The Sexy Teacher


Mark had enrolled at a local college for a course to improve his writing and spelling – which could be atrocious at times. He wasn’t sure about the whole going back to school thing (and he would have looked rather silly in school uniform at his age!) and who else who would be in the class.

People drifted in and were sitting down, and Mark noticed there were men and women of a range of ages and backgrounds. People were getting to know each other, and Mark was chatting away with various fellow ‘pupils’ when he stopped mid-sentence as the door opened. In walked a vision of beauty, with red lipstick and a white blouse and looking stunning and stern.

“Good morning everyone, I’m your teacher for the course, Miss Swain.”

As for the first lesson, it was quite enlightening and inspiring and Mark was impressed by Miss Swain, she was a very good teacher and it was obvious that she enjoyed her job. Mark was very attentive at first and was keen and enthusiastic to answer questions. But then his concentration started to drift. This often happened at boring presentations, but this was not the case with Miss Swain. As she chatted away, writing on the whiteboard, then looking at the class, she would laugh and smile after saying something and it was such a charming smile. Miss Swain did have a beautiful face with her lovely hair, a gorgeously attractive and elegant nose, and dark shining enchanting eyes that you could get lost in! Like most of the guys in the class, he was falling in love with Miss Swain with her looks and her enthusiasm, whilst most of the women were impressed by her skills, but envious of the combination of her looks and teaching skills that clearly had all the guys in class enthralled.

Mark was not concentrating as much as he should on the lesson and what Miss Swain had to stay, but on Miss Swain herself. As she walked back and forth around the class, her breasts jiggled in her tight blouse, and when she was close to Mark, he could smell her perfume, and she smelt divine!

In the front of the class she looked so adorable and he tried not to stare, and to glance away. And when she smiled or flicked her hair, it sent a buzz through his body. He was getting so turned on by Miss Swain he realised his cock was starting to stir, and he desperately tried to think of something else apart from Miss Swain. He was finding it difficult to concentrate and the only way to cope with this vision before him, was to look away and stare out of the window, rather than look at Miss Swain.

Even staring out of the window didn’t help much since all he could think of was her blouse gradually becoming undone to show more of her cleavage and those pert breasts! At the end of the lesson she spoke to him as he was walking out, asking how he enjoyed the first lesson, and he was so flustered and tongue-tied he just came out with “Yeah, yeah, it was OK,” as he walked out of the door. Going home he felt so embarrassed, why he didn’t say what an amazing teacher she was!

Miss Swain had immediately liked Mark as a pupil, he seemed to be very enthusiastic at first. But then he seemed to stop paying attention. Mark kept looking this way and that and sometimes seems to be looking at her, but with a faraway look, and other times he was just staring out of the window. She was wondering if he was really concentrating on her lesson and one of her pet hates was when pupils were not paying enough attention.

For the next lesson Miss Swain wore a low black top that pushed together her ample cleavage and once again Mark found it difficult to look without staring, or to concentrate. Did Miss Swain know what impact she was having, it was like her breast were begging him to stare at them! He tried to think of something else to stop thinking of her breasts, but images drifted into his mind of what they looked like if Miss Swain was teaching topless. Now he was getting an erection and he felt uncomfortable, embarrassed, and randy. As he stared out of the window, he brushed back his hair, trying to calm down, and huffing to himself at times in frustration.

She was such a good teacher of English, and towards the end of the second lesson, one of the pupils praised her for her teaching skills and asked Miss Swain how she became a good teacher. Miss Swain explained that, with her name, Chloe Swain, she had an English father, a mother from the Ukraine, where she spent a lot of time, and a Grandmother that was French. So understanding all three languages helped her to understand English from the viewpoint of a native speaker and a non- native speaker.

The next day she came in with an example of the outfits she might wear in the Ukraine. A black top with colourful beading on the front, a bare mid riff, and a short skirt that showed of her hips and her amazing legs. With her looks and that smile she looked divine. Immediately she could see she was having an impact and asked what her pupils thought of her outfit. Of course, everyone praised her, and to Mark she looked İstanbul Escort stunning as she smiled and flicked back her long hair.

