Reva’s Hot Summer Day


It was one of those dreadfully hot and humid summer days, and I was inside my cool house in the air conditioning seeking some relief. It was Friday and the weekend was upon us. Yet, I had nothing planned. In fact, I was extremely bored.

My best girlfriend was out of town with her family on vacation, and the house was empty what with my parents gone as well. So here I sat sipping my lemonade and wishing something exciting would happen.

Five minutes later, my wish came true.

The phone rang and I rushed to answer it, desperate for some action. It turned out to be my cousin Jay.

“Hey Reva, how’s this heat treatin’ ya?” he asked cheerily.

“It’s not treatin me too well. I’m all alone too with nothing to do.”

“Great! Why don’t you head on over this way and we can take a dip in the pool? I just cleaned it last night and I’m really looking to cooling off some.”

Things were starting to look up.

“Sure, lemme grab my suit and I’ll meet you in about 15, okay?”

I hung up and scampered to my room to fetch my swimsuit. I stripped down and glanced into the mirror at my body. The cool air from the vents blew directly on my nipples and they instantly hardened from the chilly treatment. I giggle and grabbed my swimsuit and tugged it smoothly over my hips and over my breasts. I definitely had a woman’s body and took the time to make sure everything was tucked in where it should be.

Moments later I was at Jay’s and sweating like a damn pig. This heat wasn’t doing any favors for my hair either, so I was trying to make myself look decent when Jay opened the door. I stopped and glanced up and down his body. He had obviously already been in the pool. His hair was wet, and rivulets of water were making their way down his nice pecs and trickled over his sexy abs. He leaned out the doorway and winked at me with a sly grin.

“I couldn’t help it, I just had to get in!”

“No complaints here, I perfectly understand!” I responded.

“C’mon, rinse off in the shower and I’ll meet you out back.” He pulled me inside and suddenly smacked me on the ass.

“Hey!” I cried out, surprised.

“Shower’s over there, don’t keep me waiting.”

I tried to look mean back at him as I walked down the hallway and to the shower. I stepped in and quickly rinsed off, finding my thoughts wandering to Jay. His body was so hot, and here I had the whole day to admire it. Who cares if it was my cousin? He was damn fine and I wasn’t going to pass anything up.

I finished and walked out to the pool. He was sitting on the edge with his legs dangling in the water. He smiled when he saw me and slipped smoothly into the water.

“C’mon in girl, you’ll feel much better.”

I withdrew the towel I had wrapped around me and noticed his eyes stare directly at my large breasts. I pretended not to notice and splashed into the water. The cool liquid caressed my face and body and I broke the surface with a little gasp.

“Ahh, you’re so right Jay. This is awesome!”

I paddled about a few times, just forgetting everything and clearing my mind. It was truly a relaxing moment. I twirled over onto my back and arched my chest out of the water, back-floating for a moment. I closed my eyes and just lost myself in my attempt to avoid the heat. I opened them up again to see Jay sitting on the edge again, with a great view of my cleavage. I caught him staring and stood up.

“Hey mister, exactly what were your eyes peeking at?” I smiled back at him.

Either he had suddenly become sunburned, or he was blushing furiously.

“Uh, um…nothing!”

“You think these are “nothing”?” I asked, standing and cupping my breasts.

“No, I-I…I’m sorry I was just sittin and then I saw—”

I cut him off by splashing him and laughing.

“Get in the pool and cool off, stud!”

He turned away from me and I happened to catch a glimpse of his swim trunks tenting out. It was my turn to blush now, as I suddenly realized I had caught my gorgeous cousin staring at my tits and made his cock rock hard and now my nipples were—I dove quickly under the water in hopes of cooling off my fiery thoughts. Images of Jay flashed through my head as I swam deeper until I graced the bottom of the pool.

I sat there for a moment, thinking. The blood was pounding in my head and I was definitely aroused. My body was shaking, and I kicked off the bottom and broke the surface.

Jay was just slipping in as I stood and brushed my hair back. He nervously smiled at me and I shyly smiled back. After a bit, the tension began to wear down, and we found ourselves enjoying the afternoon and trying to relax in the heat.

