The Office Mess – Part 6

Big Tits

I went home and went to bed, planning on our morning. I fell asleep quickly.My cell phone rang at midnight and it was Brittany.“Hello.”“I wanted you to know what you missed by leaving me alone tonight.” I could hear a buzzing noise in the background. “I have my vibrator out and it will finish what you started. Can you hear it?”“Yes, I can.”“I am touching it to my clit. I have Cebeci Escort it on slow speed and it feels like someone is licking me.” And I could hear her softly moan.“Tell me more about it.”“It has several speeds and pulses. I can speed it up or slow it down. I have had it for a few months, and I use it almost every Çıtır Escort night. Once I pull it out, I play with it until I orgasm. Sometimes multiple orgasms.” I could hear her soft sounds and the sound of the vibrator in the background. “Unfortunately for you this is a solo show, and you will hear it but not see Demetevler Escort it.”I could tell our conversation was affecting me already and I reached down to check. My cock was already semi-hard and my touch probed it to attention. “Just so you know, two can play this game. My cock is hard.”“My vibrator is now inside of me. It is filling me up and I can feel the juices. I am taking the juices on my finger and tasting them. Ummmmmm, this is so fucking hot. I want you to listen to me as I play with myself. Tell me what you are doing.”“I have my cock in my right hand and am slowly stroking it. Long slow strokes from top to bottom. I am imagining you laying in front of me and I am watching you play with your vibrator.”

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