Resetting Life – The Collection


Let’s start at the beginning. My life went into shambles. I was divorced after a loveless twelve year marriage. My career ended with the office I worked at for 10 years closing their doors overnight leaving myself and all my other co-workers standing at the front doors wondering what had happened. And, to make matters worse, I had run out of money. Deciding that life needed the ‘reset’ button pushed, I moved back to NYC to live with my aging parents. It wasn’t the best moments of a man’s life, especially, one that was going to turn forty soon.

My parents lived in a modest two story brownstone in Brooklyn. It was where I had cut my chops as a kid and learned the ways of the street. But, coming back to live there with your parents when you are an adult does something to your morale. As I moved my things from the moving van into the house, my smiling half-sister ran out smiling.

“Hey, Eric!” she greeted me with a smile and gave me a playful punch on my arm. She tucked some of the bleached blonde locks of silky hair behind her left ear and stood there sweetly. “Or should I say, hey, roomie?”

“Hey, Katie, how are the parental units?” I asked as I pulled box after box out and stacked them on the sidewalk.

She shrugged, “Dad is doing ok. They are about to set off on a cruise. And…your mom could be treating me a little better. I guess they are about to enjoy retirement life, you know?”

Katie was a love child my father had brought into this world. She had remained a secret until Katie’s mother passed away from an accident. With no real family to turn to, Katie was brought out from the depths of secrecy and into my family. Obviously, my mother wanted nothing to do with her, but as a traditional Chinese family, my father didn’t give my mother a choice in the matter and was forced to raise Katie as if she was her own.

I stacked the last box for my second trip into the house and stepped back to take a breather. I had accumulated so much crap over my years away. I pulled out my vape mod and took a deep drag from it and exhaled calmly. Katie had leaned onto the stack of boxes and rolled her eyes.

“We get it, you vape.” She uttered an internet meme at me.

“Ha-ha.” I said. I turned to look at her, just a few years ago, before my life fell apart, she was just a scrawny teenager with braces and glasses. She could be standing in a crowd, and you couldn’t pick her out if your life depended on it. But, she had blossomed into a lovely young woman. Fetching features, but modestly toned back with how she liked to live. She was five foot one with a slightly curvy shape. I noticed that her breasts had swelled up to a nice size and that her nipples were starting to perk up. “Uh…chicken’s done?”

She cocked her head to a side for a moment puzzled by what I said and she looked down when she realized what I meant and immediately covered herself. “Pervert!” she said jokingly.

I reached into one of the boxes I had stacked and pulled a sweatshirt of mine. “I’m not the one out here in fall weather with a tank top.” I said and offered her the sweatshirt.

Katie took the sweatshirt and pulled it on. She pulled the collar area of the hoodie and inhaled deeply. “This smells like you.”

“Do I stink?”

“No,” she answered sweetly. She took another sniff, “I love how you smell. I always have.”

I offered a smile and peered back into the moving van to see that I had a lot more to move in. I took a deep breath and motioned with my head to Katie that I was going to work and talk with her. “So, how are things with you?”

“Well, I turned 18 two days ago.”


“Yeah, I am finally a legal adult!” She said. She used a finger and poked at my chest playfully as I was wheeling my stack of boxes into the house. “And, you weren’t there for my party mister!”

“You know, I was packing my crap to come back here.” I said as I wheeled my boxes into the first floor apartment of the two story brownstone. I pulled the jack away from the boxes and started back out to the moving van. I felt a tug at my shoulder and stopped. Katie was holding my shoulder and smiled. “It’s not like I wanted any of this to happen, Katie. It was just fucked up shit stacked on more fucked up shit.”

She smiled, “I know, Eric. You know I love you. I am happy to see you here. Though, I wished it was on better circumstances other than having to force yourself to live with your step-sister.”

“Wait, what?”

All expression disappeared from her face. “Dad didn’t tell you?”

“Tell me what?”

Katie sighed, “Well, they moved to the top floor knowing that you had to come back home. Your mom has been giving me so much crap lately; they had thought it was wise for me to have a room downstairs here with you. You know…since you weren’t coming down with anyone and they didn’t think you were going to find someone at your age.”

“Really?” I asked astonished. “They thought that of me?”

