Big Tits

The Mediterranean Blue BMW Z4 convertible sped down the Pacific Coast Highway, Robert Palmer’s Bad Case of Loving You blasting from the speakers. The driver’s long blonde hair flowed in the breeze as the two-seater passed everything else on the road. Deandra Esche sang along to the song at the top of her lungs as her breasts jiggled and swayed with every bump in the road. Her 38D’s were barely contained in the white bikini top, to the delight of every trucker she passed. It was the first nice Saturday since she broke things off with her mildly abusive boyfriend of almost a year, and she was heading for the beach to soak up the sun, along with a few umbrella drinks.

She pulled out into the left lane to pass an 18-wheeler struggling to make it up the steep grade. Ever the exhibitionist, Deandra couldn’t help but slow down a little and look up at the trucker through the tops of her Ray-Bans, to make sure he got an eyeful. Just as she pulled even with the cab of the truck, the ringing of her cell phone cut through the music blaring from the speakers, and the dashboard screen displayed “DAD.”

Deandra punched the accelerator and flew past the truck as the call continued to ring. Her finger hovered between the green answer and the red end call buttons as the tractor-trailer quickly disappeared from her rear-view mirror. Just before the call was about to roll into voice mail, she punched the green button and the music cut out.

“This is Doctor Esche,” she said tersely into the built-in Bluetooth microphone.

“Thee-thee, I’m thorry to botha you buth I thneed your halp,” came the barely distinguishable voice over the phone.

“Nobody calls me Dee-Dee anymore, Barry, and I can hardly understand what you’re saying.”

“I bwoke mah tooff!”



Dee-Dee fought back a giggle at the thought of the region’s premiere Endodontist breaking a tooth, as she pulled off on the shoulder of the road to better hear and understand him.

“How’d you do that?” she asked, still grinning to herself at the irony.

“I wath riding my bike and I hith a beaver.”

“A BEAVER?” She laughed sardonically, “I guess that’s par for the course!”

“Will you PLEATHE halp me?” he asked with a hint of exasperation in his voice.

“I guess I can come to get you,” she responded a little more empathetically, “but I’m in the Roadster, so I can’t take your bike.”

“The bike is rideable and I’m only a few mileth from your offith,” he said, “I’ll meeth you there.”

As she was about to reply, the last truck she had passed blared its horn three times as it drove past her.

“What wath that?” her step-father asked.

“Just a trucker I passed a few miles back,” Deandra replied with a blush.

“I gueth that’th par for the courth too,” he retorted.


As Deandra pulled into the driveway of her office, she saw her step-father sitting on the front steps in his FIEXIANG biking shirt and tight biking shorts. She felt his eyes scan up her leg as she stepped out of the road-hugging car, her thin, white bikini bottom threatening to display the goods it’s supposed to protect.

“I guess they’ve relaxed the dress code from when I was just starting out,” he joked, then grabbed his mouth in pain as the air passed over the exposed nerve.

“You’re not wearing much more than me,” she replied while appreciating his thinner, tighter frame. She had not seen him for over two years, since the divorce, and he almost looked younger. Barry was always ‘in shape’ while she was growing up, but she had heard that he took up running and biking after he split from her mom, and he looked toned, ripped, and happy. “Let’s get you inside and see what we’re dealing with,” she said, as she unlocked the office door.

“Make yourself comfortable in there,” Deandra said as she pointed to her exam room. She dropped her keys on the reception desk and walked around turning on lights and equipment.

Barry settled into the chair and was surprised to see a picture of the three of them on the countertop beneath the cabinets. He surveyed the surroundings and was pleased to see she had outfitted herself with state-of-the-art drills, lights, and utensils. When she had decided to follow his footsteps into dentistry, he was extremely proud, but he never got to see her graduate, due to the incident. It had happened during her final year of dental school, and this is the first time he had been invited to step foot into her office.

When she entered the exam room, she had put on her white lab coat. The top three buttons were undone so her ample cleavage was still on display, but the mid-thigh coat covered her bikini bottoms. She sat on the wheeled stool and scooted herself next to the chair. As she did so, Barry reached out toward the lapel of her lab coat. Deandra instinctively withdrew from his touch.

“I’m thorry, Thee-Thee” Barry apologized emphatically, not only for making her jump but for the entire past two-and-half years. “I’m justh tho escort bayan proud of you.”

