Homecoming Surprise


I know you will be home soon and hurry to light the candles and incense I have set out, the ones that you enjoy the most. For my plan to work I have set out the frying pan and poured your favorite “soup in a can” in a pan and set the burners to low to heat up. I have been thinking of you all day, and dinner was the last thing on my mind. I want to be ravished by you, but I also need to feed you so I figure the soup in the pan is a good back up if my plan doesn’t work out.

I rush to our bedroom and try to find something to wear that looks like I have been dressed all day, but yet is really easy to remove. I find the sarong, and throw on a white blouse that ties in the front. I know it drives you wild when I don’t wear underwear and since driving you wild is my passion I leave them off and I go back down stairs. I stir the soup a few times, while my mind wanders of how your return will go, did you have a good day today? Since last we talked you were doing great. Was the drive hectic or was the traffic minimal? Would you be in the mood? Or would you be very hungry and want the soup?.

I woke up this morning thinking of last night, we made love on the balcony off our bedroom to the sounds of owls and crickets as the moon rose high in the midnight sky. I remembered your warm hands on my skin as if you were my blanket, remembering your sweat tongue dancing along my skin, and wet clit. I remembered how good your cock tasted in my warm mouth, and how much I enjoy taking and teasing you that way. I could feel the wetness begin between my legs as my mind wandered and waits for your arrival.

I can’t help myself, the thoughts of you drive me insanely and extremely hot and horny. I stop stirring the soup that is getting warmer, and slowly reach down to my sex and part my lips with my fingers as I imagine how it feels when your tongue is dancing delightfully on my clit. I imagine my finger is your tongue and tease myself with it, rubbing my clit faster and faster. I think I hear a car, but as I look out the window I see the neighbors driving up their driveway. I quickly go back to imagining your tongue on my clit as my finger enjoys pleasuring. I know you will know that I have made myself cum before you got home, and that excites me more knowing that it will also excite you. I cum slowly with small jerks and a loud release that just makes me want you more, I want you inside me. Want you to make me cum like only you can do.

I know I am addicted to you, your touch, your taste, your scent and I know you will be walking through that door any second now. I wash my hands in the sink, then walk back to check on the soup. It’s starting to boil a little now, so I turn it off. I stand there waiting your arrival with anticipation of your tantalizing touch, and the ecstasy that our bodies together create. I hear a car again, this time through the trees I can see it’s you as your Black BMW drives down our tree lined long driveway.

My anticipation heightens as I prepare myself in front of the stove, “I am cooking, I am cooking” I say to my self to gather my composure. In my head I say to myself, he is home, my lover, my partner, my friend, my husband. I can taste him on my lips, the lips I want to kiss his whole body with. I hear the door open “hey babe, you home?” you say in your deep sexy voice. I love it when you call me babe, and it melts my soul with happiness, security, and our commitment as I see you turn and walk into the kitchen.

My game begins.

Still trying not to give myself away I smile at you “hi, how was your day?” I say, you kiss me sweetly and I am intoxicated by your scent. You say something but I don’t hear all the words as my mind wanders through my thoughts as we kiss again. I smile back at you and hear “what, are you making?” you say, and the only words that I can say through my erotic fog is “dinner” as you wrap your arms around my waist, pulling me tightly against you. I can feel your hardening cock, and that excites me to know that you have been thinking of coming home too.

Wanting gaziantep escortları to play my little game some more, I continue to stir your soup, as I do you start to nibble on my ear as your warm hands make their way up my blouse to my glad to see you breasts. As you pull me closer and kiss down my neck which you know drives me totally wild and there’s nothing I can do to resist you. You continue to kiss my neck and ears while your fondle my nipples and I become lost in your desire and I can not stir the soup any longer.

“Damn you” I playfully say as I turn and kiss you, pulling you closer to me wanting to feel your body against mine, losing myself in the passion of our kiss as you pull me closer against your cock. I feel how hard you are now, and the excitement grows even more.

We stop the kiss as you step away and look at me, I can tell that you have figured out my little game, and smile back at you biting at my lip, a small giggle and smile comes over me as you look at me. I notice a grin forming as you put out your hand and I eagerly take it. As we head up the stairs to our loft bedroom, I relish the feeling of you leading me up the stairs. My anticipation is heightened, as I stare at you breathless as I wait for what is to come next.

