One More Time Ch. 12


Everything finally falls into place


Derek and Jeremy had to have passed each other on the lake road since Derek was banging his knuckles on the front door less than five minutes later. As I let him in, I was handed a heavy bag from the store. “There is a quart of potato salad, quart of cole slaw, a half dozen Kaiser rolls, and enough barbeque pork in there to make sandwiches two inches thick,” he explained. Holding up another one, he added, “This is a twelve pack of Coke and a cherry pie…so dinner and dessert is covered. Now we just have to work up an appetite.” He had a lustful smirk on his face that was a near duplicate of the one he had been wearing just before he left for the store that morning. We carried the bags to the kitchen and as soon as they were sat down on the counter, he grabbed and spun me into his arms. “Did you miss me, Brad?” came from the lips that instantly brushed against mine and quickly separated by his probing tongue.

I murmured a soft ‘Yeah, I did,” into his mouth as my arms encircled his waist. It’s debatable which of us went hard first, but by the time we were both grinding into the other, both of us were sporting erections that couldn’t be missed by the other. I grinned at him and took his hand, nodding towards the bathroom. “I think we could both use a shower,” was offered to him with a suggestive leer.

“Sounds good to me,” was all Derek replied with as he began yanking my sweatshirt over my head. It hit the floor of the kitchen. We kicked off our shoes and left them in front of the fridge. As we walked, I rolled his work polo up and off and let it fall in the living room. We stood at the entrance to the bathroom kissing again, and his hands began undoing my jeans. My fingers got busy freeing him of his khakis. I pushed them over his muscular thighs after getting the zipper down and they fell the rest of the way on their own, bunching around his ankles. He stepped out of them and dropped to his knees to get my jeans free of my hips. He looked up and grinned when he saw I had no underwear on underneath. He teased my hard bone with his mouth while he first shoved his boxers off and then helped me wiggle my feet free of the blue denim he had tugged down my legs. My fingers twisted into his thick mop as he kept up the oral attention to my throbbing member and still managed to slip off his socks. Both finally nude, Derek stood back up and pulled me into another embrace.

His bare body felt so good against mine and as we both began a slow grind while we stroked our fingers over each other’s skin, I moaned out the order, “Shower! Now!” We quickly had the temperature perfect and stepped in letting the water spray over both of us as we resumed making out. Derek pushed me against the fiberglass wall and pinned his rock hard cock to my crotch as our tongues traveled back and forth between our hungry mouths. I reached behind him, grabbed the bottle of body wash, and squirted it liberally on both of us before using my hands to spread it around. I worked the slick liquid onto my cock and pressed it between his upper legs. Derek’s jock thighs latched tight and I took a dozen or so lazy thrusts as he humped his bone against my abs while still showing my mouth more dedication than any dental hygienist ever had. My hands wandered to his firm ass cheeks and I kneaded them in my palms as we continued the slow rhythm of our frottage. His hips were moving a little faster as I used a wet, gel-coated finger to tempt his rosebud. I only got a momentary flinch from him and continued the venture with a little more probing since his thighs were squeezing me ever tighter as I teased his totally virgin ass. I knew this was completely new territory for him, but also knew the intense pleasure it would bring him if he didn’t stop me. I wanted to fuck him, but was aware the cramped space of a shared shower wasn’t the ideal place for that to occur the first time. When my finger tip finally pierced his anal ring, the reaction was instant.

“Fuuuccckkk,” spilled from Derek’s lips and his body arched into mine. “That feels so good, Brad, but go easy,” was added as his butt clenched on my first digit. As he relaxed into being poked gently, his hips began dancing again and with each slide up my stomach his cock took, the backwards motion that followed allowed my finger to slip deeper. “I had no damned idea it could be like this,” seeped out as his thrusts ramped up and his thighs pinched my own humping tool like a steel bear trap. By the time I had my entire middle finger massaging his man hole, he was moaning as much as I was from the sensations being caused by fucking his strong thighs.

“I’m so close,” had just left my throat when Derek’s mouth covered mine and began thumping into me like a crazy man. His tongue felt like it was licking my tonsils. His hands held me by the hair and his entire body was quaking as he slammed up and down against my wet tummy with fanatical motion. Seeing he too was near the point of no return, I drove my finger as deep as I could and found the prize I was beylikdüzü escort looking for. Buried to my knuckle, I began tickling the elusive spot with rapid pokes as my balls screamed out ‘No more!’ and let loose between Derek’s furry thighs.

