On The Set


(Another true adventure, with a few names rearranged for privacy)

I had shot several made-for cable movies in the past, and this was not the first for the late-night audience, in other words a softcore film. I am a reasonably well-educated adult male, with a pretty liberal worldview, so the idea of making a softcore cable flick has never been a problem for me. In fact I liked the idea of bringing a little artistic touch to these projects, and as cinematographer, that was my job.

The first 7 days of shooting involved lots of location setups and moves for the production. We were shooting on a reasonably tight budget, so almost all the exterior locations were lit with available light, a few reflectors to redirect the sunlight and generator powered lights where necessary. Since we were moving pretty fast, I had little time to concentrate on the cast’s performances, I was mainly concerned with capturing their images on film and keeping up with the rapid-fire schedule.

The film was a simple dectetive thriller, and the main characters were needless to say, beautiful women and handsome men involved in not only detective work, but also a variety of sexual situations. The plot was really secondary to the skin, but there was enough to satisfy anyone looking for a story to go with their erotica.

As with any film crew, we function like a temporary family. It’s the only way to survive the schedule and close quarters. Imagine spending 10 hours a day with a couple of dozen crewmembers and actors, sharing meals, breaks, and sometimes even trailers. People tend to form quick friendships, and for actors and actresses, the cinematographer is someone they want to get to know. After all, it’s me who is going to make them look good…well, the makeup department and me.

Early on in the shoot, Bambi Wade and Brad Larson let me know that they were depending on me to keep them looking like the glamorous, albeit minor, stars they were. Bambi was a veteran of these kinds of films, and knew exactly which camera angles made her look good and which revealed her few flaws. She and Brad and me were sharing a Latte after the first day’s shoot when she informed me that I should stay away from her left buttock.

That revelation caught both Brad and me by surprise. “Your left buttock?” I asked, knowing she had a great figure with an exceptionally lovely ass.

“If you shoot it too close, you see the scar.” She said with a slight grimace. “I got it a long time ago when I had a ski accident. Jabbed with a ski-pole.”

Brad put down his coffee and smiled, “Well I could swear I have seen your bottom before and never noticed any scars”.

Bambi glanced at him and then turned back to me, ” As long as the lighting is very diffused, it doesn’t show, but direct sunlight or a strong spot and …it’s kinda gross.”

“Well, I assure you I will do my best to keep that scar off the screen”, I assured her, ” and almost all the lighting in the interiors will be diffused, so you won’t have anything to worry about.”

Brad leaned in closer to me. “Yea, and stay away from my right butt-cheek.”

I looked at him questioningly,

“Pimple” He burst into a laugh.

I thought to myself, I would like to give both these beautiful bodies a closer inspection, but not on the set.

The evening continued with a few more jokes, lots of shoptalk and a little casual flirting. I couldn’t help thinking about how much fun Brad and Bambi would be in private, but soon they excused themselves. They both had to go work on their lines for the next day’s shooting.

As they left, I took a last sip of my latte and decided to turn in. A quick dinner in my room and a good night’s rest was what I needed more than anything tonight. So far all the shooting had been scenes that advanced the story, and no sex, but tomorrow all that would change. We were moving to a soundstage where we would be shooting the first of several interiors, most of which involved the characters having sex. It was going to be a long day.

The following morning I was up before dawn as usual. After a quick cup of coffee, I headed to the studio. We had most of the morning to light the sets, and would start shooting with actors shortly after lunch.

Even though I had shot nude scenes before, I always tried to remember that though I might find the situation a little uncomfortable, it would be more so for the actors and actresses who would be performing. Because of that I kept reminding myself to remain professional and concentrate on the images and the camerawork.

The set was Bambi’s bedroom and I lit it or a soft morning glow. I had a couple of 10Ks creating the illusion of diffuse sunlight streaming through the shutters of the room, the rest of the scene was lit with soft-lights and very little fill. The effect was beautiful, a sunny morning in a well-decorated bedroom of a Malibu beach house. Later the sound effects of surf and occasional seagulls would complete the illusion. Brad and Bambi were already in coffeedonutfest.com make up, so I called for stand-ins to check the final look.

The job of stand-in has to be one of the most thankless ones in the business. You have to be on the set early, wear similar wardrobe to the actors, be similar height and look and spend hours under the lights and never have a frame of film of yourself appear on screen.