She looked down and realized he was reading the stitching over her left breast, which read, Deandra Esche, D.D.S. She blushed and held the material tight for him, not bothering to correct him for using her childhood nickname. He beamed proudly and smiled at her, which revealed the missing triangular half of his right front tooth.

“That looks nasty,” she said as she filled the large syringe. “Let’s numb you up and get an X-ray.” After giving him the shot, she went over to the wall to retrieve the heavy lead apron and turned back to the chair to cover him.

And there it was.

The impetus for the incident and the reason why her high school friends called him Barry the Bulge.

The prominent lump stretched down the left leg of his biking shorts almost to the hem. Barry had attempted to dress around it while wearing jeans or business slacks, but it would be impossible to hide in his skin-tight lycra shorts. And it wasn’t even hard. God had blessed Barry with a pornstar’s endowment, and he was equally as proud of it as any of his other possessions.

Dee Dee quickly covered his lap and scampered behind the protective wall before he could see how flustered she was.

Almost as flustered as she was during the Christmas party two-and-a-half years ago.

She was home on break during her last year of dental school, and she was trying to enjoy herself to the fullest before the final push to graduation. Her mother was mixing some new holiday tequila drinks in the blender, which were garnished with sugared cranberries, and they were going down quite easily.

Dee Dee had bought a new red dress for the party, which was low cut and very short. She had decided to forgo panties, to make her ass pop without panty lines, but she knew she couldn’t get away without wearing a bra.

Barry was drinking scotch and holding court at the built-in bar with his business associates and the men from the neighborhood. Dee Dee was the youngest person at the party, easily by 20 years, so everyone was flirting with her, even a few of the women. The exhibitionist side of her was loving the attention and she was willingly flirting back. Especially with Barry.

All through high school, her friends teased her about living with Barry the Bulge and asking her if she had ever seen it, or more. Of course, she hadn’t, but that didn’t keep her teenaged-mind from wondering about it, especially after she discovered internet porn. Now in her final year of dental school, she decided she was a grown-ass woman, and if he was going to be so proud of that thing, maybe she’d call his bluff. The deliciously strong Holiday drinks were definitely part of this thought process.

Despite her efforts though, Barry remained the consummate gentleman and step-father, even if she did notice an involuntary twitch or two from his left trouser leg. She helped her mother clean up after the last guests left, then crawled in bed, a little disappointed, a lot flustered, and very naked.

It was a few hours later that she sensed that there was someone in her room while she was sleeping, and opened her eyes to see Barry standing in her doorway. “Thanks for a wonderful party, Dad,” she said to him in a sleepy voice, while rolling onto her back.

“You were the hit of the party, Dee Dee,” he replied, smiling at her warmly. “Everyone raved at how beautiful, entertaining and intelligent you are.”

“Do you think I’m beautiful, Dad?” she asked, biting her lower lip.

“Of course I do, Princess,” he said, and took a few steps into her room.

“I can see that,” Dee Dee giggled, still a bit little tipsy, and dropped her eyes to the tell-tale bulge in his pajama pants.

“Would you like to see it, baby?” Barry asked, in a voice slightly above a whisper.

Dee Dee did not reply with words. Instead, she lowered the sheet and blanket to her waist, exposing her enormous tits and their pebble-hard nipples to her step-father.

Taking that as her answer, Barry removed his semi-hard cock through his fly and let it drop, the head almost reaching his knee. He spit on his hand and began to slowly stroke it, a drop of precum glimmering in the moonbeam that shone through her window.

Dee Dee’s eyes were glued to the fantastic phallus which was not only longer than any she had ever seen before but thicker too. Her hand dropped below her bedsheets and she discovered that her pussy was flooded with anticipation.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?” The shrill voice came from the hallway behind Barry.

Dee Dee’s mother only saw her husband standing in her sleeping daughter’s room and masturbating. She could not see the bed from behind him, so she did not see Dee Dee’s exposed chest or her activities below the sheets. Her mom thought she was still asleep and started screaming at and slapping Barry.

Barry was protecting himself from her wild blows while apologizing and backing out of the room. He checked himself into a tuzla genç escort motel that night, and in the morning Dee Dee’s mother informed her that she would be getting a divorce. Dee Dee’s mother explained that while she had turned a blind eye to his sexual dalliances in the past, she had to draw the line at protecting her daughter.

