Two Asian Beauties – Next Saturday


This is a work of fiction and all the characters are over 18 years old. This story has MFF group sexual activity so if you are uncomfortable with that then this story is not for you.

I welcome feedback on this or any of my other writings, please feel free to leave comments or send me a message.

This story takes place after “Threesome with Two Asian Beauties” with the same main characters. You do not have to read that story in order to understand this story, but it could help you to better know the characters and their backgrounds.

I hope you enjoy the story.

It was close to 9:00 am on a summer Saturday in our small south Georgia town, I was just finishing my morning run and was looking forward to passing the house next door to mine where Sue and Lee Pham lived.

By way of background my name is James, and I am a late fifties retiree living alone after my wife passed away a few years ago. I keep my six-foot, 180-pound frame in shape by running at least 3 miles a day. Some yoga, calisthenics, and light weights kept my abs sharp and arms and chest muscular. Sue was my next-door neighbor, and she is a thirty-something Korean beauty with immaculate porcelain skin and full breasts. She was also a recent widower and I had helped her through all the hassles and bureaucracy that came in the aftermath of her husband’s death. Lee Pham was Sue’s only distant relative and she had come to live with Sue after her husband’s passing. Lee is in her twenties and has medium-sized pert breasts with a lithe athletic body, and dark olive-colored skin.

Last week I was coming back from a run and right in front of their house I pulled a hamstring so badly that I could not walk. They both came to my aid, took me in their house, and stretched and massaged me which relieved my pain. It also led to a completely unexpected threesome with Sue, Lee Pham, and myself. It was so amazing that I began to think that perhaps I had dreamed it happened.

This Saturday it was already close to 90 degrees and I was covered with sweat even though I only had on faded nylon shorts, shoes, and sunglasses. I went to the hose on the side of my house that faced Sue’s home, and I began to wash off the perspiration letting the water run all over my body. I looked over into the window at the neighboring house and saw a welcome sight.

Sue was standing in the window in a silk robe with her dark red hair up in a bun. Lee Pham was just behind Sue with her head looking over Sue’s shoulder, and her arms around Sue’s waist. As I let the cascading water soak me, my growing dick was coated by the wet material of my shorts. Lee Pham and Sue were staring at me intently watching every line and movement of my body. I began to perceive Sue’s nipples in the silk as those nubs grew harder and harder.

Lee Pham then slowly moved her hands up the front of Sue and gently brushed back and forth across Sue’s hardening nipples. Sue slightly opened her mouth and her hips began to slowly sway, but she never took her eyes off my body. Lee raised her hands from Sue’s covered tits and put her fingers inside the front edges of the robe, and Lee’s hands haltingly slid down, opening the robe.

The sides of Sue’s round breasts came into view, and Lee’s fingers continued down. Sue’s mouth was formed into a soft round “O”, and her eyes widened as I reached down and squeezed my eight-inch dick that was now clearly visible in my sopping shorts.

The robe was now open down past Sue’s waist with her nipples only covered right at the edges of the robe. Lee’s fingers traveled back up and slipped under the robe and began circling Sue’s already hard nipples. Sue shrugged her shoulders and the light robe slipped down her body.

Those glorious breasts were now completely exposed, and Lee ran her hands under both large full round breasts. Even though they were heavy they were firm and stood up and out from Sue’s chest. The areolae were 3 inches in diameter and very distinct perfect circles with each nipple right in the center, and both were on the center front of each breast so they gave the impression of eyes staring straight ahead, staring…at me.

My gaze traveled up to Sue’s face and she could see the effect that the sight of her body was having on me, I was absolutely transfixed by her beauty. She relaxed into a knowing smile and she raised a hand waving to me to come over to her house.

I turned off the hose and went to the back of Sue’s house. As I stepped up on the back patio I saw that Sue had her robe back on and she handed me a towel through the sliding glass door, Lee Pham was behind the glass door watching me. I pulled off my sunglasses, shoes and shorts and began drying off while looking back at Lee. I stretched the towel over my shoulders and scrubbed my back dry, which caused my semi-erect dick to wave back and forth. Lee stared at my cock and then easily pulled off her yoga top. I looked at her medium size tits, the nipples and dark circles around them were fascinating canlı bahis to me, they stood up on each breast and were out to the side so they almost pointed away from each other.

I stepped into the house and Lee met me, taking me into her arms and raising her lips to mine. As we kissed I reached my hands behind her and began to knead her firm buttocks. We continued our embrace with our bodies sliding against each other, our tongues began to make contact.

