Rose in Winter Ch. 05


Lee woke from their nap first; Rose was still curled up in his arms facing away from him. He stroked her soft blonde hair and breathed her scent in. She was intoxicating, her scent of perfume and sex. His hands traced down her back, his fingers memorizing every curve. He roamed down to her butt cheeks and he gently caressed them. His cock stirred and stiffened. His dick wanted to be buried in her tight ass.

Rose awakened as he bent over to kiss her neck. She smiled and nudged closer to him, her ass right against his hardness. She rubbed herself against his shaft, loving the way it felt against her. Her clit began to ache and her slit throbbed thinking of his cock buried deep in her ass. She wanted to feel it plunging in and out of her. She wiggled her butt against him again.

“You know I am about to stick this dick right in that tight little ass of yours if you keep doing that,” Lee warned her.

“And?” Rose quipped. She was Tekirdağ Escort such a tease at times he thought, well he would show her! He slid the head of his cock to the open of her asshole. Rose gasped, her body tensing. She wanted it, but it always made her tense up the thought of the burning and stretching as he entered her.

“Relax,” he said soothingly. She relaxed and breathed deeply preparing herself for him to enter her.

Lee pushed his cock in her a little farther. She felt her hole stretch to accept him, burning slightly. He was always gentle with her when they did anal, never rushing and taking great care with her. His rod probed a little deeper in, and her mind was reeling. He felt so good in her ass, and she knew once he got himself all the way in he would make her feel so good. She wanted to feel all of him inside of her. Another nudge and his shaft was completely enveloped in her tight opening. He layed Tekirdağ Escort Bayan there inside her for a moment, giving her body a moment to adjust to him being inside her.

Rose moaned and Lee knew she was ready. He began to move his prick in and out of her stretched asshole. It was so warm, so tight, and he knew that he would cum quickly if he did not pace himself. “It’s ok Daddy, you can go faster,” she reassured him. He began to thrust in and out of her ass making her moan and mumble. He loved the way she acted when he took her tight hole. She would buck against him and make him want to fuck her even harder. Her groans were guttural, almost nonsensical.

“Fuck me hard Daddy,” she taunted him. Lee’s animal nature took over and he pounded her hard and fast, his cock being sucked into her tight ass each time he plunged in. He wanted to take her, and use her like a slut – HIS slut. Rose moved her ass back Escort Tekirdağ against him each time he pulled out, begging for more.

“Are you my dirty little whore?” he asked her.

“Yes,” she answered, “I’m your dirty little whore Daddy!”

His lust overcame him hearing her tell him that and he began to pound her asshole as hard as he had her soaked pussy. Thrusting his sword in and out harder and faster as Rose screamed incomprehensible words. Her body began to tremble and shake and he knew he had brought her to the point of orgasm. Realizing she was satisfied, he allowed himself to focus on his release. He pulled her hips closer to him and thrust deeper into her ass. He forced his shaft inside her roughly until he was on the edge. He moaned as he felt his cock convulse and his seed spill into her asshole. Rose groaned, she felt his hot cum filling her tight ass, feeling his cock throbbing and pulsating within her.

Lee held her hips for a few minutes allowing all of his cum to be sucked out of him by her tight hole. He kissed her neck and slowly pulled himself out of her. Rose gasped as his cock slid out of her. She rolled over and kissed his forehead. She smiled at him as she kissed his lips.

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