She Is Mine For Now


She is mine for now. Waiting so long for her Was my whole meaning. Free from her lover. Seeking to please her with sex Will be my one quest. Sensuality. This is all I can give her And it will be good. *************** She was lost to me. She left and sought another Who professed more love. They found their passion. Both sought to melt the other Çankaya Escort With sweet lips of lust. Mounds of Venus. Touching them with hot kisses They tasted wetness. *************** Swollen nipples ached. Her lover sucked ardently And gave her release. Breasts of silken Keçiören Escort skin.  My dearest rubbed against them Causing both to cum. Tribbing was their wont. To rub two open vulvas Until they would cream. *************** It always happens. The other one needed more Than my Etimesgut Escort love could give. She was left bereft. I sought her out and found her Because of my need. Offering my life. I want to spend it with her, Giving all I am. *************** Now it is our time. Embracing her with my arms We press our bodies. Feeling her so close. My breasts still ache to touch her As she caresses. Fingers find treasure. Thrusting my hand into her  I can feel her juice. *************** Our pleasure centers. Pinching her clit ’til she screams, And she does me too. A strap on will help. I give her all she can take With my deep reaming. It’s the best of times. We are together again. Melding our bodies.

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