It was also getting worse and worse for Mark to concentrate. She was stunning to look at, with a mixture of English Rose, the seductive French look, and the sultry Ukrainian beauty. When she wrote on the white board, with her back to the class, her bottom was amazingly pert and shapely. Mark was back to staring out of the window, rather than at Miss Swain, or should it be Chloe? But images started to go through his mind once again. Chloe writing on the whiteboard in a very skimpy bra and panties, then Mark coming up behind to fondle her bottom, Chloe gasping at his touch, then sliding his cock into her wet pussy as he massaged her breasts and nuzzled the back of her neck.

He was enjoying the fantasy but he realised he was not concentrating as much as he should on the lesson. Then, towards the end of class, Miss Swain explained there would be a written test to find out how everyone was doing. Miss Swain walked around the class passing out the test and as she handed it to Mark, she smiled as she looked into his eyes. Mark smiled back, with a bit of a funny grin like a little boy liking the attention of a teacher he had a crush on, and an overall look like an animal caught in the headlights of a car! Miss Swain was so beautiful to look at, he could still could not work out whether those striking eyes were dark brown or blue since they seemed to shimmer between the two. Then there was her lovely smell, a combination of perfume and her own smell, and her stunning figure. That cleavage with those perky breasts with such soft skin, and those lovely long legs with that ‘cheeky’ bottom that jiggled from side to side as she walked away.

Mark never liked doing tests and for this one he was a lost cause with the impact Miss Swain was having on him. He knew a lot of the answers to the questions and Miss Swain had been such a good teacher. But he couldn’t concentrate and went home knowing he would not get a good mark.

For the next class he was late – and Miss Swain was partly to blame. He’d woken up thinking of her, slowly masturbating imaging fucking Miss Swain from behind as she was draped over her desk. He lost sense of time and had to rush to drive to the college. Every light seemed to be red, it was raining and traffic was slow. And he was not looking forward to the lesson, knowing the low mark he must have got in the test.

When he walked into the classroom, Miss Swain was standing quite close to the door, so he couldn’t just sneak in. And Miss Swain was wearing a vest-like black top that, once again, showed off her cleavage and the outline of her breasts, and a nice black-and white skirt.

“What time do you call this!” exclaimed Miss Swain.

Mark looked up (he had been momentarily fixated by her wonderful breasts) and was surprised to see Miss Swain looking sternly over her … glasses.

“Sorry I’m late Miss Swain. I didn’t know you wore glasses.”

“I normally wear contact lenses, but I was so tired from marking all the test papers, and some of the class did not do well in the test.”

Then, with a cold stare, she said “With all the marking and corrections, how I wish I could have had a lay in!”

Mark walked to his desk feeling like the little boy being told off by teacher, but a very pretty and sexy teacher. As he sat down, he noticed how she was giving him a severe look over the top of her glasses. Dam, she looked like the sexy school mistress and immediately thoughts went through his mind of a very stern Miss Swain putting him over the desk and giving him a spanking for being late! Why did all these horny thoughts go through his mind when he should be concentrating on class!

It was obvious she was not very pleased with Mark. Miss Swain wasn’t just annoyed, she was angry and pissed off. Mark looked like he would be a great student and, deep down (though she wouldn’t admit it) she quite liked Mark. She had a thing for older men, although she was surprised, from the class register that Mark’s age was 60. He looked 10 years younger and had a boyish charm. But his concentration seemed to wonder, he’d often be looking out of the window, or had a far-away look.

And his test had been appalling. Bad grammar and spelling and confused sentences. He hadn’t really thought through the wording, and never bothered to check spelling and grammar. Yet, there were one or two answers that were so well written, bizarre! On top of it all, he was late for class!

Miss Swain went through some of the topics for the lesson that day and Mark could not get it out of his mind how gorgeous she looked in that skimpy black top and the skirt that really showed off her figure, and complimented with those enchanting eyes and her long hair. Her whole outfit celebrated her curves but in a way that was not over the top. Enough to be noticed as a confident and very attractive woman. And Anadolu Yakası Escort then there were those glasses, like most guys, Mark had the hots about pretty girls in classes, that whole sexy and intelligent woman thing.