You walk me over to the four poster draped bed and shove me a bit on to it. Its exciting when you are so commanding and I love it, it excites me even more. You spread my legs and start to lick your way up from my thighs and I giggle a bit as it tickles. The tickling just makes me more warm and wet, and I know that you will be able to tell that I am very wet and dripping. As your head comes up to my wanting sex, I know you will know that I have been playing with myself too.

My head goes back as you lick my clit and inside my pussy, my breathing changes and my animalistic noises begin to come out. My clit is sensitive as you lick and suck it, and I know it won’t take long to cum as you know just where all my buttons are. You know you can bring my body to ecstasy in a matter of minutes. My eyes close as I feel your finger slip inside my very wet spot, then another, I moan loudly as your fingers fill me. Your tongue dances on my clit, my body tightens with my release coming. I am so close as I feel you tighten your hold on my thighs as your tongue continues to lick my clit. My hips begin to convulse up and down through my orgasm as I let out one last scream “oh God”. You continue to lick my pussy slowly, as my breathing calms down and my eyes open to look at you between my legs nuzzling my wet pussy. I feel your tongue once again, my clit is so swollen and sensitive “no wait” I ask. You slowly lick up my pussy and unto my belly as my body jerks and I laugh a little seeing your head stuck in my sarong.

After releasing yourself, smiling up at me with your silly grin and cum covered chin. You then crawl up my body to get your head inside my blouse.

I love the playful side of you.

I can feel your warm breath as you take my nipples into your mouth, and cup my breast. The twinges inside that I feel with each suckling. I can feel it in my toes, and I can feel my juices start to flow some more. You drive me crazy, insane, I want you so badly that I just want to grab you and make you give in to me.

However, I am enjoying this and I love what you are doing with your tongue. My eyes close as you move back to my very wet swollen clit and gently tease it once again. I know it won’t take long to cum again with the way your tongue is teasing my clit slowly circling it around and around. My desire is growing and my need for you to fill me is stronger. Moans are escaping my mouth, as my breathing quickens again, I feel your tongue work its magic on my body so perfectly. Just when I get comfortable, my body starts to cum again, this time the release takes me by surprise with pleasure. Touching and caressing my body, you roll on your back, and you pull me on top of you, placing me to hover over your face as you once again go down on my clit.

I am wild with desire, and each stroke of your tongue feels 1000 x’s the sensation. I can feel your fingers tracing around my ass, and I almost loose my balance. You know that excites me, as I can feel your tongue on my clit, and your finger at my ass. Then with out warning you raise me up and place me on all fours, again loving the take control-ness that you are excluding from every pore of your body. I am so turned on and wanting you to fill me, my breathing is once again quickened.

I hear your clothes being removed and look back at you to see your very hard erect cock bobbling in front of you as you kneel behind me. Feeling you against my pussy, I want you so badly, my excitement heightens as your cock moves up and down between my cheeks at the entrance of my ass. “Oh god, yes” escapes my lips.

I know what you have in mind and that takes me away with desire to have you even more. I want you in my ass. I feel you lubricate your cock with my own juices and slide it once again between my cheeks as you reach to fondle my breast. You tease me more with the waiting and anticipation. I feel your finger smear something cold on my ass and then feel you inserting it wet and slowly inside. My desire is growing I want you in my ass, and I want you NOW. Feeling your cock slowly slide up and down around my ass again, I try to tell you I want it by leaning back onto your beautiful hard cock. I realize you got the hint, when the next thing I feel is your glorious hard cock pressed harder up against my hole. I want you to take me and take me in the ass. I feel your hand on my shoulder as I feel your cock slowly entering my hole. I flinch a little, you are so big and hard, I know I just need to relax and push down on you. You feel so good I don’t want you to stop “go, go”, I say in my breathless voice. Your cock feels so tight inside my ass, I think I will cum in a matter of seconds as you dive into me. You move slowly, once inside you begin to move more freely in and out. You feel so good moving in and out of my ass. My moans turn loud with the pleasure you are bringing me.

As you continue to gently thrust in and out of my ass, I can feel you grow even more inside me, I know your getting close. Then suddenly you pull out, and roll me on to my back, and with one quick swift plunge you dive your cock into my hot dripping wet pussy, and thrust hard as you come up to kiss me. Ravenously you take my tongue into your mouth and kiss me like a hungry animal. You fill me so completely with each thrust, I love the way you feel inside me, how full you make me feel. I feel your body tense, as our bodies undulate in rhythmic unison, faster and faster, harder until I can feel my own body tense with yours. I feel my orgasm coming and my moans are loudly telling you so. You bring me to the brink of pleasure and ecstasy that only you can do.

