The English Twins 02


This story is for ADULT amusement only. It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. If you are insulted by sexually explicit subject matter or language and incest, DO NOT read this!

This story is a work of fiction about incest! It is not real! All characters and events portrayed in it are imaginary, and any similarity to real people or events is purely coincidental. The author does not condone or endorse incest in any way, shape or form!

This story may not be reproduced in any form without the permission of the author.

Swiftly the gurney carrying the twins was pushed into the emergency area of the hospital. As it did so, a voice boomed out, “Richard, Rowena what the….” Looking up, the twins could see the familiar face of Dr. Manning, their family doctor. Quickly grasping the situation, Dr. Manning directed the ambulance staff to take the twins to a private side room where Rowena was given a relaxant which almost immediately caused Rowena’s vaginal muscles to relax their vise like grip on Richards’s penis. Both twins groaned with relief as they felt Richard’s erect penis slowly slip from Rowena’s pussy followed by the spilled seed of their incestuous coupling.

“My God, what did we do”? Rowena cried.

“Just about everything”, replied Richard. “It’s the bloody drugs, the bad news. I wasn’t thinking, you weren’t thinking, it just happened”.

“But what the hell do we do now”? Rowena said.

“Well first we get you cleaned up, your injuries dressed and we get you some clothing”, said Dr. Manning as he walked into the cubicle. “I have no idea how or why you both got into the position you did, but I’m sure there will be no repeat of it”. He turned to Richard and said, “give me your flat keys, I will get you both some clothing whilst the medical staff look to your injuries. And don’t worry, I have all your notes and I intend incinerating them. With luck, none of this should get out. Lucky I was leaving when you arrived”.

Within a relatively short space of time, the twin’s injuries had been dressed; pain killers administered and now fully clothed, they left the hospital via the rear entrance and a Taxi was soon carrying them swiftly home.

The next few weeks were a complete turmoil for the twins, their parents Funerals, constant hassling from the press and numerous messages left on their phone from the family’s Solicitor asking the twins to come to his office. Eventually, Richard rang the solicitor and arranged to attend his office with Rowena. From their point of view, any news he had could not be any worse than that which they had gone through in the past fortnight.

The twin’s were greeted by the practice receptionist as they walked into the sumptuous foyer. “Please, take a seat” she said, “I will let Mr. Caldwell know you are here.” Within minutes, the twins were escorted into Caldwell’s office and took seats before his desk.

“I’m sorry to have pestered you during what must have been an appalling time in your lives, but believe me, it was absolutely necessary.”

“Just give us the bad news, and let’s get it over with”, Richard said.

“Oh, quite the contrary”, Mr. Caldwell replied. “If anything, its good news which I am sure will come as some relief to you both.”

Mr. Caldwell then went on to inform the twins that their parents had shown a lot of foresight and had set up quite generous trusts for both children which for tax purposes, had to be transferred to them within a short period of time. Hence the numerous phone calls.

“Exactly how generous?” Richard said.

“Twenty million pounds” Caldwell replied. “Each. And of course, the Apartment has been secured jointly in your names. None of this is part of your parent’s estate and therefore, it cannot be claimed by your Father’s creditors.”

“At last”, Richard sighed. “It’s about time we had some good news.”

The twins swiftly completed the necessary paperwork and were soon in a taxi heading for home.

“Drink?” Richard asked as they entered the flat.

“God yes,” Rowena replied. “And make it a large one, we need to talk.”

Quickly Richard poured four fingers of malt whisky into two glasses, passing one to Rowena as he walked somewhat stiffly towards the couch. Although the physical wounds caused to the twin’s bodies by their crazy drug fuelled sex session had healed, both of their bodies still ached.

Rowena joined her brother on the couch and grimaced as she pulled her legs up beneath her. “What are we going to do now?” She asked Richard.

“Well”, Richard said. “I was thinking of ‘Status Quo’, why change anything? After all, we are now financially secure and have the apartment still. Why not continue with our studies and carry on as normally as we can?”

“Yes”, Rowena said. “Thank God for Dr. Manning. Where would we have been without his intervention?”

“Look, if anything was to come out of what we did, it would have hit the press by now. I think we can relax, although with these aches, I think that might be a bit difficult.”

