Tom’s Treats Ch. 03

Mature Milf

The spouse program seemed to recover a few weeks after my deal with Gunnel and Karin. I again got women from the program now and then. They differed in their ability but all were eager and horny. Most of them were younger than me, a few much younger, which was very pleasant. When at my age younger women are what your secret dreams are all about. Three or four of the women were much above average. I always tried to do my best.

I was sure that three of the women were in fact the same woman although she pretended to be different ones. The first time she had a rich pubic bush and long hair. The second time she was shaved and had long hair. The third time her pussy hair was short and so was her hair. She also tried to change her voice and behavior. The second time she wanted to be taken from behind and the next she wanted to ride. But the feel of her body and her fragrance were the same.

When I mentioned it to Birgit she frowned.

“Well,” she said reluctantly. ”Well I have to admit that it is true. But I never thought that anyone should be able to tell. I thought that her play-acting should be enough. And nobody else has noticed.” She was quiet for a while, and then started to laugh. “Thank god for that horny woman. She has saved the program. You should be amazed if you knew how many she has fucked in the last couple of months. She beats you by far.”

One evening Birgit asked me into her office. She had kept me out of women for nearly three weeks and I thought she should give me an explanation.

“I have a very special woman for you.” She said to my pleasant surprise. “She is in the program. But she can’t leave her home and she asks if the man will come and see her, of course under strict confidentiality. It means that you will be driven there blindfolded and as usual make love in the dark. Since it is a long drive she asks if the man can spend the following day as well. I guess she have plans if you please each other. A little beside the rules of course but she is special.

The meeting will if possible be this weekend. You normally don’t visit your wife on Saturdays, do you? So if you are willing to spend the time you will go there on Friday evening after you have seen your wife. What about it? I think it will be worthwhile.”

I thought about it for a while. It sounded a little odd but also interesting. And a ride in the countryside could be fun. So I said OK. Birgit then surprised me. She gave me some small blue pills and asked me to take one a day at lunchtime. I asked her why but she refused to tell. “Trust me,” she said. “They will be good for you.”

Friday evening I went to Birgit’s office. I was met by Inga.

“I am your chauffeur to night,” she said. “I am looking forward to drive your big car.” It had been agreed that we should use my car.

We steered south out of town. When we were about to enter the highway she pulled over and brought forward a blindfold and asked me to put it on. I joked about that I wouldn’t be able to see her ample breasts. The weather was warm, it was in early summer and she was only wearing a thin blouse showing a lot of cleavage.

“Well, be a good boy and put the blindfold on and you will get a reward,” she giggled and started to unbutton her blouse. She pulled my head down and let me kiss her naked breasts.

The drive took another hour. We got into smaller roads and finally into gravel roads. The car turned sharply and stopped. Inga helped me out.

I was led into a house and up the stairs to the upper floor. I was placed in a room and told that I could freshen up and even take a shower if I wanted. I had to wait for a while anyway. The door closed and I was alone. I took the blindfold off and saw that I was in a comfortable bedroom with an en suite bathroom. I undressed and took a shower. This woman knew what she wanted and one thing was obviously to have clean lovers.

In the bathroom I found an exquisite silk bathrobe. I put it on and went into the bedroom to put my clothes on. They were gone.

I was sipping wine from a bottle in an ice bucket when there was a knock on the door. Inga came in, smiling.

“Good, you are ready,” she said. “Don’t worry; your clothes have been taken care of. They will be fresh and ready for you in the morning. And you don’t need them tonight anyway,” she giggled. “Now come, the lady is waiting.”

She put the blindfold on and led me out in the corridor. She led me around and up and down some stairs before she opened a door and pushed me inside.

I stood there wondering what to do when I felt hands take the blindfold away. It was completely dark. A very womanly fragrance reached my nostrils. Hands caressingly took the bathrobe off me. I heard a throaty laugh.

“Come. Show me how you make love to a woman. Please me, please. You will be greatly rewarded if you please me well.” The voice was deep and husky.