I get lost in your eyes “baby yes, yes, yes” I repeat staring into those dark circles. Our passion and pleasure overwhelms us both as I feel you release your cum inside me. My muscles tighten as my body jerks with release that takes me away in our love and passion. Both breathless you wrap your strong arms around me, while still inside me. .

We drift off to semi asleep in that moment feeling spent yet revived filled with energy and emotion. I slip out between your strong arms and cover you, to clean up a little.

Walking back into our bedroom through the bathroom, I slip on a robe, watching you sleep while the rays of the setting sun light your face. You are beautiful, you are my God and I worship you.

I want to continue to enjoy all that I worship. Closing the curtains, I walk back over to our four poster bed, and slowly pull back the covers that I covered you up with. I kneel on the bed next to you to admire your body from head to toe. You are lying on your stomach, and I need to turn you over. I slowly strattle your legs, and gently start to massage your back and shoulders. I gently massage the muscles along the back down to your hips, drawing lines from your neck down and back up again. While I massage, you start to wake up, moaning a little to let me know that it feels good. I want to thank you so much for fulfilling my desires when you got home.

I continue to massage your back, reaching for some oil that sits on the bedside table, this way I can work a little deeper. Soothing the sore muscles and releasing any tension you are carrying for the day. After working the shoulders and back I start down the hips, your gluts are tight, and the curve of your ass turns me on. However, to touch and caress your ass makes me wet and warm all over. I slowly work on the gluts, working out any tension you have there, using my fist and palms to work those large muscles. Then down to your thighs, your muscles are tense, and I can feel you release and relax with the motion of my hands. I work slowly from the thighs, to the calf and down to your feet.

Touching your body like this excites me. Hearing your pleasurable sounds makes me smile. I walk up the bed to kneel at your shoulders and using little force, I turn you over.

You smile at me, and I can’t help but lie next to you and kiss your beautiful lips while tracing your chest with my fingers. We smile at each other, “how was your day baby” I ask with a big grin. You laugh and tell me in length about the happenings of the day, as I continue to circle your chest hair with my fingers and listen to you intently. You in return ask me about my day and I of course admit to thinking about you all day, and wanting so much for you to do exactly what you did when you got home.

I ask if you are hungry, you tell me not this minute, “I am”, I say as I kiss you once more. I start kissing down your muscular chest, down to your belly button, and use my hands to trace the sides of you as I go down your chest with kisses. I can feel you bob a couple of times as I make my way down to your cock. Telling me your getting excited, and that thrills me even more. Kissing my way down I veer from one leg to the other, kissing along your thigh, then slowly breathing heavily on the tip of your cock.

Making myself comfortable between your legs, I take your hardening cock in my hands and gently rub some of the oil I had on my hands on you. Which make’s it easier to slide my hands up and down your shaft. I slide you between my hands a few times, and lick the tip with my tongue. Wanting you in my mouth, I start to lick up the sides of your now hard cock, like an ice cream cone, the oil is sweet mixed with a little pre cum that has started to drip down the sides, and my own juices from before.

I hold on to your cock, and slowly place my mouth around the tip and down the sides, sliding you in as deep as I can. Up and down your cock slides, up and down I suck and lick, paying special attention to the sides of the tip and all the sensitive spots. While massaging and playing with your balls using my other hand. I can feel my own wetness returning, and dripping as I move up and down your shaft. Your short moans are turning into groans and I know you are getting closer and closer, with each stroke inside my warm wet mouth.

I look up at you, my mouth full, your head is back into the pillows, your arms griping the sheets. “God I love you like this” I think to myself. I love making you feel this way right here, these feelings, this pleasure. I love the feel of you growing inside my mouth, feeling the veins pop on the sides, feel you bulge with the blood that is pumping so hard, and so tasty. Caught up in my own moment of pleasure, I don’t notice you cumming. I feel the first shot of cum inside my throat, as you fill my mouth I continue to suck and swallow as I slide you between my lips. Your body jerks and releases on down through your stomach and legs. Your breathing slowly calms, as I slowly let go of your now softening cock. I continue to swallow your gift and kiss my way back up your body to your sexy smiling face.

You pull me on top of you hugging me close, kissing my forehead, I roll on to my side, and reach up to kiss you. You look content and happy, the joy inside me knowing that this is my bliss.

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