Katie shrugged, hack forum “Yeah?”

“Great.” I mumbled and went out to fetch more of my things.

* * *

A week into living back at home wasn’t as bad as I had thought it was going to be. I had to share the first floor with Katie, which didn’t turn out to be horrible. She was neat. She was caring. She was quiet. One night after sending out several résumés and answering emails from potential freelance opportunities, I set my tablet down and sat in my living room. Katie entered wearing short cotton PINK shorts and the hoodie that I had given her to wear on the day I had moved in. In her hands was a cold beer for the each of us. She handed me mine and sat down next to me on the couch. She faced my way and tucked her curvy legs to the left.

“Are you supposed to be drinking?”

She took a swig of her beer and laughed. “You know, I am almost done with college.”

Katie was an over-achiever. Ever since she was a child, she excelled in school and was ahead of her class. She skipped middle school and went directly into high-school, and even still, she was out-pacing everyone. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, you nerd, still doesn’t mean you can drink.” I took a sip of the beer. I leaned into her and kissed the top of her head and smiled, “But, I won’t tell anyone if you won’t.”

She smiled and took another swig. She let out a big exhale and looked around the dimly lit living room. “So, what are we doing?”

“What do you want to do?”

She reached for the remote and turned the television on. Katie made a cute little scoffing face, “There is nothing on television to watch.”

I agreed with her and sipped my beer. I pointed to my tablet, “I got episodes of Seinfeld on my tablet if you want to watch it.”

“Really?” she said excited as she sat closer to me. “We can watch it like back in the day when you came to visit?”

Katie smelled amazing. Her body was pressed up against mine and the smell of her was intoxicating. Her breasts pressed up against me as she squirmed in happiness her. I pulled my tablet over, using the motion to create of separation from us, but she just adjusted to me and moved even closer. “Well, I can’t say exactly like we used to. You were a little kid and we were in your bed watching and laughing until you fell asleep.”

Katie rolled her eyes, “Spoil sport.”

I pulled up the Seinfeld episodes I had and we sat there watching and drinking our beer. She laughed as I laughed when Kramer would do something completely absurd, or when George was saying something outrageous. We had a great time. As episode played after episode, and one beer was finished after another, my fatigue won the fight. I fell into peaceful sleep. It was the most peaceful sleep I have had in years. I woke up. Blinking away the bits of sleep in my eyes and found that I was still sitting in the living room. My tablet was by my side, still playing episodes that I had in my enormous video library. I looked down and saw that Katie was curled up asleep, using my lap as her pillow. She must have felt some movement and snuggled up a little more.

“Katie…” I whispered trying to wake her.

“It’s ok.” She said as she curled in tighter. She pulled herself tighter and closer to me.

I looked down at her. She was such a beautiful young woman. I smiled as I ran my fingers through her hair. Katie wasn’t completely Chinese. Her birth mother was Italian. The mix of the two races gave her skin a different tone than mine. All her life, she had been made fun of and was constantly called a ‘mutt’ by the Chinese neighbors. But, she just ignored it as grew up the way she had wanted to. As I played with her hair, a smile grew on her lips in her sleep and she pushed herself back into me, her head was resting right on my groin. I tried to move a little, only to be set into place by her. I relented and just sat there playing with her hair and admiring her. Oh, if she only wasn’t my sister, I would have tried to take advantage of the situation. I was disgusted at myself for even having a thought like that.

I shook my head. I rest my hand on her silky soft cheek and leaned back. It had been so long since I have had a woman near me. I sit and I think about the failed marriage that I had. There was no love, just yelling. My ex-wife didn’t share any of my interests. The sex we had was pre-planned and almost scheduled. What kind of love was that? I looked down again and my gaze traveled along the length of Katie’s body. She was so young and attractive. I can feel lust build in me. With lust building into false bravado, I pulled my hand away from her cheek and ran my finger tips down to her neck. I trailed my hand onto her exposed shoulder, touching the lace fabric strap of her bra and further down. I traced her womanly shape and paused as I got to her tiny waist and curvy hips. I gave them a small squeeze. The feeling gave me spins. The blood was rushing to my head. She responded to my touches. Everywhere my hand went, her body tried to get more of by moving to my hand. Fuck it, I thought. I continued my touch past her waist and onto her silky thighs and exposed rear-end. Her little short shorts might as well have been underwear by the way she was laying. Everything below the sweatshirt would appear to be completely exposed. I grabbed her plush, but firm ass and almost exhaled in lustful glee. She felt amazing.