I was drifting away in some fuzzy Onwin giriş thought when suddenly my ankles were pulled out from under me! I shouted as I went down and turned to see Jay under the water. I leapt back up into the air and splashed him, and he simply reached out and dunked my head under water with one arm. I grabbed a hold of his wrist with one arm, and pinched his stomach with the other. He back up, spun around and came behind me and dunked me again. Jay then tried to escape, but I launched myself at him and grabbed at his waist, but went a little too low. Okay okay, truth be told, I grabbed onto his cock!

I pushed off quickly and we ended up in the same small section of the pool, both of us panting amidst the rippling water. I was close to Jay, and our eyes locked just then. My hand was placed on his chest without me realizing it, and I felt his rapid heartbeat. I slowly reached out, took his right hand, and placed it so he could feel my heart.

Jay stood there, mouth hanging open, eyes wide as his hand was placed onto my breast. Our hearts were pounding furiously, and we were stuck there in that moment, both of us feeling our bodies react.

“I, I need to take a shower.” Jay croaked, and hoisted himself out of the pool. He snatched up a towel and quickly ran into the house.

I was so stunned I just sat in the pool. I felt like crying after what had just happened. I couldn’t ignore the fact that I was incredibly turned on by my cousin Jay and I wanted to know how he felt…Had I taken it too far? What was he thinking now? What was I thinking?

A few minutes passed and I decided to head into the house myself. I needed to dry off and get home. I needed to get out of here!

I picked up a towel and quietly walked into the house. I could hear the shower running and the door was open a crack. I thought about shouting out a quick goodbye, but a sudden moaning cut me off. There it was again, unmistakably Jay.

I crept up to the door and risked a peek inside. Jay stood inside the shower, the water on full blast, and from the shadows that played across the frosted glass door, I could tell what was going on.

Jay was masturbating!

My crotch was instantly damp with my own juices as I watched the shadow of his hand race up and down along the smooth shape of his manhood. His head was leaning against the wall of the shower, his legs were spread out before him, and he was unabashedly fisting his hard, delicious cock.

All these thoughts were racing through my mind as I stood there and began to strip. There was no way I was going to let something like this pass. Standing there naked in the bathroom, I caught my reflection in the mirror again. This time my hand was exploring between my thighs, and the other was reaching out to the shower.

In an instant I was in the shower with my cousin. His eyes snapped open and stared at me, but his hand seemed to have a mind of its own. He didn’t skip a beat jerking himself off as he took in my eyes, my neck, my round tits and my hips and my entire body. The water sprayed onto his smooth chest as I reached out with one hand and took his off of his aching prick. My own hand took its place.

Now his eyes were squeezed tight as I ran my fingers up and down along his rigid shaft. Standing up proudly, his thick cock was breathtaking. Large veins raced up the hot skin to the helmet. The skin was stretched so tight I thought it might break. I grabbed a bottle of body wash and began to lather up his cock. Soon it was all white and frothy, a searing hot poker ramming in and out of my hands. Jay’s hips were thrusting back at my eager hands and he began to whimper as his dick jumped in my palm. He cried out as he began to cum thick, gooey jets of sperm across my tits and my stomach. I squeezed and gently fondled his balls as blast after blast coated my body.

At last the final drop of juice escaped the end of his prick and I turned around to shower off. I heard him gasp behind me, and soon his hands found their way around my waist. I moaned as he leaned in and kissed my neck, his fingers slipping down along the inside of my thighs. Leaning forward my tits hung and he cupped them in his shaking hands, and soon I was feeling his stiffening member press onto my ass. My cousin kissed and licked his way along my neck, tasting the sweat and sun.

“Oh god Reva, this is what I’ve wanted for so long.” He hotly whispered into my ear.

I moaned in agreement and reached my hands up behind my head and pulled him closer to me.

“Jay, I’m so hot for you right now! I’ve always wanted to be with you in the worst way.”

“You mean that Reva?” he asked. “Can I have you?”

“Of course I mean it, and you can have me anyway you want lover.”

His hands reached up again and palmed my heaving breasts. Jay began to roll and pinch my nipples, causing me to cry out through my clenched teeth. He was making me so hot!