Towards the end of class she started to talk about the test and how most of the class had done very well, but a few could have done a lot better, and at least one pupil had a very poor test result, and as she said this she gave a very hard glare over her glasses at Mark. She then walked around the class handing back the test papers. When she got to Mark’s desk, as she put the paper on his desk she leant down, her gorgeous hair tumbling to one side of that pretty face, she whispered.

“You should have much better, I am very disappointed.”

Mark avoided her gaze, but in doing was looking right at that cleavage and her breasts, perfectly outlined in her top. He had come to class to improve his English and Miss Swain was a fantastic teacher, but all he could think about was her! It was not just her sexy body, and how beautiful she was, and how he fantasied about making love to her, it was also her smile and overall manner.

But he needed to stop having all these naughty thoughts about Miss Swain and concentrate! Looking at his test paper he was dismayed to see all the crossings out and comments in red ink. He did manage to do a good job at concentrating for the rest of the class and to avoid thinking of how he wanted to slowly undress Miss Swain and to caress and kiss every part of her body. Then, as the class ended, Mark got up and tried to sneak out without being noticed.

But Miss Swain noticed and sternly said “Mark, I want you to stay behind, I need to talk to you.”

And as he stood by the door and fellow pupils walked out. They all gave him different looks, a couple whispering, “who’s been a naughty boy!” Once the rest of the class had gone, Miss Swain pointed to the chair next to her desk and said, “sit!”

Mark did what she was told and sat there liked a chastised schoolboy as she went through the test and why she was so displeased with him. He tried to avoid her stern look in those glasses, but was still drawn to her face. She had those lovely engaging eyes and when she was angry she had that look of the sexy vampire about her, especially when she stood up and looked down on him. He did try and look away but found himself at eye level with that cleavage again, so close, he could reach out and hold those amazingly pert breast in his hands, release them from the confines of her top and lacy bra, and lick and suck those nipples.

“Are you listening to me!” Miss Swain shouted.

“I’m so sorry Miss,” said Kevin, sitting up straight, “you are a very good teacher, and usually I concentrate on whatever I am doing and do the task to my best ability. But, at the moment, I do find it hard to concentrate at times. I don’t really know why, and it is not your fault.”

Of course, in reality, he knew exactly why, and it was everything to do with Miss Swain and that lethal combination of her curvaceous body and looks. But there was no way he could tell Miss Swain this!

Miss Swain had been very angry about his test results and the way he couldn’t concentrate, but she did start to feel sorry for him.

“Look, I would like to give you some help if I can, and some extra tuition. I was going to suggest staying behind, but another class is coming in. It’s raining and I know you have a car. If you drive me home, perhaps we can spend half an hour or so going through things.”

Mark hadn’t planned anything for the rest of the evening, so he agreed. It was still raining outside so Mark got his car from the car park and picked Miss Swain from the entrance. Chloe was pleased he was being the gallant gentleman, or was he just trying to get into her good books after being so appalling at his test. Chloe had a big coat on, but it was quite mild, so she did not button it up.

Soon Mark arrived at the entrance. He liked his sporty looking Ford Puma, but it was quite low and could be difficult to get into. As Chloe got in, her coat came apart and her skirt rose up, and Mark had the briefest glimpse of her lower thigh. Once in, she put on her seat belt, and they set off, her enticing perfume and feminine aroma filling the air. Mark glanced across, and the way her coat naturally fell open, he noticed her skirt. It was actually black, white and grey, with images of Mickey Mouse, which gave Miss Swain quite a ‘girly’ look.

As they drove along, they chatted away, Miss Swain smiling from time to time. She had a ‘cute’ but very sexy air wearing that skirt, and he felt like the teenager on his first date with this exquisite girl sitting right next to him, overwhelming all his senses with her elusive feminine presence. Her fetching smile, her bewitching eyes, her delightful face, her endearing nose. That arousing ‘scent of woman’ that was a mixture of her perfume, hand cream, and that Kartal Escort female smell of strawberries, sugar and spice! The fact that her soft, silky, shapely and curvaceous body was so close to him. The sense of the female ‘aura’ that filled the space around her. The way the seat belt went across her top and divided her breasts, her breasts with soft succulent skin that seemed to glow. And she had the sexiest knees! How nice it would be to reach across and place his hand on her knee, or if she would rest her hand on the top of his thigh as he drove! Did women really understand the impact they had on the good guys!