I felt the heat from the woman’s body near me and reached out for it. In my arms came a very warm and very naked body. She kissed görükle escort me and let her tongue twist with mine. My hands were busy exploring her back and her round bottom. She turned in my arms and let me cup her full breasts and caress her front body. She pressed herself back at me. She laughed throatily again when she felt my fast growing erection poke her in the ass.

My hands slid down circling her round belly and found her belly button. It went further down and felt her short trimmed pubic hair and cupped her pubic bone and mons. She shivered when my hand squeezed her gently. It went further down over her thighs and back up again in between feeling the warmth and wetness of her pussy. Her knees buckled when my finger pressed into her cunt and over her clit and moved up and down.

Suddenly it occurred to me that I recognized the curves and feeling of her body. It was like a deja vu. But how could that be? Birgit had said that this woman was new in the program, hadn’t she? But I was pretty sure and Birgit had tricked me before.

She left my arms and led me by my cock further into the room. She climbed up on a bed and stopped kneeling on the bedside and bent forward. I grabbed her hips and felt a small tremble. I thought I got a message and held her there. I stroked down her legs and had her part her knees further. I dove in and licked her crack from clit to butt hole.

She liked it. She moaned and pressed back at my mouth and nose and very soon shuddered into her first orgasm for the night.

Yes, I knew the fragrance of her pussy. Yes, I had had this woman before. I was sure.

She fell forward on the bed. I didn’t give her a rest but kept on stroking and massaging her backside from toes to neck. I spent a lot of time at her buttocks and teased her pussy opening from behind. I stroked the sides of her breasts.

Suddenly she raised her bottom. She was back kneeling at the bedside. I got behind her on the floor and felt up her inner thighs. She was hot. I used my cock to caress her slit. She got wild and pushed my hand away and placed my cock in her vestibule.

“Fuck me, fuck me now. I want it hard,” she cried. “Come on.”

I pushed inside and slid all the way into her slick cunt.

She bucked and met my thrusts. We fucked for quite a long time, now and then taking a rest after she got small orgasms. Eventually she got wild again and it was time for me too. When her muscles flexed I came and I emptied my balls in her cunt. She came when she felt my come flow into her. It was a most enjoyable fuck.

And my feeling was right. I had fucked her before and that was in the mysterious darkened flat. It made sense. She was very anxious not to be recognized.

“Thank you,” I said after a while. “You are marvelous. That was really good. It was even better than last time.”

She stiffened in my arms but relaxed and laughed.

“What do you mean? Last time?” she asked lightly.

I explained that I had the memory of her in my hands, in my nostrils, on my tongue and the feeling of her cunt on my cock. I told her where and when we had met to have sex last time. But that her pussy was shaved then and now her pubic hair had grown again. And that she had given me her exquisite silk panties.

She laughed throatily. She said nothing for a while just lay in my arms.

“Do you really mean that you remember the women you have slept with without seeing them?” She finally asked. “I must say that I can’t be so sure, even if the feel of the cock and the way it is used differs much between males.”

“Yes,” I said. “I have just discovered that the memory of a woman is kept in my senses. I can’t explain how but I remember. You were as lovely then as you are now. But please, don’t go away this time. But I very much would like to have a pair of panties,” I joked.

“Well,” she said. ”Maybe Birgit has paired us before. Yes, I was in that flat and I remember a good fuck and a caring man. It could have been you to tell from tonight’s experience.”

She eased out of my arms and put her cheek on my belly. She started to tenderly play with my cock and after a while took all of it in her mouth. She sucked me very slowly and delicately and equally slowly I came back to life. She kept me there for a very long time before she increased the force of her sucking. She now and then let my cock out and licked and squeezed it.

“What do you say? I think you are ready,” she suddenly said and straddled me. She impaled herself on my cock and started to fuck me. I met her and caressed her breasts and clit and now and then her ass. We had a very satisfying orgasm close to each other.

I fell asleep. The morning sun behind the shades lighted the room when I woke up. My first thought was that she had run away from me again. I looked over the lavishly furnished room and saw some female things around including a handbag. No, she ought to be around yet, I thought.

