Tony’s Dad


She really hadn’t planned on having sex with Tony and his father. At least not together. At least not tonight. But there she found herself, kneeling in front of two good-looking men with their hard, thick cocks in her hands. She almost felt drunk and impulsively kissed first the head of Tony’s dad’s larger cock and then Tony’s. She couldn’t resist a quick swirl of her tongue on each round taut knob. The dad’s was shiny, tight, and deeply colored as a small apple.

Tony’s was a bit smaller and paler. She wet Tony’s cockhead with licks and then lowered her lips just to the rim. With her other hand, she milked the dad’s hard shaft slowly, letting her fingers slide down to gently squeeze his ball sac. With Tony’s dad’s cock, she couldn’t help being more passionate and hungry.

“Two cocks,” she murmured, pausing between licks, kisses, strokes, and sucking. “Mmmmmm. You’re going to cum for me so hard, aren’t you? Yeah?”

She glanced up to see Tony’s handsome dad’s head thrown back, oblivious to anything but her lips, her tongue, the constant stroking of her fingers. She loved to see a man let loose and just enjoy her mouth like that. She drew her cheek along his flat belly and whispered.

“Yeah. Just feel me suck your cock.”

Her fingers xslot tightened around Tony’s cock and she felt him start to buck his hips. She smiled at him and teased his cockhole with the tip of her tongue, feeling him buck harder, trying to shove his cock in her mouth. She very lightly dragged her teeth across his sensitive cockhead and heard him groan, felt his body shudder, and his fist grab her hair. Tony shot his cum into her mouth and she quickly swallowed it all, dragging her lips tightly along his shaft and head to get every single drop.

Tony sagged and slid to the bathroom floor. She turned back to his dad’s still thobbingly hard dick and grinned at him.

“I want your cock in my mouth. Yeah? Fuck my mouth. Show your son how it’s really done,” she taunted, her eyes closing sensually, her mouth opening wide for him.

Being older, he took his time, teasing and seducing in turn until he knew she was ready to orgasm and then stretching that moment out until she pushed her own usual morality. She could tell he was the kind of man who loved it when a woman talked directly. And dirty.

She watched his hand grip the bottom of his shaft tightly and point the head at her open mouth and then waited just a beat longer than xslot Giriş she expected before plunging his entire length in her mouth and down her throat. Instinctively, she swallowed and they both felt the tight squeeze around his cockhead. He moaned and she swallowed again, more slowly. He shuddered and slowly drew his cock almost out of her mouth before slamming it back in again. Shocked and pleased at the force, her thighs automatically spread wider. As his dad continued to fuck her mouth savagely, she felt a sudden wetness at her pussy and looked down to see Tony’s tongue curling up to flick her swollen clit. She felt a spasm rock up her spine at the double sensations the men were overloading her with.

Her fingers slid up Tony’s dad’s thighs and she cupped his muscular ass tightly, pulling him deeper into her with every thrust. As Tony kept up a tongue-ing merry-go-round on her clit, she started swinging her hips down to grind on his mouth then rising up again. His dad’s strong hands worked her head like a piston on his cock, driving the shaft in up to his balls and then five teasing short strokes as she licked him.

She knew he wouldn’t last much longer and she didn’t want him to. She was out in la-la land already from xslot Güncel Giriş Tony’s tongue and when his dad shot his load in her mouth, she’d hit peak for the night, she knew.

And she wanted that big load of cum. Wanted it to fill her mouth and drip off her lower lip down her chin. She wanted his cum on her nipples and breasts – as if he couldn’t wait to get it IN her and just splashed it all over her. Like that. She worked his shaft faster, sucking so hard, and in a minute, he came.

Shooting thick ropes of hot cum in her open mouth, almost burning her lips and tongue as it slid and drizzled down the corners of her mouth and cascaded to merge with other strands melting on her breasts. She felt like she was a cake he was chaotically frosting at speed, with cum from his cock.

Unlike his son, Tony’s dad did not collapse on the floor. He pulled her tightly against him instead and licked a wet line from her shoulder to her left ear. He dipped one fingertip in a small pool of cum near her nipple and brought it up to rub across her lips.

She greedily sucked his finger between her lips, flicking her tongue over the tip, while her other hand slid between them to settle around his cock. She rubbed her thumb along the headrim and he was surprised to feel himself growing hard again.

She looked down at Tony’s sprawled body and squeezed his dad’s cockshaft again. She kept her grip as she started walking into the hallway. “Which way is your bedroom?” she asked. “And where do you want to fuck me next?”

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