The Honeymoon


My wife and I decided that our honeymoon would be a six-month backpacking tour of Europe. The wedding was beautiful, all we could have imagined. The weather was perfect, sunny but not too hot, and my wife looked stunning.

She is quite tall, about 5’9″ and lean. She was a volleyball player at College so her legs were, I thought, perfect. She often wore heels so stood over 6′. I myself am 6’3″ and also lean. I enjoyed surfing and as a result my body was in good shape.

She has long, dark hair; down to the small of her back. I love her hair. When we are in bed I love to wrap myself in it. My hair is a lighter colour because of the amount of time I spend in the sun.

We were both 25 when we were married. We were in love and couldn’t wait to start the rest of our lives with each other with the trip of a lifetime.

We flew into Amsterdam and had organised to spend five nights there, both to look around as well as recover from any jetlag. It is a beautiful old city and we both enjoyed the art galleries and museums. While we were there we finalised our Eurail Passes. We had three months to travel on any train in the European Union.

We began our trip by heading to Cologne and then on to Munich. That was the extent of our plans. We loved Cologne and looked forward to Munich. We hopped on the train and it stopped at Heidelberg. We decided to get off the train there because of its University, which is the oldest in the world.

We arrived late in the day, found where the Youth Hostel was and caught a bus there. We expected to find food for sale there, as we had none of our own. Unfortunately we were to be disappointed. I decided top catch the bus back into the city and get us something to eat.

The bus arrived soon after and I went back into Heidelberg. I bought some rolls and some salad for our dinner and went back to the bus stop. The last bus was just leaving and I was too late to catch it. Damn. It was about a twenty-minute ride but I was sure I could remember where the hostel was so I began walking.

It wasn’t long before I was hopelessly lost. Not only did I not know where I was, but also I wasn’t sure if I could get back into town either.

Fortunately, I passed a townhouse, which looked different to all the others nearby, where I heard English being spoken. Two men emerged from a car and were about to go inside the free standing building.

“Hey, wait up, can you help me?” I called.

They turned towards me. “What seems to be the problem,” one said?

“My wife and I are staying at the Youth Hostel. I’m trying to get back there but I’m lost. Is there and way you could help me get there?”

“For sure, hop in, we’ll take you there. It’s not far.”

“Thank you so much. I was starting to panic for a while.”

“We are going to a small gathering with a few friends. Would you and your wife like to come?”

“Oh, I don’t know. I’ll have to ask Jen. I’m Scott, by the way.”

“I’m Karl,” said the driver. “And this is Tony.”

“Boy, am I glad to meet you.”

We drove for a short while before we arrived at the Hostel. We went up to our room. I walked in and said to Jen, “I missed the last bus and got lost walking home. These two guys came to my rescue. Not only that they’ve invited us to a small gathering with them.

Karl and Tony were very charming to my wife and soon convinced her that they weren’t going to murder us so she agreed to come out. We got back in the car and before we knew it were back at the townhouse.

We went inside and were introduced to four more guys and one absolutely stunning blonde named Gretchen. She and Jen were the only two women there. The first thing I noticed was the smell of dope lingering. I whispered to Jen, “Can you smell that?”

“What,” she asked?

“Dope, hashish I think.”

Karl brought us both a beer and offered us a hit of their bong. I declined but Jen eagerly took a hit.

“Ooh, that’s really smooth,” she said.

The party stayed low key. Drinks were plentiful and Jen was having a great time. She was dancing with all the guys, in between bouts of giggling with Gretchen. I suddenly felt really tired. I felt my eyes getting really heavy. The last thing I saw was Karl and Tony, along with two of their friends watching me with what looked like smirks an their faces.

I woke up the next morning in bed not sure where I was. I looked around. I was in our hostel room but Jen wasn’t with me.

“What the hell happened last night?” I thought to myself.

I looked around in a daze. There was a large envelope propped up on the table next to the bed. This looked ominous. I looked at my watch. I couldn’t believe it. According to my watch I had been asleep for over 30 hours – I had missed an entire day. I thought, “What the hell is going on here?”

I staggered to the toilet. My legs felt really heavy but my mind was fairly clear. I steeled myself to look in the envelope. There was a letter, and a memory stick. I opened the letter and read:

Dear Scott,

After gaziantep escort ilanları last night I need some time out to think. I don’t know what you were trying to do but you really hurt me. Please let me have some time to myself.