Jay was licking along my neck and then spun me around. I looked up in time to see him devour my breasts with his mouth. He wrapped his lips around my nipple and began to suck and slurp loudly on it. I squealed and arched my back, and his hands slid down and grabbed my ass. He hungrily nibbled on each nipple until both were standing at attention. Jay’s hands clenched on my ass, and soon his hands were dancing lower and lower, until they brushed across my pussy lips, lightning arching up my spine.

“My bedroom.” He managed to mumble between licks.

I clumsily reached behind me and turned the water off, and we stumbled out of the shower, both of us licking and kissing and sucking on each other. Jay began to rapidly dry off my body with a towel, and I did the same to his chest and stomach, then gently brushed his rising penis. He moaned as the soft cotton rubbed along his balls, and he grabbed my hand and led me across the hall to his room.

Jay closed the door, and all was quiet except for our ragged breathing. I slowly backed up until my thighs touched his bed, and I sat down, propping myself up with my arms.

Jay turned and locked his door, then faced me with his raging erection. My legs were splayed out and I was stroking my lips, creating glistening juices all over my thighs.

“God, you look so delicious.” Jay sighed.

“Want a taste?” I asked, slipping a greasy finger into my mouth. I sucked it clean as he watched with wide eyes.

“Oh shit, Reva, I want to taste you more than anything!”

“Then come here Jay,” I motioned, opening my legs wider. “Eat your cousin out!”

He dropped to the floor and crawled over to me, his eyes glazed over and his tongue hanging out. I pinched my eyes shut as the electric shock of his tongue raced through me. I cried out as my legs were lifted over his shoulders and his tongue drove into me, deeper and deeper.

“Ohhhh FUCK! God yes Jay! Suck my pussy, suck it please!” I wailed.

“Mmmm” was all he could say, but the vibrations coursed through my thighs.

“This is so fucking goooood baby! Never stop eating my pussy Jay! Oh! Oh! Oh! Unnnnhhhh!!”

My thighs clamped around his head and my fingers stroked my clit as a fierce orgasm ripped through my sweat-drenched body. Fireflies danced across my vision as my sweet cousin brought me off to my first orgasm of the day. He didn’t stop his administrations though, and he licked all around the inside of my pussy and out, sucking on the lips and even on my clit. I cried out as another small orgasm washed over me and I fell back onto the bed.

“Reva you taste so tangy and sweet and good! I—”

I leaned up and broke off what he was saying by shoving my tongue down his throat. I ravaged his mouth with my own, clawing and pulling him up onto the bed with me. I loved the tangy taste of my pussy on his mouth. I sucked his tongue and lips, getting all of my sweet pussy juice off of him. He lay on his back now, and I moved on down his sexy body.

It was his turn again, and I licked the sweat off of his strong chest and sucked on his nipples. His fingers wrapped themselves in my hair and he gently stoked my head and neck as I sucked on down to his abs. I took my time licking off the salty sweat he had built up from eating me. In no time I felt his cockhead brush up against my breasts.

I heard him grunt softly as my soft tit-flesh grazed his sensitive mushroomed tip. I smiled and covered his cock with my breasts, cupping them and rubbing the nipples across the tip and down the shaft. He opened his eyes and we locked on to each other as he rocked his hips, running his stiff member through the valley of my boobs.

After a little while of the soft, skin-tickling sensations, I lowered my mouth onto his cock.

“Oh god!” Jay cried out.

I responded by running my tongue underneath the tip of the head, then wrapped my lips around his shaft. I took his penis in as much as I could and hummed deliciously back up to the tip.

“Reeeevaaaa, oh dammit you know what you are doing!”

“Just you sit back and let me do all the work honey. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time and I’m not about to spoil it now!”

I gulped down his cock again and this time slowly, sloooowly allowed his penis to enter my throat. His hot meat radiated inside the shallow walls of my throat, and I could feel the bulbous head slip in and out. With my hands I gently rolled his balls around and began to bob up and down on his prick.

I came up for air and saw the entire shaft was a deep red, the head a dark purple oozing salty pre cum. My tongue traced along his slit and I tasted his sweet spunk.

“Jay, I’m going to fuck you now.” I whispered.

“Please Reva, please fuck me!” he whispered back.

