Prison School Ch. 17


Chapter 1(Prison School) correction.

I need to make a correction to Chapter 1. I had stated that, to qualify for the program, inmates needed to have at least 2 years to serve. The actual requirement is between 8 months to no more than 2 years. Most students are able to complete their training and pass the test for certification within eight months.

A few individuals that are well qualified and still have a substantial amount of time left to serve, are sometimes promoted to Trainers. This is how men like Eric, Ty, Ivan, Mitch and James became Trainers.

Other men, who only have a few weeks or months left are usually placed in the Grounds & Maintenance Group to complete their time before they are released back into society.

* * * * * * * * *

Author’s Note: This story has turned into a rather complicated series. Most stories on Literotica usually involve just a few individuals. This one, however, follows the original four recruits, Luke, Mike, Adam and Kurt. It will take approximately eight months (about 34-35 weeks) for them to train and get their certifications, and they may not have yet completed their time of incarceration.

The arrival of the four students listed above, started the story, and the calendar. I cannot believe the activities of these four young men filled up the first 12 chapters in just one week! Bringing in six new recruits, Jeremy, Cory, David, Bryan, Stephen and Troy, at the beginning of the second week (W2) has already taken up 4 Chapters, and it’s only Tuesday evening of the second week.

I am now starting to not only number the chapters, but also naming them, as in week number, day, and time of day. (Ex: Chapter 16 W2 Tuesday Evening) So far, just during the first week, we ended up with two blossoming relationships, one between Mike and Luke, and one between Adam and Nathan. I love both of these couples, a lot. Will their love last? Only time will tell.

This school has a revolving door. An average of 5 trainees each month are leaving, integrating back into society, while another 5 inmates arrive each month from the penitentiary. My job is to try and keep up with these guys, and document what they are doing to or with each other.

I am starting to find it necessary to take some breaks. Following these characters 24/7 and telling about every encounter, would cause this story to be 300 chapters! So, starting with Chapter 17 I am only going to report the activities happening on 2 or 3 days a week. For the reader’s benefit, I am listing below the time frames of Chapters 10-16. Comments are always welcome.

Enjoy, o2byoung.

Chapter 10 W1 Sat evening

Chapter 11 W1 Sunday morning

Chapter 12 W1 Sunday evening

Chapter 13 W2 Monday Morning

Chapter 14 W2 Monday Afternoon

Chapter 15 W2 Tuesday Morning

Chapter 16 W2 Tuesday Evening

* * * * * * * * *

Chapter 17 W2 Friday Morning

It is 6:00 AM and it’s the usual chaos in Dorm 1 as everyone is attempting to pee and/or poop, or just wake up and try and get it together. Adam and Nate have managed to get out of Nate’s bed, both standing with morning wood, hugging and kissing. Eric comes over, naked, as usual, placing a hand on each of their shoulders.

“What’s up, Eric?” Adam asked.

“Look guys,” Eric answered, “I know you two have something going on, and I don’t have a problem with that. When we are at the training site, though, I need to have your undivided attention. We are trying to train you, so that you can pass your proficiency tests in a few months, to become licensed plumbers.”

“I think,” Eric continued, “I need to tell you also, that I am getting short.” Adam and Nate looked down at Eric’s 9 inches hanging.

“I don’t think you’ll ever be short!” Nate exclaimed, grinning.

“Not that!” Eric retorted. “I will be leaving here after 4 more weeks and Eddie will become the Sr. Trainer. The more I can teach you over the next 4 weeks, the easier it will be for Eddie to pick up and finish the job. I really need you two to concentrate on learning, and save your lovemaking for the evening. Okay?” Nate and Adam both nodded.

The whole PG got dressed and headed to the cafeteria for breakfast. The five men all sat at the same table.

“Babe!” Nate bursted out, smiling, “I got good news yesterday! Mom and Dad are coming to visit Sunday. They want to meet you!”

“I wish I could be that exited, if it was my family.” Adam replied. “And what if they reject me.”

“They won’t, I guarantee it!” Nate returned. “Then we need to get you out, to your parents.”

“That’s really scary, Baby, and I’m afraid.”

“Nate,” Eddie asked, “Do your parent’s know you’re gay?”

“Yeah, they’ve known since I was in high school, and caught me in bed with another guy. They’re cool with it though. They just want me to be happy.”

“You’re pretty lucky, Nate. So many families turn on their gay offspring, as if it is something the kids are doing just to rebel. Why can’t they just accept them, and love them the same as they would çanakkale escort their straight kids.” Shakes his head.

