Out in the Rain


Sarah Miller crouched at her front door, her backpack at her feet and her belongings strewn all over the doormat.

“Keys…keys… come on, where are you?!” She furiously muttered to herself as she rummaged to the very bottom. Realising that she had left her keys in her work locker, she groaned in frustration and thought about her options.

Her boyfriend Richard wouldn’t be home until morning so she couldn’t wait, so she decided to get an Uber to her parents where her spare house key was.

Opening the app, she sighed as the closest car was 25 minutes away. Reluctantly she ordered the car and proceeded to wait.

Five minutes into her wait, a sudden clap of thunder signalled the arrival of fat drops of rain that quickly soaked Sarah to the skin, she huddled as closely to the house as she could and waited for the car.

The twenty minute ride whizzed by and she had barely dried off when she was getting out of the car and into the rain again.

Sarah sprinted up the path and eagerly rang the doorbell, she waited less than ten seconds before she heard the lock click and saw the familiar outline of her father through the frosted glass.

“Hi Daddy, I’m so glad you’re home, I left my keys at work, I was just hoping to get my spares.” Sarah mumbled hurriedly.

Paul Miller smiled as he took in the sight before him, opened the door wider and stepped to one side, inviting her in.

“Sarah, sweetheart, come in, you’ll catch your death out there.” He grabbed a towel from the laundry basket next to the front door and offered it to her as she stepped inside.

“Thanks Daddy…is Mum here? I know she’s still pretty mad about our fight, so I don’t want to stay any longer than I have to” She said as she begun to shiver from her wet clothes.

“Sarah it’s fine, she’s staying with your brother in London this weekend. So what I’m going to do is run you a bath, we’ve still got those coconut bath bombs you love so much. And I’ll set some pyjamas out for you. You can stay the night here.”

Sarah merely nodded as he guided her up the stairs to the bathroom.

Before long, Sarah was stretched out in her parents huge bathtub, enjoying the warmth that radiated through her body, heating up her very bones. She could kurtköy escort hear her father wandering the house going about his business. She thought to herself how good he had looked, he had definitely been exercising lately. Paul Miller was not a tall man by any means, however, years in the army had sculpted his body into that of the picture of masculinity.

Warmed up enough, Sarah stood up and stepped out of the tub, she dried her long brown hair with a large fluffy towel and wrapped herself in one of her fathers bathrobes. She pressed her nose to the robe and inhaled her fathers manly scent. She headed into her parents room where she found pyjamas set upon the bed.

Sarah flopped on the bed and laid there for a minute, as she relaxed, her finger trailed up and down her body lazily, lightly brushing over her small pink nipples.

It was at that moment that she found herself unbelievably horny.

Allowing her fingers to explore further down her body, she reached her destination .

Sarah moaned quietly as she touched her engorged pussy lips, pushing past them, she found her clit and began to make small circles on it, slowly at first, quickly picking up the pace as her body began to jerk in pleasure.

The bedroom door lightly creaked, but she was too close to an orgasm to stop now.

Just as she was about to cum, she felt a breath of air brush her pussy, and then something wet touched her clit. Looking down, she saw a head buried between her legs, clearly enjoying the delicious taste her juicy pussy had to offer.

The waves of pleasure suddenly hit Sarah and she began to writhe on the bed and moan loudly. It was almost as though the orgasm lasted for hours, Sarah thought as she gasped to catch her breath.

Looking up again, she saw her father grinning proudly at her.

Paul gazed at his beautiful daughter, at 26, Sarah Miller was absolutely perfect. Long brunette hair, slim, but still curvy, tits that were far bigger and perkier than her mother’s had ever been, and of course, her dripping wet pussy.

Paul reached into his waistband and eased his jeans down and off his body. Sarah watched curiously as his cock sprung free, not surprisingly, it was rock hard and pointed right at her.

“Oh aydıntepe escort Sarah, I’ve been waiting for this for years…” He confirmed something Sarah had always suspected, for years he had been watching her, secretly wanting her, a feeling that Sarah had tried to suppress in herself.

