Amber’s Family Pt. 10


Lisa Faye nervously walked up to the door to the Shae’s home. The cool dusk air gave her bare skin goosebumps and made her sensitive nipples hard. She had on a Silver sequined mini evening dress that shone and glittered in the porch light. It was incredibly skimpy. The material covering her nipples was held up by silver chains that met behind her neck. The dress plunged deeply below her breasts showing them off nicely. The outfit left her entire back bare, showing that she was not wearing a bra. It was a short dress that rested high on her thighs, only a few inches below her amazing ass cheeks.

Lisa’s lovely blonde hair was currently up in a beautiful intricate style that made it look elegant and sexy. She had just had it done by her hairdresser. Her ears were adorned with small teardrop pearl earrings and she also wore a thin silver and diamond necklace around her slender neck. Her small feet were mostly bare in her 2-inch silver stilettos that matched her dress, showing off her newly painted toenails, a subtle pink in color.

Underneath her dress, Lisa was wearing black silk panties. They were very small and thin and she could feel the string pulled snugly between her cheeks. The small amount of material barely covered her freshly shaven cunt. The panties had a little frill on the edges. She hoped Michael would like them.

She stopped walking maybe 15 feet away from the door. Her heart was beating quickly. She held onto her small black clutch tightly and closed her eyes. ‘God, I’m so nervous…’ she thought. She stood still and waited for her heartbeat to slow down. ‘It will be good’ she repeated in her head over and over until she felt calm enough to move again.

She took a few deep breaths and then quickly walked to the door and rand the doorbell. Her heart began to pound in earnest and her face felt flushed as she waited long seconds until the door was opened.

Amber was in her room brushing her long strawberry hair and looking in the mirror when the doorbell rang. Her hair was silky smooth and hung down to slightly below her breasts. She put the brush down and looked critically at her outfit.

She had on very tiny crotchless panties. They were pink and lacy and had two strings of small pearls that framed her cuntlips. They met together snugly between her ass cheeks where they formed into a lacey string that continued up her ass to meet at the top with small pink lace.

She had on a matching lacy pink cupless, barely-there bra that framed her gorgeous big titties nicely.

She had bought these panties and bra herself today and she liked how small they were. She liked how the pearls on the panties framed her cuntlips and hoped that soon they would be drenched in her Daddies cum.

She smiled at herself in the mirror and quickly rushed to the front door, her breasts bouncing wildly. Amber stopped about 10 feet away in the foyer and saw her father move casually to the door.

Michael was wearing a button-down black dress shirt with no tie and black dress slacks. Amber thought he looked very handsome all in black.

She watched happily as her Father opened the door and She saw her best friend look up into his eyes. ‘She looks so nervous!’ thought Amber as she smiled a greeting to Lisa.

Michael Shae looked down at the gorgeous young woman standing at his doorstep and said:

“Welcome Lisa, please come in. You look amazing.”

“Thank you, Michael.” Said Lisa a bit nervously, but she smiled up at him as she walked into the foyer. She quickly looked at Amber wearing her slutty, barely-there lingerie and smiled at her.

“You look very sexy Amber!” she said and winked at her.

“Thanks, Leese, I bought this outfit earlier today. I wanted to impress you and Daddy. Well? What do you think Daddy?”

Michael looked over at his gorgeous daughter wearing next to nothing and smiled.

“You look great as always baby, but this outfit especially works for me.”

Amber smiled happily up at her father, and then looked down to his crotch to make sure that her outfit was having an effect. Sure enough, she could see the beginnings of his cock getting hard.

Michael tore his eyes away from his sexy daughter and back to the other gorgeous teen.

“That dress is amazing on you Lisa.” he said with a smile.”

He held his hand out to Lisa and she took it in her own. He brought her hand up to his mouth and kissed it gently. Lisa shivered slightly as his lips touched her for the very first time. Her nipples tightened and became pronounced through her flimsy dress.

“My Wife has gone to stay with a girlfriend of hers for the night. She thought it might be best, just for tonight. Amber agreed.”

“Oh, I think your wife is amazing! She’s so gorgeous and sexy! I hope I didn’t cause her to feel like she wasn’t welcome for umm… this…” said Lisa

Michael chuckled deeply and said, “No no, she just didn’t want you to feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable tonight.”