“So, Eddie,” asked Adam, “How did your family react, when you came out?”

Eddie, laughing, “I never had to come out. I’m not gay, but I am a sympathizer and supporter of LGBT folks. One of my closest friends in high school was gay and I saw the shit he had to endure. I’d be rich if I had a dollar for every tear he cried on my shoulder.” Then, thinking, “I wonder what ever happened to Ricky, I haven’t seen him since graduation.”

* * * * * * * * *

Over at another table, the Carpentry Group was also getting breakfast. Most of the men (In all the Building Trades groups) usually ate a pretty healthy breakfast. Luke noticed Jesse and Sean come through the line, and watched to see where they sat.

Luke, rising, “S’cuse me a minute, guys, I need to see Jesse. I’ll be right back.” Luke headed over to where Jesse and Sean were seated.

“Hi Luke,” Jesse said, “Is there something I can help you with?”

“As a matter of fact,” Luke spoke very softly, “Can you help me out with some lube, and a few condoms?”

Jesse, nodding, “Just give me just a few minutes.” Luke returned to his table and breakfast.

Luke was noticing that Bryan was just picking at his food, hardly eating anything at all. He was mostly just looking at his plate.

“Bryan, are you OK?” Luke queried.

Before Bryan could answer, Jesse walked over and plopped 2 containers of lube and about a dozen condoms right by Luke’s tray.

Darin, snickering, “Looks like Luke and Mike are getting serious!” While Luke’s face turns a few shades of red.

Bryan, looking at Luke, “I think, I really need someone to talk to.”

“I’ll be more than happy to talk. Luke replied, “Are we looking at 5 minutes or an hour? Can it wait till this evening, like right after chow?”

“Yeah, but I don’t want to put it off until tomorrow. I’m really troubled about a couple of things.”

“Ivan, I need to take care of something, and I have to go back to the dorm. Hold the bus for me, please.”

Luke gathered the lube and condoms up, and headed for his dorm, to put them away in his locker. He got back so fast the bus wasn’t even there yet.

The bus arrived, and 22 Trainers and trainees climbed on, headed for the building training site.

* * * * * * * * *

About 4:30 PM the bus arrived back on campus. Because the day had been hotter than usual, all the trainers and instructors decided to call it quits about a half an hour early and give the guys a break, letting them start their weekend a half hour early.

It was Friday evening. Those condoms and that lube were burning a hole in Luke’s locker and he was anxious to try fucking with a condom, as he and Mike had only done bareback before. He also had made a commitment to have a chat with Bryan that evening.

“Bryan,” Luke said, “let’s try to make a beeline for the showers so maybe we can eat at just about 5:00”

Luke and Bryan wasted no time. They almost ran to their beds and lockers, throwing the sweaty and dirty clothing on their beds, grabbing towels and soap, and heading into the shower ahead of anyone.

They were both soaping up, and checking each other out, like naked guys often do.

“I just noticed,” Bryan stated, “that you are uncut.”

“And I see,” Luke replied, smiling, “that somebody stole your foreskin!”

Both men laughed. They were alone in the shower for only about 2 or 3 minutes when Ivan and Mitch both entered, taking the remaining two showerheads, and there were at least 3 or 4 more men waiting in line. Luke and Bryan slipped out of the shower, leaving the water running for the next bathers, and dried themselves, then walked naked toward their beds and lockers. Luke is finally starting to feel comfortable in his skin.

“I wanted to,” Luke said, “be near the front of the food line tonight. Usually I eat at the tail end, and hang around for Mike to finish. I want to eat early tonight, so we can find a quiet place to chat, and I’ll catch up with Mike when he is finished, probably close to 7:00.

When Luke and Bryan were getting their food, Luke caught Mike’s attention.

“Hey baby,” Luke said, “I promised Bryan I would chat with him tonight, that’s why I’m eating early. If I’m not back by the time you get done, wait for me in the rec room, OK?”

“Ok, Luke,” then, pointing, “Is that Bryan?”

“Oops, sorry, Mike, this is my new co-trainee, Bryan, and Bryan, this is my – – – -“

Mike interjected, smiling, “Pleased to meet you Bryan, I’m Luke’s BOYFRIEND!” Bryan and Mike shook hands.

Luke and Bryan selected a table they hoped would not fill up fast.

Bryan questioned, “Luke, how long have you and Mike been together?”

“We knew each other, and were friends, back in the pen. We’ve only been romantically involved for less than 2 weeks.”

“As you know, I only arrived here Monday. I kind of know you, because of school, and I know someone çeşme escort usually sleeps with you, so I pretty much figured you were gay, and that’s partly why I feel very comfortable around you.”

