Trying Something New


My name is Michelle. I’m a 5″6 brunette who works a nine-to-five job in a cubicle. I eat the same lunch everyday, I talk to the same person everyday, I do the same thing everyday. That includes going home and jumping into bed to work myself over with my prized vibrator.

Of course, before this, I make sure to get myself wet with some of my favorite Literotica stories. It only takes about two or so stories to get me soaking wet. Usually I stick to the straight-sex stories, purely heterosexual.

But one day after work, I happen to stumble over a lesbian story. I read it. Once, twice, three times. Once I masturbate, I have the best orgasm of my life. An idea forms in my head.

I want to try something different. Now, I love cocks. But reading that story got me thinking. The way it made me feel was so…different. The thought of a girl sucking at my nipples, pawing at my breasts. Licking my cunt, and me licking hers. I want to try it.

So one day, I contact a guy friend of mine.

“Hey Ricky, I have a personal question to ask.” I say.

“Yeah, what?” he ass.

“Do you have any lesbian friends?” I say. There’s silence for a while.

“You’re bi?” he asks, sounding surprised.

“Um, no. Just curious. I guess I want to try it, at least once.” I explain, feeling self-conscious.

“Okay, ataşehir escort cool. I have a friend named Karen. She’s very sexy,and a lesbian. I’ll give her your number.” he says.

“Okay, thanks. I owe you.” I say. We talk a bit more, than say goodbye.

Needless to say, for the next few days I watch my phone like a hawk. My masturbating sessions are intense as I imagine what she’d do to me.

My phone rings one evening while I’m eating dinner. I pick it up, and see a number I don’t recognize. I immediately get wet.

“Um, hello?” I say.

“Is this Michelle?” a female voice asks.

“Yes. Is this Karen?” I ask.

“Yeah! Hey, Ricky told me about you, and gave me your number. He said you wanted to try out having sex with a girl. Am I right?” she says.

“Yeah! Are you up for it?” I ask, hoping she’ll say yes.

“Yeah. I can come over tomorrow.” she says. “Is that good with you?”

“Yep. I’ll give you my address.” I say. After we say goodbye and hang up, I masturbate for the second time that day. Tomorrow can’t come soon enough….

But tomorrow does come. I plow through work, get home, and get ready for 8 o’clock.

I’ve put on my robe, and nothing else. I hear a knock on the door. I open it, and see a girl about my height, with long blond hair and a gorgeous ataşehir escort body.

“Hey, ” I start, but before I can finish, she leans in and gives me a kiss on the lips. She pulls back and smirks at my surprised expression.

I grab her hand, and take her to my bedroom. She takes off her clothes quickly, and I happily note that she’s not wearing a bra or panties. Her breasts are big and perky, and I spot short curly blond hair adorning her mound.

I remove my robe, and it drops to the ground.

“Ricky wasn’t kidding when he said you were sexy as hell…” she murmurs, stepping towards me.

Our bodies are joined together. I press my breasts up against hers, trying to get a feel of her body all at once. she kisses me deeply, making me moan. This is all happening so fast.

We move over to the bed, and she pushes me onto it.

“Spread your legs you little slut..” she purrs. “I want to see that cunt of yours.”

I spread my legs, and she starts to finger my wet cunt. She pushes her fingers into my cunt, and immediately locates my g-spot. She finger fucks me, and I let out a loud moan as the spasms of an orgasm overtake me.

She removes her fingers, and pop them into her mouth.

“You taste delicious.” she murmurs. She kneels down so her face is between my anadolu yakası escort thighs. I lean forward and bring her closer. She starts to lap the remaining cum from my pussy, and her tongue glides over my clit repeatedly. Another orgasm hits me as she nibbles my swollen clit.

“You are so good at that…” I moan. She smiles and does a mock curtsy.

I stand, and we switch places. I play with her ample breasts, pulling on her nipples, making her moan.

“Yes, you fucking slut.” she says.

I get on my knees and get between her legs. I can smell the womanly scent coming from her soaking cunt. I lick her swollen cunt lips. Then I dip my fingers into her cunt. I start to slowly finger fuck her, making her moan. She pushes up against my hand, making my fingers go deeper.

“Yes, you fucking little whore!” she moans loudly as I lean in and lick her clit, my fingers still in her cunt. She starts to cum, and my other hand goes down to my own wet pussy, and I stroke my clit. We cu together.

“Okay, I need to show you something,” she says, standing up shakily. “Do you know what scissoring is?”

I shake my head no.

“It’s when two woman rub their pussies against each other.” she explains. She position herself on the bed, and motions me over. The feel of her slick pussy against mine makes me moan over and over, as we start to gyrate together in union.

“Yes, yes!” I shout as I cum. She soon cums after.

We clean up, and soon Karen is on her way. I promise her that we’ll do this again, very soon. Until then, I’ll have my Literotica stories to tie me over…

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