“Ok Michael, that’s good,” Lisa said in relief, looking Giresun Escort up into his handsome smiling face.

“I made us dinner.” Said Michael, “this way.”

Michael took her hand in his much larger one and led her to the dining room. There on a small round table was a lasagna dish with breadsticks and salad. In a bowl of ice was wine.

Michael pulled Lisa’s chair out for her and scooted it in, then did the same for Amber before sitting across from the two beauties in his own chair.

He dished the two women food and popped the cork on the wine. He gave them both a modest amount of wine as well as himself and they began to eat and drink.

Lisa only ate a few bites of lasagna after her salad, telling Michael she was a bit too nervous to eat much. Amber told her to relax and they began to talk about mutual friends.

Michael joined in their conversation and soon they were talking freely. They chatted and ate for about twenty minutes until soon they were talking about the dance team. Michael told her about the first time he had seen her at Amber’s first dance performance.

“You were amazing, the way you moved so sensually. I loved watching you dance. You are very sexy and good at what you do. My mind wandered a bit when I saw you up there.”

Lisa beamed a big smile at Michael. “Thank you. When I first saw you in the audience I thought you were the most handsome man I’d ever seen.” she looked down and blushed a bit as she said this, but then looked back up at Michael. “What do you mean about your mind wandering?”

Michael looked into Lisa’s bright blue eyes and told her “I began to undress you in my mind. I imagined what you would look like naked, dancing up there like you did.”

Amber smiled at him but kept very quiet and ate lasagna as Lisa and her father shared a moment.

Lisa looked down at her food and then replied, “I think about you a lot Michael.”

“You do?” asked Michael.

“Yes. I think about you at night before I go to bed. I think about you and Amber and what I saw that night when you went to fix her tire. I think about being Amber.”

“I heard you saw us that night. I suppose we should be more careful.”

“I’m glad you weren’t,” said Lisa looking up into his face. Hers was slightly flushed.

“I’m glad you aren’t Amber,” said Michael. “You are an amazing, gorgeous woman. Our whole family is so glad to know you, and we are glad we can share our secret with someone who understands.”

Michael finished his wine glass and stood up and moved behind Lisa. He scooted her chair out and she stood up in front of him then turned around facing him.

Michael moved closer to Lisa and embraced her. She gladly hugged him back.

He held her close and felt her small frame against his, with her soft but firm breasts pressed against his chest.

Michael looked at his beautiful nearly naked daughter and she smiled back at him, staying quiet, content just to watch.

Michael pulled slightly apart to look into Lisa’s gorgeous eyes. He slowly leaned down and Lisa tilted her head up and they kissed for the first time.

The kiss was gentle and warm and made Lisa feel amazing. It was so soft and wonderful. Lisa couldn’t think of anything while his lips were on hers. Only this sensation mattered. Everything else had faded away. She lost track of any time, but perhaps only 15 seconds had passed when Michael began to press his lips more forcefully against hers. He stepped closer and Wrapped his Incredibly powerful arms around her slim back. Lisa almost didn’t realize that she too had embraced his strong torso with her arms, her hands resting flat on his back. She could feel his well-muscled frame through his shirt and his light cologne smelled so intoxicating. She felt herself heating up and returned the more passionate kiss, slightly moving her lips, letting them feel more of his.

Without intending to, Michael was quickly losing control. He could feel his powerful sexual urges begin to well up inside him. This woman had been on his mind for quite some time. He had wanted to fuck her since the first time he saw her. The perfume she was wearing was quickly clouding his mind. A flowery scent, but subtle and sweet, almost an aphrodisiac.

His urges were made more powerful due to the fact that he had not cum once today. His wife and daughter had told him to save all his cum and urges for Lisa tonight. This was quite a change from the norm. Usually, he had cum 3 or 4 times before dinner, due to the fact that his wife and daughter were insatiable in their lust for him, and he for them truth be told.

So it was almost a surprise to him when his first kiss with Lisa which he had intended to be short and sweet, had begun to be a makeout session.

He used his tongue at first to lightly touch her amazing soft pouty lips. A small moan escaped Lisa when his tongue first touched hers and it had driven Michael to even wilder heights. When he felt her tongue on his own lips, he allowed himself Giresun Escort Bayan to fully give in to the kiss. Soon their tongues were intertwined and he was pressing her naked back with his hands closer to him. he could feel her breasts press into his chest and felt the hard points of her nipples. He felt her hands run slowly up and down his muscled back as they kissed.