“Hello, are you awake. Good, come and have bursa escort bayan a shower.” I startled when I heard a familiar voice. But who was it. I looked around and got shocked. In the door to the bathroom stood Birgit, naked as the day she was born but with a much more interesting figure.

She smiled and waived at me.

“Come, I will tell you everything. But first let us have a shower together.”

I stumbled out of bed, not knowing what to say. I went over to Birgit. She didn’t move but snuggled into my arms when I tried to get past her in the doorway. She pulled my arms around her and kissed me. I started automatically to caress her body. She let me feel her up.

“What’s this?” I said confused. “You are the woman I just have slept with; no doubt, I feel it in my hands. You are wonderful.”

“OK” she said. “Yes, you are right, and this was our second night together. I wanted to test your ability to recognize women. I have a proposition for you. But first a shower, please.”

We went into her bathroom and her luxurious shower with plenty of room for two. It ended up that I took her from behind in the shower and it was again very pleasurable.

Afterwards we sat down and had breakfast that had been delivered to the room together with my freshened up clothes.

“Now,” she said. “There are two reasons for bringing you out here. I wanted to test your ability to recognize women you have fucked but not seen and I wanted a good lovemaking. And you passed with flying colors in both. So I will offer you the reward I mentioned the other day. This is what it is all about.”

She told me what she had in mind. I only had to be ready and follow her leads. Her ideas were thrilling and I gladly accepted.

Birgit left me. I took another nap and around lunchtime went down to the pool. The weather was excellent and the pool area sheltered from the wind so it was hot. There was a lunch buffet set up. Birgit had told me that they had a staff meeting; the staff being the partners of the program and some nurses that helped them to carry it out, like Lisa. She had said something about another program but she didn’t explain what it was. But the nurses were engaged in that as well.

The nurses came out from their meeting and quickly changed into swim suits. And what suits. They seemed to be expensive; they fitted each woman to perfection. And they were small, real small. The younger nurses had string bikini bottoms, the elder a thong. The bras were not that flimsy. Most of the women had big breasts and the bras had to take care of that. And they did. The breasts were displayed to look their best.

I sat on the far side of the sun deck and looked at the women as they came out and walked around chatting to each other. It took some time before they noticed me. But when they did they became more conscious and tried to show the best of themselves.

It was a sight. The nurses were in their middle twenties to early thirties. They had plain looking faces but it was soon forgotten because they all had gorgeous, curvy bodies with full asses and bosoms. I recognized Inga. She was in a small group of elder women, the partners no doubt. They looked ordinary and didn’t have such great bodies as the younger nurses. But it showed that they kept themselves in shape and they were pleasant enough to look at.

Birgit came out on the deck and her impressive body was emphasized by high heeled sandals. She clapped her hands.

“Girls. Let me introduce Tom to you,” she said. “He will be part of our usual entertainment this afternoon. He also takes part in the program as some of you already know. But let’s have lunch. Please help yourself.”

It was an exquisite buffet, made for women, with lots of seafood and even oysters. And plenty of good wine. I helped myself and sat down and talked to the women around me.

After lunch we all sat back and napped in the sun. The younger nurses got restless and went into the pool. The first to climb in hesitated at the ladder looking shyly at me but then decided to take her bra off. It wasn’t really designed for swimming. Her breasts swung freely and she looked lovely. The rest laughed and followed her example and soon the pool was full with women, naked except for their very small panties.

One by one they got up again and dried themselves. The first looked over at me again but decided not to put her bra back on. The rest followed her example. They sat down and drank more wine. Birgit served refills frequently.

Birgit rose and clapped her hands.

“Girls, listen,” she said. “We always have some entertainment at our gatherings. I have asked Tom here to help us have some fun. Tom is remarkably good at recognizing women he has slept with even when he hasn’t seen them as is the case in the program. Tom, will you tell us how you do that please?”

“Well,” I said standing up. “I don’t know exactly how but I have found that the feel of a woman’s body remains in my hands, her fragrance in my bursa escort nostrils and her taste on my tongue. The memory is very clear and I often can tell where and when we made love. It’s a gift really.”

I sat down again. The women looked at me and Birgit, a bit puzzled. She let my words hang in the air for a little while.