Jim and Laura, our stand-ins for just about every couple on the picture followed me onto the set. They dropped their robes and moved to the bed to assume the same general positions Brad and Bambi would take for the first setup.

Dressed only in form fitting underwear, they made a good looking pair, and if they had decent agents could probably get a lot of work, but for now, they were content to fill in for my lighting checks and spend the non-working hours munching at the craft service table.

The opening shot would be a long slow dolly around the foot of the bed. I had the dolly track already in position and Jim and Laura got on the bed. The director wanted a scene with the woman on top, often called a “reverse cowgirl” in hard core shoots. Laura straddled Brad’s hips and sat up straight. I took a few meter readings near her face, breasts and lower, checking the exposure for the camera.

After a little tweaking of the fill lights, to avoid casting a camera shadow across the bed, the scene was ready. I had my dolly grip Max, run the move a few times for me so I could check the camera framing as well. One of the keys to the softcore biz was carefully playing hide and seek with the actors genitals. Once Brad and Bambi were on the set, they would not be wearing underwear, and a penis or vagina getting into the shot would ruin the scene, at least for US cable channels. Sometimes we shot European versions that were a bit more revealing, but not today.

Since Brad and Bambi had worked together in many of these kinds of films, they had decided long ago to forgo the modesty garments used in some softcore films. They tended to be a lot of trouble anyway, both from a visual standpoint and from the actor’s viewpoint as well. The “patch” that was glued over the actress’s vagina was uncomfortable and often fell off leaving a strange white cloth dangling from between her legs. For guys it was worse. The double-knit “pouch” that some actors used, looked ridiculous, and did nothing to prevent them from getting an occasional erection during the close contact the scenes required.

After getting the set dresser to position a couple of foreground props in strategic locations to hide body parts, we were ready to shoot.

The Assistant Director called Brad and Bambi to the set, and after a few last minute touch ups by the makeup department we were ready to go. The director, an older woman named Marge, who I had worked for many times glanced my way and called for the first shot to begin. The Assistant Director called for quiet, even though this scene was not being recorded for sound. “Camera” he said.

My assistant flicked the switch and the film magazine began to turn. “Speed” he called once the camera had reached 24 frames per second.

The director hunched over a video monitor to watch the shot through the video-assist system…”Action”, she said and we were off.

As the camera began its slow move around the foot of the bed, Bambi rocked back and forth on Bard’s pelvis, simulating a steamy sexual encounter. These two looked great through the viewfinder. Their skin shining with a slight glow of perspiration, their near perfect bodies moving in unison like lovers who had years of intimacy between them.

As the camera reached the end of the dolly track, the director whispered to me, “Take it back the other direction and keep shooting.” I agreed that this was a good scene and the action looked very realistic. Max, the dolly grip eased the dolly back around the bed and I continued to capture the scene on film. When I reached the end of the track this time, the director called for a cut in a very soft voice, not wanting to break the feeling of the moment.

My assistant checked the gate of the camera and gave me a “thumbs-up”, indicating there was no dirt in the camera gate or problem with the film. I looked at Marge and told her the gate was clean.

“Great, she said, “Now I want some close ups. A few long slow lingering shots that move up and down their bodies should work for the cut.”

Max moved the camera near the foot of the bed and adjusted the dolly so the camera was level with the surface of the bed. Once we got a critical focus, we were ready to continue.

Brad looked like he was concentrating on maintaining his calm, which was no easy task with a drop dead gorgeous starlet straddling your waist and sitting directly on you cock. Bambi was getting a few last minute touch ups from makeup, taking the shine off her face and blotting some of the sweat from her body.

Once makeup left the shot, we were ready to roll again. The rest of the shoot went pretty much without a hitch and my camera captured the sensuousness of the actors and their mock lovemaking.

The scene moved from the cowgirl position to Bambi on her knees, with Brad simulating intercourse from behind her. As he pounded into her from behind, her face contorted just like a woman in the throws of orgasm. Her full breasts bounced back and forth as he thrust from behind. At the climax of the scene, he pulled her upright back against him and embraced her, grasping her breasts and nibbling her earlobe. All in all it was a very hot scene.

