The Group Ch. 08


Saturday evening Laura turned up on time as usual, after she entered I led her to the lounge, she immediately dropped to her knees and gave me my special kiss, lifting her to her feet, I bent down and shoved my hand up her skirt, and straight to her bare pussy, she was wet already, slipping two fingers into her I finger fucked her for a couple of minutes, then told her to follow me to the dungeon, I strapped her into the examination chair, then brought out two length’s of small chain, the longer one fastened to the shorter in a ‘T’ shape she watched as I attached one of the shorter ends to one nipple ring, and the other end to her other nipple ring, the hanging end went through her navel ring and finally attached to her clit ring, they were long enough to allow her to stand upright, I then grabbed 2 wrist restraints and 2 ankle restraints I took them over to the bench, pulling Laura across the bench and laying her on her stomach with her pussy over the edge, I spread her legs, and taking my cock out, I plunged it into her pussy, pounding into her mostly for my own satisfaction and not hers, I came in about 3 minutes, after I pulled out I got her to lick my cock clean, straightening myself up, and we got ready for the club.

Collecting Heather and Charlotte on the way, we travelled to the club, arriving we changed and got our drinks, both Charlotte and Heather admired Laura’s new chains, and teasingly tugged gently on them, just as we sat down Norman and Gina walked through the door, we exchanged a wave and they went to change, then joined us, we chatted for a while and all the time I could see Gina getting agitated, she was ready for some fun, finally she spoke up asking if we were ready.

I told them if they all wanted to go play, I would take Laura to the singles room, as this was her special treat for being a good slave over the last few weeks.

They all left for one of the private rooms and I took Laura to the singles room, as we entered, I looked and at a guess there were around 50-60 men in there, all eyes looked to us, Laura then walked amongst them all, allowing them to paw at her tits and pussy, she walked straight to the love swing as I followed her, helping her into it, I took the restraints I got from home out of the little bag I keep the condoms in and fastened them to her wrists and ankles, then clipped them to the chains on the love swing, Laura was now unable to stop anyone from doing anything to her.

Handing out the condoms, I told the guys that they had to line up, and once they’d fucked her, they could go round again, if they could manage it, but I was the first as usual, and without a condom, I nestled in between her legs, and slid into her, grabbing the swing I moved it back and forth, screwing her without moving, she tossed her head back, and sighed, I lasted about 10 minutes, and came inside her, leaving her well lubricated for the next guy,

As she took everyone I counted how many she had, by the time they’d all had their first go she’d been fucked by 62 guys, 63 including me, and had at least 20 orgasms, they then started to go round again, I stayed with her for the rest of the night, and in the 5 hours she was in there, she had been fucked a total of around 375 times, she was worn out but enjoyed every second of it, and wanted more.

By the end, most of the guys came over to me and gave me their phone numbers, telling me to let them know when we were coming again, so they could be here.

Helping her out of the swing, I thought it was about time we went to find the others.

Laura could hardly stand, and I had to support her as we left, walking round, we found them still hard at it in one of the rooms, as we entered Heather looked up, saw who it was and went back to licking Gina’s pussy, Norman was in full flight, pounding into Charlotte’s pussy, he was close, his head back and his eyes closed with a look of sheer pleasure on his face, he grunted one last time and fell across Charlotte’s back, rolling off Charlotte, he landed on his back, I told Laura to get over to him and lick his cock clean, she climbed on the bed and shuffled over to him, taking his cock in her mouth, he gasped as she sucked him, Norman opened his eyes and realised it wasn’t Charlotte, he mumbled something about it being time I got there, then I moved to join Heather and Gina, crawling behind Heather, I lined my hard cock with her pussy, rubbing it up and down her slit, feeling the warmth and wetness of her sex, leaning forward I felt her lips part as I slid in, settling into a steady pace, she started to moan out loud, she then pushed back at me, to pick up the tempo, in a short time I was thrusting into her with all my strength, I felt my balls start to tighten and knew I wouldn’t be long before I came, burying my cock deep I let out a final groan and shot into her, as the first shot hit her pussy she bucked her hips and flooded my groin with her juices with her own orgasm.

