The Riding Lesson Ch. 02


Frank and I talked often about the woman we had fucked last Saturday and we both wondered whether she would return with her daughter as she said she would.

The week sped by quickly. Before we could turn around it was Sunday. No students today but like all business that has livestock the work was neverending. We had a mare that was in heat and ready for our stallion to breed so that was our chore for the day.

Frank brought out the mare and placed her in a padded stall. When horses mate it can get very rough and we didn’t want the mare to hurt herself. Just as Frank went off to fetch the stallion, a blue BMW convertible pulled up to the barn. In it was our gal from last Saturday with a lovely young version of herself sitting beside her. Frank and I glanced at each other as the two women got out of the car.

It was easy to see the relationship between them. Both were lovely and both had black hair. The mother had slightly larger breasts but the daughter was not far behind. They were both wearing low heel shoes, short skirts and blouses which were buttoned up the front. They had long smooth legs that would turn a man’s eye in a heartbeat, and I would bet neither had on any panties or bras.

We exchanged greetings but I struggled to remember her name. She laughed and reminded me that her name was Gail. Then she introduced her daughter.

“This is my daughter, Sue.” She said, pushing Sue forward. Then she teasingly chided me “You do remember that I told you about her last week.”

I replied “Yes, of course,” and greeted Sue with a disarming smile.

Gail then asked “Is it ok to drop in like this without an appointment?”

I said “Sure. We’re going to breed a mare. Other than that, we’ve got nothing else planned.”

Gail’s ears perked up when we mentioned the breeding. “May I watch?” she asked.

Frank was watching Gail with a keen interest. I knew he was hoping for more of her hot pussy.

I nodded over to Frank and said, “It’s his call.”

Of course Frank said “Yes.”

With a grin on his face, he led Gail to the padded stall where she could watch him working. Frank brought out the large black stallion and paraded him for Gail’s appraisal. The horse was charged up. He could smell the mare Göztepe Escort and reared. Gail backed off slightly. Frank then turned the stallion loose in the stall with the mare.

I turned to Sue, nudged her on the arm and said “Let’s chat a bit,” then led the way to my office. She followed me.

We entered my office and Sue flopped down on the couch opposite me. Like a lot of young people, Sue had an attitude. She was full of herself and I found out quite quickly that she was also a tease. She sprawled out, her legs open, giving me a great view up her thighs. Every now and then her hand would drop down and rub her leg or her breasts. It was just a light touch but definitely an attention grabber.

I couldn’t help picturing her mother on that same couch a week ago when Gail was fucking me and Frank.

I went through with Sue everything that was expected of her should she join the Riding Academy. As we talked, she told me that the only reason she was here was that her mom said to do this or her allowance was going to get cut off. It seems her dad is a wealthy business man and Sue had been raising hell, drinking and fucking, and getting kicked out of school. Sue had no qualms telling me all about it. She seemed to delight in it.

Meanwhile in the barn, Gail and Frank were busy with the breeding. The stud was moving to mount the mare. She had spread her legs waiting for his lunge. His cock was run out and with a leap he was on her, driving his cock in her.

Gail gasped aloud, watching. Her hands roaming across her tingling body. Her pussy starting to seep that sweet woman’s juice. Her nipples hard. Frank was standing beside her, his hand lightly caressing Gail’s body. She dropped her hand to grab at his growing cock.

Gail whispered “Fuck me. Fuck me now… like the stud is.”

Frank didn’t need to be told twice. He threw a blanket down to cover a pile of hay and Gail slid down on top of it. Frank flipped up Gail’s skirt and exposed her bare ass, pulling her hips up so that her ass was up in the air. He then dropped his pants. His throbbing cock was rigid. He rubbed its thick head on her wet cunt lips and like the stud, shoved it in her cunt in one powerful thrust.

Gail gasped and moaned İstanbul Escort as Frank’s cock went deep in her pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh!” she screamed out, “Yesssssssss!”

Frank started to fuck her hard as she watched the horses fuck.