Love Jen.

“What I was trying to do? I didn’t do anything. I fell asleep – for 30 hours,” I thought. I grabbed my laptop and started it up. I inserted the memory stick. There were a series of photos – of me with Gretchen. They were, to say the least, compromising. There were pictures of me all over her, then of me taking her clothes off, then of me fucking her. I looked like I was enjoying it too. Gretchen looked less pleased. The look on her face showed that she was an unwilling participant.

But how could this be? I fell asleep quite early. I don’t even remember finishing my beer. “Fuck,” I thought, “Maybe it was spiked. Maybe I had no idea what I was doing.”

I was racking my brain trying to come up with an explanation but couldn’t think of anything that made any sense.

I decided to ring Jen. The message told me her phone was switched off. I then thought to go back to the townhouse. Surely I could find it again.

Fortunately I found it fairly easily. I knocked on the door – no answer. I knocked again, and kept knocking, then banged on the door. Still nothing. I looked through the window. It looked like it was empty. I walked around to the rear and looked in a window there. Nothing. I tried the back door. Success, it was unlocked.

I entered cautiously. I called out, “Is there anyone here? Karl, Tony, Gretchen, anyone?”

There was no furniture, which I thought was strange as it had been a fully furnished house last night. No, the night before last. This was really weird. I had no idea what to do next. I went back to the hostel, went up to the room and sat. I looked around, for no particular reason. I then realised that Jen’s backpack was missing.

“Shit, what now?” I wondered.

I racked my brains for a while and suddenly thought, “The Police. I’ll go to the cops. They should be able to sort something out for me.”

I found out where the nearest police station was. It was back in town near the railway station. Fortunately the woman at the desk spoke English. I told her what had happened. She said, “Are you sure your wife didn’t just get angry with you and leave to go to Munich early?”

“Well, I don’t know. I tried calling her but her phone is switched off. What about the house with no furniture?”

“Are you certain it was the same house?”

“I’m sure. It had a distinctive pattern of brickwork that was different to all the others. I don’t know what to do. I’m in a foreign country and my wife of a little over a week has gone missing.”

“Give me a description and I’ll see what we can do.”

“Thank you so much,” I said as I described my wife to the German Policewoman.

I stayed in Heidelberg for the next seven days, each day worse than the last. There was absolutely no sign of Jen. It was as if she had disappeared off the face of the earth. I didn’t know what to do.

The police were stumped too. The policewoman I first spoke to offered me some advice. “Continue your tour. Keep in touch with us and if we hear anything we’ll let you know. There’s no use you staying here worrying.”

With a heavy heart I decided to do just that. I left Heidelberg wondering if I’d ever see my beautiful wife again.

I was even able to enjoy my trip, sometimes. I rang and left messages for Jen every day. I texted her every day. I emailed her every day. Nothing. I was beginning to despair.

Towards the end of my three-month train tour I found myself in Portugal at a little coastal village where the people were lovely and the surfing looked great. I decided to stop there a while. Not a single day went by where I didn’t try to contact my wife, but there was nothing in return. I was in contact with the Heidelberg police. They tried their best but for them it was a simple case of a missing person and one of two things probably happened. Either she had decided to remove herself or she had met with foul play. There was no evidence of foul play so they were inclined to think she’d left me of her own accord.

I couldn’t understand it. Even if she thought I fucked Gretchen on purpose I’d have thought she’d have spoken to me by now. I just didn’t get it.

Then, out of the blue, almost six months to the day since I last saw my wife, I get a text message, “Come to Heidelberg. We need to talk.”

It came from an unknown number but it had to be from Jen. I rang the number straight away but there was no response. I left voice messages and texts. Nothing. But I went to Heidelberg that day. I texted that number and Jen’s number that I would be there soon.

I arrived late the next day after a couple of changes of train and hanging around various railway stations waiting. I was tired but optimistic. Strangely enough I had nowhere to stay so I found myself on a bus to the same Hostel where this all began.

I sent a text message to say that I had arrived and was in the hostel. No reply.