Dee Dee only saw Barry a couple more times since the incident. The day he met the movers at the house to retrieve his stuff, and the day he dropped off the early graduation present for her, the BMW Z4 Roadster. He was so sorry for the events that evening, he never contested the divorce and continued to support both Dee Dee and her mom financially. Despite all this, her mother forbade Dee Dee from ever seeing him again.

“Hey, you’d figured with all this fancy equipment it wouldn’t take so long for a few X-Rays!”

Barry’s voice from the other room snapped Dee Dee back to the present. She looked down and saw that her nipples were tenting out of her bikini top, and she could tell that her pussy was moist. She tucked a strand of blonde hair behind her ear and walked back to the exam room, knowing he’d spot her high beams, but hoping he wouldn’t get a whiff of her arousal.

“I’m going to have to drill it down and put on a temporary crown,” she said as she snapped the negatives onto the light board for him to see.

“I concur,” he replied after reviewing the pictures, “but how can you do all that without anyone to assist?”

“I called Maggie but she can’t come in,” she lied, “so I’m going to need you to help.”

“I’ll do what I can,” he joked, “most well-equipped dental assistant you’ll ever have!”

She put on her latex gloves and safety glasses before clipping the paper bib around his neck and slipping a pair of safety glasses over his eyes. “Gotta protect those baby-blues,” she joked, as she realized his deep blue eyes gave her a tingle. She lowered his chair to almost a horizontal position and scooted her stool in close.

She bent the plastic end of the suction nozzle and hooked is over his lower teeth. Barry instinctively reached up and held it steady, his hand resting on his chest. Dee Dee powered up the drill and began to reduce the remaining tooth to a singular post on which to affix the crown.

As she worked, her chest was pushing into him. Each time she changed position, to get a better angle on the tooth, her nipples would rub against his muscular chest, making them stand out more prominently. The vibrations from the drill seemed to run through her arms and directly to her clit, and intermittent sucking sound from the hose in his mouth seemed somewhat erotic.

“OK, rinse and spit,” she instructed, as she pressed the foot pedal to return the chair to an upright position. While he drank from the Dixie cup and swished, she snuck a peek at his bulge and could see that the process had affected him in much the same way.

After he spit in the ceramic receptacle, she passed him the hand-mirror so he could inspect her work, and snuck another look at his lap.

“Nice. Nice. Very Nice,” he said.

She turned toward him, proud of his professional assessment, only to find he had tilted the hand-mirror and was looking down between her ample cleavage.

“You’re still bad,” Dee Dee giggled as she playfully slapped his thigh, then realized that her hand was resting dangerously close to the bulge. She cleared her throat and rolled across the exam room on her wheeled stool toward the cabinets. “Let’s get a mold of that for the temporary crown,” she said, trying her best to snap back into a professional voice.

She pulled out a package of molding putty from the drawer and started working it in her hands. She squeezed and rolled it in her palms, making the warm lump more pliable. Then she applied more pressure with her palms, rolling it into a snake-like strand, all the while thinking about the bulge, and how she never did get a chance to get her hands on it.

She pushed the soft putty into the metal bite plate and then wheeled back to the chair. She lowered him again to the almost horizontal position and told him to open wide.

“Remember, you have to get that in there really tight to get a good mold,” he interjected before she could push the bite plate into his mouth. “And don’t let it set for more than 5 minutes.”

“I know, Dad!” she replied with mock exasperation like she had done a thousand times when she was a teenager. Her heart fluttered when she saw the twinkle in his eyes at her calling him Dad again.

She leaned in close and pressed the metal plate onto his upper teeth. Her breasts pressed into his chest, their noses nearly touching.

“Haaadaaah,” he instructed, around the mouthful of metal and putty.

She moved her leg over his for leverage and pushed harder. Dee Dee was so intent on doing this right that she didn’t realize that her bikini covered pussy was not firmly pressing onto the bulge.

Barry lifted his hands and cupped the half-naked cheeks of her ass.

Neither of tuzla kendi evi olan escort them moved. They just silently searched each other’s eyes. The shaft of his cock clearly pushing into her pussy. His hands warm on her ass. Five minutes never elapsed more slowly.

