Shattered Boundaries Ch. 06


Chapter Six – Cock Worship

In my dream, Jim is smiling down at me from a great height. He watches as I futilely struggle to reach him. Suddenly, he appears right next to me, wearing his full leathers. Overjoyed to see him, I begin to caress his huge cock which quickly stiffens beneath my touch. Bizarrely, his hard cock transforms into a snake which slithers up my arm and coils itself around my naked body. The snake’s grip tightens, then tightens again as if it intents to squeeze the life from me. I awaken to discover myself in a battle with my bedsheets which have wrapped themselves around me in my sleep. I tear myself free then collapse exhausted on the bed with my cock so hard it aches.

My craving for Jim was as powerful as any junkie’s craving for a long overdue fix. After endless days apart, Friday came to free me from my work week in hell. Freeing me so I could rush across town to the hallway outside Jim’s apartment, there I performed the same ritual as the weeks before. Without hesitation, I stripped away my suit and tie, discarding on the floor the disguise I wore in my other life until I stood completely naked. I was no longer concerned with what the neighbors might see. My longing for the touch of Jim’s leather gloves against my naked flesh, overwhelmed the remnants of my sense of decency.

While collecting my discarded clothes from the floor, I noticed my hand was trembling. I took a breath and tried to relax, assuring myself it was only a bad case of sexual anticipation. A thought occurred to me that I might be developing a sexual addiction? I also considered how wise it was to be in a relationship with a leather top-man so heavily into BDSM and homoerotic humiliation? I shook the thought from my head, reassuring myself I could stop showing up naked at Jim’s door whenever I wanted.

I opened the apartment door and found Jim reclining back in his favourite armchair with a cigar and a drink, his long thick cock hanging between his legs like a third leg. My first connected with Jim just a month ago, as a novice to the BDSM scene I was still “learning the ropes” regarding the role of a submissive. Upon realizing that a submissive (unlike a sexual slave) could exercise their option to decline their dominant partner’s demand, I put aside my doubts and fell into an obsession with Jim. I felt for the first time in my life I knew where I belonged, prostrated naked in front of a strong dominating alpha male.

I dropped to my knees in front of Jim’s chair and waited for his instructions as he sat enjoying his cigar. At our last two sessions Jim had shot a load of cum down my Betturkey throat soon after I arrived. He said it relieved his sexual tension which had built up during our week apart, allowing him to leisurely work his cock up to delivering his second and third cum loads.

As I knelt there admiring his cock, I thought how servicing Jim’s cock was a completely different experience from sucking any other cock. You could not just suck on a cock as mammoth as Jim’s. Any cock lover lucky enough to be presented with such a powerful phallus, would get down on their knees and worship it. Each week I knelt at Jim’s feet as a willing submissive, renewing my consent to exchange my autonomy for the privilege of demonstrating my devotion to Jim’s huge phallus. I performed my oral devotions as an act of worship, believing the phallus as the ideal of physical beauty as well as the source of male dominance and pleasure.

Jim put his cigar aside and instructed me to make his cock hard, adding “use only the tip of your tongue”. With great care I touched his cock with the wet tip of my tongue then moving very slowly I inched my way up the entire length of his shaft. I performed a second lick and a third, each time as I travelled the length of his shaft his cock grew harder and thicker. The veins that marbled his shaft bulged, swelling with hot blood. Using all of my self control I continued to worship his cock, using only the tip of my tongue until it arched further and further upward.

“Enough!” insisted Jim as he grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me from his cock. His cock was now fully erect, coated in my spit it glistened as bright as any Christmas ornament. The shaft of his cock was thick and powerful, pulsing with veins. His seemingly endless shaft increased in thickness as it extended out it’s length, only narrowing slightly before ballooning out to a full impressive cock-head.

Perched like a crown on a top of the strong powerful staff, the cock-head was plump and rock-hard, defined by sharp edges it formed a block shape which always reminded me of a battering ram. A single jewel of pre-cum leaked from his piss-slit and sat like a single drop of nectar, tempting me to taste it. Cocks this huge were often described as monsters but there was nothing monstrous about it, it was a thing of beauty.

While still holding me by the hair, Jim used his hard cock like a nightstick to slap me across the face. The sound of his hard flesh hitting me across the cheek exploded in my ear. The blow would have knocked me over if Jim had not been holding me by the hair. Before I could react another smack hit Betturkey Giriş me, then another. Jim wanted me in a heightened state of sexual arousal before he would allow me to swallow his cock. His plan was working, he knew the sudden release of adrenaline would send the rates of my heart beat, blood pressure and breathing soaring. He was using his cock to whip me into a sexual frenzy therefore ensuring my enthusiastic and focused worship of his cock.