His mouth left mine and the sound he made could only be compared to the mating cry of a wild animal as he shot his load up across my chest, throat, and chin. From the sheer amount of white he spewed all over me, it was obviously the biggest orgasm I had ever brought him to. I quickly pulled my finger free and used that hand on the back of his neck to pull his face back to mine. The other was busy nuzzling his spent balls as we hungrily kissed. We were still locked together when he scooped up a rope of my juice from the back of his leg in his palm and mixed it with some of his from my chin. He moved his hand to his face and grinned as he licked the combined spooge off and then offered it back to me with his lips. We snowballed until our cocks both deflated fully and only then did he speak. “Best appetizer I have ever had. How about you, Brad?” The words were accompanied by a look that the word ‘satisfied’ didn’t begin to describe.

I grinned and offered back, “Best menu item I could whip up quick to go along with that shit load of food you brought for dinner. Speaking of which…let’s get finished with this shower before we get started again. I haven’t eaten all day.”

Fifteen minutes later we were sitting on the couch with full plates, watching the football game and wearing only towels wrapped around our waists.

* * * * *

When the final whistle blew, I was stretched out with my head resting Derek’s lap. I reached over to the coffee table and killed the television with one remote and turned on the stereo with another. Before responding to the attention he was giving to working the snugged towel loose from my waist, I rolled to my back and looked up into his eyes. “Before we go getting something started again, let’s talk a little first, Derek,” I proposed.

His left hand stopped moving but remained laying on my stomach. “Sure, Brad. I guess we kind of need to, don’t we?” The smile he was wearing said he was open to being 100% serious even before he added, “Tell me everything that’s on that mind of yours.”

I inhaled deep and hoped that I could get out what I wanted. “First off…you need to know that I wouldn’t have traded the last 24 hours for anything in the world other than having had it happen 5 years ago.”

“And you need to know I wouldn’t have said the things I did, if it didn’t mean a whole lot to me too,” he interrupted with.

“Yeah, but…” I let the rest trail off to silence as I searched for how bluntly I wanted to say and ask things.


“But I need to know just what it all DOES mean to you…and what happens now, Derek?” My hand found his left one and I slowly rubbed my thumb across the band of gold metal on his third finger. “After all…this is one giant elephant in the room that we cant ignore.”

“Meaning Lacy.”

“Well fuck yes, I mean Lacy,” I blurted out. “You ARE married you know and assume you remember what I told you a few weeks back the night I lost it at your place.”

He paused as if he was replaying the scene and words in his mind. “That that you wouldn’t be my ‘dirty little secret’ rings a big bell. Is that what you mean?”

I laced my fingers with his and looked straight into his big eyes. “Yes, Derek. I can’t live that way no matter how much I love you.”

He squeezed my hand with his and ran the fingers of his other hand through my hair as he contemplated his reply. “And I wouldn’t expect you to, Brad. I am just not totally certain of what to do at this point…I do love her…but what I finally let you awaken in me is overpowering too.”

I let loose of his hand and sat up. “Derek, can we deal with one little word right now? Are you able to truthfully deny that after all we have shared over the years; and the last 24 hours more specifically; that you are gay?”

He turned to face me and said, “I have had the answer to that ready for you since we started blowing each other as seniors, but it sounds so lame now, Brad.” My remaining quiet forced

him to continue. “I was all prepared to use the term ‘bisexual’ if you ever pushed the issue, but if I was to be completely honest, all the fucking around I did with girls and then marrying Lacy, was my way of deflecting and covering up what was deep inside. I really didn’t think I could deal with saying I was gay to myself, much less anyone else. Even you.”

“And all that means?”

Instead of speaking, Derek leaned into me and simultaneously pressed his lips to mine as his hand snaked up under my towel. I willingly accepted his tongue and the fondling of my cock as the preview of his next comments. He eventually broke off the kiss but kept playing with my jewels and continued with, “If that doesn’t give you enough of an answer, then yes, Brad…I guess I am as gay as bolu escort you are.” Suddenly a huge grin appeared on his face. “Wow! I said it out loud and didn’t turn into a flaming hairdresser or start singing a show tune!”

