Turning the Tables



This story contains graphic sexual descriptions. If you are under eighteen or likely to be offended, please do not continue to read beyond this point.

This story is the property of the author.

Copyright 2004 March, All Rights Reserved


Petra let her tongue slide slowly over the wet folds of flesh. Playfully licking the tip of the erect clitoris hood she then let her tongue travel back down. The woman receiving this excellent attention moaned loudly.

“Come on. I want to see you explode.” Petra whispered. “I want to see you cum over my mouth and face. I want taste you.”

The woman writhed on the mattress, her hands twisted in the handcuffs that were secured to the bed head. She suddenly arched her back and Petra began to feel sweet sticky juice cascade onto her face.

“Oh baby, you taste so good,” Petra shouted as she stared intently at her captive.

“Oh yeah!” shouted the woman in pleasurable ecstasy. Petra let her tongue wash over the woman’s pussy, drinking greedily at such a feast. Several times her expert tongue brought the woman over the edge until Petra decided to calmed things down and leaned over to kiss the woman full on the mouth.

“Hmm, I will have the taste of you with me all day.” Petra whispered with a big smile as she quickly unlocked the cuffs and pulled the women’s hands free.

“I gotta go the bathroom, see you in soon sweetness.” She said as she hurriedly pulled on her robe and headed out of the bedroom.

While washing herself, Petra looked at her own reflection in the mirror. Her mass of naturally curly auburn hair, which fell untidily over her face, could not hide the fact she was a very attractive women.

“Your twenty five and in your prime, girl.” she said back to her reflection, while admiring her long legs and toned body. She smiled and let her cute nose wrinkle up, as she pushed out her small but firm breasts towards the mirror. When she returned to the bedroom she found the woman sitting up and slowly getting dressed. Petra noticed that despite being probably in her forties the woman still had a good figure. Her short strawberry blond hair showed off her tanned face and blue eyes.

“Don’t you want to freshen up sweetness?” asked Petra. “The bathrooms free now.”

“Er, no I’ve got to go,” replied the older woman nervously. “That was wonderful. You were wonderful.” she continued as she hurriedly got dressed.

“I aim to please,” said Petra “That will be one hundred pounds sweetness”

The women looked up in slight surprise “Oh, yes. Do forgive me. I’m so forgetful. This is the first time I’ve ever…”

“Been eaten out by a prostitute?” added Petra mischievously.

“Oh no!” replied the woman in some alarm. “I mean, I have always wanted to try something like this with a women. But I needed to be discrete. I needed no comebacks.”

“Hey, its alright. You came to the right girl” Petra said trying to calm things down. “It will always be discrete with me. You need never worry sweetness.” This reassurance helped the woman regain her composure. And she smiled back a Petra.

“Please, call me Sue. I prefer that. I would love to become a regular of yours Petra. There are so many things I want to experiment with.”

“Well just you give me a call Sue. I’ll always fit you in. Besides you make such a change from all the male clients I have. And you taste so much better then any of them!” joked Petra and both women laughed. Sue then handed Petra her money from a large briefcase, before Petra ushered her out of the front door as quickly as she could. But a few minutes later there was a knock on the door again.

Petra was still only dressed in her robe and answered the door half expecting to find Sue standing there again. Instead, a figure dressed in black with a beanie hat pulled tightly over their head pushed passed her in a great hurry.

“What the…Who the hell are you,” screamed Petra as she was almost pushed to the floor. “Hey come back here!” She said as she saw the intruder disappear into her bedroom and gave chase. To her amazement instead of being confronted by some maniac, Petra found herself face to face with a young teenage girl.

“Please, we need to talk. We have something in common!” babbled the girl as Petra pushed her against the wall. As the girl’s hat fell off waves of strawberry blond hair tumbled down around her shoulders. Petra stood back in astonishment.

“My name is Bonnie,” continued the girl in some distress “And you just slept with my mother!” Petra stared back at her in shock.

“What? What are you talking about?” was all she could say.

The girl began to gain some composure. “My mother, Sue. You and her did it together, just now. I know. I heard everything. She rang me and forgot to turn off her mobile while on the way to she meet you. Left it in her briefcase still turned on. I heard everything…where you live…everything.”

The full horror hit Petra harder then a fist. “Oh my God!” was all she could say as ümraniye escort she sat on the bed in total shock. But what happened next shocked her even more.

“I want the to do the same. I want to experience what my mother experienced.” Said Bonnie suddenly.

