Rob , Sherri


I had just turned 19 two weeks ago and was home alone on a Friday night watching the football on TV. My mum was out with friends and said she wouldn’t be back until late. My dad had left about six months earlier and it was her first real night out for ages. She just said “don’t wait up” as she was going to have a big night and let it all hang out and enjoy herself.

The football finished and I put some music on. I stared reading a forum magazine that mum keeps at the bottom of the pile out of the way. I came to a story about a guy and an older woman. I was very hard and horny at this stage so I undid my jeans, pulled out my cock and started wanking while reading on. She was telling him what to do and he was following her every word.

Knowing that mum wasn’t coming home was for a while made me stay where I was and not go to my bedroom.

He had his head between her legs licking and sucking as she was approaching her first orgasm, like I was.

Suddenly I heard a voice from behind me, “Mmmmmmmmmmmmm you better put that boy away Rob, your mum will be in soon.” It was Sherri, mums best friend. I quickly stopped put it away and straightened up. Mum came in after paying the cab driver, she must have stayed for a chat with the cabbie or she would have been the one to catch me.

I quickly went to the bathroom and just sat there until my embarrassment left my face. “Do you want a coffee?” mum called out from outside the door.

I said, “please, I’ll be out soon.” As I was leaving the bathroom Sherri was going in.

“I want to see you cum next time,” she whispered to me. That really knocked me back, I looked back at her and she just grinned.

Sherri was 44, widowed. She was a very slim and petite lady and before tonight I didn’t think about her, she was mums best friend and hatay escort that was it. I was in the kitchen with mum when Sherri walked back in. “Wow” I thought, this is one gorgeous lady, whether it was from reading the story or what she had just said to me, I saw her in a different light to what I’d done before.

I could see her nipples were hard through her top and just thought she was still aroused at the sight of my dick. We both exchanged smiles across the table, before we all finished up and Sherri headed home and mum and myself went to bed.

I got to my room, undressed, and threw back the covers to get into bed. Lying there was a pair of black panties and knowing they were Sherri’s, gave me an instant hard on. I picked them up, jumped into bed and put them to my face. They smelt wonderful and to my surprise the crotch was wet. It didn’t take me long before I was shooting my load with Sherri’s panties still on my face.

I got up about 10 the next morning, the phone rang and mum was in the shower, on answering it with a “Hi.”

The voice on the other end said, “did you enjoy the present I left for you?” I couldn’t answer. “Did you cum for me?”

I ummed and erred and just said, “mum’s in the shower. I’ll get her to call you back,” and I hung up.

Mum came to me after ringing Sherri back and told me to go around Sherri’s and do a small job for her. I was a bit hesitant at first but I agreed and headed off. Sherri just lived five minutes from our house, so it was an easy walk around the corner.

I arrived at Sherri’s place where she was at the door waiting. Wearing a bikini top and a pair of shorts, which made her look very hot. We didn’t say much as she let me in and locked the door. Then she said, “follow me”.

She led me to he bedroom where she turned. “Now show me what you were doing last night.” I stood there shocked. “Did you cum over my panties?”

All I could say was, “Yes.”

“Well, show me how.”

I stood there with a vague grin on my face. In an angrier voice she now said, “get it out and start wanking.” Just like the book I did as I was told. I pulled my shorts and undies down. I was already hard and just started.

She sat on the bed and reached behind and undid her bikini top and put it aside. Sherri’s tits were absolutely beautiful, just over a handful, very round and very firm. Her nipples were small, very pink and were now sticking out like arrows.

I could not take my eyes off them as I wanked even harder.

“Would you like to touch them?” I just nodded, reached out and cupped a breast with my free hand. It felt great. She said to use both hands and the said, “I can see you cum later.”

I cupped the other breast and felt her nipples harden even more as I massage them.

“Get down on your knees and suck them.” She didn’t have to ask twice. I was on the floor in no time and just inches away from having a nipple in my mouth.

I reached out my tongue and flicked her right nipple, she gasped. I circled it before taking it in my mouth. A moan escaped from Sherri’s lips. I started to suck harder and harder, I moved from nipple to nipple, giving as much pleasure as I could.

I ran my hand down her chest and cupped her now warm mound. She asked if Id like to see what was in the panties she gave me. I just nodded.

“Take my shorts off then.” I undid them as she stood up and let them fall to the floor. She was wearing white panties today. They were so wet that they clung to her very wet pussy. She was completely shaved.

“Does it smell better now?”

“Of course,” I said. I was breathing in her sweet scent and before to long I had my fingers in her panties, pulling them down to the floor.

As she stepped out of them she sat back down, I again put them to my face and breathed in deeply. “Would you like a taste?” I nodded. “Lick me then.” She lay back and spread her legs wide. I parted her lips; her clit was so big and wet. I started to taste her before my tongue even hit her.

When I touched her, she arched her back and let out a big moan. I flicked my tongue from side to side. Sherri’s breathing became faster along with her moans. I took her clit into my mouth and sucked it hard. She clamped my head in with her legs as her body started to shudder. Her breathing stopped as she let out a scream. She was having her first orgasm.

As Sherri’s legs released me and she stopped trebling, she joined me kneeling on the floor. She kissed me deeply as her tongue danced in my mouth. “Now you have to fuck me.”

She turned around and laid her body on the bed, with her knees on the floor and her firm ass sticking up, Sherri wanted it Doggie.

I didn’t wait. I positioned myself between her knees and I put my head to her entrance. I was just about to enter her but before I could she thrust back taking it all in. It felt wonderful, so hot and so very, very wet. I pumped slow at first and got harder and faster as she got louder.

I could now feel my own orgasm building. My balls were tightening, all of a sudden Sherri clamped on my cock, which was it for me. I was cumming. As I shot my load deep into her, she again started to shudder, stopped breathing, and screamed even louder.

Number two, I thought with a big smile.

I now heard heavy breathing behind me. I turned and behind me was a woman in her bra and panties, rubbing her clit with one hand and massaging her breast with the other. I looked at her face and to my horror it was?

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