I laughed along with him, happy that the tenseness of the moment had finally melted. Even though I wanted to continue the discussion, the teasing from our hands under the towels had about maxed our libidos. With the ice finally broken, I decided that we could pick up the conversation again later and pulled his towel free from his waist. “How about a little break sexy man? I’ve got something else new I want to show you in the bedroom,” was offered along with the grip I had around his once-again erect shaft.

Derek was on his feet immediately and pulling me up from the couch with nothing more than “Hell yeah,” and a big smile as an answer. Our towels disappeared on the way to the bedroom, and we flopped onto the bed naked and with all reservations and insecurities seemingly a thing of the past. Derek had come so far so quickly, I only hoped that what I was about to do would be taken as well as everything else had been the last 24 hours.

* * * * *

The first quarter hour was a jumbled bag of intense kissing, exploring hands and fingers, and grinding of our naked bodies, mixed with the silliness of teenage flashbacks of sleepovers as we also wrestled and teasingly grabbed each other’s junk. Our foreplay continued as we played around as two old friends that knew almost every inch of the other’s body but with an energy and desire to find out even more. After skillfully snubbing Derek’s several attempts at shifting into a sixty-nine position I finally gave in as he began licking his way down my chest and across my stomach the third time. I twisted my fingers in his hair and pushed him lower along with a deep throated demand. “That’s it studmuffin…show me how much you want to suck me and get me hard enough for what you really want.” My words got a momentary funny look that quickly disappeared and was followed by hungry lips swallowing my leaking mushroom. I dug my nails into his shoulders and watched as he slathered up and down my thick rod with lustful abandon. I stopped him each time he brought me close to the edge and finally pulled him back up to my face to kiss some more. From the way his cock felt like concrete in my hand and the amount of pre he was drooling out, Derek was already as worked up as I think I had ever seen him, but little did he know that the temperature was only beginning to rise. My only clue for him was when I pushed him over on his back and murmured, “Your turn,” into his ear.

I began by tracing the ridges of his ear with my tongue and then chewing on the flap of his lobe. From there, my mouth moved steadily south down his long neck and across his shoulder to begin the trip to his pecs. After teasing each nipple with my teeth until they were both like stone, and sucking at the dent at the bottom of his neck, I shifted my efforts to wetting down every inch of his abs with my tongue. Other than regular moans and an occasional “Oh yes,” Derek remained quiet and simply let me go about my business of pleasing him. He began rubbing my back as I licked his pube forest and teased the base of his cock with my tongue. His juices were dribbling on my cheek and I took a quick swipe of my tongue over the slit to clear it for more to escape. “Oh fuck YES!” came from above me as I took him in my mouth and worked his entire dick with my lips, tongue, and hand. As I suckled on his lollipop my other hand went on it’s own adventure…first to massaging his balls and then to the split of his cheeks. I only tempted his bung shortly, but enough to garner a deep sigh from his lips. I took another dozen or so long, slow, tongue-intensive and deep swallows of his throbbing manhood and elicited another deep moan followed by, “Gawd you are making me fucking crazy, Brad.”

I chuckled to myself and silently said, “Just wait lover. Crazy is just where I want you.” I decided to heighten the pleasurable frustration I was causing him, and spat out his dick, but instantly did a menacingly slow butterfly flick with my tongue tip up the bottom of it all the way along his cum chute. When I reached the head, I licked the ridge and then tongue fucked the slit enough times to get him squirming good.

“Please, Brad,” was all he could get out between the sharp breaths he had begun taking. That and his hips constantly humping the air in search of my moist mouth.

Almost sadistically, I totally deserted all attention of his cock and repositioned between his long legs and began licking the inside of his thighs, beginning where they joined his hips. I moved so slowly south down his first furry leg that by the time my mouth had found the back of his knee and was sucking on an erotic spot I was certain he didn’t know he had, he had grabbed his begging tool and was stroking it.

“Stop that!” came from me along with a slap to his hand and a grin from between his legs. “Don’t touch bursa escort it again until I tell you to beat it,” was added before I returned to using my lips and tongue to start up his other thigh. As worked up as I had Derek, he surprisingly complied and went back to watching and moaning. By the time my mouth had reached his pelvis again he was writhing on the bed and whimpering with desire. Having him almost where I wanted him, I licked his quaking nut sac until it was soaked with my spit and then moved it aside to nibble at the knot under his balls. That brought a thrust upward from his hips and a scream as he grabbed my hair almost a little too roughly.