“What?” said Petra hoping she had misheard.

“Yes, I want you to do the same to me. Take me to bed. Eat me out,” said Bonnie now very confident. “You do it and I won’t open my mouth about you and mum”

Petra couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “That’s blackmail.” She finally managed to say.

“Yeah, so,” Said the girl “You do me and I’ll be implicated just as much as you and my mum. My father is very nasty, if he finds out all hell will be let lose. Look, I’m old enough. I turned eighteen last week, here’s my ID.”

Petra glanced briefly at Bonnie’s ID card. What a mess. What was she to do? Slowly she stood up, walked over to Bonne and stared at her full in the face. She saw a very attractive young lady starring back, big beautiful blue eyes, a lovely shaped nose and lips. And few freckles dotted around her face with her long strawberry blond hair falling down to her shoulders.

“Take your clothes off.” was all she could say before walking slowly out of the bedroom and closing the front door. As Petra walked back to the bedroom she let her robe fall off behind her. She lay on the bed and slowly moved a hand down her thigh, pushing a few fingers onto her pussy as she casually watched Bonnie get naked as well.

Bonnie moved as quick as she could. Pulling off her clothes and letting them drop to the floor. She was soon only in her bra and panties. And soon those were gone too. There she stood, triumphantly in front of the bed waiting for the next move.

Petra let her eyes feast on what they saw. On Bonnie’s pert small young nipples, which stood to attention as the cool air hit them. On her slim

body and white milky skin. And her silvery blond triangle of hair between her legs.

“Come here” Petra whispered holding out her arms.

Bonnie moved onto the bed and quickly into the awaiting arms of Petra. The two women gently let their hands caress each other, staring into each

other’s eyes in complete silence. Then slowly moving towards a kiss. Lips meeting, touching, joining. Bonnie was very eager and excited, anxiously pushing her tongue hard into the open mouth of her “lover.” Petra tried to control things, pulling her head back and pushing Bonnie away.

“Hey, not so fast! Take it easy sweetness.”

But Bonnie was in no mood to listen. She pushed herself once more onto Petra and again started a kiss. Petra felt Bonnie’s tongue frantically trying to push its way past her now clenched teeth. She tried to move but found her head held tightly in the hands of this young girl, who had remarkable strength. She tried to cry out, but found instead she let the deep penetrating kiss take over. Soon she was kissing back, just as frantically, just as deeply.

Petra suddenly snapped out of this delirium. What the hell was she doing? She should be in charge here. Quickly she pushed Bonnie onto her back, breaking their kiss and straddling the teenager.

“Hey now listen” she said sternly. “Lets get one thing straight. I maybe just a whore in your eyes but you better treat me with respect! I’m in charge here OK.”

Bonnie looked shocked. Her face turned bright red “I’m sorry …”

“OK, just so we know where we stand.” Said Petra regaining her composure. “Look, its alright sweetness. Just, you’re young and far too eager. If you want me to teach you I’ve got to be in charge.”

“I understand.” The teenager whispered. “It’s just listening to you and my mother… I’m really horny Petra. Will you handcuff me to the bed as well?”

“No way.” Petra snapped.

She was beginning to get irritated now. But more to the point Petra felt unnerved by the fact that this girl, this teenager, this blackmailer, actually really turned her on. Petra was used to simply turning off her emotions. Taking the lead and acting out whatever the client wanted, then charging a price for it. But today things were certainly different.

“Sorry” she said. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to snap like that…Look sweetness, come here. Hold me. Let me kiss you. Bonnie listen, I’m just as horny as you are.”

With that Petra moved her head down and began to let her lips lightly press against the girl’s. Suddenly both women seem to just let go and next instant they were lost in a deep loving kiss. Hands wandered over skin, legs playful intertwined and breasts crushed against each other. Petra moved downward and let her mouth find the sweet tiny nipples of the teenager. She sucked on each one hard, letting her teeth nibble them lightly and pull on them. This brought a low moan from Bonnie.

“Oh, yes, oh yeah suck harder. Please suck harder!” the young girl cried.

“Oh, so this is what a dirty girl likes.” Petra said with delight.

With that Petra let one of her hand’s roam down pendik escort between Bonnie’s legs. Pushing them apart with one of her knees she let her fingers brush gently over the lips of the teenager’s pussy. Sliding slowly inside, Petra carefully pushed one of her fingers in and out. Soon it was joined by a second, then a third.

“Oh, shit that’s good.” Shouted Bonnie.

