Ten Years Older


My name is Ben. I am twenty-eight years old. This is a story about my relationship with Alana, who is my adoptive sister and ten years younger. My parents adopted her when her parents, My mom’s sister, and her husband were killed in a car crash.

I was eighteen, she was a typical brat. Over time, we grew to be quite close with Alana confiding in me over growing things and homework. I was like a brother and as such never had inappropriate thoughts or conversations with her.

As Alana matured, she developed into a very pretty, well-developed young lady. Now, at the age of eighteen, she had enrolled in the community college close to my apartment.

Rather than driving twenty miles each way every day. My parents asked if Alana could share my apartment since my roomie graduated and moved out. They offered to pay Alana’s share of the expenses.

I readily agreed since I was strapped trying to cover all my expenses independently. Besides, Alana and I were close, I thought of her as my little sister. Except now she was an adult woman.

Alana moved in, and all was well, a few months into her first semester she went to a party and got quite drunk and called me crying because some jerk came on too strong and scared her.

I went and picked her up, her makeup was streaked from crying and her hair was a mess. I wanted to kick the guy’s ass but he split when Alana started getting loud, calling her a fucking cunt.

Arriving home, I helped her into her bedroom and pulled her sneakers off turning to leave when Alana said “l love you, Ben.”

I replied that I loved her as well, as I turned to leave her to sleep it off. I heard a thud and turned to see her on the floor. Going to her she drunkenly said I have to fucking piss.

I helped her up and to the bathroom and stood outside until he opened the door, stumbling into me with her pants hanging loosely at her hips. I walked her back to her bed and turned her to sit on the edge when she placed both arms around my shoulders and gave me an open mouth tongue-in-cheek kiss.

Pushing her away in shock, I said “you need to sleep” turned away to hide my raging hard-on, and left her room embarrassed.

The following day she woke up and came out of her room with an obvious hangover. Being a paramedic, I knew that oxygen is the fasted cure for a hangover and gave her my portable O2 pack.

Alana took a few good breaths then looking at me she said”l meant it when I said I love you, Ben.”

I replied, I meant it also.

Alana kapalı gaziantep escort made me promise not to tell mom and dad, and I promised, making her promise to be careful and not drink too much in the future.

Over the next few weeks, Alana would often shower with the bathroom door slightly open and exit the bathroom wrapped in a too-short towel to completely cover her ass cheeks as she hurried into her room.

I never complained, secretly hoping to see her completely nude at times. Although I would never try to sneak a peek. At times when I would get a peek at the bottoms of her ass cheeks or the cleavage of her mature pert tits, I would go into my bedroom and Jerk-off into my dirty laundry.

One day, Alana walked in on me, acting embarrassed, She stuttered, “sorry,” and went to her room.

We didn’t talk about it. The next day I came out of the shower with a towel wrapped around my waist, passing her room, l heard a moan, stopping at her door, which was open slightly I saw her with her hand named in her panties, nearing her climax.

Alana came, and I quietly hurried to my room, where I proceeded to beat my meat to spill a load of cum into a dirty sock.

Unknown to me, Alana saw a shadow at her door before I could get away, she came out looking for me when she looked in my partially open door to see me pull my hard cock out of the soiled sock.

Alana was mesmerized by the size and length of Ben’s penis, being a virgin, she has never seen an adult cock. The sight of Ben’s erect penis caused a stirring in her loins.

Ben pulled on some shorts and turned in time to see Alana walk by his partially open door. Ben thought did she see me jerking off?

Later that evening, Ben and Alana, keeping each other company while watching some flicks, were sitting side by side. Both in shorts, Alana in a large loose tee shirt and shorts. Alana faked sleepiness and lay her head on the other side of the couch.

She slowed her breathing to make ben believe she was asleep. Rolling on her back, she raised one knee and left her raised knee rest against the back of the couch. She knew the shorts she was wearing had large leg openings and she purposely didn’t wear any panties.

This was not unusual in that she often slept in these shorts and called them her comfy shorts. She never wore them in public because they had shortcut large openings in the leg and crotch area. Others called them booty shorts.

Ben gaziantep kapalı escort was engrossed with the flick and didn’t notice right away, but when he glanced at Alana he could see her bearded pussy. He tried in vain to look away but natural sexual curiosity had him taking more and more looks at her openly displayed sex.