“Cut” Marge called. Everyone held their places until my assistant gave the thumbs up and said, “Gate’s clean”. At the set erupted in applause. Everyone was caught up in the action, and we all knew it was going to be a very erotic scene.

“That’s lunch” the assistant director called, and everyone began to move away from the set. Brad and Bambi were still on the bed, and I walked over to congratulate them on a very hot scene.

I handed Bambi her robe. “You two were great.”

Thanks she said, but seemed in no hurry to cover herself, in fact she was still leaning against Brad, pretty much in the same position as when the shot ended.

“So you gonna skip lunch?” I asked.

“Oh no, just need a few moments to ‘unwind’.” She smiled. Then she moved forward a few inches and I saw the real reason she hadn’t moved. Bard’s penis was hard as a rock and wedged between Bambi’s ample buttocks. He hadn’t penetrated her, but he had certainly gotten more from the scene than he had expected. Bambi waited until the crew was well on their way to the commissary and then reached back and gave Brad’s big cock a few strokes.

“Guess I got carried away.” Brad chuckled, watching Bambi as she caressed his balls.

“Save it for later tiger, ” Bambi cooed, then she looked up at me. ” And you too.”

Her fingers reached out and lightly moved over the bulge in my jeans.

“Guess that scene got to me too”

“Good,” she said. “That is the point of these movies isn’t it?”

I handed Brad his robe and as he took it from my hand, he looked at me and said. “Bambi and I are getting together tonight at my place to work on our parts. I really think having you there to give us a cameraman’s perspective would really help out.”

“Well, ” I smiled, “if it will help the shoot, how can I refuse?”

As I left the studio that afternoon, I knew that Brad and Bambi had more in mind that my perspective, and that was all right with me. The chance to get these two near perfect bodies in bed together was a real incentive. I rushed home, showered, changed into some clean clothes and jumped in my car.

Around 8:00pm I arrived at Brad’s modest stucco home in Santa Monica. Though he was a well-known actor, the made-for-cable movie business was not the way to become rich. Brad did well enough, I thought, as I glanced at the black Hummer parked in his driveway.

Bambi met me at the door. She was wearing very skimpy running shorts and a bulky UCLA sweatshirt. “Hi Kurt! ” she bubbled, “you are just in time for dinner.”

As I followed her into the living room, I saw the coffee table was set up with several plates and a forest of Chinese take-out boxes.

As we dined on Kung Pao Chicken and some sort of noodle dish we chatted about the shooting so far. The film was on track and on budget, and should wrap by the end of the week. The conversation flowed easily and after a few glasses of Kirin beer, the conversation got more interesting.

Bambi looked over her glass and then asked, “So Kurt, do you think I showed enough intensity on camera today?”

“Intensity?” I questioned with a slight tone of irony. “In regard to what?”

“My orgasms, you dope,” she giggled.

“Oh those! Well, they looked pretty intense to me, but I would have nothing to compare them to.”

“What do you mean by that?” She looked at me with her best pouting look.

“Well, since I haven’t seen you having an orgasm in real-life, I can only guess if your intensity was strong enough.”

Brad raised an eyebrow at me.

Bambi smiled and licked her lips. “Well, I guess we’ll have to make sure you can compare oranges to oranges, huh?”

I blushed slightly, but knowing that I had opened the door on this subject continued, “So what did you have in mind?”

Bambi put her glass down and slowly began pulling the UCLA Sweatshirt over her head. “I was kinda hoping with you and Brad here I could see just how ‘intense’ I can get.”

As her firm breasts came into view, I instantly saw her nipples were already erect. It didn’t take but a few seconds until she had stepped out of the running shorts and stood naked before us.

Brad smiled at me and began unbuttoning his shirt. “Guess this scene will involve both of us, Kurt. Hope you aren’t shy.”

I looked back to Brad as he slipped out of his shirt and seeing the firm muscles of his abdomen I almost forgot to answer. “Shy, me? Well not shy, but…uh…”

Brad unzipped his jeans revealing his already hard cock peaking over his briefs.

“And don’t worry. I heard you prefer men, that’s not an issue for me.”

His sparkling smile put me at ease, and I began undressing as I watched him pull Bambi down beside him on the sofa. He was already kissing her full lips by the time I had tossed the last of my clothing into the chair nearby.

