The Peeper and the Bitch Ch. 12


This is the last chapter of this series. Honestly, I didn’t expect it to get this long. But I’m proud it did. I feel like I did a better job with the characters and the scenarios they found themselves in than my first Literotica story-Xi High School’s Dangerous Darling.

This series was also much more heartwarming, intense.

And yes, all my stories on this account share the same universe. Wei first appeared in Xi High School’s Dangerous Darling. Obviously, he appeared as an evil person in this series too, but I was able to show his more humane side.

So, time for me to finish this.


On his knees, his mental hospital patient pants touching green grass blades, Reo trembled while saying, in Mongolian, “I’m going to kill all of you. I’ll take your skin off. I’ll do it slowly. You’ll suffer.”

The white-haired Chinese gangster slammed his palm against Reo’s cheek. He said, in Japanese, “Wei was my best employee. He was like a son to me. A mourning man is always dangerous. Whatever language you keep spouting from your Jap mouth, I suggest you shut up. Be a Jap for once, speak Japanese.”

Wei’s boss slapped Reo again.

Biming and the Chinese gangster Reo never seen not wearing sunglasses both laughed.

The Chinese gangster holding a sniper rifle didn’t laugh, didn’t, didn’t smirk, didn’t smile.

He trained his eyes on the vast meadow, the flowing stream, the sun-bathed flowers, the advancing bear.

“That bear is going to kill you, unless you give me a solution to my problem.” Wei’s boss said as him and the other Chinese gangsters put distance between themselves and the kneeling Reo. “I need a girl who will sell at a high price. Please, let me know if you know a girl who would sell for a high price on the market.”

The bear crushed grass, smashed flowers underneath its clawed paws, intent on making a kill.

A gust rippled Reo’s black hair.

The Chinese gang were ready to let a bear eat Reo alive on the meadow in Hokkaido.

The eighteen-year old Reo’s heart pounded.

He took quick breaths as he trembled.

The bear continued charging, appearing as furious as a priest who became aware his wife became an atheist.

“My shooter can solve your current plight, Jap.” Wei’s boss said before chuckling. “A girl in exchange for you not becoming bear food. Pick the smart choice. There’s always more pussy out there.”

Reo’s teeth chattered.

The warm sunlight didn’t prevent a chill from running along Reo’s spine.

Goosebumps spread across the boy’s skin.

He kept his eyes trained on the charging bear, who would have zero remorse if it sunk its jagged teeth into Reo’s flesh, his bones.

Altantsetseg entered Reo’s mind.

She died when she was eighteen-years old, a bullet fired by an American named Milo having had brought the Mongolian girl death.

Reo longed to have his heart stop.

If Altantsetseg was dead, Reo had no reason to live.

He wasn’t aware who his parents were.

At the mental hospital, Erino had tried chopping off Reo’s penis.

A girl named Saya seemed to have had the longing to kill Erino.

It was possible Erino had stolen a love letter Reo wrote for Saya.

If that was true, Reo might be able to trust Saya, share secrets with her, give her love.

He longed to become aware how Saya was alert to the fact he existed.

Tears blurring his vision, Reo said, in Japanese, “How does Saya know me? Who is she?”

“What?” Biming said in Japanese, the bear two-hundred feet away from Reo.

“How does Saya know me?” Reo said in a trembling tone.

He blinked, let the tears descend his face.

The tears were warm.

“You obviously don’t remember him, but my best friend-Wei-told me you had sex with Saya after she caught you peeping in the female locker room at school.” Biming said as the bear stopped.

The Chinese gangster holding the sniper rifle laughed. He said, “What the fuck?! Seriously?”

Biming chuckled, focus on the bear.

The savage creature emitted a loud roar.

It advanced towards Reo.

More tears left Reo’s eyes.

His body shook.

Reo opened his mouth after his mind filled with the moment Saya rode him in the girls’ locker room a their school.

His mind filled with the moment Saya thrust a strap-on into his ass.

His mind filled with all the memories he lost while being Altantsetseg’s captive.

At the mental hospital, Saya had saved Reo from losing his cock.

The eighteen-year old girl had left Reo, went with Erino.

Reo had made no attempt to speak to Saya.

He had disappointed the girl he had written a love letter for.

“She saved me.” Reo said as the bear ran towards him at an quick pace. “Saya saved me. And I love her.”

Wei’s boss scoffed. He said, “Enough with the Jap love realization. I still need a solution for my problem. The bear will eat you alive if you don’t give me a solution.”

Reo took a shaking breath. When the bear was fifteen feet away from him, he said, “Kashi Erino!”

The sniper took aim, fired.

A bullet met the bear’s fur, skin, flesh, bursa otele gelen escort skull, launched through the back of its head.

The bear dropped, squirmed for six seconds, died.

The gunshot sounded throughout the meadow, the area.

