Perfectly Normal and Healthy Ch. 02


Janice walked out of her Master’s bedroom and down the hall turning to go into her daughter Chantelle’s bedroom. Chantelle lay on her bed, her knees raised up, intent on her mobile phone, texting.

As Janice entered the room she again saw her daughters vagina beneath the baby-doll she wore, the sight that eventuated in getting herself throat fucked by her husband Danial not minutes before.

Janice went in and sat on the side of the bed on Chantelle’s right putting her left hand behind her daughters head and her right behind beneath and cupping her raised thighs.

Putting the mobile phone aside Chantelle allowed herself to be pulled into her mothers ritual morning hug. She felt her breasts push against her mothers and the caressing touch of her mothers right hand on the back of her creamy thighs.

Janice’s touch made Chantelle tingle in a way she enjoyed every morning and the simple smell of her mothers skin seemed to make her flush with a heat that confused her but felt wonderful at the same time.

Chantelle said, “Oh Mum you always smell so amazing in the morning, when you hug me I tingle all over.”

Janice replied “I love you sweetheart, I’m glad I can make you feel good.” Thinking to herself ‘My little girl gets exited by her Daddies pheromones, I can’t blame her, I know I do!.’

She held her daughter at arms length taking in her natural Norsk like beauty, long blonde hair tending to platinum, sparkling eyes, flawless skin that glowed with youthful vigour, full firm pouting breasts, visible through the sheer baby-doll, with perfect pink nipples, a taught stomach from regular exercise. perfectly proportioned.

Janice thought as she took in her daughters visage, ‘It won’t be long and you’ll be out somewhere taking cock in every hole and eating cum; and perhaps pussy too’.

Chantelle watched as her Mothers eyes drifted and said “What are you thinking Mum?”

Janice jolted back to reality and replied “Oh sweety I was just wondering what you’d like to eat…” she paused thinking again and said “…for breakfast! Yes, breakfast.”

Chantelle said “I’d like kartal escort bayan a suasage, one of the thick ones and an egg please Mum”.

Janice’s thoughts went straight to the thick sausage she’d eaten earlier then to her daughters eggs, fertile in her womanhood. She mused ‘Thank goodness I put her on birth control’.

With that thought Janice stood and said “Okay, I’ll get breakfast on, you get dressed young lady.”

Chantelle yawned and stretched out and Janice took one more look at her daughter and thought ‘Built for sex’ her own nipples hardening with the thought.

When Chantelle walked into the dining room moments later Janice was just putting their breakfast on the table. Chantelle was wearing form fitting micro denim shorts that did little to hide her butt cheeks with a cut off tee shirt and clearly no bra.

Janice asked “What have you got planned for today honey?”

Chantelle responded “Mum if you don’t mind I would like to invite Christine over for the weekend.”

Janice said “Of course you can, Chrissy’s a lovely girl, we’d love to have her!” Then thinking to herself that her and Danial would indeed love to ‘have’ young Christine.

Chantelle shifted to the seat next to her mother and said “Mum, now that I’m an adult, can I ask you an adult question?”

Janice, intrigued said “Of course sweetie anything at all, whats on your mind”

Chantelle took a deep breath and said “Mum, have you ever…well what I mean is how do you feel about…if two…girls… Do you think its normal for two girls…oh look never mind its just silly really.”

Janice felt a heat rise in her torso at what and where she thought and hoped her daughter was trying to go so she stood up, gathered the plates and as she headed to the kitchen sink she very casually said “Do I think its okay for two girls to have sex together?!”

Janice having put down the dishes turned to see that her daughter had turned beet red and looked quite agitated. She rushed to her side, pulled a seat close and took Chantelle in her arms.

Janice said “Calm down baby girl, it’s okay, do you yakacık escort feel that way for Christine and if you do that’s okay to. What you’re feeling honey is perfectly normal and healthy, you’re legally an adult now but your body is still developing and your hormones are raging in all different directions.”

Janice continued “Your body and mind are on fire with possibilities and desires that you yearn for but you feel unsure of yourself.”

Chantelle hugged her mother, feeling very emotional and said “Yes Mum that’s it exactly, what am I going to do?”

Janice asked “Honey have you told Christine how you feel about her?”

Chantelle looked at the floor and whispered “It’s not only Christine…and…and…its not only girls!”

“Oh my sweet budding baby girl.” Janice said as she pulled Chantelle’s arms until the young girl was straddling her lap. Tenderly she said “You’ve grown up so quickly; now you listen to me; you’re an adult and can make your own decisions, so understand that anything you want to do, you should just state what you want and if both parties agree then whatever you want to do is fine.”

Chantelle looked into her Mothers eyes and forthrightly said “Thank you Mum, in that case then; I’d like to take you to bed and lick you all over”, now enjoying her Mothers shocked expression, she went on “I especially want to lick Dad’s stuff out of your vagina. Would you like that, do you like to lick vagina too Mum?”

Janice was momentarily stunned but remembering everything she had told her daughter this morning she made a quick decision and said “Yes baby I would love that to happen, I would love to have you eat my pussy and yes, I LOVE to eat pussy, your mother has been a certified rug muncher and dedicated cunt lapper since my high school days.”

It was Janice’s turn to enjoy the moment and she laughed at the amazed look on Chantelle’s face, her jaw had dropped open. She said “By the look on your face, I dare say you will be quite the adept cock sucker as well. I’m sure you could handle a nice length of pipe in your mouth!”

Chantelle stood hürriyet mahallesi escort up from her mothers lap, her right hand went to her chest beneath her shirt and in surprise she gasped “Mum, I had no idea you were s…” she trailed off.

Janice stood and shrugged off her gown to stand naked before her daughter, she felt a renewed confidence in their familial relationship and knowing the direction this family was about to take knew in her heart that wonderful times lay ahead.

Janice put her hands on her slim but rounded hips and finished “…such a slut?!”

Chantelle quickly recovered and said “No not at all, I was going to say, ‘so open minded!”

Janice replied, “Well thank you honey, I am very open minded, often open legged and as you will find out, I am a complete slut. I’m not ashamed of that, it is just who I am!” she stepped forward and embraced her daughter saying “Never be ashamed of your desires baby girl!”

Chantelle hugged her mother enjoying this new adult companionship, though she started as she felt her mother start to push her shorts off her hips.

Janice looked into her daughters eyes and said, “It’s easier to eat pussy when you can get at it!”

Surprised Chantelle said, “You want to lick my vagina?”

Janice smiled and said “Sweetie, I am going to eat your cunt until you squirt your teenage pussy juices in my mouth then I’ll keep licking your sweet snatch and keep you cumming until you pass out or beg me to stop!”

Christine could hear voices as she quietly entered the Shaftbury’s house and made her way to the kitchen. As she neared the kitchen she heard Chantelle say, “We can sixty-six each other.” This surprised her then she saw them, Janice stark naked and Chantelle with her shorts around her ankles as they held each other.

Then Janice said “It’s sixty-nine honey when girls eat each others pussy, sixty-six is when two guys have sex, but yes we can sixty-nine.”

In surprise they both turned to see Christine quickly undressing as she said “Can’t we daisy chain instead?”

Chantelle removed her top and the three women started to caress each other. The young girls had goose pimples and all their nipples hardened in anticipation. The two teens moaned in pleasure as Janice’s fingers found their rapidly juicing twats.

Janice said “Let’s take it to the master bedroom, there’s more room to move.”

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