First Meeting


The only light in the room is the luminescent light radiating from the computer’s monitor casting a soft glow over the desk where I am sitting. A kaleidoscope of sensations dances throughout my body, making me feel as though I am suddenly intoxicated. I can sense the flush of blood rushing to my face, and heat radiating downward into my loins. I am excited and feel deliciously naughty.

My Yahoo horoscope for the day I had just glanced at declared, “Destroy the myth of the “dangerous stranger,” in which there is always an instant fear towards something, or someone who is unknown. Take a risk with the unknown today and don’t let your fears keep you from missing out on potentially wonderful experiences.”

Leaving the den, I rush back to my bedroom to finish dressing for my rendezvous with the man I have been having a cyber-love affair with for weeks now via e-mail. We have kept it a secret from everyone we know, not wanting anyone to make a joke out of our growing desire for each other, or tell us urban legends about other people’s experiences meeting over the net. We want to weave the tapestry of our fairy-tale fantasy from the threads of our clandestine desires, free from external influences.

We have held nothing back from each other, somehow the naked truth is much easier to reveal with a computer acting as a buffer between us, while we carefully feel each other out. A new age instrument that technology lends its music for us to dance the mating dance to. Laying out all our hopes, dreams, wants, and desires through a safe, anonymous screen. We have seduced each other with words, and now we’re about to meet for the pheromone test. Will the sexual chemistry be explosive, or simply a disappointment?

I feel like Cinderella getting ready for the ball. What will my prince be like when I meet him face to face? Will I be disenchanted? Will he? Starting to get nervous, I go and stand in front of the cheval mirror in my bedroom to scrutinize my image. My hair is medium length, light auburn in color, and cut in a wild, just-fucked look. My dark blue eyes stare back at me, and then begin a slow path down the rest of my body.

The outfit I have chosen to wear shows off my curvy female form to perfection. The blouse I have selected fits like a yenimahalle escort fine glove, hugging my upper body, very low cut and laces completely up the front. You can see the tantalizing swell of my breasts through the tease of the laces. The black velvet mini-skirt hugs my hips and shows off my petite but well-turned legs. Black high heels complete the ensemble. Half turning, I look over my shoulder to see the posterior of myself. If I were to bend over, you would be able to see the tease of black lace, thong panties against the very spankable, well-rounded, tight, little butt hiding just underneath my skirt.

Satisfied with the mirror image, I begin to stare past my reflection into the full-length mirror, and fantasize our meeting….

…Arriving a few minutes early to ensure sufficient time to repair any damage to my make- up, or hair the characteristic mist camouflaged streets of San Francisco might have rendered, I immediately head for the ladies room of the Italian restaurant we have chosen for our first encounter. Completing my toiletry quickly with a touch of lipstick and a fluff of the hair, I re-enter the reception area of the restaurant.

Located in the North Beach area of San Francisco, it is typical of many restaurants in that locale, with an intimate ambiance created by soft candlelight on each white cloth-covered table, which are spaced far enough from each other to create a sense of seclusion. Violin music is softly playing in the background, giving further privacy to conversations.

Taking a deep steadying breath, I slowly scan the dining room for a lone gentleman resembling the photo he sent. Just as I begin to wonder if he has had second thoughts, a door opens and my breath catches in my throat as he walks into the room. He is tall, with nice broad shoulders, and I can see he has told me the truth about working out regularly at the gym. He glances my way and our eyes lock. I feel an immediate, and astonishing sense of recognition, the signaling of like to like, followed by a rare exhilaration.

A slow easy smile steals across his face. I am thunderstruck watching his supple body cross the room toward me. “He moves like a panther,” I think to myself, “A confident, dangerous panther.” That analogy ankara escort takes my breath away, and sends excited ripples of goose bumps up and down my arms.

When he reaches me a few rapid heartbeats later, I draw in a quick breath and inhale his delicious erotic musk scent. It tantalizes me on a visceral level. I notice his picture didn’t come close to capturing his vital male essence. His primal maleness overpowers my intelligent, rational self.

I feel like a teenager out on a first date, and have no idea what to say to him now that we are physically together. He comes to my rescue by taking both command, and my arm, and leads me to a corner table, hidden from the majority of patrons behind a half-wall, while commenting on how beautiful I look. I murmur my thanks and try to collect my thoughts, and my senses, while we are being seated next to each other, and the waiter asks if we would like to order before dinner drinks. He sends the waiter off for a bottle of fine wine, and directs his concentration back to me.

His eyes probe mine, and mine explore his. A slow, shy smile spreads across my face, and he tells me what a beautiful smile I have. I tell him what beauty I find in his midnight dark eyes. Taking my hand, he turns it palm up and kisses it. Still holding on to it, he begins to slowly draw little circles in the middle of my palm with one finger. It is so sensual, I can feel myself getting wet between the legs and begin to squirm in my seat. As the waiter returns with our wine, he releases my hand, and I cross my legs to relieve some of the tingling sensation I am beginning to experience there. You can all but touch the sexual tension that is beginning to smolder between us.

The waiter takes our orders, and we begin the dance…flirting with our eyes, and teasing each other with our smiles, as we begin to communicate our mutual sexual attraction and enjoy each other’s company. Relaxing from the tension of my anticipation leading up to our date, and my fear of disillusionment, my mischievous inner self begins to whisper naughty ideas to me, and I lean over on the pretense of dropping my napkin to give him a better view of my cleavage. When he finally tears his eyes from my tits, I slowly lick droplets of wine from my lips with just the tip of my tongue, while his eyes follow the journey around my mouth. He looses train of his thoughts from my sensual flirtations, and I take that moment to ask to be excused for a moment. Returning a few minutes later, I stop and murmur into his ear, “I have something for you,” as I place the panties I had removed into his hand. He laughs his appreciation, and puts them in his pocket as the waiter returns with our cuisine. As we begin to eat, I feel his warm hand casually touch, then, as he senses my acceptance, begin exploring my thigh. Tantalizingly rubbing up and down it, from my knee to almost, but just short of my panty-less crotch, sending thousands of desire filled shock waves throughout my body. I part my legs slightly to encourage him, and give better access for his caresses. The signal received, his hand finds its way to my closely shaved mound, and he smiles in pleasure at that discovery.

His other hand reaches around me, and draws me close for a passionate kiss. While his tongue investigates my mouth, one finger discovers my damp womanhood, first teasing my clit and then plunging deep into my center. I moan softly into his mouth as I begin to undulate against his hand, and then soak his buried finger with my hot juices. My hand travels its way to his thigh. My little finger happens on his awakening member, and I begin to trace its outline with my fingers. After mapping out its proportions, his cock begins to pulsate from my caresses and bulges against his pant leg, as it grows harder, and larger. He isn’t wearing any underwear, and I am delighted to find out he is extremely well endowed.

Pulling back, he smiles like a satisfied cat into my passion filled eyes, then withdraws his finger from me and licks it. “Mmmmm, you taste delicious!” He tells me, then declares, “I know exactly what I crave for dessert.” The returning waiter hearing his last remark assumes he is addressing him, and inquires what it is he desires for dessert.

I laugh out loud, and see my reflection laughing back me at in the mirror…my spicy little fantasy has gotten me very moist between the legs, so I lift my skirt, and pull my panties down far enough to expose, and stroke my wet pussy, then bring my finger up to sample my flavor. I discover I taste sweet, and also have a pleasant, erotic female scent. Feeling very naughty, and pleased with that knowledge, I reassemble myself, grab my velvet wrap, and set out for this night’s escapade with Eros.

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