Our Private Little Cove Ch. 05


This chapter while it does have sex in it, is about coming into power, exploring sex, and finding your own kinds along the way.

Our Private Little Cove

Chapter 5

Coming into power

We saw our parents off at the airport. We shopped a little and later we stopped and had dinner. It was purely by luck we that got Steve, the same waiter as before, and we teased him more than we probably should have, but he was enjoying himself, we could tell because we KNEW things. Chole was feeling sorry for him though and about midway through the meal, she excused herself from the table and caught Steve in the hallway, she pulled him close, giving him a good view of her nipples down the front of her shirt, whispering into his ear, “You look like a fun guy, I have a friend that would just love to eat you alive if you can get out of here.” KNOWING that the answer was already yes as we were his last table before an early night off.

We had one of Chole’s friends from school in mind, a cute blonde name Jeannie with a nice figure. Calling her up and convincing here about how great Steve was turned to be a simple task. Soon the next thing you know the four of us was in a club dancing the night away. We couldn’t drink because of our age but we made up for it in or minds. Jeannie was really laying it on to Steve, and as the club’s were closing at midnight (the ones that let under 21 through the doors) so it was a group decision that we go back to our house and party for a little while, just the 4 of us.

Let me tell you about Jeannie, she was beyond cute, she had breasts that were perfect from the looks of the shirts I’ve seen her wear and an ass that could crack walnuts. Okay, yes I admit it I had a bit of a crush on her when I was younger, and even kissed her once when we were like 16, but that’s as far as that ever went.

We KNEW she was digging Steve, and the KNOWING had us feeling horny just being close, it was like Chole and I could feel his hard on touching her legs as they danced, and tingle in her pussy when her kissed her neck. Chole whispered to me, “We have got to learn to tune things out. They are horny as hell an I can feel what they both are feeling, How do you guys stand having a cock, I can feel every time it remotely touches her.”

I whispered back, “How do you think I feel, I can feel the heat of his hard on as it touches her leg. I’m not gay, but damn that energy level is kicking mine into overdrive.”

Chole asked, “You guys want to hop into the hot tub for a bit to relax?”

Steve said, “I’d love to if you have some spare trunks.”

Chole looked him up and down noticing the bulge, “A big guy like you has nothing to hide, how about it Jeannie, you up for some skinny dipping?” With that Chole dropped her skirt and blouse and stood there butt naked. “You two will forget that Morgan and I are related.”

And with that I knew she was right, they would just forget it thanks to the DOING part of our power. I also KNEW Tomorrow they would forget that Morgan and I would be lovers.

Jeannie took the hint and was soon standing beside my sister peeling off her top revealing a lovely set of breasts with big brown nipples, bigger than my sisters but still kaynarca escort fitting the rest of her body perfectly. Jeannie’s waist was slender and her skin was a perfect dark brown with no tan lines so far. All eyes were on her as she peeled off her tight shorts and red thong in one motion showing off her perfectly smooth pussy and her all-over tan. Remember I love my sister but my mouth was drooling a little thinking how nice it would be to bury my face between her legs.

Chole sent me a telepathic message, “Remember, you can feel what either or both feel.”

This message confused me, first off did it really happen. Secondly, can I just feel one of their sides at a time? I always got the full Monty on both. Seeing my puzzled look I got another message, “Yes you can choose, and YES we can broadcast, It was in the notes on the tablet and I just remembered to try it. Think my name and direct the thought to me.”

I stood up, allowed my shorts to fall as I pulled my shirt off over my head. My erection stood proud and hard, and I felt a gush of energy from Jeanie as her pussy flooded with excitement. I thought I have to tune these girls out a little, that was a little too much info for me.

Last but not least Steve stood, “Well as long as we are all friends here I don’t see why not.” He dropped his shirt onto the chair, kicked off his shoes, and looped his fingers through the loops of his shorts. I felt a rush form the two girls and I felt the energy grow in his cock and it inched into being exposed to the three of us. I thought I had a nice cock, but his was almost 2 inches longer and a wave of desire hit me for it. Not my desire, but Jeannie’s. I know she didn’t know we could feel what she was but WOW, I never knew how much a woman could want a cock before, she felt no love for Steve, but wanted that cock bad! I mean it wasn’t that great, mine is just over 6 inches hard his was maybe 8, not a porn cock but not bad I guess as cocks go.

Jeannie took his hand as I took Chole’s and we move into the hot tube, where things got a little heated. At this point, I really needed to learn to control what I felt. Jeannie sat across Steve’s lap, not hiding at all that she was turned on. I could “feel” or KNOW (what’s a good word for this) where his cock was touching her leg. There was so much energy there I found it hard to concentrate on Chole. She seemed like she was going fine though. I tried sending her a message and I guess I was a little loud as she was shaking her head and I got back, “NOT SO LOUD little brother, and YES I have found out how to turn them down or off.”

I started speaking out loud, “How, ” but switched to just thinking it, “How, I need to know this feeling what he feels and what she feels is confusing me big time. I never wanted to know what a cock feels like.”

Her mental reply, “Just picture the person you want to tun out like a stereo, you can just mute them, or turn them down lower. Right now I’m enjoying feeling what a cock feels like touching her leg. And it has my clit so hard, I hope they have sex, I want to feel it from his side.”