When Lisa felt Michaels tongue against her own she began feeling feverishly hot. She knew at this time that she would give this man anything and everything he wanted. His tongue was driving her wild. More short moans escaped her throat as she continued to feel his powerful tongue play with her own. A thought escaped her that he was a god, and she was built to fulfill his every sexual whim. And she realized that she would gladly do this. Every day, in every way.

When she felt his hands slide down her back and underneath her dress, lower and lower, past her panty strings and finally cupping both her ass cheeks she whimpered into his mouth. Her need was growing stronger and stronger, almost multiplying by the second. When his hands squeezed her ass again she moaned. She broke the kiss off to say “God Michael, Yes!” as she pressed her full body into his. And then she felt it. Mostly hard already. His glorious manhood, still locked inside his pants.

She realized at this time her pussy was soaking through her tiny panties. She had never gotten wet this fast in her entire life. Michael began kissing her neck and that made her gasp and tilt her head to the side so he could feast upon it.

Taking the opportunity to kiss her slender neck when she exclaimed in her sexy high voice “God Michael, Yes!”, Michael felt her push herself into him fully. He loved her scent. her sexiness, her flawless full ass. He loved squeezing it. So soft and firm. He had dreamt of touching and seeing it naked for a long time now. Her ass was truly a wonder. He couldn’t get enough. He began to lick her neck as he gently squeezed her ass, sliding his hands up and down it. Every time he would squeeze it, Lisa would moan. he kissed and tongued her neck and shoulder for about a minute before he felt her hands move from his back and snake in between their bodies, forcing them apart.

“Please…nnhh I need… God! I need to feel your skin… hhhh Please…” She whispered as she began to unbutton his shirt with shaky fingers.

Michael removed one hand from her naked ass cheek and brought it up to her chin. He gently but firmly pulled her head upwards and looked down into her eyes. They were half closed and almost glazed with lust. Seeing her like this drove his own lust even higher. He leaned down and covered her mouth with his. She almost greedily opened hers to meet his and Michael forcefully pushed his tongue into her mouth. Lisa accommodated his forceful kiss, her mouth melting against his, her tongue entwining his.

Such force and heat! She could not get enough. She couldn’t seem to open his shirt though. Her hands weren’t steady enough. She whimpered in lust from his tongue play, and then a second time in frustration for not being able to feel his skin.

Michael heard the frustrated whimper and felt her fumbling hands between them and quickly pulled away from their kiss. He removed his hands from the sex goddess before him and quickly reached up to his shirt and taking hold of it with both hands, ripped it apart, buttons flying everywhere. Lisa and Amber both gasped at the same time seeing him do this. He quickly pushed his shirt down his muscular arms letting it fall from him leaving his lean, tan, muscular torso bare.

Then, Michael gently reached around Lisa’s neck to the silver chain holding Lisa’s dress up. He pulled on it and Lisa dipped her head, her heart thumping furiously fast. Michael pulled the chain over her head and let the material fall. Her perfect tan, large breasts now fully exposed to him. He let go of the dress and it fell, catching around her waist for a few moments before falling into a pool around her high heeled feet.

His eyes feasted upon the almost naked 18 year old’s body in front of him. She had on tiny barely their black panties that just covered her sex. Her breasts were large on her frame, firm and currently rising and falling quickly with her heavy breathing. At their tips her reddish nipples were incredibly hard and, he noticed smaller than his wife and daughters, but definitely to his liking. Lisa had not looked up at him since he had removed her dress. Her hands though were on his naked chest. They were trembling slightly as they slowly moved up his muscled stomach higher onto his pecks. Finally, Michael reached down and grasped her waist and pushed her closer to him. Her nipples touched Michaels’ chest and she let out another gasp.

Lisa looked up into his eyes with her own. They were lust filled and her cheeks were flushed. “Do you like my body?” she asked shyly and quietly. her hands slowly running up and down his chest.

Michael groaned approval Escort Giresun and then told her “You are beautiful. I need you.” in his deep, masculine voice. His hands went around her small frame and found their way to her amazing ass again.

