundness under the skin and how they slide in their protective sack. She hungers to have his cock between her legs. He unbuttons his trousers, they drop the floor and he steps out of them. She bends to help him take off his shoes, his penis at eye level – she kneels and greedily pulls it in to her mouth. It does not take long for him to cum. She sucks him off, because she knows this is what she would want if she were a man.

He helps her up and takes off the rest of his clothes – he is naked now and she is still dressed. All she can think of is fucking this man and wants to take her clothes off too, but he won’t let her. He unbuttons her dress to the waist, exposes her breasts and sucks on them until she can’t stand it any longer; she begs him stop and help her have an orgasm. He mocks her and reminds her that she did not want to do this, which immediately makes her angry and she turns to walk away. He grabs her wrist and pulls her back towards him wrapping her in his arms; laughing, he kisses her. She is not amused and he doesn’t care as he pushes her over the back of a chair in the room. She struggles to get back up, put he pushes her down and tells her he’s going to fuck her; whether she Keçiören Escort wants it or not.

She does. She wants it exactly the way it’s going to happen.

He rubs his hands up and down her back and sides, the dress slides easily against the corset as he pulls it up. Even though this is what she wants, she feels embarrassed as he stokes her now exposed ass and slides his hand between her legs. He says he’s been thinking about this for quite some time and loves the stockings and Joan Crawford “come fuck her pumps” – “hmmm, you should wear dresses more often” he purrs. He steps forward and forces her legs apart with his own – she feel his dick against her ass as his hand slides between her legs and she can’t wait. Her hips and pussy take on a rhythm of their own, as he tunes into her body movements and literally plays with her, bringing her to the edge of orgasm and back again several times. He tells her to “ask for it” or he won’t finish. His hand is still between her legs stroking her rhythmically one minute and stopping the next. She gives in and swears under her breath, bastard, and then says, “please, please, finish it!” It only takes a moment for him to push her over the edge, into some other place as the waves of orgasm ripple through her body.

When she is finished, she tries to get up and he says, “we’re not done yet” and holds her there. He is hard again, enters her and it feels better than what she has ever imagined. He grabs her hips and pulls her even closer. He thrusts so deep that she can hardly stand it. He backs off and starts stroking his cock against that spot, rousing her all over again. She can hear the sounds of their love making and it excites her even more. He enters her and his penis slides in and out, filling her. It somehow makes her feel complete; it’s not like anything she has felt before. She does not know what to do with this feeling as she moves toward another orgasm.

It is so deep a sensation, both physical and emotional, that she is overwhelmed. She feels like she is about to cry as he continues to thrust into her. She lets go of the doubt, the questions and allows this intense sensuous feeling to penetrate every fiber of her being.

She has the most intense orgasm that she has ever experienced. It is so fierce, that she no longer has a concern for her partner, but he can feel it and it enhances his own as he groans and spills himself Etimesgut Escort into her. All she can think of is that she must have more – she has to savor it again. She feels greedy; she wants his hands and mouth all over her again and his dick between her legs like never before. He pulls her up, puts his arms around her and kisses her. He is hard again. He puts his hand between her legs and says he needs more. He pulls her over to the bed, pushes her down on the edge and tells her to lie back.

As he kneels at her feet, slides offer her shoes, running his hands up and down her legs over her stockings. The feeling is indescribable. He tells her to lie back and put her legs over his shoulders, as he kisses the inside of her thighs. He takes his hand, spreads her lips apart, and stars to lick her; she moans. It feels as if she hasn’t had sex in months – she is so aroused. He inserts his fingers and says what a waste! He wishes he could go down on her and screw her at the same time. She asks him to lie on top of her and they change position. He is on top with his head between her legs and she starts licking his dick – she can tell it’s hard for him to concentrate as his rhythm is sporadic, but it feels divine anyway. She starts sucking on him and pressing her lips against his hard-on, pulling him in and out of her mouth – her tongue running up and down the shaft. She takes her tongue, runs it down the middle of his balls, and slides one in to her mouth as he moans.

He starts paying attention to her again, sucks on the bud between her legs and she wants to scream from the intensity of it all. Her hips thrust up, the heat rising from her loins, and is amazed that he gives her another orgasm – yet she wants more. She has him lie on his back and mounts him; sitting up straight, his dick slides in without help and it takes both of their breaths away. It feels so good that she closes her eyes and slowly starts moving her hips and pumping against him. He reaches up and cups her exposed breasts. He holds her nipples between his thumb and forefinger and keeps them hard. She no longer knows where to focus her attention it all feels so good.

He starts moving his hips to her rhythm and she feels overwhelmed again. She never imagined sex could actually feel quite like this and she just does not know what to do. He senses he is losing her and tells her to just let go – she is safe to feel it all and he is content being exactly where he is. She doesn’t know what to say and just shuts her eyes and shakes her head. He tells her to stop it and rolls over so that she is underneath him. He asks her to wrap her legs around his waist. She does so willingly and they move with perfect timing as they kiss and undulate slowly and deliberately, giving themselves up to each other and this moment only.

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