“You are not the only one to have aches and pains; it’s not the escort gaziantep least bit surprising considering what we did. Anyway, what do you feel about it?”

“Feel about what?” Said Richard. “The sex thing?”

“Well yes”, said Rowena. “That and how we are going to deal with it. I mean, how do you feel about us continuing to share this apartment after what took place between us? Don’t you think we should talk about what we did, work with it and see if we can’t put it behind us?”

“I guess you are right”, Richard said as he rose and poured another two large glasses of scotch. Returning to the couch, he passed Rowena one of the glasses and said, “Dutch courage, where do we start?”

Rowena took a large swallow of her drink, paused and said, “Did you intend having sex with me?”

“Absolutely not! Richard said. “Don’t forget that it was you who came to my bed. Did you intend having sex with me?”

“No”, Rowena whispered. “No, I didn’t.”

“If neither of us intended having sex with the other, how did we end up doing what we did?” Richard said. “Was it an accident, an involuntary reaction to the drugs and the horror of the news? I certainly didn’t realise what was happening until it was too late.”

“My point is” said Rowena, “It was never too late. Once we realised what was happening we could have uncoupled immediately and dealt with it. Why did we continue having sex after we realised what was happening?”

“We weren’t thinking straight, we had taken enough Coke to stun a pony. It must have overridden our ability to make rational decisions,” he replied.

“Nonsense”, she said. “We both knew what was happening and even tried to stop doing it, so why couldn’t we?”

Both of the twins looked into each others eyes, searching for an answer from the other.

“Rowena”, said Richard. “I don’t know how to put this or even the words to say….. If we both knew what we were doing was wrong and tried to stop it, but nevertheless continued, there can be only one answer.”

“How did the sex feel to you when you realised what was taking place, were you truly horrified or were you a little excited?”

Rowena sat silent for a time then said, “I have thought about nothing but the same thing since it happened, that’s why we are having this talk. I remember the moment I realised what we were doing and the horror of it. My mind was screaming at me, telling me to get you off me but down there, I was on fire. All I could feel was your motion inside of me and my body demanding more and more. Yes I knew what we were doing was terribly wrong, but even in that knowledge, my body overrode all reasoning and wouldn’t let you go.”

“I couldn’t have put it better myself”, Richard said. “Even through the drugs and everything, I had to continue making love to you, I couldn’t stop.”

“Richard”, she replied. “What we did could never be called an act of lovemaking, how do you think we got our injuries? We were rutting like two beasts in the forest, it was pure animal sex. Do you really think I cared about your feelings at the time? I needed sexual fulfilment and nothing was going to stop me getting it.”

“We were pretty badly beaten up by it and to be fair, wild horses would not have stopped me at the time. I needed to unload and I didn’t care if it was inside you or not, as it happened, we didn’t have any choice once you clamped down on me. ‘Oh Lord’,” he said. “I have just thought, you don’t think you could have got pregnant do you?”

“It’s possible, but not very likely.” Not realising that the two fertilized eggs were now attached to her womb and drawing blood and nutrients from her body. “Rest assured I shall be keeping an eye on it.”

“Right then,” said Richard. “We agree that what happened was very wrong and beyond our control both mentally and physically. It did happen and now we must put it behind us and try to forget it ever took place.”

“Of course it should never happen again,” she replied. “It was totally wrong and I still can’t believe we did it.”


“What do you mean?” Said Rowena.

“You said it should never happen again, as opposed to it must not happen again. Was that a Freudian slip?”

Rowena flushed bright red and nearly choked on a mouthful of the whisky. “No, no that’s not what I meant.”

“Then before we put this matter to bed, let me ask you one last question and you must answer truthfully. Whether we refer to it as lovemaking, or as you so succinctly put it, ‘animal rutting’ the jackpot question is, did you enjoy it?”

Rowena stared like a rabbit in the headlights of a car and spluttered, “Did you?”

Richard closed his eyes and thought for a moment, “If what I suspect is true, I think we both enjoyed it. In fact I will go further, I think we both enjoyed it very much and it will be burned into our memories. I can say that I have never experienced such an overwhelming orgasm as I did with you.”