“You make me so hot Jay, so damn wet! My pussy is aching for your cock Jay!”

“Fuck me Reva. Fuck your cousin! I don’t care if it’s wrong or—”

“It’s not, believe me Jay. We’ve known each other so long, I trust you, I love you-—ooooooh” I hissed, easing my sopping wet pussy down onto his throbbing pole.

My pussy quivered and swallowed his cock, sinking deeper and deeper until I was straddling him. He was buried completely inside of me.

“Shhhit, you feel so fucking good! Goddamn Reva! I’ve wanted to fuck you so bad!”

“Really Jay?” I asked, starting to gently rock on his pelvis.

“Oh yeah, honey. I’ve fantasized about this forever!”

Jay reached up with both hands and began to squeeze my large breasts. He seemed like a kid with a new toy, pinching and gently brushing his fingers along the undersides.

“Play with my tits honey, yeah. Oh Jay I love you soooo much. Your body is so hot and I’ll pleasure it anytime you want!”

I placed my hands on either side of his head, inviting him to suck on my tits. I rocked my ass back and forth on his rigid purple masterpiece. My cunt juices were running all over his prick and his balls, creating a sweet sucking sound each time our loins collided.

His mouth was busily sucking on my breasts, and he even surprised me by gently biting my nipples. His teeth smoothly scraped along my nipples and I cried out in ecstasy. Jay then blew on my nipples, causing goosebumps to ripple over my breasts and down my back. I responded by slamming my drenched pussy down harder on his pole, the bed starting to squeak and hit against the wall.

“Unh unh unh, damn girl! Fuck that cock!” Jay yelled.

“Yes yes yes baby Jay! I’ll fuck this gorgeous cock anytime you want, day or hmmmm night; you just let me know baby! Oh, it fits so well and it feels so good, I never wanna stop fucking you!”

“Then don’t, babydoll. This cock is hungry for your tight pussy, aw yeah, that’s it hun…” he trailed off into grunts as I reared up and whipped my hair behind me. I sat on him now, clutching my tits and literally bouncing up and down on his rock hard cock.

The bed was rocking and slamming into the wall as I thrust up and down, back and forth on his hot prick. I couldn’t get enough of my cousin’s cock. It felt so good and so right stuffed up into the hilt of my hot, wanting pussy.

“Reva! Shit, I’m gonna cum Reva!” Jay cried out.

“Do it lover! Shoot your hot fucking jizz in my pussy, I want it so baaaaad! Ah! Ah! Ah!”

I was squealing as Jay grabbed my hips and shoved himself deeper into me with every stroke. He practically held me there as he fucked harder and harder, our bodies crashing into each other with sweat raining off of our over-heated bodies.

“J-J-JAY! JAY! I’m cumminAIIIIIIEEEE!!!!!”

I literally screamed as his cock reached new depths inside of my body, an orgasm rocking my body so forcefully I nearly passed out.

“FUCK!” Jay roared.

He clutched my hips tightly and wave after wave soared through my body as he unloaded incredibly hot sperm into my body. The first blast plastered the walls of my pussy, the second and third following suit. For a moment it seemed as if he would never stop, one spurt of incestuous cum after another entering my hungry pussy.

A series of orgasms had me grasping onto his hands for support as my head swam and he pounded into me. I didn’t realize I was holding my breath as an explosive gasp escaped my lips. I fell over onto his heaving body, still feeling his prick twitch and jump inside of me.

I closed my eyes….

…and awoke next to Jay on the bed. He was softly stroking my hair, snuggled in close to me.

“Hi Reva.” He smiled.

“Hi Jay.” I replied.

“How are you?”

“I feel like I’m in heaven.” I softly replied. I closed my eyes and stretched, feeling like my body was glowing. I could still feel the sticky dampness between my legs, and thought of the incredible experience that had just happened.

“I love you Reva.”

“Oh!” I have to admit, I think I got a little misty just then. I couldn’t help it, was the most amazing sex and with someone whom I love and trust and this couldn’t be better!”

“You ok?” he asked, concerned.

“I love you too Jay!” I answered and kissed him.

The summer had just begun. The heat was building up inside, but it was cold compared to the heat that our bodies had created.

It was going to be one hot summer!

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