“Look girls,” she said throatily. “He has made love to some of us here. He doesn’t know which ones. So I suggest that we let him prove his ability. And let’s bet on it. There will be prizes for everyone that participates.” And she mentioned substantial sums for those who best guessed how many women I could recognize and tell where and when I had had her. The rest should get a reward as long as they participated.

“So, girls, what about it?” Birgit looked at them inquiringly with a sly smile on her face.

“May I ask how this is going to be done,” one of the younger nurses asked giggling. “Will he touch us or what?”

“He will be blindfolded. Just to make sure,” Birgit said. “Although it was in the dark he had us and thus is not supposed to recognize us by our looks. We should also be silent so he can’t recognize our voices. And yes dear, of course he has to touch our bodies.”

“Well, sounds like great fun to me,” the young nurse said. “I am in.” I recognized her as being the first to take her bikini top off.

The rest agreed, some a little hesitantly though.

“OK,” Birgit said laughing. “Let’s start the fun. Tom, put this on will you.” She gave me a blindfold. “And will you make sure that he puts it on properly”, she asked the young nurse.

The nurse came up to me and put the blindfold on. I couldn’t see anything. What she did to check it out I don’t know but the women laughed.

“To get this right we should all guess how many he can recognize. He doesn’t know how many of us he has had and we will not tell him. But this is the number. Now guess and put it down on this paper. Be silent please,” I heard Birgit say.

There was silence for a while.

“Good,” Birgit resumed. “Now draw a number from this bowl. That gives the examination order. And don’t tell him.”

After a while I heard a nervous laugh.

“Tom, we are ready. Please examine the first lady” Birgit said in a hushed voice close to me.

I felt a hand on my chest. I took it and brought it to my lips and kissed it. The woman giggled. I reached out for her, starting with her head. I felt her hair and down her cheeks. My hands went further down to her shoulders and breasts. I turned her so I embraced her from behind and cupped her breasts. They were big and springy. Definitely one of the younger nurses. I fondled them longer than necessary just for the good feeling. The girl seemed to like it; she pressed herself towards me.

My hands went further down over her hips and belly. I felt the small bikini bottom. That had to come off if I should be able to carry out my investigation. I found a knot at the side but the girl prevented me from untying it by holding my hand.

She must have looked inquiringly at Birgit.

“Yes, my dear, he must be allowed to take them off. How else could he examine you properly,” I heard Birgit say.

The nurse let my hand loose and gasped when I removed her bikini bottom and let my hands discover her mons. The other women had suddenly got quiet. Up till now they had been commenting on my doings.

I let my nose and mouth slide over her body from her head downwards. I knelt and rested my cheek in her pubic hair and felt her nice scent.

I went further down her legs and let my tongue trail upwards her inner thighs. She kept them closed but suddenly she opened up when I was at mid-thigh. My tongue went easily all the way to her pussy lips. She tasted fresh and she was a little wet. I flicked my tongue over her clit and between her labia. She gasped again but she didn’t withdraw.

I had almost immediately become sure that I had never met this nurse before. But I took the chance to caress her. It felt great. I rose and kissed her cheek.

“I am sorry that I haven’t had this lovely woman before,” I said loudly. “But I should very much like to,” I added whispering to her.

Birgit acknowledged that I was right and the women clapped their hands.

I heard the girl leave and soon another stood before me. I did as before, started to caress her head and shoulders and cupping her breasts. They were smaller and soft. I got the first feeling that I knew the curves of these breasts. I slowly went down over her belly and hips. She did not resist when I took her panties off. The women cheered. Her pubic hair was soft and her mons fleshy. Her bottom was firm. This woman was definitely older. A memory flashed through my mind. Where and when?

I knelt as before and run my nose and tongue down her body and up between her thighs. She immediately parted her feet giving me plenty of room between her thighs. She was already wet and her legs buckled slightly when I flicked over her clit and dove into her pussy. Yes, I recognized her. I let my tongue flick over her pussy a few more times while I thought back. When her moan came I got the clue.

I rose and declared where and when I had had this woman. Birgit must have made a sign because the women cheered.

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