Birds left the trees, formed a massive flock as they fleed, the winged animals terrified.

“Who is Kashi Erino.” Wei’s boss said.

Reo turned to the ancient Chinese man. He said, “She’s eighteen. Her breasts are huge. And if you can’t take her, Wei’s girlfriend Hana will be another great choice. She’s got a nice butt. Eighteen too. Both girls should sell for a high price.”

Wei’s boss nodded, seeming as satisfied as a man who shot his cum into a beautiful, twenty-year old virgin woman.

The Chinese man who Reo never seen not wearing sunglasses sneezed.

“Can we get out of here? I’ve been aching for some Jap pussy,” he said.

After returning to Tokyo, Reo accompanied the Chinese gangsters to the outside of Saya’s mansion.

The gangsters hid, trained their eyes on Reo, who wore normal clothes over his mental hospital patient uniform.

Saya’s red sports car remained parked in the home’s driveway.

Reo longed to sit in the car’s passenger seat while Saya drove. If that happened, he would cherish laughing at a joke with Saya, giving her a kiss.

But Erino had Saya as her lover.

Reo intended on making Erino single.

Without Erino, Saya would have to become Reo’s love.

“Aspiring Mongol, what can I do for you?” Erino said after opening the mansion’s door, the eighteen-year old girl dressed in a white robe. “I just finished licking Saya-chan. After she licked me, of course.”

Reo shoved Erino back, entered the home, closed the front door.

Scowling, Reo said, “I’m Japanese. I’m as much of a Jap as you are. And I’m tough now, bitch. Leave. Never come back here again. Saya-chan doesn’t love you.”

Erino smiled, gave three light slaps to Reo’s cheek.

Reo was muscular now.

He had killed wolves in Mongolia.

To him, Erino was as terrifying as a newborn turtle.

Erino moved onto the sofa. She scoffed before saying, “You abandoned Saya-chan. I didn’t. I was always here for her. Where were you? You were losing your mind in Mongolia. And before that, you let me steal the love letter, let me give it to Saya-chan. You’re always going to be a pathetic loser.”

“Like your dead Chinese boyfriend?” Reo said, taking a step towards Erino.

Erino bared her teeth, as if she was a dog planning to kill.

“Mention him again and I’ll kill you. I’ll kill you like I killed the gang who killed him.” Erino said, clenching her fists. She stood. “Get the fuck out of here.”

Saya stepped into view, on the stairs, donning a red dress, appearing more beautiful than the previous times Reo seen her.

Saya covered her mouth in shock.

Erino didn’t see Saya.

“Didn’t you kill all those gang members? Even months after they kidnapped you? They weren’t a threat then. Instead of going to the police, you illegally acted out justice. Being a vigilante is illegal.” Reo said. “I’m sure the detectives in America would love to see you.”

“I’m going to kill you too.” Erino said.

Erino tackled Reo to the floor.

While slamming her fist into his face, she said, in a loud tone, “I’m going to beat you to death right fucking now!”

Pain shrouded Reo’s face.

Erino didn’t stop hurting him with her fists.

A rage-filled scream came from Erino.

Erino moved.

Saya, pulling Erino back, had stopped Erino from beating Reo to death.

On the floor, Reo laughed with joy, pulled his cellphone from his pocket.

The phone’s voice recorder was on.

Reo stopped voice recording.

Erino screamed in rage, but she did not become aware Reo had been voice recording.

Saya kept Erino restrained. She flashed a smile at Reo, turned her head to Erino, kissed the evil girl’s head. She said, “I love you, Erino-chan.”

Outside, Reo assembled with Biming and the other Chinese gangsters. He said, “We’ll take Wei’s girlfriend.”

“Why?” Biming said, clenching his fists.

“Because Kashi’s going to prison.” Reo said.

When the moon glowed against them as stars remained spread throughout the night sky, outside Wei’s uncle’s warehouse, Biming trained his eyes on Reo, who placed the restrained and gagged Hana into Wei’s boss’s car’s trunk.

Biming scoffed, closed the trunk as tears left Hana’s eyes.

The Chinese gangster clapped Reo’s shoulder. He said, “You might be a weird Jap, but you’re a truly useful one. Bye, Tanaka.”

Biming pulled rolled yen from his pocket, handed it to Reo, moved towards the car’s passenger seat.

“Bye.” Reo said before turning.

Inside the car, Wei’s boss listened as Hana struggled in the trunk.

He smiled.

“Yeah. That Jap turned out more useful than we both expected.” Wei’s boss said when Biming entered the car. Biming closed the door. Wei’s boss moved the car forward. “Let’s get back to China.”

On a Monday, Erino Kashi sat at her escort bayan desk in Masato High School, eating alone.

Other teenagers had their desks arranged in groups. They talked, laughed, ate.

