Sea Cruise Pt. 04



Once again I like to remind everyone this is a continuous story presented in multiple parts so I recommend reading at least the preceding chapter (or part) prior to. As I explained before, each chapter usually starts where the last left off, but minus any background. Which the lack of could make the narrative difficult to follow, or understand.

And as always, comments are welcomed as long as they are constructive.


Since it was the last thing I expected, I didn’t know how to react when Elaine kissed me and started feeling my pussy. My first impulse was to back away. Never did another woman kiss me as passionately as she was. Let alone while fondling my pussy.

But I didn’t. I began kissing her as passionately as she was me. Maybe more so. Her full lips felt and tasted simply delicious. Let alone her breasts mashing against mine. I reacted way differently than I ever did from kissing someone of the opposite sex.

Next thing I knew we were exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues. The more we did, the more Elaine rubbed my pussy. I couldn’t resist reciprocating. Other than my own, it was the first pussy I ever fondled. I even fingered her clit, which I found enormous…way larger compared to mine.

When we stopped kissing to catch our breaths I noticed Walter and Ron out of the corner of my eye.

“We better stop Elaine, otherwise Walter and Ron are going to catch us since they’re on their way back from their swim.”

“You’re right…we better. But I hope we can pick-up where we left off some other time. I’m sorry if I came on to you like I did, but I couldn’t help myself with us lying here naked together. Ron’s not the only one “hot” for you. I’m somewhat embarrassed I am.”

Before I could respond Elaine rolled on her back and started talking about the weather like nothing happened as Walter and Ron arrived where we were. It’s a shame I didn’t get the chance as I would have told her there was no reason to be since I was attracted to her also. First time I could recall being “sexually” attracted to another woman.

Walter and Ron both sat in the beach chairs, which they placed at the foot of the chaise lounge. No doubt so they could get a good look at our pussies. Realizing it was their intent we both casually spread our legs further apart to give them a better view.

Our pussies were glistening in the sun from our love juice which started flowing as we were making-out. We were way wetter than anyone would expect from just lying in the sun. As well as our nipples still being somewhat enlarged.

Ron was the first to comment on things…”I can’t help but notice how wet your vaginas are. Did we miss something while gone?”

Ron quizzing us gave Elaine a perfect opening. If she didn’t take advantage of it, I surely would have. But she didn’t disappoint me.

“Not really.”…she said. “Other than we had an interesting conversation about things.”

“And what would those things be?”

“It had to do with our long conversations at breakfast yesterday, and earlier today.”


“Seems as though Walter and Lacey are at the same stage in their marriage about certain things.”

Walter then piped in…”I seem to be missing something. If you don’t mind me asking, what are these certain things?”

“Maybe you better explain Lacey.”

“It’s not things as in plural Walter, but one all encompassing thing. In a nutshell, Elaine and I discussed the possibility about the four of us having sex together.”

“Sex together?”

“You know, like we’ve discussed more than once. Swapping partners, or having sex in the company of another couple. I guess you would call it a foursome.”

“Really! And if you’re asking my opinion. I’m all for it if you two ladies and Ron are.”

“I kind of figured you’d jump at the chance. I’m glad you didn’t disappoint me.”

Then Ron added his two cents…”I’m with Walter. I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. I don’t know about you Walter, but I’d love to see you doing Elaine, who I promise won’t be a disappointment.”

“I can assure you it’ll be the same with Lacey. Since we all seem to be amicable about it, the question is when?”

After that there was a long pause before anyone said anything. We were letting what just transpired, and the possibilities, sink in. Eventually Elaine asked if anyone knew the time. Walter checked his watch in the bag and said it was close to 1:30.

“I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m raring to go. How about we head back to the ship. Lacey and I have done nothing but talk about it while you two were gone and as you can see from how wet we are now’s a good time as any. And from the looks of your cocks, which seem to be getting hard, it’s obvious we could use some privacy. Otherwise we might find ourselves doing something here on the beach that could get us arrested.”

With that said we gathered up our belongings and headed back to where our clothes were stored. First we took a quick shower using kütahya escort the outdoor shower facilities to remove any salt and sun tan lotion. Once dressed Walter made sure to tip the topless young lady in the sarong, and rather handsomely.