As I neared the sofa, Bambi’s hand began caressing my leg and buttocks. She was kissing her way down Brad’s muscled chest, moving toward the fine trail of hair leading to his crotch.

As she turned her full attention to Brad, another, Brad’s replaced her hand on my ass. His strong hands kneaded my ass and continued to pull me closer. Soon, I was standing directly over both of them, my hard cock jutting out in front of Brad’s face. He looked up from watching Bambi sucking on his cock and smiled. His warm hand grasped my throbbing cock and pulled it toward his mouth.

I watched, totally hypnotized by the sight of his tongue as it licked the moist head of my dick. He lapped the drops of precum from my cockhead like a kid licking a dripping ice cream cone. Any worries I had about him having a problem with another man vanished.

I moved onto the sofa, straddling his chest and feeding my cock directly into his hot mouth. I listened to the sound of both he and Bambi sucking. It was better than any sound track I had ever heard. The moaning and slurping was intoxicating.

As I began to slowly thrust into Brad’s hot mouth I felt Bambi’s soft hands on my ass. She was pulling my butt cheeks apart, caressing every inch on my ass. Then the warm wet probing of her tongue touched my asshole and I moaned uncontrollably.

“Oh fuck, Bambi!”

She moved away long enough to speak, “Oh you’re right, someone will be fucking Bambi and soon!” Then she buried her face in my ass again, licking my puckered hole with a vengeance.

Brad pulled off my cock and caught his breath. “You have a delicious cock, Kurt”

I smiled down at him; “I’d love to sample yours.”

“Be my guest.” Brad chuckled.

Soon I was kneeling beside Bambi and we were both sharing Brad’s huge shaft. First she would lick the length from tip to base and I would bathe his balls, then we would switch and I would take the throbbing pole while she suckled his nuts.

“Looks like he’s ready for my close-up”, Bambi cooed.

She moved back, then stood with her legs on each side of Brad’s hips. She reached over to the back of the sofa and picked up a small foil packet. Handing it to me she said, “would you do the honors, Kurt?”

I took the condom from it’s wrapping and rolled the latex sheath over Brad’s twitching dick. Then Bambi slowly lowered herself down as I guided his cock into her moist pussy.

As she was slowly impaled on Brad’s cock, she squealed, ” Oh yesssss. God I love your fat cock!”

As her lips finally enveloped him to the hilt, I began licking around his balls, making him jerk inside Bambi. Her savory juices seeped down Brad’s cock and I lapped them from his heavy nuts.

Bambi began to ride up and down his shaft, fucking herself with gusto. Brad’s head was thrown back and he was lost in the sensations, but he was still coherent enough to know what to do when I stood behind the arm of the sofa with my cock over his face.

Bambi watched wantonly as I fed my dick to Brad. “Oh that is so hot. Suck his cock Brad while you fuck me.”

She increased her tempo, riding his dick while Brad massaged her clit and managed to do a pretty good job of sucking my cock at the same time.

All three of us were getting close to the point of no return. My balls contracted as Brad greedily sucked my cock deep into his throat, Bambi was moaning loudly as her orgasm began to rumble through her body.

“Yea, cum for us Bambi” I said, sounding more like a director than a participant in the hot scene. “Cum on Brad’s dick!”

Her face contorted as she tumbled over the edge into the throws of her orgasm. She was panting and moaning when Brad suddenly released my cock from his mouth and growled like a wild animal. I knew he was exploding inside Bambi and that sent me past the point of no return. I stroked my cock over his face as my balls began throbbing. My cum sped through my cock and burst out in a white-hot stream splashing over Brad’s neck and chest. Spurt after spurt of hot cum spattered his rippling pecs.

Bambi continued to writhe on his cock as I bent down and locked his lips in an upside-down kiss. Then I moved down his glistening chest and licked my hot cum from his tight skin. Bambi was obviously impressed.

“Oh fuck, that is so hot Kurt!” She shivered in a secondary orgasm before she settled and fell forward onto Brad’s sticky chest.

I managed to kiss them both, as we all caught our breath in a wet, sweaty embrace.

Soon, we were devouring the remaining Chinese food, restoring out strength. Unfortunately, we had to end the evening’s fun, since we had an early call on the set in the morning.

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