Rowena slowly nodded, “I haven’t been able to get my orgasm out of my mind since it happened. I have no doubt that the drugs helped, but escort gaziantep bayan at the end of the day, despite what happened, the sex was mind blowing. But, it won’t happen again. We were overtaken by circumstances and too much cocaine and that set of circumstances will never be repeated.”

“If it did, do you think it would end up the same way?”

“What, us having sex again?”

“Yes, and you having a vaginal spasm.”

“Well it won’t happen again, but theoretically, if it did, I doubt it. I think the spasm was brought on by a combination of too many drugs and the sheer animal lust that overtook us, it was a one off.”

Richard nodded and rose from the couch and said, “I’m glad we have been able to talk through it, now I’m going to put this aching body into a hot bath.”

“Damn, said Rowena. “I was just about to do the same thing.”

“Well the bath is big enough for both of us”, Richard said as he left the room.

Richard’s body had just got used to the sting of the hot water when he heard a light tapping on the door.

“It’s unlocked, and I have a glass,” said Richard and looked up to see Rowena enter the room. She was dressed in a silk dressing gown which reached to her knees. Richard could see that she appeared unusually nervous. “What’s wrong?” He said.

“I was thinking about what you said,” she replied, “About there being room enough for two. After what took place between us, it’s hardly time for me to get upset about you seeing me naked and of course, neither of us have had any drugs. Can I join you?”

“Be my guest,” said Richard.

“What’s with the champagne?” said Rowena as she slowly shrugged off the dressing gown wincing as it fell to the floor. “I’m still sore”, she said.

“Thought we had something to celebrate at last, we no longer being paupers,” he replied.

Richard looked at his sister’s body which was still covered in old bruises and bite marks, pretty much as his was. The difference was, he was looking at his sister’s body through un-drugged eyes and he was amazed at just how good she looked. Her figure carried not a spare ounce yet was perfectly formed. Her breasts were large but firm and showed not the slightest trace of sagging, her narrow waist flared to her soft but muscular hips and there at the junction of her thighs was a thatch of golden curls mirroring his own. He thought for a moment that he could see a glimpse of pink flesh buried beneath the hair, but in a moment, it was gone as she stepped into the bath and sat opposite him.

Richard mentally shook his head thinking, “What the hell am I doing? This is my sister and she is actually turning me on and I can’t even blame the drugs.” Luckily for him, the bubbles and churning water covered the turgid reaction taking place on seeing his naked sister. Certainly the sight of her half submerged breasts dancing in the current of the water jets didn’t help his cause.


Rowena sat on the couch thinking over what Richard had said. Certainly the Jacuzzi was more than big enough for them both and her body was crying out for the feel of the hot relaxing water. The question was could she be naked before him in the light of what they had done. “What the Hell,” she thought. “We have fucked each other what have I to be ashamed or worried about now?”

Going to her bedroom, Rowena quickly undressed reaching for a silk dressing gown. “Is it too sexy?” She thought to herself then smiled as she realised she would be naked before him anyway.

Lightly tapping at the bathroom door, Rowena entered at Richard’s response. Standing over the bath she looked down at him and was amazed at the amount of old bruising his body carried. She could not remember biting or scratching him, but the marks were there as a stark reminder of just how intense their rut had been.

The recollection of the incident suddenly brought a warm feeling to her loins and a gentle tingling inside her. Quickly, she shrugged off the robe, wincing as she did so. She noticed that Richard had a strange look on his face before she quickly stepped into the bath and settled into the bubbling water.

Lying back against the bath, Rowena let the heated water massage her body, she could feel her breasts swaying with the current of the water her nipples hardening and swelling in response to the passage of the water currents across them. The tingling of her nipples now matched the tingling in her loins, evincing a sigh as she closed her eyes.

The twins slowly sipped the cold champagne from the tall fluted glasses as the hot jets of water pummelled their bodies. Both of them slipping into a pleasant torpor as the alcohol worked its way into their systems.


Richard slowly opened his eyes and glanced across to study his sister. He studied the heavy bruising on her shoulders where he had fiercely gripped her, seeking purchase to drive his manhood into his sister’s more than willing body. Nor could he avoid seeing the bruising and bite marks escort gaziantep kızlar on her breasts, battle scars he left from their no holds barred sexual encounter.