Fortunately when we got back to the main building there were two taxis out front waiting for fares. Walter sat up front with the driver while Elaine, Ron and I sat in back. We were all pretty quiet during the ride. Be safe to say everyone was mulling over different scenarios in their heads. Maybe even a bit of uneasiness about things was setting in. As for me, I was pretty excited, albeit somewhat apprehensive too. What was a short half hour ride earlier to the resort seemed like a two hour long trip back.

Once back at the ship we immediately went up to our rooms. We decided on Ron and Elaine’s room and once inside we all looked at each other not knowing what to do next. Being our first “foursome” we were pretty clueless about how to begin.

That’s when Walter noticed the time…”I’m not sure what we had in mind, but we don’t have a lot of time before we have to get ready for dinner. Maybe we should wait until afterwards.”

“No way Jose!”…replied Elaine. “But since we are pressed for time, and if Lacey doesn’t mind, I’d like to at least fulfill one of Ron’s fantasies. I can’t tell you how many times he’s told me he’d love to see me suck another man’s cock. So there’s nothing I’d like to do more than let him watch as I suck yours Walter.”

“That’ll work for me. But while you’re doing Walter I can do Ron. Walter has the same fantasy so they both can watch while they’re sitting on the end of the beds. That way they should have a good view of things.”

“Since we’ve seen each other all stark naked there’s no sense pussy-footing around. Let’s simply get undressed and have at it since time is running short.”

No sooner said we were naked. When we were both Walter and Ron were already fully erect. Obviously there was no uneasiness on their part about things. Huge boners, which were throbbing madly.

When I saw Ron’s limp cock at the beach I mentally figured it would be short and meaty when erect, but I was somewhat wrong. At least relative to it being short. It was meaty for sure, and way more than I expected. Much fatter than Walter’s, but not nearly as long at around 6 or 7 inches versus Walter’s 8 to 9. It was quite the cock in terms of girth though, and would be the fattest one I ever sucked. The only oddity was Ron’s cockhead wasn’t as large as you would think with such a fat prick. Don’t get me wrong, it was a damn big cockhead, just not proportionately so. For all I know, it may always be the case with any overly fat cock.

It was so meaty it didn’t stand out straight when fully erect like Walter’s slimmer cock. It hung down at a 45 degree angle. I would soon find out why.

Elaine upon seeing Walter’s long cock couldn’t help but saying…”Wow! That’s one long dong Walter, and such a nice large cockhead too. Looks delicious and like quite the mouthful. I don’t think I could have asked for a better cock for Ron to watch me suck if I picked it myself.”

As with Walter and Ron, it seemed I was wrong about there being any uneasiness on Elaine’s part either. Which was good there wasn’t any hesitation about things on anyone’s part.

First we all kissed and groped each other while standing. And while doing so both Walter and Ron couldn’t help but fondle our tits. Especially Walter since Elaine was way bigger in the tit department than yours truly. Probably the biggest set of boobs he ever got to handle. And when he did Elaine’s nipples got as hard and large as thimbles. They were huge and looked like they were begging to be sucked, which Walter did hungrily.

As for Ron, he couldn’t keep his hands off my tits either, which caused an immediate reaction. While my nipples aren’t nearly as big as Elaine’s, they still get quite hard and long when aroused. Which they did, and probably bigger than they have in quite a while.

While Ron was sucking my nipples I reached down to feel his cock. What a piece of man meat it was. Felt like it weighed five pounds it was so heavy. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t soft or spongy, hard as a rock actually. Just heavy when fully engorged. Which explained why it hung down versus sticking straight out when aroused.

Plus it was so fat I couldn’t touch my thumb with my middle finger when I tried wrapping them around it. What a beast. All I could think about is if I could get it comfortably in my mouth.

After what seemed like endless fondling of each other Elaine told Walter and Ron to sit on the beds. When they did we got on our knees between their open legs. Since both were fully aroused there was no need to push back their foreskins to expose their cockheads.

Once assured they both had a decent view of Elaine and I we went to work, so to say.

As for yours truly, I took Ron’s cock in one hand and very gently began licking his cockhead. I flicked malatya escort my tongue all around and over it before taking it in my mouth. When I did I teasingly sucked it like a lollipop. As I did it seemed to swell and feel noticeably larger. Almost the size of a small plum and the feel of it in my mouth was a pure delight.

