Rippling Water Ch. 01


This is the second section of a story that begins with Targeted Ch 01 and Targeted Ch 02. It picks up some months after the initial sexual exploration between Janice and William. The description from Targeted Ch 01 states the reasoning behind this second section. “An itch is scratched and love blossoms.”


Janice: Age – 60; Stats: 36B-26-38, 130 lbs. Height: 70 inches. She could not be considered beautiful in the Vogue sense but Mature would have signed her to a contract without hesitation. Knowing which colors and materials brought out her best side she dressed in unstated elegance. Weight would never be a problem. A Wholesome diet and regular exercise maintained her figure. Men and women were constantly having a good, long look.

Bill: Age – 65; Stats: 44-34-38, 195 lbs. Height: 74 inches. Men don’t have a cup size. He wasn’t model material but there was a presence that was reinforced when he looked at you with his hazel eyes. He kept in shape but was loosing the battle for control of his abs. Injuries to his spine prohibited the type of exercise that would have produced flat abs. The cut and color of his clothing had been selected to accentuate his overall appearance but not draw attention to his height.

Nancy: Age – 62; Stats: 34B-25-35, 120 lbs. Height: 68 inches. Both sexes would classify her as a ‘plain Jane’. That is what Nancy considered herself to be. She was the tallest and thinnest of her family. Her lineage was white Russian but her body build was more Scandinavian. Bright blue eyes were framed by page boy blonde locks. A perky nose sat above small but sensuous lips. She carried herself in a regal manner having been taught early on about posture and poise. When people got to know her they found a sense of humor and a strength of intelligence. It took her awhile to warm to people but with those she did found in Nancy a life long friend.


Janice called Bill after lunch. Picking up after three rings Bill said, “Haggen speaking.”

“Hi Bill,” Janice said, “This is Janice. Can you get away this evening for a weekend trip to the coast?”

“I don’t have any plans that are set in concrete,” Bill replied, “What’s up?”

“Some friends of mine are off to Arizona looking at real estate. They had a call from friends on the coast saying they thought the house might have some storm damage. Alice called and asked me if I could check it out for them.”

“Your car or mine?”

“Can we use yours? If there is no damage we can drive the beaches at low tide.”

“Okay, I’ll just fill the tank up this afternoon and toss my tool kit in the back. What time do you think we should leave?”

“1900 should be fine. There is a nice place to eat just at the edge of town. When we get to the house we’ll start the fire and then do a walk-around. Oh, dress warmly that ocean breeze can be nasty. Do you have rain gear?”

“Yes, I have rain gear. I’ll pack some extra clothes in an overnight bag.”

“Okay, I’ll see you at 1900 then. Bye.”

“Bye,” Bill said before cradling the receiver.

‘Good!’ Janice said to herself as she dialed Nancy’s number. On the third ring her friend picked up and said, “Hi Janice. What can I do for you?”

“Can you meet me at my place at three o’clock?”

“Sure, I can do that,” Nancy said, “What’s up?”

“I’ll tell you when I see you,” Janice replied, “Got to go. See you.” Janice didn’t wait for Nancy to respond and hung up the phone. ‘Part two is in the oven’, Janice said to herself. Picking up the phone she dialed Marie’s extension.

“Hi Janice,” Marie said.

“Marie, I’m leaving for the rest of the day and won’t be available during the weekend.” Janice said to her assistant.

“Okay! Taking that mystery man and hiding out for the weekend?”

“Marie!” squeaked Janice.

“Janice!” Marie responded, “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the change in you over the past three months. You’ve got half the girls drooling for a chance to meet this mystery man of yours.”

“All of you will have to wait until the Christmas party,” Janice replied.

“Alright. Have fun but don’t come back with too big a grin on your face.”

“Marie, you’re impossible.” Janice threw back as she hung up the phone.

Janice cleaned up her desk and the put patient files on Marie’s desk to be locked away at closing. Stopping at the Reception Desk Janice told the girl on duty that Marie knew how to get in touch with her.

It was about 1430 when Janice checked her mail and walked to her apartment. Entering the apartment she hung her coat up and put on a pot of coffee. Janice knew that Nancy enjoyed a cup as much as she did. There were no messages on the answering system so she walked on towards her bedroom. Smiling at a memory Janice closed the blinds in the living area.