Unlike Erino, they had classmates who cared.

Two men stepped into the classroom, donning brown suits while holding open wallets displaying Tokyo Metropolitan Police Detective badges.

They turned their heads to Erino. In unison, they said, “Kashi Erino. You’re under arrest.”

Saya stopped walking in the school hall when she seen two detectives escorting Erino.

“Erino-chan!” Saya said before moving to the spot near her.

“Go away. Police business,” one of the detectives said, gripping Erino’s arm.

Saya took a trembling breath. She hugged Erino, making the three walking people stop walking.

The two detectives scoffed.

“Stay strong.” Saya said before separating from Erino. She kissed her. “Bye, Erino-chan.”

Erino, tears leaking from her eyes, gave Saya a nod.

“That’s enough gay shit,” said the detective who spoke earlier.

The detectives left with Erino, gripping her arms.

Saya wiped at her tears.

Erino was a girl who killed an entire Chinese gang, had tried chopping off Reo’s penis, had pretended Reo’s love letter was one she wrote, but Erino was a girl who loved Saya.

Reo descended stairs, stepped into the hall, holding a paper sheet.

“Reo.” Saya said after smiling.

Reo turned to her, waved. He said, “Saya.”

Saya approached Reo. She took the paper from him.

“You’re going to school in America?” Saya said in shock.

Reo nodded, ran a hand through his hair. He said, “I need to escape. After everything that’s happened, I feel like Tokyo is too painful to keep living in. Well, Japan as a whole.”

They were the sole people in the hall.

They never kissed each other.

Reo intended on attending school in America, but Saya would move to America with him if she had the urge to.

Reo could be ten thousand miles away from Saya, but the girl would still cherish him, love him.

Saya gave the paper sheet to Reo.

“I understand. I can’t blame you. This year was insane.” Saya said as a male teacher descended the steps Reo had moved on.

The male teacher would grin when he assigned homework the average student would take three days to complete.

He had spent time in Argentina in an attempt to be like the Nazis who fled there after Hitler died.

On April 20th, 2015, he smoked marijuana in Jamaica while drowning stray dogs in a lake.

He belonged in a prison cell.

Saya pulled an envelope from her pocket, handed it to Reo.

The envelope had an heart drawn on it.

“Open that whenever you’re in a private space.” Saya said as the sadistic male teacher scoffed in spite. “And come to my place tonight. My parents aren’t home.”

The male teacher crossed his arms. He said, “That’s a lot of night studying you two will be doing.”

He scoffed, left the hall.

Two hours after school ended for the day, a taxi driver had a heart attack, crashed his taxi into the male teacher.

The sadistic teacher died in the ambulance.

“That was a nice love letter you wrote me, Saya.” Reo said five hours later while sitting on Saya’s bed.

Saya stripped until she had no clothes on. As Reo’s cock grew hard, the wealthy girl said, “You wrote me an even better one. You deserve the letter, like you deserve me.”

Reo nodded.

He took off his clothes, tossed them onto the floor. He said, “I remember how we met. I was a pathetic peeper.”

Still standing, Saya moved two fingers into her wet pussy.

While rubbing her clit, she emitted a soft moan.

“And I beat you up, fucked you. Then you fell in love with me after I fucked your ass a few days later.” Saya said, fingering herself. “I love you now. And we’re together.”

Reo left the bed.

He took Saya’s hand, shut his eyes.

The two exchanged a long, passionate kiss.

Warm joy filled their bodies.

Wei was dead.

The law would decide Erino’s fate.

Hana was gone.

The Chinese gangsters had stopped being a problem for Reo.

Reo and Saya were a couple.

For them, life was as joyful as choosing not to kill yourself and having a great time the next day.

Reo stopped kissing Saya.

He wrapped his arms around her.

She hugged him back.

On the bed, Reo planted kisses against Saya’s stomach as the wealthy girl lied on her back.

When Reo licked her clit, Saya moaned, moved her hands to Reo’s head.

Reo shoved his fingers into Saya’s pussy.

Warmth shrouded the fingers he had moved into his girlfriend’s pussy.

Pussy juice soaked Reo’s fingers.

He pulled his fingers out. They dripped with wetness.

Reo moved his fingers into Saya at a quick pace.

Saya released long moans.

While Reo licked her clit and fingered her, Saya squirted onto his face.

His face warm, wet, Reo grinned. He said, “That’s my girl.”

Reo was no longer a Japanese peeper.

He was a Japanese mudanya escort pleaser.

The Japanese pleaser let Saya’s own pussy juice drip onto her face after bringing his face close to hers.

Reo kissed her, wetting her lips.

He flipped Saya onto her stomach, tapped her ass with his nine-inch long cock, forced Saya onto her hands and knees.

“Just put it in.” Saya said in a trembling voice, sounding more aroused than Reo.