Lisa smiled slightly and her left hand slowly trailed down his highly muscled stomach, past his belt and to the prominent bulge in his pants. her palm and fingers began to outline his manhood through his pants. It was incredibly hard and she felt it quite clearly. She gasped quietly as she realized he wasn’t wearing any underwear beneath his slacks. She gasped again as she felt the girth and heat of his large cock through his pants.

Lisa stepped forward and allowed her breasts to mash against Michael’s stomach as she ran her hand up the length of his huge member. Slowly she felt the whole of it with her small fingers. It was very hard now and currently pointing down his leg. It was the length of the dildo that Amber and she had shared, and basically the same size, but the heat was driving her wild with desire.

She wrapped her fingers around its girth as best she could and began to slide her hand down his pants to its tip. She heard a groan from Michael as her hands reached the tip of his cock and she smiled slightly, knowing that she had caused this man pleasure. That is all she wanted to do. Give him pleasure in any way she could. She knew from their first kiss that she was his completely. Michael continued to brush his hands up and down her ass, squeezing now and then as Lisa played with his cock through his pants. Quickly her other hand joined her left to jack his cock off slowly. Her heart was beating quickly. She knew she was going to get fucked by him soon. She wanted it so bad. Her tiny panties were drenched. she felt a trickle of her cuntal juice slide down her leg.

Michaels right hand slowly slid down the center of Lisa’s Ass, and his fingers finally found her sex from behind through the thin silky panties. “You’re so wet..” he exclaimed in his low sex filled voice.” He began to finger her wet panties, to finger Lisa’s cuntal lips, to finger the inside of her cunt through her panties.

Lisa moaned in her sweet clear high voice. “God Michael…nnnhhh Yes!” was all she could exclaim as her hands began to run the length of his shaft up and down, quicker now than before. She was barely aware of what she was doing with her hands. All she knew was that she wanted to feel his naked cock. Needed it. It felt so good to feel it, but she knew she would soon have it inside her. As she thought of that another moan escaped her lips and the word “Please…”

Michael heard this and guessed what she wanted. without moving his fingers from her cunt he removed his left hand from her ass and unzipped his trousers. he reached inside his pants and slid his hand down his shaft, forcing Lisa’s small hands off of it. he grabbed it and pulled it through the fly of his slacks, fully engorged and hard. A small amount of precum was beginning to form from the slit of his cock.

Lisa’s eyes grew wide as she saw his naked cock for the first time, pointing out from him. So large. so beautiful. God, she’d never seen a cock as perfect or big as his. The tip of his cock touched her underneath her right boob and left a silky wet spot from the precum on her. Lisa gasped at this. His cock was hot… Almost of their own accord, her small hands had both circled around it. She immediately moved one hand down the shaft to his balls and lifted them out from his slacks and massaged them, while her other hand encircled the head of his cock. her fingers quickly found his cock slit and the silky hot precum began to slide onto her finger. she rubbed her finger on his cock slit as she got more and more aroused from his fingers on her cunt. She lewdly took her finger away from his cock and slid it to her nipple, wetting it with his precum. circling it and then pulling on her hardened nipple. “God Michael, you’re beautiful…” she said with her eyes fastened on his cock.

Michael grunted in reply and pushed her tiny panties to the side to finally feel the silky wetness and heat of her bare cuntal lips. Lisa moaned as his large, naked fingers found his way inside of her cunt and expertly moved within her.

Michael leaned down and with his mouth next to her ear growled “I need you right now.”

Michael removed his fingers from inside her cunt which drew a moan of disappointment from Lisa. One of his large hands encircled both of her wrists and pulled her hands away from him. With a deep groan, he lead her by the wrists to the table.

He noticed his daughter, one hand on her breast tweaking her nipple and the other with 2 fingers deep inside her cunt between the slit in her crotchless panties, quickly frigging herself in and out, a look of intense lust on her face. as she stared at him and Lisa.

Michael took two steps forward forcing Lisa forward as well, then quickly and firmly brushed his forearm across the table, sending a placemat and everything on it flying to the ground with a smash and clatter. Lisa gasped as she obediently stood behind him, knowing what was soon to come. He then took Lisa’s wrists and pulled them to the now empty spot on the table, forcing her hands to lie flat on it, forcing her to lean over at the waist.

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