I lay back on the bed to catch my breath as Both Gina and Heather came over to me, they asked me why I’d been so long, when gaziantep escort ilanları I regaled the story of Laura being fucked 375 times in the last five hours, their eyes widened, Heather called Laura over and got her to lay down, she spread her legs, and parted her pussy lips to examine her pussy, she looked a little sore, but never complained about it, touching inside her pussy, she felt Laura tense slightly, as she caught her sensitive pussy.

Heather turned round to everyone and said that Laura had, had enough for tonight, and her pussy needed a rest.

We all lay there talking about nothing in particular, and avoiding any mention of what Judy, Tracy and Sharon were up to that night, so as to spare Heather any anxiety Norman said it was about time they were off home, so collecting their towels, they made their way to the showers, we all followed a few minutes later.

After we’d showered, changed and left the club, I made an excuse to use the bathroom, taking my phone out, I called Tracy to let her know we were on our way home, to make sure they had finished and left Heather’s, the last thing any of us needed was for Heather to walk in on the five of them fucking.

Dropping Charlotte, and Heather off at their own homes, I took Laura back to my house to collect her car, she left that night, and I went to bed.


Sunday morning, Tracy, Sharon and Judy called to see if they could come over, now I wasn’t going to say no was I, I wanted all the juicy details of their night with Robert and Richard.

They arrived about 15 minutes later, after we’d all sat down Tracy started to tell me of the nights events, I’ll let her tell it from here:


It started after we invited ourselves into Heather’s house, Sharon, Judy and I sat next to each other on the sofa, and Robert and Richard sat in the chairs, we could see they already had semi hard cocks, just by looking at them, I started by touching Judy’s knee, Judy turned to me and we kissed, both young men started to squirm in their seats, their erections were now obvious in their jeans.

As we kissed each other I could feel the gusset of my panties getting wet and my nipples were hard, I felt Sharon move off the sofa, glancing across I watched as she went to sit on the chair arm by Robert, as he looked up at her, she leaned into him, pressing one of her boobs on his shoulder as she kissed him, the bulge in his jeans grew larger as they tongued each other’s mouths.

Richard was sat there, watching us, then his brother and Sharon, and back to us, he squirmed again trying to adjust his growing member, Judy could see he was getting very hot, leaving me she went over to him and sat on his lap, grinding her ass into his hard cock, he groaned as she squirmed on his lap.

My pussy felt like it was on fire and needed some attention, and as we didn’t have a lot of time, I decided we needed to push things along, so sliding in my seat, I hitched up my mini-skirt, and started to rub my pussy through my panties, their eyes bulged as they watched me, so taking a more aggressive stance, I pulled my gusset to one side and started to play with my clit, it felt so good to finally get some relief, I half closed my eyes so I could just make out what they were all doing, with the intention of bringing myself off, not only for their pleasure but for mine.

Looking across at Sharon and Robert, I could just make out that he’d got her top off and was now sucking on one of her boobs, while he massaged the other, a quick check on Judy told me that Richard had his hand inside her panties and was flicking her clit, this was too much for me and I felt my pussy start to pulsate and my orgasm ripped through me.

Coming back to my senses, I notice by now that both Robert and Richard were naked, as were Judy and Sharon, both of them had their cocks in Sharon’s and Judy’s mouths respectively, and seemed to be enjoying their blowjobs.

Sharon seemed to be taking her lead from Judy, because as Judy stood up so did Sharon, they pulled their respective partners from their chairs and settled on the living room floor, Robert was all over Sharon’s boobs, kissing and sucking them, she took his hand and led it down between her legs to her pussy, she spread her legs to allow him to touch her, as he felt her wet slit his fingers disappeared into her, she told me later that he was a total novice, he didn’t have a clue what he was doing, Richard on the other hand had three finger inside Judy and was fucking her with them, she moaned louder and louder, she turned to Richard and whispered in his ear, he immediately moved his body down hers until his mouth was at her pussy.

He took his first tentative lick at her folds, and after he’d tasted her sweet juices, he went at her pussy like he hadn’t eaten in a month, from where I sat watching them I could see Judy was enjoying Richard attention, Sharon on the other hand was just getting frustrated, poor Robert hadn’t a clue, I knew she needed someone to teach him, so getting up off the sofa, I joined them on the floor, taking Roberts hand, I placed it on her pussy, with my hand over the top of his, and guided his fingers into her slit, with gentle pressure on the back of his fingers with mine, I could get him to stimulate her clit, I whispered in his ear that if he found her clit ring and followed it to the under side, he’d find her clit.