Just as suddenly, Jim released my hair and laid back into his chair and told me, “Blow me, Cocksucker!” I leaped onto his cock, immediately engulfing his cock-head which filled my mouth. I massaged the sensitive underside of his cock-head with the tip of my tongue as my lips stretched wide to hug his shaft. I closed my eyes, took a breath and let his cock-head slip to the back of my tongue. For a prolonged second I felt my gag reflex kicking in but I did not let it stop me from letting his cock hit the back of my throat. I adjusted my breathing to keep from choking then let his cock sink for the first of many thrusts deep down into my throat.

There followed moments, maybe even hours where I was so focused on deep throating Jim’s cock that nothing else existed. My “real” life in a suit and tie faded away to nothing. For me there was only the constant pressure against the back of my throat as Jim’s cock traveled up and down. For me there was only the sound of Jim’s voice whispering in my ear; the taste of his cock in my mouth; the weight of his balls on my hands; the smell of whiskey and cigar smoke; the rhythm of his heartbeat as his blood throbbed through the veins of his cock.

My focus so complete, our connection so strong I completely lost myself in my service of Jim’s phallus. There was no separation between us, we had fused into one being. With each stroke, my lips reached further and further along his shaft, desperately wanting to go all the way to the base of his cock, desperately wanting to swallow the entire length of Jim’s shaft.

My head endlessly bobbed up and down in my efforts to milk a hot load of cum from Jim’s cock as it rubbed the back of my throat raw. When I felt his hips rising up from the chair, as he tried to force his cock further into my throat, I knew the time was close. I began to knead his big hairy balls in the palms of my hands, gently encouraging them to share their load with me. Jim began to moan then growl, his fists pounded into the arms of the chair as a stream of pre-cum poured down my throat.

Jim reached out and grabbed me hard by the head, forcing my head down into his groin. I felt his Betturkey Güncel Giriş whole body shudder as a spasm rocked his cock sending the first thick wad of his cum down my throat. His fingers dug into me with his full might as he screamed, “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” With each word another wad of cum shot into my throat. As Jim ejaculated, the muscles of my throat tightened around his shaft massaging it hungrily, milking every drop of semen from him.

Jim believed me to be his fuck-hole, treating me as a mere receptacle for his spent loads. While I believed myself to be his dedicated disciple, worshipping his cock and rejoicing in my reward, a mouthful of his sweet sacred nectar. In reality I was a junkie, ravenously swallowing my drug of choice. Unaware to what ends I would go to feed my growing addiction to these doses of Jim’s semen.

Exhausted, out of breath and crashing from an adrenaline high, I fell to the floor. Jim staggered to his feet, stepping over me as he headed to the kitchen to fix himself another drink. He call back at me to wait for him on my knees in the bedroom beside the sling, adding, “It’s time we worked your other fuck-hole!”

It was clear from our first night together that Jim was obsessed with the idea of fucking my ass. Every week he squeezed bigger and bigger dildos and butt-plugs into my fuck-hole, always working toward the goal of stretching open my little boy ass until he could mount me. He normally enjoyed the process of gradually stretching open my asshole, as there was no way his over sized cock could enter my ass without ripping me apart. He often joked about raping my asshole and damming the results but he never did …until that night.

Jim had been drinking heavily all evening. I was laying in the sling, my legs in the air, my hands manacled to the sling. I was breathing heavily, having just struggled to take a large black butt-plug up my ass. Jim had smiled his wicked little smile as he watched the butt-plug slip that final inch and my sphincter closed around it’s narrow neck, sealing it tight inside my hole. He picked up one of his largest dildos, repeatedly slapping it into the palm of his hand when suddenly he announced, “I’ve had enough of playing with these toys, your hole is long overdue to be filled with cum. I’m going to fuck the hell out of you. Now!”

My heart stopped as my mind raced to process this unexpected threatening remark. There was a part of me who wanted Jim’s cock deep up my butt-hole but there was another part of me was very, very scared. I had expected that when this moment came, I would feel more prepared to manage being fucked by Jim’s massive cock.

In the past, I had always willingly submitted to Jim’s demands. If I declined now, would my dissension completely derail the power dynamic between Jim and myself? Tied to Jim’s sling was I still a willing submissive or had I become a captive slave?

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