Entering the bedroom Janice closed the blinds and then began to strip off her clothes as she approached the bathroom. She held the blouse and bra until she came to the hamper. ordu escort Throwing those items in Janice leaned against the doorjamb and removed the remaining garments. Going into the bathroom she paused long enough to turn on the water and set the faucet to the temperature she liked before going to the toilet to relieve herself.

After a thorough refreshing shower Janice was tying the belt to the robe she wore when the doorbell rang. She walked to the door. Looking through the ‘peep’ hole Janice recognized her friend Nancy standing outside. Unlocking the door she opened it allowing Nancy to come in. Janice closed the door and locked it.

After kissing Janice tenderly on the lips Nancy said, “What can I do for you at three o’clock on a Friday afternoon? Does it have anything to do with your mystery man?”

“Yes, circumstances have presented an opportunity that I don’t want to pass up,” Janice said, “Do you remember the fun we had last week?”

“Of course, before, during and after.”

“Well, I want you to make sure I’m baby smooth from my butt hole to my belly button.”

“This guy has given you more than a case of crotch itch, hasn’t he?” Nancy said leading Janice towards the bathroom.

Janice stopped in the bedroom. “Wait a second, I’ll turn the other lights on.” Walking over to the nightstand Janice turned on two small switches. The room was flooded with a brilliant light.

“Wow, that is some improvement.”

“They’re sun lights. They were developed for hydroponics’ gardening. Bill recommended them.”

“So, the mystery man has a name. No last name please. I don’t want to know. And it goes without saying it — I know about discretion.”

“Thank you, Nancy.”

“Hop up on the bed and get comfortable while I get your things from the bathroom.” When Nancy returned she cautioned Janice about the hot face cloth she would use to soften the stubble.

Janice flinched even after the warning. “Hey, careful please. I want to use that this weekend.”

“And the butt plug on the counter?”

“The thought has crossed my mind.”

“You would let a man have you anally?”

“Why not? You and I have had plenty of fun playing with each other.”

“Never with something that big.”

Janice said, “If I say ‘No’ Bill won’t do it. If I say ‘Stop’ he stops right then and we talk about it. I’m in control of our sexual exploration.”

“I have never found a man that interested in my pleasure.” Nancy was busy shaving Janice’s most private parts. “Don’t move, I’m going to shave around your butt hole and then your outer lips.” Janice held her position and took shallow regular breaths.

“Okay, all done. The baby oil will b cool but will stop any irritation. Do you want me to install that butt plug for you?”

“Will you?”

“Of course, silly. I won’t deny you your carnal pleasures. I certainly enjoy our times together.” Nancy went off to get the sex toy. When she returned Nancy commented, “Bill must be pretty big if you have to loosen your butt hole with this.”

“He is big and long.” Janice said with a confused look on her face.”

“Janice, we have shared many, many things over the years we’ve know each other. I know that you have sex with men for the completion and fulfillment you get from it. I also know that you have had sex several female lovers. You prefer my company for both the sex and my help in talking out and releasing the pain you lift from your patients at the clinic.”

Janice sat there stunned. She had heard the same sincerity and conviction from Bill before they had had their initial sexual exploration together.

“Are you okay, Janice?” Nancy said interrupting Janice’s thoughts, “You look like you have seen or heard a ghost.”

“In a way Nancy I have.” Janice said softly, “Bill used the same words with slightly different phrases before we had sex together.”

“You have met a very strange man then.” Nancy replied.

“Nancy, have you ever been with a man?”

“No, my first attempt at love took a wrong turn. He made a decision that affected me without consulting me. I rebelled at his insensitivity by dumping him. I never saw him after that. When I graduated high school my father informed me that he had arranged my marriage to a nice Russian boy. I packed my bags and worked my way across the country. Working at secretarial positions I finally saved enough to get the education I wanted. I moved up here about a year before we met at the association meetings. I have applied my knowledge and skills in the homeopathic medicine field ever since.”

“Bill has an interesting story too but I don’t have permission to say anything. Would you be willing to meet him her over a quiet dinner?”

“I wouldn’t want to start a competition.”

“I know there would be no competition. Bill doesn’t think like that. I believe that the two of you would augment my life and complement each other.”

Nancy felt odd twinges in parts of her body that usually responded indifferently. “Oh my! Do you have rize escort any pads or tampons?”

“No, I never use them.”

“Are you starting your period?”

