Two for Love, Four for Lust Ch. 02


I wake up slowly, looking around me to get my bearings. I feel my arm weighted down and look over, seeing your head resting on my arm. You are sleeping peacefully and look so beautiful that I cannot bear to wake you, so I lay my head back down and face you. I watch you as you sleep with my hand resting on your thigh for what seems like hours. Before long, though, I fail to resist and move my hand up your body to your breasts. Your body is hidden under the blanket, but I know it well enough to easily massage your breasts. It only takes a few minutes of my playing before you start shifting and moaning in your sleep.

I stop, afraid you will wake up and be mad, but you shift onto your back and spread your legs a bit more, as if in invitation. I smile, and lean into your now bare breast to suck on your nipple, eliciting a long moan of pleasure. I release it with reluctance and your shifting slows to a stop, but then I move under the sheets until I am between your legs. I smile, noticing that you never bothered to put any clothes back on after we made love the night before. I can smell the delicious scent of your pussy, which by the wet spot under your ass is already well on its way to being ready for me.

I start by kissing around your pussy, licking and sucking at the skin of your inner thigh on each side. Before I am done, your hips are already moving of their own free will, trying to move your pussy closer to my kisses. I place my hand on your stomach, holding you still, as I slide my tongue even closer. I begin licking just to the side of your pussy, that little crevice on each side. As expected, your hips move desperately under my tongue, but my hand there keeps you still enough. I pull my hand and my tongue away, slowing but not stopping your hips from seeking more attention.

Next, I run my tongue thickly from that spot between your ass and your pussy upwards, spreading your pussy lips and sliding my tongue thick between them. I enjoy the taste of your cum in my mouth, then move up to your clit and proceed to suck on it. You wake up with an ‘Oh fuck!’ and move your hands to the back of my head, trying to pull my mouth closer, if that were even possible. I nibble on your clit and you squirm under my attention. Noticeably wetter than when I started, I slide first one finger into your pussy, then after a few thrusts I add another.

I suck furiously at your clit, sliding my fingers quickly in and out of your tight pussy and before long, I feel your body begin to tighten up. Your squirming increases under my attention, telling me you are building toward your first orgasm of the day. One of your hands leaves my hair, and moves up to play with your nipples. I thrust into you with my fingers, before moving them around in search of your g-spot. I brush against it, and it pushes you over, nearly making you scream. Your body convulses, making it hard for me to keep sucking your clit. I give up and move down to lick at your pussy as it oozes, loving the taste of your pussy and cum.

Long after your orgasm fades, I am still licking up the resulting cum from it, and when I finally crawl up your body, you pull me to you. You kiss me deeply, our tongues intertwining, and you seem to be trying to drink from me as your hands hold me tightly to your body. After what seems like hours we pull away from each other and just cuddle. After about twenty minutes of silence, you whisper bahis siteleri ‘wow,’ making me laugh a little. I squeeze you a bit, and you cuddle in closer. You kiss my neck and run your fingers over my chest. I look over at you and notice your questioning look. “It’s ok, love,” I say, and take your roaming hand in mine.

I explain to you that I do not need to get off every time, that the high from giving pleasure lasts longer than the one from reaching release. We discuss what we plan to do today, and Sandra lets us know she would like to join us as we go for a walk. The look in her eyes is one mixed of desire and envy that I gave you so much pleasure without her around. The two of us get up and hop into the shower, helping clean each other up. As you are helping me, you ask me to turn around. You take your soapy hands, and begin to ‘clean’ my cock, but in reality you are stroking it to fullness again.

I kiss you deeply, knowing you just can’t resist giving pleasure, and sit on the edge of the tub, allowing you full access. You get down on all fours and start by licking the head, making my cock twitch, and I throw my head back in pleasure. You then begin to lick the length of my cock from every angle, all the while warm water rains over us and pelts your back. Once you have licked my entire cock, you go back to the head and suck it into your mouth. You moan, and I dribble a bit of precum into your mouth. You spit it out, and then go back to sucking on my cock.

You begin to slowly take my cock deeper into your mouth, using a start and stop method, and after awhile I feel your lips reach the base of my cock. You then begin to slowly pull my cock out and then move back down my cock. After a few attempts, you settle into a rhythm so that while I am not going to last forever, I won’t cum too soon. I open my eyes to look down at you, and see a topless Sandra sitting on the edge diagonal from me, sliding her fingers in and out of your pussy. You feel me tense and look up, then quickly squeeze the base of my cock to prevent my cumming from the arousal. I regain my control and look down at you. I nod to show you I am ok to continue, so you regain your pace.

I watch and see what rhythm you were keeping, moving off my cock and onto her fingers, then off her fingers and taking my cock deeper into your mouth. The motions bring you to moaning after a short time, and the vibrations send my head back again. You feel my cock growing in preparation for orgasm, and your own body tenses as your second of the day approaches. You take one hand off my cock, moving it down your body to play with your clit, and before long your moans are coming faster and louder, causing my cock to kick into high gear.

I grab the edge of the tub and exclaim that I am going to cum, causing you to just suck on the head of my cock while Sandra is forced to switch to doing the thrusting of her fingers herself. She adjusts quickly, and only a few seconds after this I start cumming, causing you to pull me out of your mouth. You use your newly emptied mouth to almost scream a few expletives as you feel your orgasm wash over you. Still holding my cock as it shoots cum, you are quickly covered in it. Your breasts, your face, your back, and your hair all get cum on them. Sandra tries to continue fingering you, though when you pull away from her she doesn’t chase you, but does frown.