Reo slid his hands along Saya’s warm back.

He eased his huge cock into her wet pussy.

The warmth from Reo’s cock mingled with the warmth from Saya’s pussy.

Saya emitted a soft moan. She gripped her bed’s comforter. She said, “Do whatever you want to me.”

“I will.” Reo said before pulling his cock from Saya’s pussy.

He rammed his cock into her.

Saya jerked forward while yelping.

Reo smiled.

He slammed in and out Saya’s pussy.

Pussy juice dripped onto the comforter, formed a wet spot.

Reo, gripping Saya’s hips, let his balls swing as he cherished the warmth from Saya pussy.

As the bed shook, Saya’s breasts shook.

As Saya’s legs shook, Reo shook.

Reo’s teeth chattered.

Warmth flooding his body, he was aware he would have an intense orgasm.

Saya was his.

He was Saya’s.

“Fuck me!” Saya said a minute later, tears leaking from her eyes. “Keep fucking me like that!”

Saya released short breaths, panting, filled with lust.

Reo panted, slammed his cock into Saya harder.

“You want me to keep fucking you like this?!” Reo said in a shout, his fingernails digging into Saya’s skin.

“I love your cock!” Saya said.

Reo gritted his teeth. He forced Saya onto her stomach. He said, “And like this too?!”

Her body pressing against the bed as the Japanese pleasure rammed into her, Saya said, “Yes! I’m your slut!”

Reo slammed his palm against Saya’s ass.

The sound of Reo spanking Saya’s ass filled the room.

“That’s for beating me when I first met you, slut.” Reo said.

Saya giggled, as if having her ass slapped was as enjoyable as a card game with friends on a beach in Hawaii.

He yanked Saya’s long black hair.

“Say you’re just a cum dumpster.” Reo said while gritting his teeth.

He slapped Saya’s ass with the hand not gripping Saya’s hair.

“Now, slut!” Reo said.

Pussy juice sprayed from Saya, making Reo pull his cock out.

Screaming, filled with bliss, Saya moved her ass into the air, letting her warm cum splash against more areas on the bed, letting her warm cum splash against Reo.

“Fuck.” Saya said in a weak tone.

His legs wet, his cock wet, Reo forced Saya’s face against her pillow, forced himself on the girl, making her stomach press against the wetness on the bed.

“Take this cock again, so I’ll prove you’re just a cum dumpster.” Reo said, thrusting his huge cock into Saya’s wet pussy. The Japanese pleasure moved his thumb into Saya’s ass. “Take my thumb too, cum dumpster.”

Saya’s brown asshole squeezed Reo’s thumb.

After slamming his cock into the screaming Saya three times, Reo launched cum from his soaking wet cock.

The warm cum jets collided with Saya’s pussy, splashed against it.

“Cum dumpster.” Reo said before slamming the back of his hand against Saya’s ass.

Saya shut her eyes. Her face wet with cum and tears, she said, “Your cum dumpster.”

After Reo left Saya’s home, he went to the spot outside an apartment he spent months away from.

Sora Tanaka opened the apartment’s front door, opened his mouth in shock after training his eyes on Reo.

“Son, you’re back.” Reo’s dad said before giving him a tight hug.

Reo’s mom arrived, hugged Reo and Sora.

Reo smiled.

In Yokohama, Milo slammed his fist into a Mexican-hating White man’s face at a park.

The next day, in Beijing, China, Biming stood outside on Xi High School’s grounds, dressed in an outfit worth one thousand American dollars.

He appeared as suave as a person who shot a moving target from three hundred feet away with utter confidence.

He held an envelope in his hand.

It was the envelope Wei had ordered him to give to Ling.

The eighteen-year old Ling walked away from the school, holding another eighteen-year old girl’s hand.

Both girls were dressed in the female version of Xi High School uniforms.

The girls’ white-and-pink plaid skirts moved as their owners’ hips swayed.

The wind rippled the girls’ vests, their pink bows, their white dress shirts underneath the vests.

A gust rippled Ling’s long black hair, moved against her alluring face.

Biming was aware why Wei had chosen Ling to be his girlfriend.

“She’s still beautiful, Wei.” Biming said before moving towards Ling.

When Biming was close to her, Ling stopped walking, released the hand belonging to her friend, who stopped walking too.

Without speaking to each other, Biming and Ling hugged.

“Hey, Ling. Who’s your friend?” Ling’s friend said, gripping her backpack’s straps, staring at Biming with lust.

“Be quiet, Fan.” Ling said. Her and Biming stopped hugging. She grasped Biming’s wrists. “Biming was Wei’s best friend. He’s also my friend.”

Biming turned to Fan. He nodded at her.

“I’m from Guangzhou, moved to Beijing when I was twelve.” Biming said. “Your friend’s boyfriend was like a brother to me.”

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