Slowly but surely I took more and more of Ron’s cock in my mouth while sucking hard as I could. So much so I was making loud slurping noises. Ron’s fat cock had my lips stretched to the limit, but not uncomfortably so. I never sucked a cock as fat as Ron’s, but in spite of its massive girth it felt heavenly the way it filled my mouth.

Hard not to drool somewhat when sucking cock, but I seemed to be doing so more than usual. Saliva was literally spilling out both sides of my mouth, down my chin and onto Ron’s balls.

Plus my love juice was flowing to the point I was soaked all along the inside of my thighs down to my knees on the floor. Pussy juice was gushing out of my cunt like you wouldn’t believe. I was almost embarrassed by how much I was discharging.

Other than Walter’s, Ron’s cock was the first one I sucked in what seemed like ages. While I never hesitate to suck Walter’s cock, and always enjoy it, sucking another man’s cock for the first time after so many years was more exhilarating than I anticipated. Especially with Walter present and seeing me. And I’m sure Walter was having the same feeling with another woman’s mouth wrapped around his cock.

Unfortunately I could only take about half of Ron’s dick in my mouth because it was so fat. The other half I held with one hand so as to keep it upright. If I released it with my hand and mouth it would plop down between his legs because of its weight. As I held it firmly I began a slow but steady up & down head motion all while sucking furiously.

In the mean time Ron gently held the top of my head with one hand while he reached down with the other to tweak my nipples. He went back and forth between the two. Pinching and pulling on them ever so gently all while he moaned softly in between talking up a storm as he did with Elaine on the balcony.

“Damn Lacey. You’re quite the cock sucker. Better than I imagined. The sight and sound of you sucking my cock is mind blowing.”

“You not only suck cock incredibly good, but are driving me crazy because of how lovely your lips look wrapped around it.”

On and on he went.

Occasionally I would look up into his eyes as he stared down to watch me bobbing up & down on his cock. In between watching me he would glance over at Elaine to watch her mouth fucking Walter.

Sadly I couldn’t see Elaine doing Walter so I stopped sucking Ron and suggested we pause for a while so we could watch them. Since it was one of Ron’s favorite fantasies he didn’t hesitate to agree. Especially with it being the first time, as well as for me seeing another woman suck Walter’s cock. Plus I told him once they were done I would happily finish sucking him off. That way Walter and Elaine could watch us.

Elaine was nice enough before hand to put her hair in a pony tail, which gave all concerned a good view of things. Otherwise her shoulder length hair would have obstructed our view. As for me, my hair is short. Not only for convenience sake, but because Walter complained more than once how he couldn’t enjoy watching me suck his cock when it was long.

Ron and I got on our knees on opposite sides of Elaine. I’m glad we paused to watch since I can’t begin to describe how much I enjoyed seeing Elaine suck Walter’s prick up close and personal. I wasn’t more than three feet away from the action. It’s something you really can’t appreciate seeing up close until you actually experience it. Amazingly she was easily taking all but an inch or two of his long dick in her mouth on each downward head stroke. Not quite deep throating it…but close.

I always had a fear if and when we ever had sex with another couple I might get jealous, but I wasn’t. Just the opposite. I got very aroused watching, along with seeing how much Walter was enjoying it. I even found myself unconsciously fingering my clit.

Elaine was like a well oiled machine the way she bobbed up & down on Walter’s cock. Her head motion was relatively fast, but smooth. Almost precision like. She mouth-fucked so effortlessly you’d have thought she sucked cock for a living. And all while using no hands as she kept her arms wrapped around Walter’s thighs.

On each upward head motion Walter’s cock shaft was visibly soaked with Elaine’s saliva. Then as she plunged down her full lips acted like a squeegee and wiped the entire shaft clean by forcing the saliva down into his pubic hair. Which was literally soaked.

Ron was ecstatic watching Elaine. He even got out a digital point & shoot camera so he could take pictures of Walter’s cock in her mouth. No doubt to keep as a memento of their first foursome.

Ron didn’t appear jealous either. He was like me…totally aroused and captivated. manisa escort When he wasn’t taking pictures he was stroking his dick. What a dream come true it must have been for him seeing his beloved Elaine superbly giving head, and the expression of enjoyment on Walter’s face. Who seemed to be enjoying it beyond his wildest expectations.