Ben’s cock is now painfully hard, and Alana shifted position to bring her foot into contact with Ben’s hardon. Alana felt his hard cock under her foot. Smiling inwardly she shifted again, opened her eyes, and apologized for nodding out.

Ben, now a bit disappointed from the loss of such a view, cleared his throat and said no problem, Alana. She sat up, leaned into him, and said I’m glad I have you, as she nuzzled into his side.

Ben, lamely said Me too.

Alana dropped her head to his lap, feeling his raging hard cock at the back of her head, and placed one hand on his thigh. Ben tried to think of other things but all he could think of was the view of her naked bearded pussy under the flimsy booty shorts. Alana yawned, rolling around to place her face right in his crotch up against his hard penis.

The thought of her face separated by the material of his shorts from touching his cock gave her a small thrilling orgasm, causing her vagina to become wet and itchy.

Ben thought he was going to blow a load right then and there. Alana brought her hand up to his lap and encircled the shaft of his penis with her fingers. Ben jumped, nearly screaming no, as he pushed her away and ran to his bedroom.

The excitement of seeing her pussy and feeling her touch triggered his climax, causing him to cum in his shorts. He has not had that happen since he was much younger. He is not a virgin but he also has not been with a woman in almost a year.

Ben wiped up his cum soaked cock and changed his shorts. Emerging from his bedroom, he found himself trapped between the wall and Alana’s hungry kiss. Trying to push away he had placed his hand on her firm but supple tit pulling back like he touched a hot iron he said no Alana we mustn’t.

Alana said but I love you, I want you to love me.

Ben replied but you’re my cousin, you grew up with me like a sister. It’s incest.

Alana grabbed his head forcing her tongue into his mouth exploring the depths and savoring his taste. Ben relaxed and reciprocated, tasting her sweet saliva, drawing her body to his, and cupping her ass through the thin gaziantep kapalı escort bayan booty shorts.

Stumbling back into his bedroom with Alana’s lips sucking his into her mouth, they dropped to his bed. Rolling on top of her he reached down taking a hold of her thin teeshirt and yanking it over her head to reveal her creamy white firm nice-sized tits with small pointy nipples.

Ben broke the kiss and slid down enough to put her nipple in his mouth sucking and nibbling the pointy nub. He reached down, rubbing her pussy through the material of her booty shorts while she moaned and puffed, rubbing her hands in his hair and shoving her pelvis up to meet his hand.

Alana reached down and pushed the waistband of her shorts downward towards her knees.

Ben reached in under her shorts and started rubbing and probing her hair-covered pussy and pushed the shorts down below her knees.

Alana raises her knees spreading them to send her shorts to her ankles, kicking them off one foot and then the other. Now, completely naked in front of a man for the first time in her life she is both nervous and excited. Her pussy is leaking juices making her very wet.

Ben is more excited than he can remember, his cock is throbbing painfully inside his shorts. Reaching down he pushes them down and off freeing his stiff member from its confinement.

Alana pulled her knees up as ben positioned himself over her, lowering himself to make contact with her pussy. Alana gasped at the touch of his penis against her vagina. Ben looked down saying are you sure?

Alana replied, “please, yes do it.”

Ben started rubbing the shaft of his cock up and down in her pussy slit, getting it wet and lubricated for Alana’s first penetration. Sliding down far enough he thrust up and inward, tearing through Alana’s hymen with a grunt as she dug her fingernails into his back and sobbed out in pain.

Pulling back, Ben saw the blood on his cock. Looking at Alana, he said I didn’t know you were a virgin.

Alana replied “I always knew I wanted you to be my first”

Ben started pushing in and pulling out slowly and gently setting a rhythm, grunting as he sunk into her hot moist pussy.

Alana grunted on each inward thrust and clung to Ben for dear life blurting out, I love you, Ben.

Ben was reaching the point of no return, fighting to keep from spewing the contents of his nuts into his cousin’s splayed pussy. Ben said, “I have to pull out, I’m going to cum.”

Alana wrapped her legs around his back and yelled Nooo! I want to feel you.

That triggered ben’s climax and he pushed into her cunt and squirted stream after stream of potent jizz into her once virgin unprotected womb, painting it in a bath of white gobs of sperm.

The feel of Ben’s cum squirting into her pussy set off her climax and she squirted so forcefully she thought she pissed herself, sobbing.

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