With all the touching and admiring of her, I was getting aroused. I can feel myself getting hard and her head was right on it. The weight of her head, compressed and limited the movement of my dick, but, there was no doubt I was getting aroused. I cursed myself for getting aroused and tried to move away from her. Katie’s arms wrapped around me and held me into place. She nuzzled into my groin even more and then her eyes popped wide open.

Shit, I thought to myself.

Katie sat up confused at the moment. She looked around wondering where she was. For a brief second, she looked at me and wondered who I was. But, that was only a brief second. “Eric?”

“Katie…I, uh…”

“Was I sleeping on you?”


“Sorry. I was so comfy.”

“Me too,” I agreed and was thankful my partial erection was going away. “You should probably head to bed. It’s around 3am. I got plans for us to go out to Manhattan if you are free.”

“Sure, sure, that sounds amazing.” She said as she stood up. But, as she stood, her footing must have been off and she stumbled. I quickly jumped up and snatched her before she slammed into the glass coffee table that my parents didn’t move to the second floor. I always hated that thing. As I looked down at the table cursing its existence and the designer that thought a mostly glass coffee table was a good idea, I had no idea that Katie and I were in a full embrace. “Eric?”

I turned and looked at Katie. I wasn’t a tall goliath. I was five foot 5, just barely taller than her, and much heavier closing in at two hundred pounds. She felt so tiny in my arms. I had my right arm around her back while my left was basically cradling her rear-end. Even in the dimly lit living room, I can see she was blushing. I let go of her, “Sorry.”

Katie reached down and grabbed my hand. Without saying anything, she pulled me to her room. I don’t know why I mindlessly followed her, but I did. As we entered her room, the smell of her was even more apparent. It was a much smaller room, with all the carpet and blinds to the colors of her liking. She got into her full sized bed and pulled me along.


“Just come. Nothing has to happen. Nothing is going to happen. I just want to be held by you again.”

“Katie…” I said protesting, but my body followed her orders and got under the covers with her. Everything, her sheets, her pillows, her blankets, everything smelled like her. My mind was spinning with thoughts and urges. She reached behind her, grabbed my arm and pulled it over onto her. She huffed quietly, struggling with my oversized for her sweatshirt, but she managed to pull my arm under it and rested my hand on her heart. It was racing just as fast as mine, if not faster.

“I love you, Eric.”

“I love you too, Katie.”

We both fell asleep after that. Quietly, with her in my arms, I fell asleep.

* * *

It was morning. I am still in Katie’s room. I looked around it and found that she was a typical girl of her age. But, I noticed several pictures of her and I prominently placed on her walls and on her dresser near all her make-up and trinkets. I moved a bit and realized that we were still in bed together. She was facing me this time. Our bodies were pressed intimately together. Her head was buried into the crook of my neck. I leaned down a little and kissed the top of her head. I don’t know why I did it, but I did and it felt right at the moment. She snuggled against me more. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her tightly. I reached under the sweatshirt and ran my hands softly up and down her bare back. She moaned softly in her sleep. My hands became more daring as I explored her body little by little. I swallowed hard as I got to the small of her waist. I felt some of the lacey material of the panties she wore under her shorts. Again, lust got the better of me and I continued downward and got a handful of amazing ass. I gave it a firm squeeze and let go, leaving my palm on her. I was aroused. Fully. There was no denying it. She turned me on. Even in her presence the past few days has been a whirlwind of emotions, dirty thoughts and sexual daydreaming. My erection was pressed up against her and I was only hoping it will go away before she wakes up.

“Eric.” I hear her moan as she wakes from her slumber.

“Hey, cutie,” I greeted her. I don’t know why I said that.

She smiled, her small soft lips stretching sweetly outward. She pulled me closer, and before I can even push away so that she couldn’t feel my erection, it was too late. Her body froze frigidly for a second feeling what was pressed up against her. Katie looked up into my eyes and tried to look for something.