“Lights Mark, lights!” screamed Chloe suddenly. Approaching the traffic lights that had been green, Mark, momentarily distracted by this beautiful woman next to him, had not noticed they had just turned red, and he had to quickly put the brakes on.

“You really need to start concentrating Mark,” said Miss Swain with relief, but also a sly smile. She had started to notice the way Mark had been looking at her, glancing from time to time at her cleavage, and she put two and two together. The reason Mark seemed preoccupied and unable to pay attention in class was that she was distracting him. Then she felt guilty, the other pupils that had not done so well were all men, and she remembered being taken to one side a while ago by a nervous principal. He tried to explain she was a very good teacher and dressed very eloquently, but (and he got very nervous at this point), sometimes it could be, err, distracting for some of the pupils in her class.

She had tried to dress differently, but she loved to dress in a subtly sensual way, and was very comfortable with her appearance. She didn’t like guys staring at her, and could be very nervous with all the attention. But she did get a buzz when she noticed guys giving her a shy glance and getting tongue-tied, as if she had some mystical female power over them!

As they drove along, without realising it, Chloe was flirting. The way she flicked her hair. At one point having a stretch that pushed out her boobs, and another point just pulling up her skirt a bit from her knee. And once, when Mark said something funny, to touch him just above the knee, when Mark suddenly swerved the car with the unexpected touch!

Stop it! Chloe thought to herself. You’re becoming a real flirt and a tease, if you keep this up he will probably end up crashing the car. Behave you little vixen, so she buttoned up her coat (to a look of relief and disappointment on Mark’s face) and was more serious – Miss Swain rather than Chloe. But she would tease him again once she had him inside her lair, feeling delightfully naughty, wicked, and aroused!

It had stopped raining by the time they got to her house and once inside she offered to make some tea. Mark sat on the sofa looking around at her very girly flat, but with that academic touch as the teacher, with bookshelves full of books. There were various titles but one that stood out was ‘The myths of mermaids and sirens in female sexuality’. Miss Swain came back into the room with two cups of tea and sat to one side of Mark as he sipped, nervously, his cup of tea.

“Now Mark, we really need to sort out some of your issues. Deep down I know you are good pupil, but you do seem to be distracted all the time, either staring out of the window or looking at me with a far-away look. I don’t understand what is distracting you.”

And as she said this, she gave him her best ‘butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth look’, her hair tumbling down one side of her face and breasts. She then leant forward so that her breasts were pushing to get out of the confines of her skimpy top, enhancing her cleavage even more.

“Well, err, mmm, Miss, it is difficult to explain.”

“Explain what?”

And then she leant even closer and pushed up her cleavage even more, and with Mark trying to avoid her gaze, he ended up looking at her breasts in all their glory, and she giggled inside since he looked like the innocent boy utterly caught under her spell. Then she pulled back and tried to look shocked, covering her top with her hand at the same time exclaiming, “are you staring at my breasts?”

“Miss Swain, I didn’t mean to look at them,” he stammered, “and I’m so sorry and I do apologise. You are a really amazing teacher, but you can be so distracting with your looks and your smile, and it means I cannot concentrate on my work, and why I didn’t do very well at the test.”

“I don’t know,” said Miss Swain sternly. “You really should be able to concentrate in class, and it is improper to stare at your teacher’s cleavage. I never understand why men are fascinated by bosoms,” squeezing her breasts together between her arms and looking into Mark’s eyes.

“That’s unfair Miss,” Mark bravely answered back. “I never stared and tried to look away, but you are a very attractive lady and with the clothes you wear and the way your wear them can be so, I am trying to think of the word – tempting, enticing, inviting, alluring, even off putting. As if you wanted me to notice.”

“Your may have a point there,” Chloe answered. “But there were other times when your thoughts seemed to be elsewhere, not on the lesson in hand, what were you thinking about?”

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