Kneeling on the bed, Petra quickly moved both her hands under Bonnie’s sweet tight bottom. Moving forward she lifted the teenager’s body higher. Before she knew what was happening Bonnie found herself almost on her head. Firm hands gripped her

waist and she could feel Petra’s body warming her back. She opened her eyes to see Petra’s smiling face looking down at her between her outstretched legs, which were now resting on the prostitute’s shoulders.

“What a position to find yourself in young lady.” Mocked Petra before she started to let her tongue push between the folds of Bonnie’s very wet pussy.

Bonnie found she could hardly move. Waves of pleasure, like little electric shocks moved rapidly down her body as Petra worked her magic. She tried to push herself harder against the mouth of her sweet tormenter, but Petra held her tightly and continued her skilled attack.

“My, what have we here?” teased Petra. “Why if it isn’t the sweetest little clit. Just standing to attention waiting to be licked.”

“Oh fuck! Yes! Lick it! Fucking lick my clit!” screamed Bonnie now so very near the edge.

With that Petra began to gorge herself hungrily. Sweeping her wet tongue this way and that across the sweet wet pussy lips. Forcing them open and pushing her tongue as deep as it would go. Fucking Bonnie with it. Making her squirm as Petra continued to gently work on the beautiful ripe clit. Tasting her. Drinking her. Loving her. Then Bonnie climaxed.

“Oh fucking hell!! Yes!!” screamed the young girl.

Her body twisted in total pleasure. Her legs became rigid and clasped Petra’s head. Eventually sliding down onto the bed Bonnie continued to shake in pure orgasmic ecstasy. When Bonnie finally recovered she found herself alone. The sound of running water was coming from the bathroom. Eventually Petra returned wet, naked, with just a towel wrapped around her head.

“Well young lady. You seem to have enjoyed yourself. Now if you don’t mind I would like you to leave.” Petra said bluntly.

“Petra, please don’t be like that. Don’t be so hard, please!” cried Bonnie. “We both shared something…”

“No we did not!” snapped Petra. “We didn’t share anything. You wanted to experience what your mother did. Well fine. You did. Now please go.”

Bonnie stared back at Petra. She felt like she had been slapped down hard and cruelly. Slowly she got off the bed, pushing her lovely blonde hair away from her face. She began to collect her clothes and as she did so tears began to flow down her cheeks.

“Oh fucking hell. This is all I need!” said Petra under her breath. “Look Bonnie. I’m sorry, look stop it. Fucking hell! Come here. Sit on the bed

with me sweetness. Stop crying, please!”

Once again Petra found herself cuddling and comforting Bonnie. Both women held each other tightly, rocking back and forth on the bed. As Petra gazed into Bonnie’s beautiful young face she couldn’t stop herself. Leaning forward she kissed her again. Deeply. Passionately. Leaning back on the bed head Petra let Bonnie slowly kiss down her neck.

“I’m really sorry to do this to you Petra. I really am.” Whispered Bonnie.

Petra sighed and closed her eyes. She was enjoying this. At least Bonnie had stopped crying. Suddenly she became aware that her left arm seemed pinned down. She couldn’t move it. In horror she saw that her arm was now fixed tightly to the bed head. The pair of silver handcuffs had been snapped over her wrist. Before she knew what was happening her other arm had been violently pushed back and was also attached to the bed head via the other pair of cuffs. She couldn’t move.

“As I was saying. I’m really sorry to do this to you Petra. I really am.” Bonnie said with wicked smile on her face. “Well it appears that I’m in charge now doesn’t it!”

Petra frantically tried to pull herself free of her restraints, but it was no use. She was about to let out a scream but Bonnie suddenly covered her mouth with her own. Kissing her with all her might the young girl forced her tongue deep inside, transfixing the brunette with her efforts.

Suddenly Bonnie broke the kiss. Placing a finger gently across Petra’s mouth the teenager whispered. ” Listen to me Petra. I’m not going to hurt you. You’re right; I really enjoyed what you

did to me. You really made me see stars.”

Standing up Bonnie casually walked around the bed, all the while staring intently at her captive. A much more confident, assertive adult had suddenly replaced the nervy awkward teenager’s personality.

Petra glared back, her arms straining in the cuffs.

“Besides,” continued Bonnie “What are bostancı escort you going to do? Scream? I doubt anyone will come. And remember, if I walk out of here now you’ll be stuck on that bed for a very long time. I’d cooperate if I were you.”