“No, but the conversation caused a change and my pussy is drooling. TP will have to do until I get home. I will give thought and serious consideration to your dinner offer. I better run along so you can finish packing for your weekend.”

Janice got off the bed and retied her robe. Walking Nancy to the door she said, “When you make your decision let me know. I won’t make any plans until then. Thank you for your help this afternoon.”

“You’re welcome. Unless I see you sooner I’ll see you at the association meeting.” Nancy said.

Janice locked the door, walked across the room into her bedroom. Opening her closet she pulled out her overnight bag and tossed it on the bed. There was a soft thump as the bag landed. Investigating Janice found the butt plug under the bag. Looking at it she decided that this wasn’t the time. ‘Let it happen naturally’, Janice said to herself.

Going back to the closet Janice selected two flannel shirts and two pair of wool slacks. Bending down she pulled out her sturdy hiking boots. Satisfied Janice put the clothes on her bed and walked to the dresser. Opening a bottom drawer she two sets of pale blue silk long johns. From another drawer Janice selected match bra and panty sets. One was deep blue/green almost matching the water she and Bill would be looking at. The other set was the color of damp sand. Closing the drawer Janice walked by the bed putting the bra and panty sets down by her other clothes before she continued on into the bathroom. Removing the toiletry kit from the linen closet she opened several drawers under the counter top. Selecting what she needed Janice tossed the items into the kit. On a whim Janice also put her raspberry lipstick into the kit before she slid the zipper shut. Closing all the drawers Janice picked up the kit and walked into the bedroom turning off the lights as she went.

Glancing at the clock on the nightstand Janice decided that she had time to take a nap before getting dressed and greeting that mystery man. Moving to the side of the bed Janice slid the bag and clothes to the far side. Adjusting her robe Janice lay down on her side and quickly fell asleep.

Bill selected the clothes he would wear on the drive to the coast. Silk long johns, wool trousers, flannel shirt, and cotton and wool socks. A clean T-shirt and boxers completed the outfit. Taking out his overnight bag he packed the same type of clothing but doubled the quantity. Tossing in more cotton and wool socks Bill went into the bathroom and assembled his shaving kit. Coming back into the bedroom he packed the kit, closed and locked the bag. Bill put his overnight bag by the front door so he would remember to take it with him when he serviced his SUV.

At 1900 Bill was walking up to Janice’s door when she came out with her overnight bag. “Good evening, Janice.” Bill said, “All ready to go?”

“Let me lock up,” Janice replied, “and we can leave.”

Picking up the bag by the front door Bill waited while Janice double checked her front door. “Okay,” Janice said, “all done.”

As Bill was stowing Janice’s bag in the back of his SUV Janice commented on the amount of stuff he was bringing.

Bill responded, “The tool box is here in case we need to do some repairs. The overnight bag has my change of clothes and toiletries. My day pack goes along whenever I travel to the seashore or the woods. I carry emergency rations, first aid kit, dry socks and space blankets plus odds and ends.”

“I didn’t know I was fooling around with a Boy Scout.” Janice quipped.

“The Boy Scout’s, the Civil Air Patrol and the US Army taught me to anticipate. Do you want to drive?”

“No, I like it when you drive.” Reaching between the seats Bill picked up a small keyboard. Handing it to Janice he said, “Type in our destination and we’ll let GPS guide us to our dinner.”

Leaving when they did Bill and Janice were behind ninety-five percent of the rush hour traffic. They made excellent time and approached their destination at 2100 hours. “Where do we eat?” Bill said, “I’m starved.”

“Pull into Harry’s up on the left.” Janice said pointing to the brightly lit road side sign, “He is an old family friend. The locals stop by to catch up on the news and gossip. During the summer the tourists soon learn that the food is better and they don’t get gouged on the price.”

Pulling into a parking spot near the front door Bill stopped and unfastened his seat belt. Removing the keys to the ignition he opened his door and stepped out to stretch. Going around to Janice’s door he opened it and allowed Janice to exit the vehicle. Janice moved away from the door and performed a full body stretch while Bill closed the door and secured the SUV.

Janice quipped, “You could have left it unlocked you know. There isn’t anyone that would steal it parked at Harry’s.”

“Old habits die sakarya escort hard.” Bill replied, “Most of the places that I lived in the SUV wouldn’t be there in the morning, even after a very short night.”