Can’t say that I blame him the way Elaine was sucking his cock. It was poetry in motion.

We couldn’t have stopped to watch at a better time since it wasn’t long before Walter’s steady groans and moans became louder and more frequent. A sure sign he was going to cum soon.

When Ron realized he was he told him…”When you cum Walter, I want you to do it in Elaine’s mouth. I’d love to see you fill her with your hot load and watch her milk your cock as you do.”

That’s when I decided to get into the act. Based on how Elaine was on her knees with her bum resting on her heels I decided to do something I hoped would enhance things for her. Something I’ve fantasized about someone doing to me while sucking cock, but never had the pleasure.

I got behind Elaine and reached up under her ass until I felt her pussy. I searched out her clit, which was easy to find because of how large it is. Then I began rubbing it with two fingers as she sucked Walter’s cock.

Not long afterwards Walter grabbed Elaine’s head with both hands to gently pull it down as deep and comfortably as he could on his cock without penetrating her throat. When he did he let out a loud grunt as the first cum stream shot into Elaine’s mouth. Then he backed out a bit at which point Elaine took control and literally milked his cock with her mouth as one would a cow’s teat. As she did one cum stream after another shot in her mouth. I thought Walter would never stop, but he eventually did after what seemed like a good six to eight cum shots. He all but filled Elaine’s mouth with his hot sperm.

As he was Elaine also cummed. No doubt from a combination of her getting Walter off with her mouth and me stimulating her clit. When she did I could feel her cunt contract and pulsate as a flood of pussy juice gushed out all over my hand.

Once Elaine finished milking him dry she opened her mouth to let Walter’s creamy white semen flow out and down his long cock shaft. And what a huge load it was as it seemed as though Elaine’s mouth would never empty out. To finish things off Elaine licked and lapped up every drop of Walter’s cum and greedily swallowed it. After which Walter kissed her passionately while tonguing her so he could taste his cum mixed with her saliva.

Once they were done Elaine said…”Wow Lacey. That was incredible the way you fingered my clit. Timing couldn’t have been more perfect. First orgasm I ever had while sucking cock. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, and you put on quite the cock sucking exhibition. I don’t know how I’m going to match it. You’re a tough act to follow and there’s no doubt in my mind Walter isn’t going to forget your blow job for a very long time.”

“You were doing just fine Lacey, before we stopped. Now more than ever I need you to take my cock back in that fine mouth of yours.”

Which I immediately did, and resumed right where I left off with one hand wrapped around the base and the other half buried in my mouth. Once again I bobbed up & down on it while sucking liking a Hoover. Which I put the later to shame.

After what seemed like only a minute or two Ron groaned loudly and said…”Ready or not Lacey, I’m going to cum.”

I never gave any thought about whether to take Ron’s cumload in my mouth or not. Mainly because Walter routinely cums in my mouth when I suck his cock. Big mistake. Ron unloaded one of the biggest loads I’ve ever taken in my mouth. Not forgetting how fat Ron’s cock is, which left very little room for his semen.

Plus he shot one cum stream after another in my mouth so rapidly it felt more like a continuous flow versus individual cum shots. Flooded my mouth like a can of Reddi-Wip whipped cream would. It was impossible to take it all the way it shot out so fast. No way could I keep up with the steady stream and swallow it. Nearly gagged me and as a result a lot squirted out the corners of my mouth and all over Ron’s groin.

After Ron finished cumming, and I swallowed what I could, I milked him for all it was worth. And just before his shrinking cock slipped from my mouth I sucked his cockhead one last time.

“Sorry about that Ron, but no way could I take and swallow your huge load. You’re quite the cum master. Plus your cock exploded like a geyser in my mouth. Wasn’t very impressive the way I handled things as you cummed.”

“You did just fine Lacey. The first time Ron cummed in my mouth I gagged like crazy…almost choked on his cumload. I’m sorry I didn’t mention something beforehand. I’ve become so use to Ron’s big loads I never gave it any thought to warn you.”

“As for you Walter…the size of your cumload was perfect and very tasty to boot. Next time I’ll be sure to take all your load straight down my throat. Wasn’t sure if I could take your long cock entirely without gagging, which would have ruined things. Hence the reason I didn’t. But now I’m confident I can so it will give you something to look forward to.”

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