She smiled at her father, who had begun to slowly pump at his cock.

“Why don’t you show me what you’ve wanted to do to me?” She requested, lying flat on the bed, widening her legs, making her beautiful pussy visible to her father.

A growl rolled through Paul’s throat and he quickly approached his daughter and rammed his cock in her waiting pussy.

Paul’s cock was a double threat, being both long and thick, Sarah had never felt anything like it as the walls of her pussy were stretched to their limit, his cock hitting her cervix over and over as he began to thrust. Sarah cried out in pleasure as she felt her body shudder again as another orgasm rippled through her.

“Oh Daddy keep fucking me with your monster cock, I’m your daughter slut now, you’ve claimed my hot cunt, now fill me up with your seed.” Sarah continued to moan.

“That’s right baby,!” Paul spoke breathily, feeling himself nearing his own orgasm, the thought of breeding his own daughter pushing him over the edge, painting the inside of her womb, her pussy muscles milking his cock for every last drop.

Paul laid there with his cock still buried deep inside her until he felt himself going soft.

Glancing at the door he smiled, “Charlie, you can come in now.”

The door, which had been open slightly, fully opened and in stepped Sarah’s older brother Charlie, his pants pushed down his waist, his own hands clutching his still hard dick

“Little sister, who knew you were such a little whore” Charlie smirked at her. Sarah squeaked and attempted to cover herself up, snapping her legs shut.

“Hey, don’t I get a turn?” Charlie asked, looking genuinely hurt.

She uncovered her tits, smiling with curiosity, and didn’t stop Charlie as he pushed her legs apart.

“Absolutely gorgeous Sarah, you are more beautiful that I could have imagined” he said as he gazed hungrily at her body.

Paul looked on at the sight unfolding before his eyes tuzla içmeler escort and felt himself start to get hard again, he nodded at his son approvingly.

Charlie trailed his fingers up her stomach, stopping to rub her nipples, which he proceeded to suck on for a moment.

“When we give you a baby, these beautiful tits of yours will fill with milk, I want to drink from them.” He stated, as he leaned over her, taking the opportunity to rub at her hard clit. Sarah was still sensitive from her last orgasm, so she was moaning loudly within seconds. He replaced his hand with his tongue and it was not long before she came again, even harder this time, squirting all over her brothers face as he lapped up her nectar, which was tinged with a tartness from their fathers cum.

He grinned at their father, who had begun stroking his cock at the scene of his son eating his little sisters pussy.

“Go on son, she’s still so tight, her pussy is amazing.” Paul encouraged his eldest son.

Sarah was sure she had already had the biggest cock ever with her father, but she found herself to be very mistaken when she felt her brothers cock piece her pussy. She was so full she felt like she might explode.

Charlie immediately got to work and barely gave Sarah time to adjust to the size of his magnificent cock filling her over and over as her fucked her.

Just as she was about to cum again, Charlie slowed down and pulled out. He rolled her over and instructed her to get on her hands and knees on the floor.

He lightly spanked the exposed pussy, causing Sarah to gasp sharply. He positioned himself behind her and pushed his cock back into her hungry pussy, feeling himself go ever deeper than before.

Paul decided he wanted to join in the fun and got up off the bed and put one leg over her daughter, facing his son.

Charlie knew what his father watched and greedily took his fathers cock into his mouth, bobbing his head back and forth to the rhythm of his fucking, After a few minutes of pure ecstasy, Paul came right down his sons throat, Charlie eagerly swallowing as though he were dying of thirst.

Within seconds, Sarah felt herself hit her breaking point and felt herself experience the most intense orgasm she had ever felt in her life. Her trembling pussy was just the thing that Charlie needed before he emptied himself into his sister, moaning as he did so.

Sarah closed her eyes, succumbing to the exhaustion, smiling to herself, she was glad she had forgot her keys.

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