Following my instructions, he finally found her clit by himself, no sooner did he touch it than Sharon moaned, I whisper to him to carry on with what he was doing as I got up and moved between Sharon’s legs, parting her lips with my fingers, I moved forward and shoved my tongue up her hole, with my spare hand, I moved it between my own legs and rubbed my clit.

I could hear the unmistakable sounds of Judy’s orgasm, and Richard moaned as she flooded his mouth with her cum.

Between Robert and I, we both managed to get Sharon to her orgasm, he looked petrified as she started to thrash around the floor.

Now both guys had really been cute, not doing anything until they were asked to, but we needed more, we sat them down and using Sharon as a teaching aid, both Judy and I, demonstrated to them how to arouse a woman, and where the most sensitive parts were, all the time I knew we were tormenting her, taking her to the edge of an orgasm, then stopping.

Richard was now getting more adventurous, he came over to Sharon this time and started to play with her pussy.

Judy and I decided that Robert needed our expert attention, Judy pushed him down and grabbed his hard 7” cock, and straddled him, squatting down on him she took his tool in one stroke, poor Robert would have cum, but I squeezed at the base of his cock, stopping his orgasm. Judy sat there letting him get used to the feel of her pussy wrapped round his cock, then she moved quite slowly, bouncing up and down on him, while I held him at the base.

Sharon and Richard were hard at it, he was buried deep in her pussy, taking a steady rhythm, Sharon pushed him off and turning herself over to her stomach, raised herself onto her knees, and guided him back to take her doggie style while she played with her own clit, Richard couldn’t believe his luck, and in his over enthusiastic state, plunged back in her pussy, and came immediately, then fell off her on the floor.

My attention was drawn back to Judy and Robert, Judy was now bouncing on his cock, and moaning loudly, so was Robert, I felt the base of his cock start to swell and knew he wasn’t far off, and neither was Judy, she gritted her teeth and with one last plunge she sat hard on his cock, trapping my hand between them, she grunted and he screamed he was cumming, I felt their combined juices flow out from round his cock, all over my hand, putting my other hand back down to my pussy, it felt that wet. And when I looked down there was a puddle of my own juices on the floor, I had been that intent on watching them all I hadn’t realised just how horny I was.

Looking round at everyone in the room, all I could see was four very shagged out people, feeling hard done to as I was the only one that hadn’t had a cock that night, I stood up and scolded them for ignoring me.

Sharon and Judy, clambered up from Robert and Richard, and came over to me, Sharon lay me on the floor, and straddled my face, while Judy took her favourite position between my legs, I couldn’t see anything except Sharon’s well fucked pussy, but by the sounds of the moans and groans from Robert and Richard, they seemed to be enjoying the show, I felt Sharon shift slightly, she had called them both over, one either side of her and took their cocks one in each hand, and was sucking one and then the other, getting them both hard, so I could take my pick, after about 5 minutes, she jumped up off my face, and let me see the both of then standing over me.

Now there wasn’t a lot to choose from them, Robert’s was about 7” and Richards was about 7 ½”, but thinner than Roberts, Judy got up from between my legs allowing me to stand, taking one in each hand I played with them both, choosing Robert I got him to lay on the floor, and straddled him, sinking onto his cock, it felt great, Richard looked a bit left out, but I had other idea’s for him, pulling Sharon close to me I ran my fingers up and own her slit, she automatically parted her legs allowing me to scoop up some of her juice’s, once I had a hand full, I put it behind myself and spread it round my ass hole, Judy realised what I was doing, and took her own juices and lubed up Richards cock, guiding him behind me she whispered to him to stick it in my ass, he looked at her in pure shock, she told him to do it, and that I’d enjoy it, pushing his cock in my ass I felt him start to stretch me, it hurt slightly and I had to tell him to stop twice, for me to get used to the size, by the time he had it all the way in I felt like I was stretched to the limit.