I slept. The next morning I was considering my options when there was a knock at the door. A large man stood in the doorway. “My name is Rolf. Come with me please.”

I grabbed my wallet and phone and followed Rolf. We got into a non-descript Mercedes and drove. About 15 minutes out of town we arrived at what looked like a small castle. There was a mile long; winding driveway and we then arrived at the residence.

I was ushered in to a comfortable room with floor to ceiling windows and another door opposite the one I came in. Sitting in a comfortable chair next to an open fireplace was Gretchen.

“What are you … Gretchen, what’s going on, where’s Jen?”

“Don’t worry, Scott, she’s here but wanted me to talk to you before she did.”

“Why, what’s going on,” I repeated?

“She was very hurt by what you did.”

“What are you talking about? I don’t remember anything from that night.”

“Well she does and she’s not happy. She was really angry. Tony and I calmed her down. She saw that I was not willing and wanted to go to the police but I convinced her to let me handle it. Tony was really good to her. He found her a job here and everything. She loves it too so you’d better prepare yourself for her staying here and working.”

“What? No, we’re going home. We’ll put all of this behind us and move on with our lives. Surely she’ll see that I was set up. Why the hell would you do that to me, to us, anyway?”

“All will be revealed at the right time. Right now, we’ll bring Jen in and you can talk to her.”

With that she pressed a button on the wall next to the fireplace. Somewhere deep inside the castle a bell rang. A short time later the door opened and in walked my wife.

My jaw nearly hit the floor. Her beautiful long black hair was half its length and blonde. It was shaved on one side. She had her head down and didn’t look t me and she stood in the doorway. She was wearing a long billowing gown that his her amazing figure.

“Come in, pet,” Gretchen said.

“Pet,” I thought?

Jen walked up to Gretchen and stood quite still. Gretchen put her arm around Jen and said, “Look up, pet.”

Jen looked up and saw me. She trembled, with a fearful look on her face.

“Remember what we said. Noone will hurt you,” whispered Gretchen.

“Hurt you,” I yelled, “Why would anyone want to hurt you, Jen? What’s been going on here? Talk to me.”

Jen spoke, quietly. “I have something for you.”

She handed me a large envelope. It was stamped with the symbol of the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. I opened it and there were a number of documents in it. The topmost one was a divorce decree, dissolving our marriage.

“What the hell is this? A divorce? It’s not even legal. Aren’t I supposed to sign it or something?”

Gretchen spoke, “Oh, you poor, naïve man. How hard do you think it was to forge your signature? I can assure you it’s perfectly legal, both here and in your country.”

I was speechless. Jen and I had been married for a little over six months, most of which has been spent apart, and we were divorced.

“A good lawyer here, some photos and a police report stating that you’d abandoned your wife and it was easy.”

“Jen, you’re awfully quiet. What have you got to say?”

“I don’t love you. I love my life here and I’m staying. Go home and forget about me.”

I looked around the room. “I’d like to speak to Jen alone please.” I thought I was keeping my temper quite well.

Jen looked straight at Gretchen. “Be honest, my pet. He can’t hurt you here. Start at the very beginning and tell him everything.”

Gretchen left the room. Jen looked at me and said, “I’m not sure where to start.”

“Why not do what Gretchen said and start at the beginning. What happened at the house? I fell asleep.”

“Yes, I know that now. Karl and Tony had a heap of hashish. I really helped myself, with their encouragement. I was really floating. It was great. I lost it for a while and had no idea what I had done. There were fleeting moments I remember but not much. Gretchen said at one stage, ‘Look at this.’ I don’t remember what I was looking at. The next I remember it was the next day. Gretchen showed me the photos. I took one look and burst into tears. I thought, ‘Why would you do that.” And told Gretchen that she should go to the police.”

“I don’t remember doing any of that, Jen. You’ve got to believe me.”