Bill watched Janice fill her lungs with the night air and smiled as her breasts rose to tighten the material of her blouse. He was surprised that Janice’s nipples were erect but chose not to say anything. When she expelled the deep breath Bill said, “Ready to get something to eat?”

Janice looked Bill straight on and said, “What I want to eat is not on the menu but it’s a good place to start.”

Walking the short distance to the front entry Bill held the door open and indicated that Janice should precede him into the restaurant. “Thank you, kind sir.” Janice said as she passed into the restaurant.

“I’m selfish,” Bill replied, “I wanted to see the back side of you before you sat down for dinner.” Janice blushed at the open compliment but said nothing.

They stood by the cashier’s station for less than a minute when a booming voice rang out. “Find a place in the back of the restaurant with a view folks. I’ll bring some coffee in just a minute.”

Taking Bill’s hand Janice led him down the center isle and found a nice window view but out of the way from the front doors. Janice slid into the seat facing away from the kitchen door. Bill wanted to sit next to her but chose discretion instead. Sitting down opposite her he looked around at the interior of the dining room. The whole effect of the nautical theme was quite charming. It wasn’t over done as so many places were. Looking out the window Bill saw a glimmer in the distance. “Is that glimmer in the distance the Pacific Ocean?” he asked Janice.

“Yes it is. You’re very observant for a man of your age.” Janice teased, “Most people are interested in getting the belly’s full and don’t see what is going on around them.”

“I take it that the owners are ex-Navy types?” Bill said as he took in the fact that Janice’s headlights were on high.

“Yes,” Janice said, “and don’t say a word about the condition of my headlights we are in a public place.”

Just then a heavy set man whose age was not easily guessed walked up to the table with two cups and a pot of coffee. Upon seeing Janice his smile broadened. “Janice, it is a pleasure to see you. It’s been too long.” Turning toward the kitchen he bellowed, “Andy, Janice is here. Come say hello.” Setting down the cups in front of them this heavy set man carefully poured each cup to within a half inch of the brim.

Another man joined the heavy set man at the table. He was shorter and thinner but there was something about him that made you want to like and listen to.

“Janice, you’re a sight for sore eyes.” he said.

“Bill,” Janice said, “I’d like you to meet old friends of the family.” The heavy set man extended a hand saying, “I’m Harry.” The other man then extended his hand and said, “I’m Andy, chief cook and bottle washer. Pleasure to meet you.”

“You’re British?” Bill said.

“Even after all these years I can’t loose the accent.” Andy replied.

“Well, Janice and I are hungry.” Bill responded looking directly at Andy, “Would you fix us something to eat, please? And with that I would thoroughly enjoy a proper cuppa.”

“It would be my pleasure. Would you like a bit of the dog with your cuppa?”

“No thank you. I gave up the dog years ago.”

“Well then, you might be knowing a gent goes by the name of Bill W.?”

“I never had the priviledge. But I attempt to practice the principles in my daily life.” Bill replied.

“Enjoy your coffee while I see what I can do about your empty stomachs.” Andy said turning towards the kitchen.

“So, what brings you down this way?” Harry asked in general to both of them.

Janice spoke for them saying, “I got a call from Alice saying that there had been a storm. She asked if I would check out the house for possible damage. Bill agreed to accompany me and provide fix it skills should they be necessary.”

“So, you’re a many talented man?” Harry asked.

“I can perform a quick fix but would rather leave the genuine repairs to more qualified experts.” Bill replied.

“Oh, don’t mind me. I would have thought Ted and Alice would ring me up and request me or Andy to have a look see.”

“I really didn’t mind.” Janice said, “I needed a break from the city and Bill hasn’t been to the shores for several years.”

“Well, enjoy your coffee.” Harry said, “I’m sure that Andy will fix something that will please the palate and fill your stomach’s. Holler when you need a refill on the coffee. I’m going to start closing this dinosaur up.” Picking up the coffee pot he ambled away toward the front of the restaurant.

Bill looked at Janice with a question in his eyes. “Am I being given the third degree?” he asked.

“Don’t mind Harry. He does that to everybody.” Janice responded.

Just then Andy appeared at the table with generous portions of Danish Shepherd Pie and a basket of crisp, flaky biscuits. “I don’t salt my food so taste and add to your liking.” Turning to Janice he added, “Always a pleasure to see you. I can see that you are enjoying life to the fullest.” With a sly wink he walked back into the kitchen.

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