“MOTHERFUCK! YOU GOTTA MAKE ME CUM, BRAD!” was belted out with enough force that I nearly laughed.

“Don’t worry, babe…I’m going to…soon,” was all I conceded before taking his entire nut sac in my mouth and rolling his full balls around with my tongue. By the time I pushed his ass cheeks apart and buried my face between them, the whimpering was back with an increased fervor. My wet tongue began probing and teasing the pucker that was winking at me. I rolled Derek up enough that I could keep his legs spread and use my lips on him like he would never forget. I licked, flicked, poked, prodded, chewed, bit, and nearly brought him completely up off the bed when I finally slipped my tongue through his rosebud. Once I had it inside his cave, I really went to work taking it as deep as my cheeks against his would permit and popping it back and forth like a miniature penis. The happy moans began immediately and it took only a few minutes of tossing his salad to have him trying to grab both his flopping bone and my hair at the same time. I slapped his hand away from his fleshy toy once again and then took a deep breath and plastered my face tight once more as I finished bringing him as close to the edge as I dared while eating his ass.

“Holy fuck, Brad! You are making me see colors I didn’t know existed!”

Derek returned to moaning and his hips shoved back into my final oral attentions to his man pussy. I rapidly pulled up to my knees, wedged my oozing cock to the same spot my mouth had just vacated, and leaned over to smother his lips with mine before they could offer any verbal resistance. Between how wet I had gotten him with my spit and the flow of pre I was leaking, it was easy to sufficiently lube up his virgin butt. Even though we were in a deep lip lock, Derek managed to eek out a soft caveat of “I dunno about this, Brad. I’ve never…”

The rest of the admonition disappeared as I started sucking on his tongue and teasing his opening with hard slides up and down of my probing mushroom. He may have been having concerns about giving up his virginity to me, but the way I kept working my cock against his taint seemed to quash them. Just before giving him back my tongue to suck on, I softly offered, “Just relax, Derek. I promise you will love this.” Moving slowly but with determination, I began to press harder on the flower I fully intended to pick. There was a gasp exhaled into my mouth and I felt the tenseness give way as it bloomed open for me. My fleshy honey bee found its mark and I slipped almost half of it inside with much less difficulty than I anticipated.

“OHHH! FUCK!! YES!!!” spilled from Derek’s lips as he spat out my tongue and wrapped himself tightly around me. His arms captured my shoulder blades and his ankles locked behind the backs of my thighs. I left my throbbing rod to just lay inside him and allow him the feeling of some control over how rapidly we continued. “Fucking burns, but feels so fucking awesome too, Brad.” The words were instantly followed with a gentle rocking motion from his hips that caused his man cave muscles to choke down the remaining inches of me.

When I felt myself balls deep, I stopped all movement and concentrated a few minutes on kissing him and making sure he was ready for more. “You OK, studmuffin?” I eventually asked as I began taking short pokes.

“Oh hell yeah…I’m fine, babe,” came with a smile wider than I had ever seen him wear before. As his ass started to wiggle against my intrusion, he added, “Make me like it more,” in a voice that was almost begging.

I grinned and gave him a single, quick, hard hump of my hips. “You sure?” I teased and added a second hard thrust.

Derek’s pelvis rammed up to meet mine. “You have me speared like this and I am not screaming for you to stop and you have to ask?” A quick chuckle came before, “Hell yes I am sure. Show me what man fucking is all about!”

With that challenge, I stopped worrying and began to make love to Derek for the first time ever. My hips quickly developed a precise pace and I was soon taking long, full drives into his ass that were only buffered by his nuts burying in my pubes and my balls spanking his cheeks. I felt his fingernails dig into to my back as we kissed and screwed. Mine were either constantly entwined in his thick locks or holding his ears while I pumped him ever harder and as deep as physically possible without using a scalpel. Finally, I propped up on my knees, spread his legs wide, and stared down at him while maintaining my lustful, but loving, humping. “Now you can beat that hunk of meat like you want to.” It was my way of telling him I was close.

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