“I do believe you, now, but back then I was hurt and angry. Tony started rubbing my back and hugging me. He gave me a cup of tea and after I drank it I began to feel funny, really good. Tony kept hugging me and I could feel his cock through his pants. For some reason I felt the need to see it. I grabbed it and took it out of his pants. He pushed me to my knees. I don’t know what came over me. I licked it and loved its taste. I loved that I could make it as hard as it was. I sucked him until he came and then I swallowed his load. I needed it inside me so I stood up, stripped off and lay back. He moved on top of me and started fucking me, hard. It’s exactly what I wanted. I remember saying, “Fuck me, harder, come on, fuck me hard.” And that’s exactly what he did. I came really hard and wanted more. He came inside me and I was still really horny. Karl came to me, naked. Tony rolled off me and Karl took his place. I loved it. I was insatiable, and it was great. I didn’t think about you at all, just my pleasure. I came while Karl fucked me and then again when he shot his cum into me.”

I listened, absolutely amazed. My wife was describing how she cheated on me. Repeatedly, with two men. My heart was thumping.

Jen went on. “Tony hugged me again and said, ‘I can make you feel like that all the time if you want.’ I just said, ‘that would be great.” Later that day, I had more tea. I got that feeling deep in my belly again. Tony and Karl came into the room. They had some friends with them. Tony started fondling my tits. I started moaning. The next I knew, I was naked and being fucked, over and over again. One cock after another ploughed into my wetness and I kept begging for more. I was turned onto my stomach and felt a cock at my ass. I pushed back into it. My ass was no longer virginal and it felt fantastic. Someone was under me and fucking my cunt and then I got a cock in my mouth. Three cocks at once and all I could think was, ‘I hope this never ends.’ It continued until all of them were spent.”

Tears were rolling down my face as she described what she had done.

She went on. “The men left and Gretchen came in. She bathed me, cleaned me and loved me. She was so tender that I wanted her to continue. She kissed me lightly on the lips. My heart fluttered and I sighed with longing. She kissed me harder and before long she had kissed her way down to my pussy and was lapping away merrily. It felt soo good. I even squirted when I came and I’d never done that before. She helped me learn about a woman’s body. It didn’t take too long before I was reciprocating. I didn’t know what to do but Gretchen was patient and taught me. What I didn’t know then was that they had filmed and photographed everything I’d done that day. A friend of Tony’s was a movie producer so Tony got together with him and edited all the footage of me onto a single film. It was uploaded to the Internet. Apparently it was really popular and made them a lot of money in a short time. Tony and Gretchen convinced me that this was my true calling, a porn star. They gave me a percentage of what that film made. It was more money than I ever imagined. I could see us being rich. When Gretchen asked if I would like to do some more, I jumped at the chance.”

“What,” I said. “So you’re a porn star now?”

“Gretchen was lovely. She is in the business too. She said that people wanted to see she and I together again so we made another film. Then she told me that the fans wanted to see a little bondage. She volunteered to be tied up but I was hopeless at dominating her. I just wanted her to look after me. So I was tied up and she dominated me. I felt truly alive while that was happening. Every day we did something different until suddenly I was being tied up and punished on film. She would tie me up and spank me, and then she graduated to a cane, then a whip. Every time I wanted more and more. She suggested things that I’d never even thought possible but I did them willingly. I was making a great wage and a percentage of the profits. I was becoming rich. I’ve kept most of it for you.”

“So you can buy me off and let you keep going, eh?”

“No, no, not at all. It’s not like that.”

“Well, what’s this crap about a divorce? What the hell is that about?”

“I was becoming dependent on Gretchen, not just in the films but outside as well. She took me under her roof and looked after me. She helped me come to terms with what you had done and convinced me that you would be sure to do it again if you had the chance. I was infatuated with her.”

“But I didn’t do any of that stuff. I passed out!”

“Well, I know that now but it’s too late. I love what I’m doing and I’m in love with Gretchen. I don’t want to be married to you anymore. That’s the way it is and the way it’s going to be.”

“So what did you tell your parents?”

“I sent them the photos of you and Gretchen. You know they didn’t like you much anyway so it wasn’t too hard to show that you were a monster.”

“But I’m not a monster. I love you.”

“The why did you run away at the first opportunity? Why didn’t you try and find me? You just abandoned me.”

“Jen, listen. I don’t know what Gretchen told you but I called, emailed and texted you every day since that day. I got no replies at all. Check your phone, check your email. Every day. I went to the police straight away. I’d been drugged and I slept for about 30 hours. When I woke up I got a note from you. You wanted to have some time, but I never stopped looking for you or contacting you.”

“Well, there’s nothing on my phone or in my emails.”

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