“So what is bugging you, that you want to talk about?”

“I don’t want to talk about it here.” Bryan said, “is there somewhere we can be more, alone?”

“I think the ideal place, is where Mike took me, and helped me find myself. Have you been out into the woods?” Bryan shook his head. “I’ll introduce you to them, right after we finish eating and leave here.”

Luke led Bryan out of the main building, passing by both dorms. He pointed out the new horseshoe pits on the left, then the gym and swimming pool on the right, then pressed on towards and into the woods.

“We’re blessed with a lot of wooded area.” Luke explained. “It gives us places we can go to talk privately, and a place, sometimes, to have some sex without an audience.” Luke, pointing, “See that log over there?”


“We can use it as a bench, a place to just sit and chat.” Luke walked over and sat down, motioning for Bryan to do likewise. “OK Bryan,” Luke stated, “Open up and spill it!”

“This is kind of hard to explain,” Bryan spoke, “How well do you know Zach?”

“I’ve only been here 2 weeks, so not real well. I think he is gay though. So what happened?”

“Tuesday night, he followed me into the shower, and came on to me. We ended up in a sixty-nine, and it was awesome. He is a really sweet man! He is someone I could easily fall in love with.”

“And then?”

“Well, we kissed, then went to bed. I asked him if we could sleep together. At first he said yes, then he asked me to go outside with him and talk. So we got dressed again, and went outside.” Bryan continued, choking up, “He said I was someone he could have fallen in love with, but it was too late, and that he is leaving after next week.”

Luke opened his arms and Bryan fell into them, sobbing on Luke’s shoulder, and Luke then hugged him, kissing Bryan’s cheek.

“I can understand Zach’s position, Bryan. I didn’t realize Zach was that short on time.” Luke continued, “Until after Mike turned me around, I never had noticed the beauty of any man’s body. Of course, IMHO Mike has the most beautiful body in the world!”

“You see, Bryan, I had always assumed, and believed, that I was straight. I always dated women, and sometimes had sex with them. In fact, the reason I’m here, is that I fucked my under-aged girlfriend, and her daddy pressed charges against me.”

“I never allowed myself to even look at a man. In a communal shower, or in the locker room back in school, I could have never told if a guy had 2 inches or 8 inches, because I never allowed myself to look below their waist. Yet, some of those guys would pick on me, because I was uncut!”

“When I first arrived here, I was very self conscious, and afraid someone might see me naked. I didn’t even want to shower, as we don’t have any private shower stalls. Mike has helped me a lot, and in a lot of ways.”

Luke continued, “He helped me to come out, and accept that I am actually gay. Not only that, he admitted that he loved me, and loves my uncut dick. I still am having some reservations, but I guess we really are boyfriends, but I still have a mental block about that.”

“I do feel a lot more comfortable in my skin now, and I can walk around naked without embarrassment.” Then, smiling, “I can even have all kinds of sex with my baby, and it now feels natural, and exiting! I sure do love my Mike! But, let’s get back to you, and why we came here now.”

Bryan, with tears starting to flow, “I could have fallen in love with Zach, and when he told me that, he shattered my dreams. I feel more alone now than when I arrived here. I really need a gay friend that I can talk to.”

“Bri, a couple weeks ago I didn’t think I was gay, but I know now that I am, and I can understand the hurt you are experiencing. I see things now that I used to ignore, like that you have a beautiful body.” Luke continued, “I did notice that, when we showered.”

“I realize that there are quite a few gay men here on campus, and with your body, your blond hair and blue eyes, I know some guy is going to want you. Flaunt what you’ve got, and see what you catch. Sex is easy to come by around here, but love is a little more evasive.”

Luke went on, “You’re very attractive and have a nice personality. You’re bound to turn one of these men on, and, hopefully, he won’t be leaving so soon. Keep your spirits up. Don’t look for love, It will find you! It found me, when I least expected it. Bryan, please accept me as your friend and I’ll stand by you.”

“Thanks, Luke,” Bryan said, softly, “for taking the time to chat with me, and your friendship is accepted and appreciated. I feel a little better now, shall we head back?” Luke nodded.

It was just a little past 6:30 PM when Bryan and Luke arrived back at the dorm. Luke looked into the rec room for Mike, and Mike wasn’t there. Both men then diyarbakır escort headed to their sleeping area. Luke gave Bryan a last hug of friendship then went into his locker and grabbed a lube and a couple of the condoms, then headed toward the cafeteria to look for Mike.

Mike, spotting Luke, “Almost done, Luke, Gimme about 5 minutes.”