“Do it! Fuck me hard!” she moaned.

Frank didn’t need to hear that as his hard cock rammed in her cunt. Her head was buried in the hay as he fucked her. He held her down and pumped his cock in her. Frank was moaning with pure pleasure as he filled her sweet hot wet cunt with his thick cock. His balls were swinging as he fucked Gail, slapping up against her soft flesh. He could feel her pussy tighten around his cock shaft and this made him fuck her even faster. She looked up and told him to turn her over. Frank stopped and did as she asked, flipping her around with his cock still deep in her cunt. Gail locked her legs up around his waist and he started to fuck her hard. She moaned feeling his cock filling her cunt. She was close to cumming and she let him know it. He, in turn, fucked away like a madman. He was close too.

Back in the office, Sue continued to tease me, giving me glimpses of her young pink pussy. I felt my cock stiffening but I tried to ignore it as I continued to talk about riding lessons. Suddenly Sue rose and came towards me. She placed her hands on the arms of my chair and leaned in towards me, her face close to mine.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I asked her, my eyes fixed on her breasts.

“What do you think?” she replied as she took hold of my belt and started to unbuckle it.

She smiled as she proceeded to unzip my trousers and pull them off. I didn’t resist much and groaned loudly when her hand took hold of my hardening cock. She pumped my cock a few times with her hand, making it rock hard, while I slide my hands up under her top to squeeze her soft, round breasts and pinch the nipples.

I didn’t object at all when Sue pulled her skirt up. I stared at that juicy little cunt and knew that I was going to fuck her. Sue climbed onto my chair and planted her sweet pussy onto my cock. I thrust the head inside and it slipped in easily, my hands pushing Sue’s hips down on me. She moaned as she started to fuck. My cock throbbed as I thrust Anadolu Yakası Escort upwards into her, feeling her cunt gripping my shaft tightly. I drove my cock deep inside Sue’s pussy. She moaned.

I moaned. I was going to cum and held her down on my cock as I spurted my seed inside her. I felt her cunt tighten on my cock as she came. Her juices gushed down over my balls. I held her for a few minutes before she got off me. Her thighs were wet and I pushed a box of tissues towards her for her to clean herself up with. I watched her wipe herself dry. Then she surprised me by kneeling down and sucking my cum covered cock clean. I stroked her hair as she sucked.

I finally pushed her away and stood up, my legs felt weak.

Sue smiled at me saying”You enjoyed that, didn’t you?”

I said “Yes, but we need to keep this between us. I don’t think your mom would approve of me fucking you. We need to get out of here now and back over to the barn.”

She laughed and said “This is going to be a lot of fun!”

As we approached the barn I could hear moaning and grunting.

“Oh fuck” I said to myself and tried to stop Sue from entering the barn but it was to late. She had also heard the noises and ran in. She stared at her mom getting fucked on a bale of hay.

Gail and Frank were oblivious to our arrival. Frank let out a final loud grunt and exploded. His cock spurting cum deep in her cunt. Gail, in turn, tightened her legs around Frank’s waist and with a moan started to cum.

Sue grinned wide as Gail looked over at us both standing there, watching them fuck.

Sue smirked and said “Well, Mom, I bet Dad would love to hear about this. I would enjoy telling him all about you being fucked by a black farmhand. I wonder what you would give for me to keep quiet about this?”

Frank slid his cummy cock out of Gail’s cunt.

Gail stood up and brushed hay from her hair. She walked to Sue and hissed at her “Ok. We can keep this between us. I guess its your show. Now let’s go home.”

Sue looked over at Frank and me, and remarked “Don’t worry guys. We will be coming back once Mom and I have had a little chat about today.” She smiled and continued “I will think about it and let everyone know what to expect next time.”

Gail and Sue then both got in their car and left.

Frank said to me “Did I fuck up?”

I told him “No. It’s ok. Don’t worry about it. It looks like Sue is going to call the tune for us to dance to but lets see how it goes next time.”

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