He started very slowly and gently rock back and forth, until he felt my ass ease the pressure on his cock, it felt fantastic, as every time he thrust not only could I feel his cock move, but also Robert’s cock in my pussy, and I could swear blind their cocks were catching each other, with just the membrane between my butt and pussy, keeping them apart, by now Richard was moving faster, and my orgasm was getting closer, trying to catch my breath my orgasm hit, and I felt my ass tighten round Richard’s cock and my pussy tighten round Robert’s.

Both boy’s were gasping for air, and seemed to simultaneously fill my pussy and ass with their cum, we all collapsed on each other, and I felt them both going soft inside both holes, Richard rolled off us and I rolled off Robert, we lay there panting for ages, not saying a word, in the background I could hear Judy and Sharon moaning, I assumed they were taking care of each other, but didn’t have the energy to look.

Both Robert and Richard, rolled over to me and started to cuddle up to me, they kissed me one on each cheek and said “Thank you”, I thought to myself, well at least Heather had brought them up with some manners.

We lay there until we heard Judy scream out her orgasm, seconds later Sharon let go with hers,

I screwed my head round to look at the clock on the wall, by now it was nearly midnight, so we thought we should tidy up and get dressed, we tidied up, still naked, but by now both Robert and Richard were getting bolder, every time they got near one or the other of us, they either grabbed our boobs or tried to stick either their fingers or cock in our pussies, Richard managed it once with Sharon, and stood there giving her a quick knee trembler, causing us all to laugh.

Once the room was tidy, and we’d dressed, we’d just sat down when Nigel rang us to tell us they were on their way home, so we knew we had about an hour to talk to them both.

We asked them how they enjoyed tonight, Robert became rather shy at this point, but Richard blurted out that he wanted a repeat at some time, I asked him to be totally honest with us and if he’d had sex before tonight, he said “One of my old girlfriends let me fuck her 4 years ago, when I was 14, but nothing like tonight, it was just a quickie in a wood one day”, looking Robert in the eye, Judy asked him the same question, he said “No, I hadv’t, I did try it once with my then girlfriend, but she wouldn’t let me do anything except touch her boobs”.

Quick as a flash I turned to Judy and said, “You got yourself a virgin tonight babes”, she giggled and Robert blushed.

I then laid it all out for them, how we were involved with the group, and told them that their mother was part of it, they looked dumbfounded when I told them about their mother being bi-sexual, and that we’d all fucked her at one time or another, and about our mother being bi-sexual and us having fucked her as well,

Richard was the first to speak, saying “I don’t know if I could do anything with my mother being there, I’d be too embarrassed”, Robert just nodded his head in agreement, other than that, they were all for joining us.

Back to me now (Nigel)

I thought about this for a while and said, “We needed a plan, but we would have to involve Charlotte in it’s planning”.

Judy spoke up, saying, “We needed to get them over here separately, and hide Robert and Richard, get things going, and have them come out of hiding at a particular point”,

I said, “That’s ok, but it should be the other way round, Heather should walk in on them, what about if you all got them over here, while I was out, collecting Charlotte and Heather, then we could come back and walk in on all of you”,

“Great”, said Sharon, “But mum would have to know before hand”,

I guaranteed that she would know all about our plan, but we needed to set a date to put it all in motion.

Sharon said “What about a barby on Wednesday evening, sort of making it look like it was just an ordinary event”.

“Nice one”, said Judy, adding, “Then we can take it from there”.

So it was decided that Tracy, Judy and Sharon would invite Robert and Richard over to my place for a barby, and I would invite Heather and Charlotte over for the same barby, but a couple of hours later, obviously letting Charlotte in on the plan before hand.

Tracy added, “It might be an idea to make it a tactile night in the fun room, no lights, or very dim lights, so no-one would really know who they were doing what to, that way Heather wouldn’t know that Robert and Richard were there and Robert and Richard wouldn’t know that Heather was there”.

By the end of our scheming and after what Tracy told me of the previous nights events, we were all as horny as hell, so the rest of the day was taken up by us fucking each other stupid.

We even re-enacted last night performance by Sharon using the strap-on in Tracy’s ass while I fucked her pussy, this got Judy really horny, she said “I wanna try it now”, so Tracy wore the strap-on and did the same to her with me in her pussy and Tracy up her ass, Sharon not wanting to be left out said, “Now it’s my turn”, I looked at her, remembering when she stopped me from pushing my thumb up her ass and saying that there was no way I was going there.

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