So Here I Am Ch. 02


Thank you all for your kind words. Your comments are the encouragement I need to continue this story. I want to offer a special shout-out to Mrsgnomie for her kindness, editorial skills, and much-appreciated advice. Without her, this story would have been a long-winded train wreck.

The world leaves my shoulders as I step through the door. Paul is at the bar, serving two guys I don’t recognize. He pulls the tap on the Newcastle and smiles as I walk to ‘my spot’. He slides the ale in front of me. After a moment of consideration, he reaches behind the bar and grabs the Knob Creek.

“You look like you need this.”

I smile and take a healthy swallow. It burns in the best way. I set the empty glass down and slide it back. “Thank you

Work has been a complete bitch lately. My job is the supervision of about 15 stores spread throughout the southeastern Wyoming/northern Colorado area. I’m on the road a lot, but usually a day at a time. These past few weeks have been a lot. Three days in Casper, a stop at my apartment for fresh clothes, and then on my way to Laramie for two days. Another stop at home and then down to Ft Collins for nearly a week. Not to mention the other stores I visit. Consequently, it’s my first time back here in almost a month

Paul sidles over to me, “There’s been a guy stopping in every couple of days asking if you’ve been by.”

I gave Paul an expectant look.

“I didn’t get his name but I recognize him. He’s the guy with his wife that you were drinking with about a month ago?”

“Oh, Tommy? He was here?” I hid my blush with a long pull of ale.

“Yeah, he looked pretty interested in finding you. You must’ve made a good impression on him,” he said, giving me a small smile, and a wink.

I was a bit surprised by Paul’s comment. He was usually so quiet, unintrusive. He Ataşehir Escort smiled at me and went back to his other customers. I sat and enjoyed my bourbon and ale, basking in the early afternoon peace. Paul kept glancing at me out of the corner of his eye but I didn’t pay much attention to it. I had gotten my dose of ogling him when I first started coming here.

Tall, at 6 foot, lean, strong, you could see his biceps and well-defined shoulders in his tight, white button-up. His mixed-race coloring was exotic and he was a joy to watch. But he gave off no vibe, at all. He never seemed to take interest in anyone other than as a customer or coworker. So, my fleeting fantasies flitted away after the first week I’d come here.

Paul asked the other guys at the bar if they needed anything and then came to me. “I’m taking a quick break, you need anything?”

I studied my drink. “Naw, I’m good for now. Probably have to hit the head in a minute myself.” He flipped the bar top up and walked down the hallway. His exit must’ve been the encouragement my bladder needed I stood up and made my way to the bathroom too.

Paul was at the trough when I stepped up, unzipped, and pulled my modest dick out. Glancing over at his cock and nearly choked. It was gorgeous. A beautiful light mocha brown, about 6 inches soft, circumcised with an appealing thickness.

Finished with his business, Paul looked at me and smiled. “You like it?”

I nodded and continued staring at it.

“It’s here if you want it,.” he said, lifting it up a bit. I stared at it, slowly sinking to my knees until I was kneeling in front of him, his beautiful cock just centimeters away from my face. He hadn’t shaken after peeing and a drop of yellow dew clung to his slit.

He said nothing, just stood there with his cock in my face. A small moan escaped Acıbadem Escort my lips as I opened them and took his entire soft member into my mouth. “Yeah, that’s the ticket,” he said, releasing his cock and putting his hand on the top of my head.

I had the whole of his dick in my mouth. My nose pressed into his pubic hair, inhaling deeply and relishing the musky smell of him. A faint acrid hint of his piss underlying the fleshy, manly taste of his beautiful cock. I worked my tongue all over it and felt it start to harden a grow. After a minute or two, it was hard, straight, and pressing on my throat. I eased back, my saliva coating him, and took a good look at it. Probably 8 inches long, the thickness of a Red Bull can, smooth, with a nicely shaped mushroom head not too much bigger than the shaft. “Fuck me”, I said and engulfed him again.

I sucked and slurped and bobbed for about two minutes. Paul was groaning, making comments encouraging me to swallow his cock. I took his hands and put them on my head and pushed down on him till my face was nose deep in his curly, musky, pubic hair. Continuing to work my throat, I grabbed his ass and pulled him in. He got the hint and started sliding back and forth.

I moaned and pulled his ass harder, signaling for him to speedup he was sliding all the way out, till just the crown was in my mouth, and back in again. One smooth stroke till my face hit his pubes.

I pulled my hands off his ass, put them behind my back and let him fuck my throat. My spit dripping down my chin, my eyes watering, my cock throbbing and leaking. I reached up, took hold of his large, hanging balls and massaged them as he fucked my face.

“I’m going to cum. Fuck I need to cum.” I pulled his balls towards me, wrapped my other hand around his waist, and pulled him into my mouth. “Ohhh holy İstanbul Escort fuck. Take it!” He thrust deep into my throat and I felt his cock pumping shot after shot into my gullet

I sucked his softening cock, milking it, then licked it clean and sat back on my haunches, panting. Paul looked down at me. “Uh, I kind of have to get back to work…”

I looked up at him smiled weakly and waved him away. He nodded, tucked, zipped, and went out the door.

I knelt there, breathing, trying to make sense of what just happened. I’m not usually so submissive. I don’t mind sucking a dick now and again, but it is not something I look for. I certainly do NOT let guys cum in my mouth. Hell, the last time that happened, I threw up all over the place. But fuck me if Paul’s cock didn’t hypnotize me or something.

I straightened myself out, cleaned up, went back to my seat where my empty bourbon and ale were waiting. I waved Paul over. “Can I get another round? I need to wash this strange taste out of my mouth.”

Paul choked; his eyes wide.

I chuckled. “Relax, it wasn’t something I expected, but I’m not sorry about it.”

He smiled, and poured me double. “This one’s on the house.”

“Well, it’s not necessary, but I won’t refuse it.” I lowered my voice a bit. “But, just so you know, I won’t do that again… for free drinks. But it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if it, or something else, did happen again.”

He grinned, “Maybe sometime we can even the score?”

After a quick nod, he went back to work.

I sat for a bit. Once my drinks were finished, I said my goodbyes, and made my way home. Thoughts of that magnificent cock running through my mind the entire time. I was feeling a bit energized, a lot confused, and I was hard as a fucking rock. I got home, undressed, opened my laptop, and pulled up Literotica. The rest of my night was spent reading stories and slowly stroking until I couldn’t stand it anymore and came. I wiped myself up, lay down in my bed, and fell asleep, the taste of bourbon with a hint of cum still in my mouth.

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