Petra quickly weighed up what Bonnie was saying. She soon realized the truth. She began to curse herself for letting her guard down and being ensnared so easily. For now though she recognized she had no option but to play along.

“What do you want? Money? It’s all over there. Take it and let me go.” She said as calmly as she could.

“Thanks” replied Bonnie. “But I’ll only take what I earn. And so far I haven’t done that.”

“What do you mean?” Asked Petra.

Bonnie sat back down on the bed and leaned over. Petra felt small pert nipples glide against hers, which sent a shiver of pleasure down her spine. Looking up she was confronted once again with Bonnie’s pretty sweet innocent face almost inches from her own.

“You think I’m just a naïve teenager when it comes to fucking someone” Bonnie continued. “Well with men that’s true. But women, oh that’s a very different story. I suppose it won’t surprise you to know that thanks to my parents I’ve spent quite a few years in boarding school. I soon found out very early on that I preferred girls. And I made the most of it when the lights went out at night. We were all at it. Proper little lesbians we were. Experimenting all the time.”

“And what’s that got to do with me?” asked Petra.

Bonnie moved closer and again gave Petra a lingering deep kiss that once again almost took her breath away. The atmosphere seemed electrically charge now. The two women continued their passionate advances. Petra stained in her cuffs. Despite her best efforts she found herself

becoming more and more aroused.

Bonnie suddenly broke away. The sound of heavy breathing and the musky smell of awaken excitement filled the room.

“I want to make love to you Petra.” Bonnie whispered.

Petra suddenly burst out laughing. ” I’m glad you do. But sweetness you couldn’t afford my fees.”

“I know.” said Bonnie very seriously “But YOU could afford to pay me, for my services.”

“What do you mean, pay you?” Petra asked.

“Simple really. Just make me your whore Petra,” replied Bonnie with a very wicked smile on her face.” I’d become your own personal hooker.”

This stunned Petra. The brunette was totally lost for words. The whole idea of Bonnie offering her personal services seemed utterly ludicrous. And yet, somewhere in the back of her mind this situation seemed very erotic, almost appealing.

Petra started laughing again “You’ve got to be joking. You want me to pay you! No way lady! Now stop this and let me go.”

“I understand your anger Petra,” continued Bonnie ” But you really haven’t let me show how good I am. I’m better than any man, better than any toy. Whatever fantasy you have I’ll make it reality. I know you’re really turned on just as much as me. I’m going to make love to you now. Then you’ll see just how good you and me are together.”

And with that Bonnie moved down Petra’s body. Kissing slowly down her neck. Hands, gently pushing at her breasts, feeding them greedily into her own mouth. Sucking. Biting. Her own legs forcing apart the thighs of the older woman’s. Letting a hand caress slowly downwards. Touching. Feeling. Entering.

Petra groaned. She knew she shouldn’t be enjoying this. She knew she should stop this now. Clamp her legs together. Bite. Kick. Tell Bonnie to simply fuck off and to hell with the consequences. But she couldn’t. She was lost. Lost in a fever pitch of sexual gratification. And she had to see it through.

“Oh fuck yes!” she found herself saying as she pushed her legs wider apart. Petra then watched the mischievous grin on Bonnie’s face as she moved down her body. Unhurriedly sinking between her legs.

That feeling. That incredible feeling as a lovers tongue enticingly rolls over your own wet expectant pussy. Hot breath. Smooth skin. Heightened sensations. All these things Petra began to experience as Bonnie pushed her nearer the edge. She closed her eyes, bit her lip and pulled harder and harder on her cuffs. The first jolt of an orgasm began to build up. Gradually. Then more. Then more still.

“Don’t stop. Please don’t stop. Oh yes. That’s it. Oh fuck I’m cuming!” She heard herself cry out.

But Bonnie was not yet ready to let Petra off with simply a few nice orgasms. She had a point to prove. And besides, she was just getting going herself. She enjoyed tasting her new playmate and wanted more. She quickly decided on her next course of action. She pushed herself up onto her elbows and smiled as she observed Petra trying to regain her senses.

“Hoped you liked it.” She grinned, her blonde hair now matted to her face. Her exquisite, kissable mouth covered in a film of pussy juice. “By the way, you taste divine. Let me do your G-spot now.”

Before Petra could protest she felt Bonnie pushing her delicate fingers inside her once again. The young girl now concentrated intently as she moved them upward and underneath Petra’s clit. Easing her hand forwards Bonnie watched for Petra’s reaction as she moved slowly just inside her soaking wet pussy.

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