Complete Control Ch. 2

Double Penetration

Clarissa and Melanie were upstairs in their bedrooms fast asleep oblivious to anything going on around them. Tony, George and I planned all night what we were going to do to get our revenge on Melanie and Clarissa. After we had our plan all thought out I decided to tease and play with Tony and George to get them ready for the occasion.

I slowly rose from the couch where we were sitting and stood in front of them. My nipples were so hard just thinking about what we were going to do to the girls and my pussy dripping with moisture just thinking about how just hours ago I lost my virginity but had the best orgasm doing it.

I reached for both of their hands and placed them on my breast. Tony and George began playing intently with my nipples sending chills all throughout my body. George looked up with a look as if he was begging to suck on them. AHHHHH, Tony sighed, “Yo Your nipples are so perfect”

“Please can I suck on them?” I nodded and both Tony and George took each of my nipples into their mouth. They sucked and nursed on them so good I couldn’t take it, I felt my legs starting to get wet and realized I was Cumming all over the floor at their feet.

The cum ran down my leg and Tony knelt to the floor to lap up every last drop and worked his way back up to my protruding clit. My clit was so hard and bright cherry pink. I knew if he sucked on me long enough I would cum again. I didn’t want to spoil the fun so I motioned to Tony to get up off the floor. I grabbed both of their cocks and began stroking them and licked every inch of both of their throbbing cocks. I pulled on them, I licked them up and down the sides, I took my tongue and slowly licked them from the bottom of their balls to the tips of their swollen mushrooms. Their cocks began to leak at the head and I sucked out every bit until their cocks couldn’t get any harder.

“OK Guys, lets go teach those gals a lesson” I then stripped off the remainder of my clothes and asked the guys to follow me up to Clarissa and Melanie’s room.

We quietly opened the door to Clarissa’s room and not that I was surprised but there were Melanie and Clarissa naked in the same bed together. I almost forgotten that earlier Melanie attacked me in the bathroom and sucked out my cum. I should have known they were bi-sexual. I had no idea Clarissa would ever do such a thing. I have to admit I really liked that experience in the bathroom. Tony and George both had a rope in their hands. Tony started to tie Clarissa’s hands to the headboard and George quietly tied Melanie’s hands to the headboard.

I stood there and watched as Tony and George began to climb between the girls legs. Tony stuck out his tongue and slowly began to suck on Clarissa’s nipples as George began to do the same to Melanie. Then they worked their way down to both of the girl’s moist holes. I decided xslot I wanted to join in on the fun so I walked around the bed over to Melanie and at first I hesitated but then preceded to suck on Melanie’s nipples. Melanie and Clarissa began to awaken and squirmed with pleasure not realizing at first what was happening. Both of their pussies were dripping on to the bed and their nipples were as hard as rocks.

When both of the girls realized what was going on they demanded that we untie them. I immediately intervened. HMMMMMMM what do you think we should do boys? Should we untie them? I don’t think so Tony interrupted. “We are going to show you what it feels like to be teased and tortured” Yes that’s right George replied as he forced his cock into Melanie’s mouth.

Tony and George continued to suck on the girls nipples and hardened clits. The girls moaned and begged them to stop. Melanie screamed as she felt herself began to orgasm and George stopped instantly not allowing her to loose control. Do you want to cum HMMMM? I asked Melanie. Grabbing her by the hair I ordered her to suck Clarissa’s nipples while Tony sucked her clit at the same time. Melanie did as I asked.

Clarissa’s body began to tense up, I guess the feeling of getting sucked on at both ends was more than she could take. I motioned to Tony to stop. Hmmmm Let me see who’s pussy is the wettest as I reached down and began to rub both of them. CLARISSA?! Ooh you are so wet. You want that hard cock inside you don’t you? Clarissa nodded excitedly. OK then, Give her that cock Tony, I ordered. I was beginning to like being in control. I really was excited by the surprised looks on their face and the repeated intense looks on their faces when they were about to cum.

That’s right Tony, give it to her. Tony then lifted up Clarissa’s legs as high as he could and penetrated her with quick thrusts. Like a male dog on the loose. OH MY GOOOODDDDDD!!!! Clarissa screamed as Tony thrust his cock fast and hard inside her. Tony shouted, “YOU LIKE THAT YOU BITCH HUH? I’m going to fuck the shit out of this pussy for what you did to me.”

Tony began to climb underneath Clarissa so that she was lying on top of him, SPREAD HER LEGS GEORGE! SPREAD THEM WIDE FOR ME. I’M GONNA FUCK HER TIGHT ASS!” NOOOOO! Clarissa cried as Tony began to poke at her ass with his cock trying to work his head in. “Lick her hole for me George, get it wet so I can fuck this bitch” George did as Tony ordered. And no sooner did George lick her tight little ass Tony’s mushroom plunged inside her. Clarissa screamed as the head of his cock broke her open and Her eyes widened as he began to work his cock all the way in.