After trying it, I tuned out of Jeannie’s “Frequency”. I replied again mentally, “Oh, that’s cool, I turned off orhanlı escort Jeannie and I can feel that want, that desire. They will do it, I doubt if they are open enough for out here with us around.” I then turned off Steve and directed my attention towards Chole. Speaking out loud, “You really are turned on tonight aren’t you”

My response was not what I expected I got a three-voice reply of, “God YES!”

Chole and I started making out, as did Steve and Jeannie, tongues battling for control, I was grateful I was able to turn them off. Chole’s hand was massaging my cock and I couldn’t see what the others were doing, I was thinking about how to get Chole and I to the bedroom when Chole broke out of our kiss whispering into my ear, “She’s going to go for it.”

I turned my attention onto Steve, his hand was inching towards his goal. Jeannie’s hand was already at her goal. Slowly squeezing it under the water. I mentally broadcast to Chole, “You about ready to put them up in the guest room and retire to ours?”

I didn’t get an answer but Chole announced, “I’m ah.. beat.. you guys want to spend the night here? We have a guest room if you ah..”

That was all it took, Jeanie took Steve by the cock and said, “Come on, lets get out of the water, and get some … sleep.”

Jeanne was already out of the water with Steve standing a little behind her, his cock pressed into the cleavage of her ass cheeks. Knowing the answer I asked, “if you want sperate rooms you can use mine Steve.”

I felt worry for a brief second from Jeannie until Steve spoke for both of them, “I think was can share, as long she stays on her side.”

Jeannie said, “That’s fine, as long as you are on it with me.”

We showed the two to the guest room, told them to help themselves, towels are in the closet in the bathroom, the kitchen is stocked If they get hungry or need anything.

We went to our room and got comfortable Chole and I spoke mentally and agreed that it would be fun to tap into Steve and Jeannie’s Energy and see what it feels like. We were both voyeurs when we found the skinny dippers, and this is so much more fun. A little wrong but still in good fun.

I really don’t want to share this part, but I will say it is amazing what the opposite sex feels. I tuned into Jeannie for a while, I tuned into her For a bit. Did you know and that a woman’s nipples are almost as sensitive as a guy’s cock when treated right, and boy did Steve know how to treat Jeannie’s. She was ready to cum before he even worked his way down her body. The way his tongue traveled down her body felt amazing through our connection. He really knew how to get a woman worked up, he spent time at her navel teasing it while his hands worked lower, teasing but not touching her pussy quite yet. His kisses traveled down her/our shared body at this time. It felt weird experiencing this from her point of view, It was like being a voyeur and feeling every little detail at the same time. Neither knew we were there, but we both KNEW the feelings they were having. When Steve’s tongue found her clit, I myself about came, as the sensation was so different from anything I have ever felt. His tongue went up one side of her clit with tepeören escort the bumpy top of it(where your taste buds are) and down the other side with the smooth underside. The contrast was maddening, something I will have to try with Chole.

When Jeannie came from this onslaught both Chole and I came also. My cum squirted all over my chest and Chole. Chole actually had a puddle of her juices on the sheet below her. Chole I think then switched to Steve, and I felt Steve enter Jeannie’s tight hairless pussy. I felt invaded, I had nothing to prepare me for that feeling, it was filling a void, and as he started pumping it was just to weird. I changed to Steve’s view, and oh it was good. I prefer Chole over Jeannie and would not trade, but the sensation of her warmth around his cock transferred through the KNOWING was like porn with feeling or something. I could feel more of her than I could normally feel when I have sex. I felt the folds of her pussy, her hairless mound against his pubic bone, I could feel the entrance of her vagina squeezing his cock head as he pulled out and went back into her burning hole. They were both close when I felt Chole climb on top of me, saying, “I need something in me NOW.” She slid down my shaft and it was amazing.

In my mind, I could still feel the constant pumping the Steve was giving Jeannie, and the warmth of chole on mine as she was feeling from Jeannie’s point of view the pounding she was getting. It was like we were making love and experience raw sexual energy at the same time. I felt what Steve’s cock felt as it bottomed out hitting Jeannie’s cervix, and he started to spew forth like a fountain of fireworks inside her body as mine was spurred on by Steve’s external orgasm and I blasted off inside of Chole.

Chole was having her own fireworks on top of me. When Steve pulled out of Jeannie, I separated the connection as Steve’s energy was spent and the feeling was empty and cold.

Chole and I lay on our back for a while, and I heard Chole profess, “Oh no not again already, He’s eating her out. I gotta .. oh my god… Block this.” In a moment she said, “Oh that was almost too much for me.”

Chole and I found a kink that we really liked, it started when we watched the young couples skinny dipping. Followed by Mom and Dad, although that bit of watching was not by choice really. And now this, the ultimate in voyeurism, watching with KNOWING/feeling everything.

We later tuned in again and they were both sleeping, and when we woke up in the morning, we were treated with some shower sex KNOWING. It was a quickie and Chole and I made love while just kinda feeling their private little show. We learned that we can turn down the intensity. They came too quick for us, we fucked for a while longer, and then tried something of our own and it was GREAT! We had read about building energy in ourselves, we tried a regeneration loop as the book on the, basically, we let our energy build and pass on to the other and then the other built on that, and we kept this up until we exploded in a release were we felt/KNEW the real power and felt for the briefest of seconds what the UNKNOWING was, and we feared it. One message resounded, “Stay Connected to fight it!”

Chole and I searched and searched, but all we could find was info on a NEXUS of converging lines, and some UNKNOWING getting loose or sucking us in, seemed that there were legends of both and that we had to overcome the challenge of the beast.

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