Sue came up alongside us, brought her face up to the junction of Lee’s and my mouths, and she laid an arm on each of our shoulders. At first Sue just watched as we continued French kissing, then when we had our tongues extended from our mouths Sue put her tongue between ours. Now we had all three of our tongues snaking back and forth, exploring and licking each other. Then we all pushed in and our lips and tongues were writhing across each other as we licked and sucked at each other’s wet mouths.

“Mmmmm!” moaned Lee as she sucked both of our tongues into her mouth. Sue and I pushed in as close as possible and we both began to explore inside of Lee’s warm mouth. We took our time and rubbed our tongues along each other as well as twisting in Lee’s wet chamber. Lee kept licking underneath our tongues as they moved in her mouth.

Sue backed up and said, “Let’s take this over to the couch, ” and she led us into the living room.

As I sat on the sofa Sue slipped out of her robe and sat next to me totally naked. Lee came and stood directly in front of me and put her hands on her hips and began to shimmy as she pushed down her tight yoga pants. Then as the pants were at her ankles she leaned down towards me supporting herself with a hand on my leg. Sue reached up and fondled and pulled on one of Lee’s nipples, “Look at how hard and erect they are, ” Sue exclaimed as she presented Lee’s nipple to me, “she is very excited.”

“Me too, ” I replied and turned to Sue and began kissing her as Lee kicked aside her yoga pants and knelt between my legs. Lee reached out and grasped my hard erect cock and then took the head in her mouth, she let her tongue slide out along the underside of my throbbing cock. As Lee let her saliva roll down my shaft Sue put her arm around me and watched with interest.

Sue then leaned close to me and whispered, “Lee wants to feel your dick inside her, but she is afraid because it is so big.” Then Sue turned my face towards hers and said quietly, “You will be good to her, won’t you?”

I looked down at Lee and she was absorbed with feeling my cock in her mouth, turning to Sue I replied, “Yes, I will be good to her.” Sue smiled and leaned in and kissed me.

Sue whispered back, “I am going to talk about putting your dick in our mouths because that will take her mind off making love to you until she is ready, ok?” I nodded in agreement.

Then in a louder voice so Lee could hear Sue said, “James, I know from the way that your body reacts that you like our mouths on your dick, but do you like some types of sucking better than others?”

We were both seeing Lee continue to take more and more of my dick in her mouth, she probably had five of my eight inches in her mouth and I could feel the head bumping at her throat. As Lee’s lips gently closed and opened on my shaft I had to concentrate just to think about Sue’s question and not just moan from the incredible sensation of my cock covered by this sensuous mouth. “First of all, you are right that anytime my cock goes inside one of your mouths it feels amazing, ” I said. “There are a couple of things I really like, and one is what Lee is doing now. She is taking my dick really deep and doing it slowly, her lips feel great on my shaft.” I took Sue’s hand and pulled it down to where Lee’s mouth was surrounding my cock. We both felt Lee’s face and lips right at the place where I was entering her mouth, and Lee looked up at us and hummed enjoying the attention.

“So you like what is called ‘deep throat’ then?” asked Sue.

“I do like my cock deep in a mouth, ” I said. “Ohhh, that feels amazing…unghhh! Sorry, but it is hard to talk when it feels so good!” Lee was leaning forward and taking as much of my cock as deeply as she could.

Sue leaned in, “No need to apologize, you are so kind, that is a big reason that Lee and I both like you so much.” Sue then began to kiss me softly and tentatively probe her tongue in my mouth. Lee’s forehead began to touch my abs and she started to gag on my pulsing cock.

I reached down and lifted Lee’s head slightly. “I don’t like it if you gag on my dick, ” I said, “it has never made me feel good if I think I am hurting you when you are sucking my dick.”

“You are so sweet, ” Sue said and she put her hands on each side of my face and pulled me to her in a passionate kiss. Lee began to slide back up my shaft until just the head was in her mouth, and she moved her mouth all over the head of my cock. I moaned into Sue’s mouth and she extended kaçak iddaa her tongue down into my mouth as if trying to touch where the sound came from. I sucked on Sue’s tongue and wondered if that was what it was like for them when they sucked my dick.

Sue and I paused and watched Lee moving her mouth all across my swollen knob. “That is something that feels good, when you or Lee explore all over the head of my dick. The tongue and lips on my head and all around it, rubbing all over the rim of the head.” We watched as Lee did that, and then begin to lick at the slit and suck off the precum there. Lee’s mouth then traveled down below the head as she kissed and licked at my frenum.