I walked over to George who was now licking Clarissa’s clit as Tony fucked her ass. FILL THAT BITCH UP AT BOTH ENDS I shouted! George then mounted my sister, held xslot Giriş her legs apart as he worked his cock inside her pussy. I couldn’t even imagine what it felt like to have two cocks filling up both holes in your body. I wanted to know, and I demanded the boys give me a turn and make them watch. Melanie lye there with her legs spread apart and squirmed as she was left there on the bed with her nipples sticking straight up and her clit swollen just like the boys cocks. She would have been a target for any man at this time I don’t think she would even care who it was. She was a girl ready to orgasm all over any body’s cock who penetrated her.

Melanie? Do you want to watch the boys fuck my pussy hmmm? As I bent down to gently lick her swollen clit. MMHMM MMHMMM! She moaned. Or do you want these fat cocks to fill up your holes too? Melanie’s eyes widened with excitement and I bent down to lick her clit once again. Tony lay on the end of the bed so I could sit on top of his cock and still have access to Melanie’s privates. I heard Clarissa shout behind me that she needed to cum and could I please let Tony or George fuck her so she could. “All in good time Sis” I smiled at her. For now watch these cocks work their way up inside me. I sat on George’s cock and let him enter me for the second time. I was still sore from last night and this being only the second time I had sex I still had to be broken open once again. My pussy became moist and relaxed as I felt a stream of moisture welcome George’s fat cock. George gently rocked his cock back and forth inside me until it was all the way in and Melanie moaned as I sucked on her clit. Tony’s cocked swayed back and forth as he knelt on the bed behind me waiting to get inside my ass.

Tony bent over to lick the entrance and make it wet for his cock. HUUUUUUU! I couldn’t believe the pleasure I felt just from his tongue licking the nerve endings on my ass while I was being fucked. I began to feel vulnerable as every muscle in my body began to relax as if to say take me and do whatever you want to me. I am yours and I am going to cum so good. I knew this was going to be great and I felt my ass spread for him all by itself. I felt his cock apply pressure at the entrance of my ass and my body began to tremble, My hole began to tense up with anticipation.

I felt him push through and I rested my head on George’s chest, opening my legs a little wider for him. That was it. He was in and I was being penetrated from both ends. Tony’s cock was all the way up inside me and so was George’s. They both thrust their cocks quickly and deep inside me. I didn’t know what kind of feeling this was but it was nothing like I’ve ever felt before. I felt their cocks rubbing against each other and rubbing me from the inside at both ends.

The orgasm I was about to have is Unexplainable. xslot Güncel Giriş All I can say it I felt as if the cum was built up deep inside me and about to rush out of me like a broken damn. Just then George and Tony both eased up on their strokes and I felt them getting harder and knew they were about to cum. With the widening of their cocks and the sudden slow thrust I instantly lost it. My pussy clamped down so hard that I squeezed Tony right out of my ass and all my cum gushed down George’s cock and stomach. With the intensity of my orgasm Georges eyes widened and he apologized as he couldn’t get free from my swollen locked pussy lips and squirted intensely all over my insides.

George and I felt weak but we had a job to finish. Tony took his hard cock that was so rudely thrown out of my ass and lifted up Melanie’s legs. YOU want this cock you BITCH HUH?! UH HU YES! Melanie screamed. OH YES! George proceded to fuck Melanie and her eyes rolled in the back of her head as she felt his cock enter her. George and I each took one of Melanies hard nipples in our mouth as we talked her through everything Tony was doing to her with his cock. You like the way that cock massages your clit hmmm? Are you going to be a good girl so we can let you cum all over that cock? Melanie shook her head Yes. Melanie looked excited and eager to let it all out. I ordered her to suck off my cum and Georges cum off his cock. George knelt up on the bed and placed his cock by Melanie’s mouth. “Go ahead suck it, be a good girl” Melanie placed her hand around Georges cock and took him deep inside her mouth.

She sucked off every last drop of George’s and my cum and made George’s cock get hard again in her mouth. “That’s a good girl” I said to Melanie. OK Tony rub that clit and make her cum all over your cock. Tony sat up and thrust his cock in an upward position having direct contact with her clitoris. Melanie looked into my eyes with a surprised look on her face “I’m I’m CUMMING! HAAAAAAAAAAWW!!! AHHH! AHHH AHHHHH! Melanie screamed for a good minute as her cum released onto Tony’s cock.

Tony and George immediately went over to Clarissa who was waiting patiently and this time George took his turn on her pussy and Tony her ass. They both filled up her holes and Clarissa went crazy. She grabbed Tony’s hair as he invaded her tight ass and begged him to suck on her tits. Tony sucked on Clarissa’s nipples, lifting both of her legs up over his arms and slid his cock in even deeper. George rocked back and forth and stroked her insides to orgasm. Clarissa’s body began to tremble all over and her face became distorted and I heard a sound of wetness coming from her pussy and then realized with every stroke of their cocks her cum was squirting out all over the bed.

The girls lye there on the bed all tied up with cum dripping from their holes and Tony, George and I left them lying there for a while to think about what they have done. They decided to repay me for helping them out of their situation in the basement and told me I could have them for the whole weekend all to myself. I can’t wait.

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