He watched as her breasts danced, buffeted by the water. He saw her nipples standing erect and swollen and remembered the taste and feel of them when he had drawn each one into his mouth and suckled them.

Richard felt the familiar twitch as his penis began to respond to the view of his naked sister’s breasts and the memories of their previous encounter. He struggled to fight the indecent thoughts that were fuelling his response. It was his sister for goodness sake; they had agreed that what took place would never happen again. He did not have the excuse of having consumed drugs and yet he could not deny that he was becoming very aroused by his sister’s presence and realised that if she showed the least trace of willingness, he would gladly make love to her once more.

His thoughts were interrupted by a small moan coming from his sister. He could see her stretching and rolling her shoulders as if she was trying to ease the aches she was suffering. Her hands rose from the water and kneaded the flesh and her breasts were temporarily hidden from view.


Rowena slowly reached for the glass of champagne and drunk deeply from it. She then glanced at Richard and took note of the scratch and bite marks visible on his body. She wondered just what had caused her to lose her self control and mark him so. She knew that in the few sexual encounters she had had, she had been a more than willing partner and had responded with a degree of abandonment. Yet clearly, in this case, she had lost complete and utter control. Still, she had not been the only one; the ache in her shoulders reminded her of just how fiercely Richard had gripped her whilst he drove himself into her. The old bruising around her loins were a witness to that.

The tingling inside her started to grow as she recalled the feeling of Richard’s swollen pole sliding into her core, the driving need for her to impale herself on his manhood. The reckless abandon they had shown whilst their bodies fought each other for orgasmic relief.

Rowena shook her head. How could the thought of her incestuous encounter with Richard make her feel this way? She could not deny that despite the nature of what had taken place, she had never experienced such an orgasm. She would never forget how the massive orgasmic waves rolled through her body time and time again, an explosion of pure naked passion that thrilled her to her very bones.

Rowena suddenly realised that she had sub-consciously let her right hand find its way to her womanhood, where her fingers were caressing the folds at its entrance. Her left hand was laid on her left breast, the palm stroking the very aroused nipple. Quickly she pulled them away, thankful for the bubbles and disturbed water which would have hidden what had taken place. The sudden movement sent a spasm of pain through her shoulders which she rolled in order to seek relief. Her hands now went to her shoulders where she tried to massage the pain away.


“Having problems?” Asked Richard.

“It’s my shoulders,” she replied. “I can’t seem to ease the ache.”

“Do you want me to massage them?” He said.

Rowena paused before saying, “I don’t think so.”

“Why not?” Said Richard. “It’s not as though we haven’t done it before.”

“Because we were never naked in the bath before,” she replied.

“Rowena” he said. “As you said earlier, after what took place between us, it’s a bit late to worry about being naked in front of each other.”

She realised that what Richard had said made sense and admitted to herself that he was an excellent masseur, recalling the many times he had massaged her sports strains away. “I’m sorry” she said. “Of course you are right; we can’t live our lives shying away from each other.” Taking another mouthful of champagne, she turned in the bath and scooted back between Richard’s legs where he could reach her.


Richard watched as his sister slowly turned and slid towards him as he opened his legs to enable her to get close enough to him. She stopped as her hips reached mid way up his thighs and the touch of her naked legs against his, sent a shiver though him and further twitches in his now almost fully engorged penis.

Taking the soap and working up a rich lather, he reached out and placed a hand on each shoulder. Slowly moving his hands across her flesh, he let his thumbs dig into the bunched muscle and began to press and stroke them in a regular rhythm. It wasn’t long before he heard the slight groans of pleasure as Rowena arched her neck back, leaning into his hands working their magic on her aches.

As he massaged her shoulders, Richard realised that his sister was slowly moving closer to him as she leaned into his massaging hands. He involuntarily opened his legs wider to allow the movement, never thinking of the consequences. Not that is until her buttocks came to rest against his groin, gently crushing his testicles. Richard did not notice any response from his sister, and was thankful that his massively erect penis was lying on his stomach. Taking a deep breath to calm his surging feelings, he continued to massage his sister, thumbs digging into the knotted muscle, kneading the aches away.

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