“Urghh…” I groaned as Lee was rapidly moving her mouth all about my rock hard dick. “I cannot take much more of that!”

Lee rose up and said, “Mr. James I want to try to put that big dick in me now.” She got on the couch putting a knee on one side of my legs, and holding herself above me with a foot outside my other leg. She then reached down and pulled the head of my cock to her wet entrance. As she held my throbbing cock there she lowered her body onto me.

The head of my dick was at Lee’s wet slit and Sue reached out and spread the pussy lips around my cockhead. Lee squatted and applied more pressure, my rock hard dick was forced against her opening. “Oh, oh, …ow, ” Lee grimaced as she tried to take me in.

Sue stood and took Lee’s face in her soft hands, “Relax, it will be ok, ” she said to Lee.

Lee was shuddering with desire and frustration, she had practically all her weight resting on her cunt which was sitting on my dick. Sue reached down and began to rub Lee’s clit. “Just let go, don’t try so hard, ” she told Lee.

As she continued to rub at the point of entry Sue put a hand up to Lee’s cheek, “Kiss me, ” she said. Sue and Lee began to make out and I sensed Lee’s body relaxing somewhat, my dick was like an iron rod with Lee sitting atop it.

Sue’s efforts were helping as Lee’s body was less tense. Sue was rubbing easily on Lee’s pussy and I could feel the liquid sliding down my shaft as Lee’s body was working to lubricate her for my entry. “Yes, …yes, it will feel so good, ” Sue whispered in Lee’s ear.

Then gradually, slowly, the head of my dick started into Lee. “Urgh, …oh God, …uhnn, …so big!” grunted Lee.

My hips started humping up involuntarily as my body tried to drive my dick upward. I managed to suppress these movements as I tried to go slowly for Lee. Sue rubbed one of Lee’s nipples and looked down at her straining pussy, “You are doing great, it is going in now, ” she said to Lee.

My head was going into Lee’s tight vagina and I could feel her pussy lips now stretched out around the slick shaft of my dick just below the cockhead. “Argh, …that feels so good, ” I said, “I love your pussy on my dick.” The tight channel was like a velvet vice on my cock.

“Ohhh, Mr James, you like my pussy?…Oh!…Uhn, ” Lee whimpered. “Do you like to fuck me with your huge dick?”

I leaned forward and put my hands on Lee’s hips and pulled down forcing over half my cock up into Lee. “Yesssss!” I growled, “I love to fuck you, it is so good!” My instincts began to take over and my hips started thrusting again and again.

Sue had her arm around Lee helping support her as she bounced on my dick. “uhn, …oh, …erh, …uhf, …urh, …” Lee panted with each thrust. Sue’s big tits were pushed into Lee’s breasts and I watched their erect nipples rubbing each other as Lee moved up and down.

I looked up from their tits at Sue and she smiled back at me. We both turned to look at Lee, her head was rolling about her shoulders and she was clearly in a state of bliss. “Ohhhhhh, …Ohhhh, …, ” Lee was crying out as I fucked her more and more deeply.

Then Lee arched her back and I could feel her pussy walls closing on my dick as she came. “AHHHHHH!…Urhhhh! …AHHHHH!” she screamed. I had my arms under her back and I held her up as her body spasmed in ecstasy with my dick fully inside her. I held her there until her body stopped twitching.

Lee then rolled back forward and put her hands on my shoulders and begin to lift herself up off my dick. “uhn, …uhn, ..” she bit her lip as her pussy lips pulled along the length of my erect cock. She then laid on my chest and rested her head on my shoulder looking over at Sue.

Sue leaned in and kissed Lee on the lips, “That was beautiful, ” she said to Lee.

Lee replied, “Uhf, …th, thanks to you both. It was so good.”

We stayed there resting for a few minutes and then Sue said, “Lee, I am afraid I have to disturb your rest. I need something from James now.”

Lee smiled bashfully and said, “Of course, I am sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry. Come, let’s all go in the bedroom, ” Sue held out her hands to us. As we walked down the hall my erect cock was bobbing up and down, Sue looked down at it and smiled.

Sue kaçak bahis laid back on the sheets and spread her legs, her cunt was shining with excitement. I climbed between her legs and she pulled my cock up to her wet slit and began to rub the head all along her pussy and clit. As she did this I looked down admiring her body, the smooth abs, the huge round tits with erect nipples standing inside large dark circles, and the long slender neck. “You have the most beautiful body I have ever seen, ” I said.