My face was red with shame. I began to stammer, “I…Katie, I’m so sorry. It’s…it’s just…”

Katie placed two soft, delicate fingers on my lips to quiet me and just snuggled into my erection more. She moved her body up and down slightly, almost grinding on my dick with her flat stomach.


“Stop talking, Eric.” She demanded.

With the hand that she silenced me with, she reached down and cupped my erection in her hand. I gasped.

“Oh my…” she whispered as she rubbed in tiny, soft strokes.

“Stop, Katie. You’re my sister. This isn’t right.”

“Half and I know it isn’t right. But, I don’t care.”

“I do.”

Katie used her freehand to pull the waistband of my shorts and my boxers free to slip in her other hand and took hold of me. “I don’t. Let me do what I want.”

I felt her tugging slowly and then switching the position of her hand. Katie used her finger tips to swirl around the head of my penis. I felt her use the pre-cum that came from my dick to lube the shaft. Katie leaned up in our sexual embrace and kissed me softly on the lips. I didn’t kiss back. I was too stunned to. Not know how to handle the situation properly, I just froze in place. Katie leaned closer while never relinquishing her hold on my dick and kissed me hard on the lips. Her tongue shot into my mouth forcefully. She was searching for me tongue, waiting for me to respond as she kissed deeper and deeper.

I couldn’t hold back anymore. I pulled her close and kissed her passionately. My tongue met hers and they twirled back and forth. I pushed into her mouth and kissed her like it was going to be the last chance I could ever kiss her. I let out a rough moan as she quickened her pace that she was working my dick. I yanked my sweatshirt off of her and pushed her back onto her back and took her all in. She was amazing. The morning sunlight pierced through the blinds and threw beams of light on her. She was breathtaking. Through her soft-blue lace bra, I can see her nipples her fully erect. I looked down past her tight little stomach and can see her shorts were tugged about in her dominance of me and they were showing signs that she was aroused. There was a small dark, damp spot between her legs. Katie reached out with her free hand and took mine. She guided my hand past the waistband of her lace panties. She was completely smooth and soft. Katie left my hand there and leaned back while still working my cock.

“Please?” she asked sweetly, the verge of perceived pleasure on the tip of her tongue.

I obliged and reached down. She was soaking wet. I immediately found her clit and touched it lightly with the aide of her own juices.

“Oh my god.” She exclaimed as her body shuddered and shook from my touch.

I leaned in and kissed her as though we have been familiar lovers. I gripped her hair with my free hand and kissed her passionately. I roamed her neck with my lips and tongue. I heard her gasp, moan and squeal in delight. I can feel her quicken her pace of tugging. I leaned into her ear and asked, “Are you close?”

Katie nodded in between her pleasurable grunts. I quickened my pace on her clit and ran my fingers up and down her labia. She arched her back and forced herself onto my fingers when they rubbed her clit. She nodded and nodded as I rubbed faster and faster.

“I’m cumming!” she exclaimed and shuddered violently. Her legs, which were parted before, slammed shut as she shook and twitched while my hand rubbed her clit. She slumped back onto the bed when the wave after wave of pleasure swept over her. I laid down, her hand still on my cock. I reached around and grabbed her hair. I pulled her to me.

“My turn,” I said.

Katie scrambled to my shorts and boxers. She pulled them down exposing my cock. “Eric, it is so thick.”

I smiled and pulled her head down to my cock. She hesitated for a moment and then leaned in. She kissed the head of my cock, sending shivers up my spine. She licked the pre-cum that had gathered from all her tugging.

“Yum,” she said before she took my cock into her mouth. She was so warm and wet. I couldn’t hold on.

“Katie,” I uttered as I came. The first and second eruptions felt like my spine was going to break, the third, fourth and fifth nearly made me black out. Katie tried her best, but after the first, my cum sprayed her on her lips, nose and some in her hair. I was spent. Katie let go of my dick. She found some tissues, cleaned herself and me up before lying back down against my chest.

“Wow.” She said softly. “That was amazing.”

“Katie, I’m sorry. It has just been a long time since I have been with anyone. Ever since Gwen and I parted ways, I have been doing nothing but jerking off. There were times where I didn’t even have time for that.” I admitted. “You are just so beautiful. I would have never thought you would have turned out looking like you do.”

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