“OK Mike, I’ll wait outside.”

A few minutes later, the whole CA crew came out of the main building and headed toward their dorms and Mike headed toward Luke, giving him a loving hug.

Luke, excitedly, “Mike, I can’t wait to try something different with you!”

Mike, looking at the sky, “I don’t think I want to hit the woods tonight, Baby, there is lightning, and those clouds are about ready to let go.”

“I so much look forward to our time together in the woods, and I’m dying to try this out! Why does it have to rain on my parade!”

“Baby, we’ll have time to fuck tomorrow, It’s Saturday, and I have a much shorter day. Let’s do something different tonight.”

“Like what, Mike.”

“The pool is open until 10:00, and I been wanting to check it out. Let’s go swimming.”

“Can’t, I don’t have any swimming trunks.”

“No problem,” Mike said, “Everybody skinny dips. We just need to get our towels.”

“But Mike, you know I don’t do nudity well.”

“C’mon Luke, don’t be such a wuss. Nobody cares what you look like. Let’s get those towels and have some fun in the water!”

They got their towels, and headed to the poolroom. A lot of the men, evidently, had the same idea, as there were at least 20 men in the pool. It took Mike about 60 seconds to strip, and jump into the pool, and Luke was still completely dressed, watching.

“Luke!” Mike hollered, “The water’s great, if you don’t get in here, I’m gonna strip you myself and throw you in!” Several guys laughed.

Luke still stood there, by the bench and not moving. After about 3 minutes, Mike jumped out of the pool.

“Hey guys, I need some help!” Mike exclaimed, as a half dozen wet and naked men surrounded Luke, holding him while Mike removed his clothes, hanging them on one of the hooks, along with his towel. Luke’s face turned the deepest shade of red that Mike had ever seen.

Mike slid back into the pool and waited as two of the men grabbed Luke, and lowered him into the pool in front of Mike. Mike wrapped his arms around Luke, pulling him close, their cocks touching, and causing a stir in both of their loins.

“I warned you, boyfriend!” Mike exclaimed loudly, laughing, along with a dozen other swimmers.

“You’re embarrassing me, Mike.” Luke said, in a low voice. “Why did you have to call me boyfriend?” Luke’s face was still red.

Mike, smiling, “Luke, Baby, you will get over it! You are my boyfriend, aren’t you?” Luke just nodded, as Mike grabbed his bubble butt, and pulled him even closer, rubbing their cocks together.

“Mike!” Luke whispered, “Stop, you’re making me hard!”

“I’m hard too. I can’t help it, baby, I just love you so much! This cool water should make them deflate again soon.”

Because of Mike’s position as a trainee in CA, all these guys knew and liked him. Some of them were from Dorm 1 and didn’t know Luke, but they soon introduced themselves to Luke, and Luke started to feel a little more comfortable being naked around them. His face returned to a more normal flesh color. Nobody, thankfully, made any comment about his uncut penis.

Once the initial shock was over, Luke blended in well with the rest of the men, and felt a lot less self-conscious. There was a certain amount of horseplay, and some of the guys seemed to enjoy slapping others on the butt, and some even went so far as to slap at another man’s dick, but it was all in fun.

Mike and Luke enjoyed their time in the pool, then about 9:30 decided to dry themselves, dress, and head back to their dorm. They noticed it was still raining lightly, so they quickened their speed, almost jogging as they returned to Dorm 1.

Since tomorrow is Saturday and Mike doesn’t have to get up until 7:30, Mike and Luke decided to watch some TV together. There were several men in the rec room. Since it is raining outside, most of the guys are finding inside activities to occupy their time. Four guys are shooting pool, and two are playing chess, with one spectator, and several more watching TV.

Mike led Luke to the only two empty chairs that were next to each other, and they sat down. It was a DVD playing on the TV, one of the Star Wars movies. Mike reached over and worked his hand into his boyfriend’s hand, and the two watched the movie together, holding hands.

It was about midnight when the movie ended. Mike and Luke took a quick bathroom break, went to Luke’s bed, stripped and crawled in.

Mike commented, “Too bad it rained tonight, it fucked up my plans for some hot sex. Did you enjoy the swim?”

“Well, Mike, you know how I’m a little shy, especially about the nudity. You embarrassed the shit out of me, but once in the water, I acclimated, and I really had a fun time. Next time, I’ll do like everyone else so you won’t have the opportunity to throw me in! The whole gang seemed pretty cool.” Luke continued, “I was disappointed about the rain, I had a surprise for you, but I guess it can wait until tomorrow.”

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