“That is great, because, …” Sue said as she spread her pussy lips apart with one hand, and with the other hand pushed the head of my dick into that gap, “you are going to make this body feel very, very good!”

I moved my hips forward and my dick sank into Sue’s wet warm cunt. “Ohhh..” moaned Sue feeling my big cock slide up inside her and she reached up and put her hand just below my navel applying gentle pressure. “Even though you were inside me once before you must still go slow at first, you have a very big penis.”

Lee came up alongside Sue and we all three watched as my pulsing cock gradually moved into Sue’s body. “It is so hot to watch this, ” said Lee as she reached out and ran her hand up my chest and squeezed one of my nipples.

I kept advancing with small gentle thrusts and Sue reached down and gently stroked her pussy lips and her clit. Lee had one hand on one of my nipples and the other hand on one of Sue’s nipples gently rubbing and pulling them. Then Lee leaned in and began to suck my sensitive nipple while continuing to fondle Sue’s tit as well. After a few minutes Lee switched so that she was licking and sucking Sue’s breast while pulling at my hardened nipple.

Then, on my balls I felt the contact with Sue’s butt, I was fully inside her. Sue felt it too, “Oh yes, your giant dick feels so good deep in my pussy!”

I leaned forward pushing Lee aside and ran my arms down under Sue’s back. My hands came up on her shoulders, her firm tits were crushed into my chest. I began to pull down driving my hard cock up into Sue, she responded by arching her back pushing her pussy further onto my dick. As I groaned in pleasure I could hear a sound from deep in Sue’s throat, “Uhhhhm…” she sighed.

I held myself there for several moments with my entire dick covered and squeezed by Sue’s incredible cunt. Then propping myself up on my elbows I began slow and deep strokes. Sue’s hips were undulating in time with me, “Oh yes, oh yes, …I love it, ” she said.

Then I felt Lee’s hands on each side of my face as she slowly turned my head until I was looking to the side of the bed where Lee had put a full length mirror in a chair next to the bed. “See?” Lee said, “it is beautiful watching you two!”

Lee was right. As gorgeous and sexy as Sue was to see, it was also amazing to watch both our bodies moving together as we made love. I enjoyed seeing my butt rise and fall as I felt my dick plunging into Sue’s pussy. I would look down and see Sue’s tits rocking back and forth, and then look over in the mirror and see an erect nipple pulled up tightly off one of the same shaking breasts.

I was not the only one enthralled by the erotic show, Sue was also staring intently at the mirror. I noticed her eyes in the mirror moving back and forth in time with my thrusts. Then Sue put her hand under her breast closest to the mirror and pulled it up towards her mouth, she did not look down at her breast, but instead watched her reflection of herself. Her tongue slowly protruded and then licked across her own breast, she watched in the mirror as her tongue flicked her nipple back and forth.

Lee had her mouth on Sue’s other breast sucking the nipple, but her focus was watching Sue in the mirror as Sue’s tongue explored the dark areola and hardened nub of her own tit. I was also entranced watching in the mirror as Sue’s tongue tried to lasso her nipple.

Then Sue pulled her heavy orb up so that her lips could close on the enflamed nipple, “Mmmmm, …Mmmmmm, …, ” she moaned as she suckled herself. I could also hear the sounds of Lee sucking at Sue’s other tit, Lee’s head was twisting all across Sue’s breast as her movements became more and more fervent. My steady strokes were becoming faster and faster as my diamond hard prick reacted to the lust-filled show of these two women mauling those huge tits.

Then Sue could not hold back any longer, she pulled Lee’s head down onto her tit and threw her head back, “OHHHHHHhhhhhhh, YES!” she screamed. Her hips were bucking up off the bed, and her whole body was writhing in the sheets, it was consumed by her orgasm. She pushed her sopping cunt up onto my throbbing pole.

“ERGHHH!” I hollered as I drove my dick into her as deeply as I could, our pubic bones were pushed into each other. The sperm raced from my balls as I drenched Sue’s womb with my cum. “ARGHhhhh!…ARGhhhhh!,…Rrrrrrrr,…” my body jerked over and over as I came.

As our orgasms subsided we started to catch our breath. My dick buried deep in Sue was softening, but the sensation of continuing to be completely surrounded by that saturated warm tunnel was still magical even after depositing my load in it. I held myself there twitching in post-orgasmic bliss.

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