You canlı bahis siteleri go to her and tell her you love her, then kiss her softly. You give one of her bared nipples, now hard, a squeeze and then ask her if she wants to come into the shower, as we need to get cleaned up. She decides against it, only having a wet arm, and leaves the bathtub area. We go back to cleaning up, and I give you a scalp massage while washing your hair as you wash my back. We finish up with a kiss and grab a towel each. We get covered and walk to the bedroom where our clothes are. I sit on the bed and watch you get dressed in sexy underwear for me, then I let you watch while my now semi hard cock is covered and I put some clothes on.

We all sit down to breakfast and begin to plan the day. Tim has to go to work, so Sandra, you, and I decide to go for a walk around town. You ask if I have brought my photo album, and I grab it from my bags. You and Sandra look over the pictures while we eat breakfast, admiring the photos within the album. You ask me if I am bringing my camera and I look at you like it is a rather silly question. I grab my camera as well as my tripod, and we head out of the house, looking for the best locations and sights to photograph.

You’ve dressed up so that we can try to get some business-like shots for your publicist side, making sure we get a good mix of sexy and professional shots. I also take a plentiful number of photos with you and Sandra, some just holding hands, some in kisses, and some in more intimate situations. As it is summer time, I convince you to take a few topless shots. I take one of you both, with one lying across the other with bared shoulders and upper bodies, but not showing anything. I get a shot or two of you both in an intimate kiss, with breasts and nipples obvious but silhouetted so as to avoid showing faces or identifying features.

Most of the shots I get of you both are fully clothed, though. I have a lot of gentle kisses, plenty showing passion and love, and no small number with long, loving looks exchanged. Hesitantly, I let Sandra use my camera in order to get some shots of you and I. The first shots are of us kissing in various stages, from the starting soft and gentle to the later hot and passionate. I am lucky enough to find later that Sandra got a few with looks of great pleasure on your face, as I nibble and kiss at your neck. One of my favorites is one where the lens does not see you stroking my cock, but only sees you kissing my chin with my head leaning back a bit.

After that shot, I begin to lose all willingness to hold back. Feeling your hard nipples against my chest, I raise my hand and begin to massage and pinch your nipples. I then reach around to grab and squeeze your ass, making you moan. That becomes another favorite shot. You quickly look around for the most secluded place you can find and drag me off to a heavily wooded area, Sandra following with camera and tripod in hand. When we get there, you push me to the ground and take your shirt off again.

You get down onto your knees beside me, roughly pulling my shirt from where it is tucked into my pants, and kiss along my chest. Lifting it higher and higher, you kiss and suck my nipples, making me shift a little as I am unused to the sensation. Sandra puts down the camera, close by so no one can walk off with it, and helps you, undoing my güvenilir bahis pants and pulling down my zipper. The two of you move close and I hear you whispering back and forth into each others ears. I try hard, but fail to hear what you are saying to each other.

After you seem to agree you move closer to me. I feel your breasts press to my now bared chest as you kiss me. You move your kisses to my neck, and I feel your warm mouth move to my ear, kissing it softly. “Sweetie…” you begin, “I would love to have you right here, but Sandra isn’t comfortable in the open. You can have me here or both of us at home, honey…” I look from you to Sandra, sensing the tension between you both, trying to decide what to do.

I pull you down to me, kissing you deeply while massaging your neck. I move to your neck, and nibble and bite playfully at it. “Can I have both?” I whisper, making you shiver, as I reach down and pull my semi hard cock out of my underwear. You reach out and begin stroking it, making me nice and hard. You kiss me again, and I moan as I feel a mouth over my cock. You move back, smiling at me, and allow me to look down at Sandra who has the head of my cock in her mouth. “Does she…” I ask.

You nod, and smile down at me. I pull your ear to my mouth and I ask if I can taste you. Before I know it your bare pussy is hovering over my mouth, already dripping with excitement. As I prepare to lick you softly to start, I feel Sandra’s mouth cover my cock as she takes my cock entirely into her mouth. In response, I grab desperately for whatever I can, which turns out to be your waist, and pull you down roughly. Almost immediately, I begin licking and nibbling at your lips and clit, making you moan loudly.

You bite your lip to stop yourself from making any more noise, not wanting to attract any attention from passers-by. As I feel Sandra’s mouth move up and down my cock faster, I feel my self control weakening. I decide you aren’t close enough to your own orgasm and slide 2 thick fingers into you. I feel your body tense and you stifle a moan with great difficulty. It only take a few moments before I feel your body nearing it’s orgasm as I suck and nibble on your clit with renewed intensity.

I feel my body let go and have to resist the urge to tense my body up, to prevent hurting you, but I do several things at once — I shoot my first spurts of cum into Sandra’s mouth, bite lightly on your clit, shove my two fingers deep inside of you, and squeeze your ass. You let out a groan and your orgasm begins to wash over you, making you grind your dripping wet pussy into my mouth. I let go of your clit and shove my tongue into your pussy alongside my fingers, licking up all the tasty cum you are dripping out.

As we both come down from our orgasms, we all realize that two of us are practically naked and could be found any time, so we quickly clean up — the fun way of course, with our tongues. I pull out my fingers and lick your pussy as clean as I can without making you even more aroused. Sandra licks my cock clean of any spare drops of cum. You put your pants back on, and I pull mine back up, finding it hard to work with my still mostly hard cock.

You help me work my cock into a place that is not so painful or obvious, and then we grab my camera and tripod. The three of us walk along, only briefly glancing back at the spot where we had such fun. We head back at a leisurely but quickened pace, knowing that much more fun is in store for us at the apartment. We walk, you and Sandra on either side of me, one of my hands on each of your hips, both of you walking close to me. As we near your apartment, the tension and physical touches increase.

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