The DING of the timer made them both jump.

Dee Dee reached into his mouth and rocked the now hardened putty off his upper teeth, still straddling his thigh. The back and forth movements of her arms caused her lower body to gyrate on the bulge, eliciting a gentle squeeze from Barry’s hands.

When the mold came free, she returned to her wheeled stool and pushed back over to the cabinets. She placed the mold in the FedEx box to be sent to the lab which would make his permanent crown. She grabbed the color chart from the upper cabinet and found the hue that most closely matched his adjacent teeth.

After another bout with the hand-mirror, Barry agreed that she had the correct shade.

She filled the plastic tooth with temporary cement and once again straddled Barry’s thigh to place it in his mouth. His hands returned to her ass as she pressed the crown onto the post and held it there until the glue set. After a few minutes, she scraped around it with the hooked scaler and squirted water around the new tooth to rinse away any remaining adhesive.

“Test it out,” she said and sat back on his lap to admire her work.

Barry snapped his jaws shut a few times in succession and said, “it feels okay, but there’s one test to be absolutely certain.”

Dee Dee looked at him confused, as she had never learned about any other tests for verifying the bite accuracy of a temporary crown. Before she could verbalize a question, he grabbed the white lapels of her lab coat and pulled her down for a kiss.

Their lips pressed together and she moaned into his mouth. His hands moved from her lapels to her chest and he fondled her tits as they continued to kiss.

Barry broke their kiss and said, “you can feel how smooth it is if you use your tongue,” then pulled her back down to him. He opened his mouth and accepted her tongue, fighting back a laugh at the clinical way she was probing and tracing the new tooth as instructed.

“There’s actually a new test they taught us, that I think you will like,” she said with a smirk, as she broke their kiss. It was Barry’s turn now to be confused, as she dropped her foot on the pedal and lowered the chair to the completely horizontal position, while seductively unbuttoning her lab coat.

She threw the coat on the floor and spun around on his lap, moving her bikini-clad crotch onto his face. Dee Dee rubbed her face on the bulge as she felt Barry move the material of her bikini to the side and snake his tongue through the hairless folds of her extremely wet gash.

“I’ve waited too long for this,” she moaned, as she pushed on the waistband of his lycra shorts. He lifted his hips to allow her to lower his shorts, and she was finally staring face-to-face with the object of her desires. “It’s even more beautiful up close,” she said as she grabbed the shaft with both hands and lifted the large mushroom cap to her mouth.

She placed a tiny peck of a kiss on the tip, then dragged her tongue through the pee slit, licking up the copious amounts of precum that covered the head. With both fists around the shaft, there was still about three inches sticking out, including the thick purple helmet.

Barry pulled the laces at her hips and removed her bottoms, and returned his face to her glorious snatch. His right hand ventured around the front, though the small patch of blonde pubic hair, to seek out her clit, while his left caressed and fondled the smooth white globes of her ass.

She was taking as much of his cock into her mouth as possible while using both hands to jerk the veiny shaft. His tongue was dancing a silent ballet on her pussy and the unheard orchestra in her head was working its way toward an orgasmic crescendo.

“I’m cumming Barrrr-eeeeey!” Dee Dee moaned before returning his cock to her mouth and wiggling her way through her climax on his face.

She reached between his legs and fondled his Grade-A Large egg-sized balls while bobbing her head on his gigantic cock. Her spit was flowing around the head and down his shaft as her fists masturbated him in a blur. The first two spurts hit the back of her throat and quickly filled her mouth. She pulled it from her lips as he continued to cum, covering her forehead, cheeks, and chin. She kept jerking his shaft until the sperm just dribbled out and over her hands.

“Rinse and spit?” he asked with a grin, looking at her from between her legs.

She turned to him and smiled, showing him the mouthful of cum, then closed her lips and dramatically swallowed. “Not on your life, old man,” she joked, as she scooped up a little from her left breast and sucked it off her finger. “I’ve been waiting too damned long for this to spit it into the rinsy bowl,” Dee Dee added, using the name for it that she did when she was just a kid.

Barry just beamed up at her, drinking in her beauty.

“I’ll need to see you back here in about two weeks when your permanent crown is ready,” she said, once again straddling his lap. “Should I book you for another Saturday private appointment?”

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