I just got home from the gym, I call your name but you can’t hear me as you are in the shower. My muscles are aching from my workout. I am really pumped up tonight. It has been a while since we made love and I am very horny. We spoke about our lack of sexual activity last night and you promised to surprise me tonight. I fix myself a drink and go to the bedroom. I hear the water splashing in the shower and I close my eyes picturing you naked. I see your hands rubbing up lather over your body. The warm water washing the soap off you revealing a sensual body. I picture you rubbing yourself, teasing yourself in the warm water. I have to see you naked. I go to the bathroom and try the door. To my surprise there is a note on the door…. Cum on in – I’m waiting for you….

I open the door and see you through the shower door. You are rubbing the soap over your body just as I imagined. I take all my clothes off; my cock springs to attention as it is released form the boxers. I am really turned on.

I slide the shower door open. You are startled at first and cover your breasts with your arms. I chuckle. “Hi honey” as I step into the shower. The water is hot. “Can I soap you down?”

“Of course” you reply as I take the soap from you and work lather into your body. Your body is hot and smooth. I’ve Van Escort missed your touch. As I work up lather you grab the shower gel and start rubbing it into my chest. I start caressing your breasts with the soap. They are very firm and I caress your nipples, they stand to attention at my touch. We continue soaping each other – me your breasts and you my chest. I move a little lower and you follow. I soap your stomach – admiring your trim body. You copy working on my lower body. I move a little lower lingering for a moment at your belly button. I begin soaping your pussy. You moan and move your hand to my very hard penis. We caress each other, soaping, teasing each other’s bodies simultaneously. My fingers move to your clit and I pull on it a little sending a gush of sexual energy through your body. One of your hands moves to my balls and caress them as the other starts jerking me off.

You grab the showerhead and wash all the soap off me. Our eyes connect. We don’t need to speak we both know what we want. You wash me clean then drop to your knees. You take all of me into your mouth. I can feel the tip of my dick at the back of your throat. The water is rushing down on top of you as you clamp your lips down at the base of my dick and slowly pull back and forth. I move forward feeling the water Van Escort Bayan rush over my head as you suck me. You take me out of your mouth and start to lick my balls. You take one into your mouth and gently run circles around it with your tongue. You grab my dick with a free hand and continue jerking me off while you suck on my balls. Your other hand moves to my firm ass. You find the crack of my ass and tease my anus while sucking and teasing me with your hand. I am in complete ecstasy. You know exactly which buttons to push and I can feel myself about to explode. You sense this too and quickly push a finger up my ass – I am shocked at first but a wave of pleasure sweeps through me as I start to cum. I shoot out over your face and you try to catch my cum in your mouth, wanting to taste me.

I take the showerhead and wash the soap off your body recovering slowly from my intense orgasm. You are just as I pictured, as the soap rushes to the shower floor it reveals your beautiful body. I begin to get hard again. I want to eat you, make you cum in my mouth. I drop to my knees just as you did before. I grab your ass and bring you to my mouth. Your pussy is warm and tender from the warm water. I thrust my tongue deep inside you. You let out a sigh as my tongue explores inside you. You Escort Van have missed my tongue and push yourself into my mouth wanting more. I move my tongue to your clit and lick up and around the tender folds. Your back arches as I tease your body. My hands move up to your nipples and I gently tug on them as I explore your clit with my tongue. This sends pleasure all through your body. The water still rushing down on us adds to the intensity of the moment. I take your clit into my mouth, sucking, and gently biting on it increasing the pleasure running through your body. I move one hand from your nipple and grab your ass, pulling you closer to my face as my other hand continues teasing your nipples.

“I’m CUMING,” you shout as you explode into my mouth. I continue licking your clit as your body spasms.

“FUCK ME NOW” you scream. I quickly turn you around your hands rest on the shower wall. I enter your pussy from behind. I slide in easily as you are extremely wet. I push myself deep inside you hard and fast as the water rushes down on us. You move with me shaking your head as you cum and cum again. I have never seen you this intense. I turns me on so much to se you in such pleasure. I cum inside you and I shudder letting go inside your pussy. I collapse resting on your back letting the water devour our bodies.

“We should do this more often,” I say

“Well….we haven’t finished yet” you exclaim as you turn around to kiss me. You turn off the water and step out of the shower. “Follow me” you say and I follow you into the bedroom!

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